Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

chapter 8

Chapter 8: FIRE!

Jacob walks into the building for a normal day at work He goes into the back office and puts his stuff down. When he gets done putting his stuff up he goes into the main room only to hear Chica screaming from the kitchen.

"Help, the kitchen is on fire!" Chica screamed as ran from the kitchen as smoke billowed out of the kitchen doors.

Mew saw this and raced to the kitchen to help, grabbing a fire extinguisher and began hosing down the fire.

"Chica what were you thinking? You know you need to be in the kitchen at all times when you use any ovens!" Mew scolded as she made her finished getting rid of the flames. The sprinklers helped get rid of any smoldering embers.

"Man that was a bad one. Thank goodness the fire didn't spread." Mew said as she put back the fire extinguisher.

Jacob ran into to see a sad chica and a soot covered Mew

"What in the name of Fazbear happened?"

"There was a fire in the kitchen. Thankfully I was able to put it out before it spread." Mew said with a look of relief on her face.

"Mew I'm so sorry. I promise to make sure the ovens are off in the kitchen if I leave." Chica said with a hand on her chest.

"Great. now if you'll excuse me i need to get myself and my uniform cleaned up." Mew said as she left. Jacob looked around to make sure the fire stopped and then went to his office. When he got there he took a nap.

two hours later

Jacob wakes up to the smell of smoke and looks around to find that the building is on fire! Covering his face with a cloth and getting down on all fours he crawls his way to the rooms making sure everyone is out. When he gets to the main area Mew is running around getting everyone out of the building, Jacob collapses in the main room and mew carries him outside then they hear a big BOOM! and the Pizzeria falls flat.

"Is everyone alright!" Mew calls out.

"We are all here Mew. Luckily the pizzeria had already closed for the day." Freddy responded. Mew did a quick head count to check that everyone was accounted for. When she was done with her head count. Mr. Foster stood up and dusted himself off.

"Any Idea what caused this?" He asks.

"The fire must have spread inside the walls somehow. I'm sorry sir."

"It's ok Mew. As sad as it is It at least had good timing we were planning on renovating the place anyways. After Jacob gets to a hospital we will look around and see what survived." A few weeks later Jacob was released from the hospital having only suffered with a couple of 1st degree burns and smoke inhalation he was allowed to leave. Jacob had several bandages on his chest, arms and legs. But he survived as he now was at home looking at the cards he received from his friends and family. Smiling slightly Jacob went into the bathroom to put on a fresh set of bandages. Once that was taken care of Jacob went to bed.

End Chapter.

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