Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Game Corner

It was another busy morning at the pizzeria as four boxes was being rolled into the new room.

"Looks like we got new family members."Jacob thought as he walked to the new room. It looked similar to a child's game room. The tables and chairs had different video game characters and symbols on them. The workers placed each box on a different stage and opened was a creeper, a raccoon, a lombax and a faceless man in a suit.

Jacob smiled wondering about all the characters. He got on one stage to open up the box to turn it on. The creeper opened its red eyes and hissed.

"Hello there I'm Creepy the Creeper." The creeper said with a hiss

"Hi I'm Jacob Nice to meet you Creepy." Jacob replied with a grin

Creepy hissed happily as he looked around the room while Jacob got to work on the next animatronic. He hopped onto what looked like a spaceship stage and activated Ratchet and Clank. Jacob flipped the switch on both Ratchet and Clank as the two opened there eyes.

"Hey there I'm Ratchet and this is my pal Clank." The Lombax said with a grin.

Jacob introduced himself and Creepy to the two as he got started on the last two animatronics. He activated SlenderMan next.

"Hello My name is SlenderMan" Slender Said in a dark voice. Despite no mouth.

"I-I'm Jacob." Jacob said as he tried not to scream

"Don't worry I won't harm you." Slender said

Jacob backed away from SlenderMan and went to activate Sly Cooper

" Man he's creepy looking. Hope the others won't be afraid of him" Jacob thought

Jacob went over to Sly Cooper's stage and went to work. He found the On switch and flipped it.

The raccoon opened his brown eyes and saw Jacob.

"Hey There I'm Sly Cooper. Master Thief. Nice to meet you." Sly Said

"Name's to the Pizzeria."

Afterwards Jacob went to get the others so they could meet there new family members. He found them in The Toy Chest helping the toys clean up.

"Hey guys. Could you all come with me? The new room is ready." Jacob said

The others nodded and followed Jacob to the new room. They all greeted there new friends and began getting to know each other.

Soon it was time to open everyone was in there rooms and Jacob was back in his office.

stood in front of Game Corner with a wide grin on his face. A lot of people came to see the new room.

"As you all know we have had two new members of pizzeria. But we didn't stop there we now have a new room and new animatronics. Welcome to Game Corner." replied

Everyone went inside Game Corner and looked around in awe. went onto one of the stages.

"Everyone Meet Creepy the Creeper, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank and SlenderMan!"

Ratchet and Creepy stood on the right while SlenderMan and Sly stood on the left.

The four animatronics leap off the stage to meet everyone. Several kids played and talked with the Sly, Creepy, Slender and Ratchet and Clank.

The rest of the day went smoothly and closing time came around. The band sang the GoodBye song as the last few families left the Pizzeria.

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