Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: New family members

Jacob walks in for another day of work, He saw construction workers working on a new room and two big boxes marked Shadow. He goes back into his office as he watches the boxes be moved into the room that had to use so far and he see's other workers putting in a door for a new room. sitting down in his office he makes sure nothing bad is happening. Meanwhile Chica is running around the kitchen while The toys are on the mainstage while Freddy and Bonnie help with waiting and everyone else is in their special rooms entertaining customers.

Soon the new room was finished and the gang was quite curious as they had seen the two boxes being rolled into the new room. Everyone went inside the room to see a starry night sky and a forest. Jacob was on stage fiddling with the two animatronics.

"Ahoy there lad. Who be our new friends?" Foxy asked

"Hey guys. Our new friends are Shade the Fox and Kali the to Midnight Forest." Jacob said

"This place is so pretty. I love how the stars sparkle!" Chi said in awe.

"You got that right Chica." Mangle added

"Now then let's meet our new friends" Jacob said as he activated the new animatronics.

First was Kali the Chicken. Jacob flipped the switch as Kali whirled to life as she opened her eyes she looked around at the room full of people. "Hi…." She said Shyly

"Hi there Kali. Welcome to FredBear's Family Diner. I'm Maci and these are my friends Freddy FazBear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, The Toys and Mew. Oh and that's Jacob." Maci said happily.

"It's nice to meet you all." Kali replied

"Would you like a tour? TC and I could show you around." Chica offered

"Sounds good to me. Let's go" Kali said as she followed Chica and TC out of MidNight Forest.

"Now for Shade." Jacob murmured as he turned on the fox.

Shade opened his orange eyes and grinned

"Hey there guys! I'm Shade nice to see you." Shade replied

"Welcome to the family and I will show ye around. Come on!" Mangle said

Foxy,Mangle and Shade walked out of MidNight Forest.

Jacob stood up and put up the boxes, "Well looks like those two will fit in nicely. I'm gonna go check on the Kitchen," Jacob walked out of MidNight Forest and went to the Kitchen to see Chica, Toy Chica and Kali making pizzas and chatting away as they go to know each other. Jacob smiled as he went to Pirate Cove and saw Foxy, Shade and Mangle were busy teaching Shade how to swordfight. Jacob looked at the clock to see it was almost time to open. So he went and got Shade and Kali and brought them back to MidNight Forest, Where Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie where waiting.

"We'll get them ready while you open the doors Jacob," Shadow Freddy said Jacob nodded and went outside people had already started pulling into the driveway. He turned on the Open sign and went back into his office to wait. Two hours later a crowd had come in and he and Mr. Foster stood in front of MidNight Forest.

Mr. Foster cleared his throat and the band stopped playing so everyone will pay attention. "Thank you all for coming we've had a busy week and we still aren't stopping I would like to introduce you all to our newly finished room, Midnight Forest." A group of people followed Mr. Foster into the room on the stage was Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie. Everyone was in Awe of the makeshift stars in the room and the trees.

Shadow Freddy stepped forward and motioned for the crowd to hush. "Thank you everyone, Now I get to introduce you to someone, Or Two someones." Kali and Shade ran from one side of the forest to the other and then circled around to be in front of the group.

"Hey Everyone, I'm Kali." The chicken said waving.

"Ahoy I'm Shade" The fox waved his hooked hand and everyone said hello Greeting them warmly.

"Come on all. Who wants to learn to camp?" The kids cheer and run into the middle of the clearing.

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