A Weekend of Camping

Chapter 3

Jace stood in the tent thinking of a way to apologise to Clary. He couldn't bear thinking about her face when he had said he was sure if she loved him. They were constantly having battles trying to show each other how much they loved one another, and it always bugged Clary that Jace thought he loved her more than she loved him. Jace knew that Clary loved him, he really did but sometimes he wondered why she was with him. She could have any guy she wanted and yet she picked him. The thought gave Jace butterflies, until he came back into the present and remembered her face when she ran out of the tent. He had to make things right with her but first he had something else he had to do. He sighed as he walked out of the tent knowing what he was about to do.

Jace looked over to where Simon and Isabelle were sitting by the fire that Simon, not Jace, had been able to start.

Calm down Jace, he thought, It's just a stupid fire.

They looked up as Jace stood before them.

'Jace.' Isabelle said, still obviously mad at him.

'Hey man.' Simon said, leave it to Simon to be the better person and not be mad at him.

'Hey listen-' he cleared his throat 'I'm sorry. I was rude and…Jealous. I've never been camping before and I guess I'm not used to not knowing what to do. But I'm sorry.' Jace stood there while Simon and Isabelle looked at him.

Simon got up, 'You know for what it's worth, I think you would have started that fire but you were using wet wood. That's why it didn't burn. I can't start a real fire to save my life, Clary always starts the fires.' Jace smiled turning towards the food, Simon grabbed his arm , 'but it's not me you should be apologising too, and you know it.'

Just as Jace was about to ask where Clary was none other than his fiery red head came walking back onto the site. She had dirt smudged down the side of her leg like she had fallen and there was a small cut on her cheek.

Isabelle jumped up 'Clary, hey. What happened?'

Clary looked up like she was surprised where she was. She looked between Simon and Isabelle before her eyes settled on Jace. Hurt flashed across her face before she looked down.

She laughed shakily 'Oh I tripped on my way back. On a tree root. I'm kind of tired, I think I'm going to go to bed early.' And before Jace could say anything she was zipping up the tent door. Jace stared after her with his mouth open. There was something she wasn't telling them, he could feel it. He sat on the picnic bench for a while trying to decide what to do before he got up and walked over to the tent.

Clary slowly turned around to face her brother.

'Miss me sister dear?' his voice sent shivers down her spine.

'Jonathan. What are you doing here?'

'Oh sister dear, you don't look excited to see me. Why would that be?' Jonathan advanced on Clary, she grabbed around in her pockets for anything, her stele, a knife. She came up empty handed. She mentally cursed herself for not even bringing her stele with her. Now she faced Jonathan utterly defenseless. He was still advancing on her. She retreated away from him keeping her eyes on his face.

'Clarissa.' He said reaching his hand towards her, she spun around to run away and tripped over a tree root, falling into a thorn bush. She felt pain in her cheek, when she pulled her hand away from her face blood stained her palm. She looked up, Jonathan loomed over her. He gripped her arms in an iron grip as her pulled her to her feet. Clary struggled in his grip, lashing out with her feet trying to loosen his grip.

'Jonathan,' she grunted, 'get…off…of…me!'

'No Clarissa, you will come with me. Willing or not! You may have gotten away last time but don't think you'll be able to again.' He started pulling her further down the path away from the clearing. Clary brought her knee down on his groin in a last ditch effort to stop him. It worked, Jonathan let go of Clary surprised and fell to his knees.

'You bitch!' he screamed getting back up. Clary took this opportunity to kick him in the stomach, hard. He fell back to the ground as Clary turned and sprinted down the path.

Just before Clary was out of ear shot Jonathan called words that chilled Clary to the bone.

'Ill be seeing you soon sister.' And with a smirk he disappeared. His form becoming one with the shadows until he was gone. Clary collapsed on the ground, resting her back against a tree truck. Her breath came out in shaky gasps. Jonathan, the very person, thing, who had invaded her dreams for months had finally shown his ugly face. She had dreaded the day when he would come for her and felt some comfort in the fact that at least Jace would be there to save her, and now when she needed him most she couldn't even call for him. She stayed on the ground until she was able to calm herself enough to start walking back to the campsite.

Clary walked back to the campsite, feeling even worse than she did in the clearing.

'Clary, hey. What happened to you?' Clary looked up at Isabelle's voice. She didn't even realize that she was already at the campsite. Clary looked from Simon to Isabelle before her eyes landed on Jace. She couldn't help but remember the harsh words he had thrown at her. She looked down at her feet.

'Oh I tripped on my way back. On a tree root. I'm kind of tired, I think I'm going to go to bed early.' she walked into the tent ignoring the stares she was getting.

Clary quickly changed into her pjs and brushed her teeth. She crawled under the covers and laid on her side. She laid like that for about 10 minutes just trying not to think about what had happened earlier. She heard the zipper being pulled up the tent and quickly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. She could feel that it was Jace before she even heard him talk.

'Clary?' he whispered softly. Clary kept her eyes closed even when Jace came and sat beside her. She tried to keep her breathing calm and even.

'Clary, I know you're not sleeping, you can't fool me.'

Clary stayed still for another minute, seeing if he would just leave.


She sighed and rolled over, knowing that it was useless to just keep pretending. She wasn't even mad at Jace anymore, well not really, she just couldn't look at him without telling him about Jonathan. And that was something she didn't want to do. She looked at the top of the tent staring fixedly at it.

'Clary please look at me' Jace pleaded

Clary sighed and looked up at Jace, his golden eyes burning into his.

'Clary, I'm so so sorry.'

'Jace I-'

'No Clary, please just listen.' Clary stayed silent so Jace continued. 'I was mean, no I was more than that. It was unforgivable what I said to you, Clary please please know that I didn't mean anything I said. I know that you love me more than anything. I can't believe that I said those things to you about Simon. Clary I was jealous and stupid and I yelled at you instead of talking to you. Clary I'm used to being the one who people depend on and having to be the one who has to depend on someone.'

Clary stared at Jace, this sincere apology was not exactly what she was expecting. She could help but notice the worry creases in his forehead and the sadness in his eyes.

Jace was worried that Clary was going to yell at him, actually he was waiting for her too. It would have been better than what was happening right now. Silence.

'Please say something Clary.'

Clary stared at Jace 'I- Jace I, I'm not mad at you, not anymore. I know you didn't mean any of the things you said.' Clary looked up at Jace who was looking down at Clary with such love that it took every ounce of will power she had not to tell him about Jonathan. Jace pulled Clary into his arms. Her head rested in the crook of his neck, he kissed the top of her curly red hair. Breathing in her scent. He couldn't believe that he had let his jealousy get in the way of this. Clary sighed in his arms, it sounded content but Jace could still hear the unease behind the sigh.

'Clary, you know that when I was younger Valentine raised me and he always taught me that to be someone who needed others was the one who was weak. I guess I still can't grasp the idea that there will be people in my life that I will need and have to depend on. It's still hard for me to have other people be better at stuff than me. Clary I promise I'm trying.'

He buried his face further into her hair 'I'm trying.'

Clary felt horrible not telling Jace the truth when he was being so open and honest with her. She couldn't tell him though, no doubt Jace being well, Jace would storm the castle and try to slaughter a plant that resembled Jonathan. Clary mentally shook her head, her mind was made up she wouldn't tell him. She turned her head to look at Jace just as he brought his lips down on hers. Her breath caught in her throat. Jace kissed her with so much passion so thought she would melt. He grabbed her arms with both hands roughly pulling her towards him. Clary's mind went back to how Jonathan had grabbed her in the clearing. She gasped and froze. Jace must have noticed because he pulled away slightly.

'Clary, what's wrong?'

'Nothing Jace, I'm just tired that's all.' Clary turned away from a stunned looking Jace and laid down. Jace pulled the covers over her shoulders and slipped his arm around her waist. Slowly he snuggled closer to her, pressing his stomach gently again her back.

'Goodnight Clary, I love you.'

'I love you too.'

Jace fell asleep almost immediately so he didn't notice Clary's small frame shaking with silent tears.

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