A Weekend of Camping

Chapter 5

Simon and Isabelle went into their tent after Clary's abnormal entrance and Jace's expected departure to go after her. Simon sat Isabelle down on his lap, she rested her head in the crook of his neck, breathing in the scent of him. He smelt spicy and fresh, and slightly like soap. Since he had been turned into a vampire he also had a certain scent that Isabelle just couldn't quite place. She sighed against his neck, she couldn't help but think about Jace and Clary. She knew that Clary was probably still mad about Jace snapping at her. She and Simon had heard them earlier when Clary went to talk to Jace. Jace was being his normal jerky self and started yelling at Clary about his insecurities. Isabelle knew that Jace was jealous of Simon because of how closer he and Clary were, now he had an excuse to yell at someone about it. She knew that Simon had also heard the yelling and she felt bad because he didn't want to start problems with Jace and Clary.

Simon looked down at Isabelle and smiled. He didn't know how he landed with her, she was way too good for him.

'Hey' Simon whispered catching Isabelle's attention

'Yeah?' she whispered looking up at him. Simon gently brought his lips down on hers pulling her down to lay on top of him. Isabelle gripped his face in her hands deepening the kiss. Her tongue trailed his bottom lip waiting for entrance. Simon opened his mouth slightly, their tongues fighting for dominance.

Simon moaned 'Izzy' he ran his hands down her body, savouring the feel of her curves.

Simon pulled Isabelle to his side and wrapped his arms around her waist. This time he buried his face in her hair, laughing. They wrapped their arms around each other closing their eyes in their embrace. They didn't notice the strange smell that had entered the tent. Simon yawned, and fell asleep.

Jace stared at the back of Jonathan's head, he drew his blade.

'Jace.' Jonathans voice startled Jace. Jonathan whipped around pulling Clary into his arms, with his blade pressed to her neck. 'I wouldn't do that if I were you.'

Clary whimpered as the blade cut into her neck, drawing blood. He had her arms pinned to her side with one hand. Jonathan laughed drawing her closer to him. He pushed his face up to her hair breathing deeply. Jonathan turned and looked over at Jace

'She smells so good doesn't she? Oh yeah I'll have fun with her.' Jace lunged at Jonathan with his blade. Jonathan pulled Clary in front of him, Jace only had a split second to stop himself from decapitating Clary. He didn't stop fast enough because his blade sliced a gash down her arm. Clary screamed. Jace pulled his blade back his eyes filling with horror at what he had done. He had hurt Clary. He looked at her arm which was seeping blood and down at his blade. Scarlet blood dripped off the tip of his blade and splattered on the ground at his feet.

'Clary' he whispered 'I'm so sorry.'

Jonathan threw his head back and laughed, 'See you easy it is for her to get hurt, now I'd watch what you do Jace, or the next time she might not be so lucky. It might not be you doing the hurting.'

'If you hurt her Jonathan I swear I'll kill you!'

Jonathan just laughed again, tightening his grip on Clary's arms, making her gasp in pain.

Jonathan smirked 'Pay close attention now Jace, you might just learn something.' Jonathan crushed his lips against Clary's. She shrieked struggling to get away from him. Clary's eyes widened as Jonathan bite her lower lip, drawing blood. Clary brought her knee up to his groin as he tried to open her mouth with his tongue. He groaned, pain and surprise flashed across his face before it hardened with hate. He threw clary across the campsite, she flipped over the picnic bench before landing with her legs in the fire pit, which was now filled with burning hot coals. Clary screamed in pain as she tried to free herself from the fire pit.

Jace ran forwards to help her only to be intercepted by Jonathan. He roared and lunged at him, red covering his vision. He was going to kill Jonathan for what he did to Clary. Jonathan snapped his fingers and Jace was thrown back against a tree. Part of his subconscious asked where Simon and Isabelle were, surely they would have heard the noise by now.

Jonathan laughed seeming to read his thoughts 'Wondering where they are? Wonderful thing knock out gas, the things these mundanes come up with.'

Jonathan walked over to where Clary had managed to pull herself out of the fire pit. She had collapsed on the ground, fighting unconsciousness. He knelt down beside her stroking her hair. She opened her eyes, slowly looking up at him.

'Have you reconsidered my offer yet Clarissa? Come with me and together we can rule the world.'

Clary spat in his face 'I'll never join you Jonathan.'

He growled yanking Clary to her feet by her hair. She screamed again as he pushed his knife to her throat, drawing even more blood. It flooded freely down her neck soaking the neckline of her shirt.

'Now sister dear, you ARE going to come with me, whether you like it or not.' He snarled in her ear.

'I don't think so.' A voice cold as ice said from behind him. Jonathan shuddered as a blade pierced his back. He flung Clary to the ground whirling around to face Simon.

'You stupid little-' his voice caught in his throat as Simon threw another blade at him, it nicked his arm , blood spurting from the cut. Jonathan looked up at Simon then over at Jace who was getting to his feet pulling out another blade.

'Tell Clary I'll be seeing her.' He said before he disappeared into the shadows.

Jace looked up at Simon who was looking at Clary with an expression of horror.

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