Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 2

Rebuilt! Fredbear's Family Diner

Ch. 2 Goodbye song

Freddy and the others get on stage as everyone is getting ready to leave. "Alrighty folks it's closing time so me and the gang thought we'd give you all our own little fair well." Bonnie and Chica start playing their instruments while Freddy begins to sing. "Hey this was really fun,"

Bonnie joins in,

"We hope you liked it too,"

"Seems like we've just begun,"

Both sing "When suddenly we're through,"

Freddy "Goodbye, Goodbye, Good friends good bye,"

Both "Cause now, It's time to go."

Freddy "But hey, I say well that's ok,"

Bonnie "Cause we'll see you very soon I know,"

"Very soon I know..."

Both "Goodbye, Goodbye, Good friends good bye ((Goodbye..)) And Tomorrow just might, Today. Freddy and friends and the pizzeria will be waiting for you to come and play." They repeat "to come and play" until the music stops. The customers that are left smile and clap while the band takes a bow, and then everyone leaves for the day. Jacob goes over to the band.

"Great song guys." They all smile and nod their heads.

"Hey I have an idea!" Chica exclaims suddenly,


"Wanna play a game?" She asks with a mischievous smile. Earning a quizzical look from the others

"What kind of game?" Jacob asks a bit cautiously.

"Well you know how you have to sit in that back office all night? How about we make a game out of it? You sit in your office and watch the monitors and we walk around the store but we have stop moving when the camera is on. If we haven't made it inside your office by six A.M you win, and if one of us gets in before six that animatronic will win.? Sound like fun?" She asks the last part hopefully. Freddy and Bonnie nod and after contemplating it so does Jacob. Chica squeals excitedly and runs off to tell the others.

"I guess I better get in my office." Jacob says and walks into his back office. He sits in his chair and gets his monitor read and then the phone rings, He turns it on and puts it on speaker. "Hello. My name is Jeremy, And I'm recording this as a kind of guide for you first weak on the job. Call me Phone guy. That's what I called the guy who recorded this kind of stuff for me. Anyways at night I would error on the side of caution if the animatronics find any kids who accidentally stayed have them bring them over to you, Also if the animatronics act weird and bring the kids anywhere other than your office there is a red button press it, that will bring up a menu of the animatronics and you can temporarily shut them off they should be fine after that, Keep a special eye on Springtrap, She seems to be the most frequent with these glitches, If you want to be able to tell before a child comes into play though try and take a look at there eyes if they glow purple shut them off immediately. And if at any point you need to shut the animatronics off make sure to tell mister Foster afterwards. That's all the recording time I have right now but I'll be sure to explain more tomorrow."

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