A Weekend of Camping

Chapter 4

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Clary turned her back towards Jace and closed her eyes. Jace knew something was wrong with Clary, it went farther than what Jace had said earlier. He laid down beside Clary and tentatively put his arm around her waist. He was about to pull her closer to him when he remembered the way she had flinched when he grabbed her arms. Instead he snuggled closer to her, feeling her warmth spreading through his stomach. His breath evened and slowed as sleep pulled him closer. He was just about to close his eyes and let the sleep was over him when he felt the bed start to shake slightly. He kept his breathing even and slow, trying to figure out what was shaking ready for a fight if necessary. His breath caught in his throat when he realized that it was Clary's crying that was shaking the bed. Her small back quivered against his stomach. Clary, his Clary was crying and she wouldn't tell him what was wrong.

Clary must have thought that he was sleeping otherwise she wouldn't have been crying. Jace respected her privacy but he couldn't let her cry and not try to comfort her. He tightened his arms around her waist and felt Clary tense under his touch. Her shaking stopped almost immediately. Jace's heart almost broke, she was afraid for him to find out that she was crying.

Oh Clary, brave stubborn Clary.

Jace gently rolled Clary over, looking at her tear stained face.

'Clary' Clary slowly opened her eyes to look at Jace.

'Yeah?' Clary asked. Her voice cracked.

'You're crying Clary, why are you crying? Are you still mad at me?' Jace looked at her with concern filled eyes. Clary looked away and when she didn't say anything Jace cupped her face bringing her eyes back to his.

'Clary… Please tell me.' Clary cringed inwardly at the pained sound of his voice. She couldn't tell him that she had a run in with Jonathan, but how could she not. It would be a problem for him soon because no doubt Jonathan would be back for her, after all he promised he would. If Clary couldn't tell Jace this what did that say about their relationship?

'Jace, I- ' she took a breath trying to calm herself. 'when I went to the beach, there was a hiking trail there so I followed it. I came across a clearing, it was so beautiful. I was just standing there then.' Clary paused, she couldn't continue.

'Then what Clary?'

'Jace, I saw Jonathan.' Clary barely whispered. Jace froze, his eyes burned with hate.

'Why wouldn't you tell me?' Jace shouted.

Clary flinched 'I'm sorry Jace, I didn't want you to panic.'

'Panic? Clary how could you be so stupid!? Why wouldn't you tell me? You know what we went through with….Him only a few weeks ago, we only just got away and now he's back and you didn't tell me?! I bet you told Simon didn't you?' Jace stopped talking only to turn away from Clary, taking deep breaths.

'Jace?' Clary whispered. Jace kept his back to Clary.

'Jace please.' Jace turned to look at Clary, tears were silently pouring down her face. 'why would you say that? How could you say that?'

'Because maybe it's true.' A look of such deep pain and betrayal crossed Clary's face that Jace flinched.

Clary turned and sat back down on the bed. Clary looked at Jace one last time before turning away from him and laying down. Jace heard her crying still, but he unzipped the tent and ran towards the beach. Once Jace reached the beach he kept running until he reached the path that he knew Clary had seen Jonathan at. He jogged down the path until he reached a clearing that had wildflowers growing all through it. Normally Jace would have thought it was beautiful but he knew better. He knew this was the place where Jonathan had tried to take Clary.

He smashed his fist into a nearby tree trunk, cringing as his knuckle broke. He whirled around looking for something else to take his anger out on. He was furious, furious that Jonathan had the guts to try to take Clary again, and furious that Clary had not told him.

'Damn it Clary!' he shouted at nothing in particular.

'Well well, it does seem that Clarissa has told you about our little encounter.' Jonathan's voice came from the shadows.

Jace spun around looking in the shadows of the tree's. Jonathan walked out of the shadows as Jace whipped out the weapons he didn't have on him.

'Jonathan' he hissed, 'what are you doing here?'

Jonathan smirked 'I came for Clary of course'

'What do you want with Clary?'

Jonathan mocked shock at Jace 'What do I want with her? Why I just miss my sister,' Jonathan stalked closer to him 'I look forward to getting to know her on a more, ahh personal level.'

Jace bellowed in rage and lunged at Jonathan. His fists hit air, he looked up when Jonathan laughed. He stood over by tree 5 meters away.

'how did you?-'

Jonathan laughed 'you know I'd stay and talk but I have some catching up to do with a certain sister of mine.' Jace lunged again but came up empty handed as Jonathan disappeared into the shadow.

Clary! Jace screamed in his mind as he tore through the path back to the campsite. He came to a halt when he saw the scene in front of him. Clary who had changed back into normal clothes, undoubtedly to follow Jace, looked at him with horror written clear across her face and blood seeping through her tee shirt.

Jonathan stood with his back to Jace, gripping Clary's throat in an iron grip and a bloody knife in his other hand.

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