Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

chapter 3

ebuilt! Fredbear's Family Diner

Chapter 3: First night

Jacob looks at the clock "12:00 They games about to start, lets get started." He pulls up the monitor and switches around the cameras, He see's the toy and original animatronics on the stage and foxy and mangle in their cove. The Shadow animatronics are standing next to each other in the dining room, and the gold animatronics are still in there room. He switches to the prize corner and he see's an icon that says, Wind the music box he clicks on it and a circle appears and fills in. The twins are sitting next to the box that houses Marionette. Jacob hears a metallic thump and switches to the stage bonnie has left the stage he switches to the dining room and finds her there he also sees Shadow Bonnie has also moved, "Thump, Thump" He switches to the stage again and everyone is still there and then he switches to the cove and finds Foxy and mangle have moved he switches to the hallway and sees foxy standing there while mangel… Hangs from the ceiling? Springtrap is also stepping through the door of her room. Jacob makes a quick glance at all there eyes to make sure that there isn't anything strange about them and keeps switching the camera. Bonnie and the shadow animatronics were still in the dining room, Chica had joined them and their places were different the toys and freddy had all decided to stay on the stage, He kept switching between and finding even more strange positions for the animatronics until 4:45 am. when he saw a poster of a close up of golden freddy's face. Golden freddy clears his throat and jacob looks up. "Woah!" Golden freddy was sitting in the same chair from his room and smiling at Jacob. "How did you- I mean you- How did you bring a chair?!" Golden Freddy just chuckles at Jacob's reaction. "Ah never mind, I lose." Jacob pushes a button on the wall turning on the lights and signifying that he lost the game. after a while everyone made their way into the office.

"Well that was fun!" Exclaimed chica and everyone including Jacob agreed.

"Yes it was but… Gold how exactly did you get here without me hearing?"

"A magician never reveals his secrets." Gold says making a zip-the-lip motion.

"Understood. Does anyone here know who Jeremy is?" Toy freddy raises his hand shyly. "Yes toy Freddy?"

"He was the night time security guard before the second Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria closed down. When this place opened up he and Mike Smicthdh applied and took over security here. They are now both retired."

"Thank you Toy freddy well see you guys at eight I need to head home."

"Goodnight Jacob!" They all wave as he leaves and Jacob goes home after a successful first day.

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