Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Bacon Thief!

Mew is getting hungry she was made to hunt so she started looking for food while everyone was busy. Her first stop was the kitchen. She sees Chica who has fallen asleep on pizza Mew sneaks past Chica and opens the cupboard. "Yay bacon" she grabs every piece of bacon and runs off back to the wolves den.

She sits down and eats every piece of bacon after a while she falls asleep this cycle of stealing bacon continues for about a week or two and Mr. Foster noticed quite quickly because when several people ordered a bacon pizza there was no bacon.

"Hey Chica I have noticed that the kitchen seems to be low on bacon. Which is strange I ordered a new shipment not too long ago and we are already almost have not been eating the bacon have you?" Mr. Foster asked.

"Of course not! I don't really care for bacon to be honest." Chica said as she dusted her hand off on her apron.

"Hmm Someone is obviously eating the bacon. I'll see if Jacob can help find out who the bacon thief is. Thank you Chica. Bye" Mr. Foster waved as he exited the kitchen.

Mew finishes the last lot of bacon and notices it's getting late she then howls at the moon for a bit and waits for Maci to come back. Maci was busy cleaning up her costume due to it being dirtied up by a couple of kids having a pizza fight during her show.

"Man today was crazy. I never knew how hard it was cleaning out pizza stains." Maci said as she scrubbed her top hat. Soon she managed to get her hat cleaned and left the bathroom and went back to the wolves den to see Mew.

Mew sees another piece of bacon "Yay there is one left!" She picks up the bacon and slowly eats it. She then sees Maci and quickly fakes that she is asleep. When Maci has fallen asleep Mew gets up and finishes eating the bacon. "That was close I really don't want to get caught or she Chica angry at me." Mew falls asleep and wakes up early the next morning to steal more bacon from the kitchen.

She didn't know that Jacob had made a trap in the kitchen with bacon on it as bate. Mew walks over and grabs the bacon but then gets stuck in the trap. "Huh?" An alarm goes off and chica runs into the kitchen.

"Mew?! You the stole the bacon?" Chica says angrily

"Sorry Chica." Mew sighs.

Chica sighs frustrated. "Just ask next time,"

Jacob runs in "Chica why did you shout?" He then sees Mew nibbling on some bacon. "So you're the thief!" Jacob runs back and comes back in with Mr Foster.

"Mew you know that we need that bacon." Mr Foster says calmly

Mew makes a whine but it sounds more like a weird robot noise. "Sorry Chica. Sorry everyone."

"Your apology is accepted however you still need to take the punishment. One week without bacon." Mew nods

"Yes mister Foster understood." Mew goes back to the wolf den and closes the door. Going straight for her bed.

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