Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 6

Rebuilt! Fazbear's Family Diner

Ch 6. Magic contest

After the store closed everyone went into the wolf den for a surprise from Shadow Freddy. When everyone gets in He's nowhere to be found, everyone starts Looking around for Shadow Freddy then suddenly a flash of smoke appears on Maci's stage and Shadow freddy steps out. "Hey Everybody!" The gang looked at Shadow Freddy with confusion for a moment before Jacob spoke

"Um Shadow Freddy what is the surprise?"

"Well since Maci was a magian I wanted to surprise Maci with a little magic duel. So Maci you up for a friendly duel?" Everyone looked to Maci who had a cocky smirk on her snout

"Bring it on Shadow Freddy." Maci took off her top hat and pulled out her wand and poofed onto the stage and just simply smiled at the bear.

"Let's have some fun shall we?"

"We shall." Shadow freddy disappears again and then a golden freddy doll appears on Maci's head and started dancing.

"Cute trick Shadow Freddy now here's mine." Maci waved her wand over her hat and out came three plushies specifically Bonnie,Toy Bonnie and Springtrap afterwards Maci tapped each one with her wand. Causing the plushies to grow to about the size of a child and start singing and dancing before they started trying to climb Shadow Freddy and disappeared in a puff of smoke. "Impressive Maci but can you top this?" Shadow Freddy makes the smoke into a ball throwing it in the air blanketing the entire room. When it cleared his head was on Maci's shoulder. "Gah! Shadow Freddy why are you a head? That's a little creepy dude." Maci said with a shudder. Shadow Freddy just laughed. "Okay that's it! Shadow Freddy it's playtime." Maci said with a grin as she pointed her wand at Shadow Freddy's floating head. As a purple cloud surrounded the purple bear. Maci just grinned as the smoke disappeared and revealed. Nothing, Everyone gasped as Shadow Freddy was gone. The only thing that was left of their friend was his hat and bowtie. "Maci what did you do?!" Springtrap cried in shock. "Relax Springtrap I didn't make him go away. Look." Everyone looked around but they couldn't find his head, just his arms, legs, and body, And then suddenly his head flies in and floating around wildly. Shadow freddy Laughs. After a few minutes the rest of Shadow Freddy's body floats in. Now Shadow Freddy's whole body is flying about the room.

"Hahahahahahahahah" Shadow Freddy began slowing down. As Maci began reconnecting Shadow Freddy's body. Now back together Shadow Freddy lowered to the ground. "Your move Maci,"

" Alright let's do this." Maci looked over at the gang specifically Jacob smiling she pointed her wand at the security guard.

"Uh Maci what are you whoa!" Jacob yelped as he was lifted into the air as a green mist engulfed the young man. The mist disappeared and Jacob was now a toddler!

"What the heck? What did you do to me Maci?" Jacob cried in a childish voice. Maci just giggled as she gently placed Jacob into Toy Bonnie's arms.

"Hey there little guy." Toy Bonnie said with a grin.

"I am not little!" Jacob said with a pouty look on his face.

"Beat that Fazbear." Maci said cockily. Shadow Freddy cracks his knuckles.

"Easy." The room gets covered in mist and when it clears Maci is tied up in ropes without her magic wand. Jacob is back to normal and everyone else except for Shadow Freddy, Golden Freddy, Jacob and Maci are the size of ants.

"What the heck man why are we tiny! I don't do puny!" Freddy shouted in a high squeaky voice. Maci just laughed before realizing she was tied up

"Aw crud! That does it Shadow Freddy! You're going down!" Shadow Freddy chuckles

"I actually didn't tie you up, Wish I did though that's funny." Shadow Freddy's chuckle turns into a full on laugh. Golden Freddy chuckles too.

"Oh My bad." Maci said while blushing in pure embarrassment.

"It was actually me," Golden Freddy remarks.

"Oh come on man why did you do this to me not cool!?"

"Can't let you two noobs have all the fun."

"Noob who you calling noob you overstuffed teddy bear!"

"I'm calling you two noobs. I don't need smoke." Golden freddy waves his hand and Shadow Freddy is wrapped up as well and everyone else is back to normal. Or so it seems.

"Not cool man! wait… Why is my body on stage but I'm right here? What did you do?!" Maci's voice comes out of Shadow Freddy and everyone starts laughing. Until they all notice they've been switched around too. Everyone screamed in surprise. Bonnie was now Foxy, Chica was now Toy Freddy, Freddy was now Toy Chica, Jacob was now Mangle and Mangle was now Jacob and so on. Golden Freddy was laughing his tail off at everyone's reactions.

"This is priceless! Hahahaha I can't breath." Golden Freddy was now on his back howling with laughter. After he calms down he stands up. "I think I've made my point, You two are good but when it comes to Magic I'm king of the hill." He snaps his fingers and everyone goes back to normal. And The other two magician's are unwrapped.

"Hey Shadow Freddy truce?" Maci asked with an outstretched paw.

"Truce now how about we have some fun with our good ol pal Goldie huh?" The two looked at Golden Freddy with mischievous grins and pointed their wands or paw at the golden bear who gulped and ran. "Get him!" Maci howled as the duo ran after their target magic blasts ablazing. Everyone just blinked before busting out laughing as Golden Freddy's shouts of protests could be heard.

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