Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 5

built! Fredbear's Family Diner

Chapter 5: Crowd's reaction.

Jacob walked into the store the next day and could clearly see that everyone was excited about introducing Mew and Maci to the crowd. Freddy and the older animatronics played it cool and level headed but the toy animatronics, Excluding the Marionette, Were very nervous. Jacob went into the wolf den to check on the two new girls Mew was asleep in the far left corner of the room so he decided to check on Maci.

"Hey Maci are you ok?"

"To be honest I am a little nervous. What if the kids don't like me?" Maci sighed she was really excited but a bit scared as well. Jacob walked over to the nervous magician.

"Hey there's nothing to worry about Maci. Here's a trick that i'm sure will help. Take a deep breath and count to ten."

"Okay," Maci took a deep breath as she did this she counted to ten. Afterwards she felt better.

" See what did I tell you? Now come on let's get Mew and introduce you to the kids." Jacob said as he stood up. Walking over to the other side of the room. Jacob gently shook Mew awake.

" Wha? Huh? What's going on? Is it time for Maci and I to go on?" Mew asked sleepily.

"Yes. Now get up its time for to introduce you guys." Jacob lead to two animatronics to who was backstage.

" Ah Mew and Maci are you two ready to go and meet everyone?" asked with a smile. " Oh yes I'm so excited! I can't wait!" Mew said happily.

"Yeah I am so ready let's go!" Maci cried eagerly. Jacob smiled at the two girls as he left the backstage and went out front to see the show. Freddy and the other's just finished their last song as the kids and few adults cheered and clapped Freddy spoke

"Hey kids, we have some new friends joining us today. "

"Really Freddy who are they?" asked Chica

"Chica don't you remember our new friends are Maci the magic pup and Mew the firefighter?" Bonnie said with a laugh

"Oh yeah that's right. Hey kids could you help us call them out?". The kids cheered


"Great on the count of three call them out. One,Two,Three."

"Mew, Maci?" the children shouted. But Mew and Maci didn't come out.

"I guess they couldn't hear us. Let's try again guys." Bonnie said. The children called for Mew and Maci again and they appeared.

"Hi ya kids I'm Maci the magic pup." Maci said cheerfully

"And I'm Mew the firefighter." Mew said happily. The kids cheered as Maci and Mew got off stage to meet everyone. Maci and Mew lead a large group of kids to wolf den where they did their shows. Mew taught the kids about fire safety whilst Maci sang, danced and performed a few tricks. As the day progressed the animatronics were able to come off stage Maci and Mew were chatting about their shows when a two girls ran up to the two wolves.

"Hi Mew and Maci..." The girls said shyly. The two wolves smiled and bent down to the girls height

"Hi girls what brings you two to wolf den?" Mew asked with a grin.

"we came to see you guys. My name is Zoey and this is my sister Molly."

"Nice to meet you girls." Mew said with a grin. The rest of the day was filled with fun and laughter as Mew and Maci had fun making the children laugh and cheer. Soon closing time came and the gang sang their goodbye song and waved to the crowd goodbye.

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