The FTRS group is off on another adventure, but different than the others they have seen. New truths will spring out of nowhere, as will feelings.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Flight

* This is just a fan fiction of the Fairy Tale Reform Series. I highly recommend reading that series first.

I take a horrendous leap towards my friends. I have just finished the horrid quest to find the Dragon Gem. If it falls into the wrong hands it would destroy the whole world.But that’s a different story that I will tell later on in life. While I jump across the chasm, I throw the jem to my team of a fairy, a prince, a pirate, and a troll. Kayla flutters to catch it from the air and Jax grabs me and pulls me on my dragon. We plow through the hot treacherous clouds going vertical straight up into the clearing. We have been escaping Pure Death ever since we stole the gem from his island full of volcanoes .“Give...back...die” A voice hisses at us, causing the volcanoes to erupt even more. “Come on Storm!”I shout to my dragon. “We need to go!” Kayla is flying as Maxine and Ollie are on Blue, the magic carpet I stole from town. “Where to Thief?” Jax says from behind me on Storm. I shake my head, breathless, and glance at my mouse, Wilson, who is riding in my pocket. “We should look for Jocelyn.” They stare at me with open mouths. I blink for a long moment and lean back onto Jax. “I’m trying to except that witch as a part of us.” “She should already be at camp with AG.” Ollie states. “Thanks pirate.” Kayla grins. We "Aww" at them together. Kayla rolls her eyes. “Which way is camp? I really don’t like this carpet situation. No offense Blue.” Maxine asks. As a troll she doesn’t do well with heights. Trying to squeeze some juicy brilliance out of my beautiful brain, I think of which way to head. “We should have taken a Pegasus instead of this flying lizard.” Jax complains. Storm grumbles and flips upside-down. I giggle as Jax’s face turns red. He would have fallen if he was not holding on so tight! As we near the bend around camp we gasp in horror as we scan the ruined base.

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