Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 4

Rebuilt! Fredbear's Family Diner

Chapter 4. New Friends

Jacob opens the door just before the store opens and inside he finds a bunch of men hauling around boxes four are wheeling two animatronic sized boxes. Jerald Foster is signing a sheet of some sort, when he's done signing the sheets he looks up and and waves at Jacob. "Hey Jacob."

"Hello Mr- Jerald, What's going on in here?"

"We have some new Animatronics coming in today." Jerald replies with a big smile.

"Cool! What are they?" Jerald shakes his head.

"It's a surprise. But I'll give you a hint they are both mixes with Wolf in them." Jerald turns to the construction workers. "Alright gentlemen we need to tear down this wall and put in a large rooms remember Wolves are territorial so I want a decent amount of distance between each other!" The workers nod and get back to work. "Jacob you go backstage and check on the animatronics please I need to supervise."

"Yes sir" Jacob walks backstage and finds all of the animatronics sitting at the dinner table. Hey guys, Everyone ok in here?" They all nod and Chica speaks up.

"We are all fine but what's all the noise about?"

"They are building a new area for two new animatronics." Toy chica nearly jumps from her chair in excitement.

"Really! Ohhh… I hope they're friendly! What kind are they?""Calm down Toy Chica. They are both mixes with Wolf in them that's all I know." Toy Chica nods.

"Sorry I got over excited. Why don't we sit down and wait."

The day went by quickly the construction workers finished up with the new room. The only thing that was left was getting the new wolves to their stages in the new room. the men hauled the crates into the room and set them on different sides of the room Mew was on the left and Maci was on the right afterwards the construction workers left wolves den. later that day called the gang into wolves den they saw a large stage with red curtains and silver stars on it on one half of the room. "Alright everyone, Please welcome to the family our two newest members. Maci, the magic pup."

"Hi everyone I'm Maci the magic pup. Would you like to see a magic trick?" Maci asked happily. "Sure." Toy Bonnie said with a grin. Maci then removed her top hat and grabbed her wand. Waving it over her hat she said the magic words "Waz Wazoo" and pulled out a Freddy plushie. "Ta Da" Maci sang.

"OOh...and i'm Mew nice to meet you I hope we will have fun together" Mew smiles and waves her paw. "Remember to stay away from may destroy or hurt you and if you catch fire you stop,drop and roll or call me and I will stop it for you." Mew smiles again then stops talking.

"Cool Mew, How about a Demonstration?" Jerald says and lights a match and tosses it at Mew to see what she would do. Mew puts out the match then glares at Jerald.

"Fire is not safe… You could of hurt someone don't do that again" Jerald nods.

"I know but I wanted to demonstrate what you can do it won't happen again." After the introductions were through Jacob and the other animatronics gave the new kids a full tour.

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