Rebuilt! Fredbears Family Diner

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Reopening

Jacob walks up to the new building and whistles the sign with just regular Freddy now had all the animatronics on it smiling and cartoonised a bit. The doors were reminiscent of a 1990's building when he walked in he saw that the band's stage was enlarged and so was the eating area. The place was filled to overflowing and with a quick look around Jacob found several people were going into New rooms.

One of these rooms had a sign that read, "Toy chest," and it had a picture of of the toy band plus Marionette and the Balloon twins, Another one said, "The good old days" and had a picture of Golden Freddy and Springtrap with Golden Freddy picking a banjo. The Band was on stage but Jacob also saw a room for them titled,"The classics" And of course the Wolf Den was back.

Jacob looked around some more and found two more rooms, one titled "The Cove" With Mangle and Foxy on the sign, and next to it was a room with no sign yet. Attached to the door was a piece of paper saying, "Coming soon," which Jacob assumed was for the shadow animatronics. When he was done with that he walked around deciding to check out the rooms he went to the "Toy Chest" Room first. He went inside and found it was very much like a little childs playroom a small stage and blue wallpaper with clouds, Toy Freddy was on stage setting up the music while toy Bonnie read to the kids and toy Chica was playing chef with some of the other kids and an easy bake oven. They all looked like they were having a good time so Jacob moved on to the next room. "The good old days," The inside was designed in a log cabin style with wooden tables scattered around. The menu was slightly different from the main menu and it had a old school country vibe about it. Golden Freddy was on stage in a rocking chair while Springtrap was walking around talking with customers. Jacob went to the next room "Wolf Den" Inside was similar to a cave but had a safe childish look to it. As Mew was busy telling a story on fire safety while Maci was teaching a few kids how to do simple magic tricks. Jacob grinned as he heard everyone howl with joy and laughter.. So Jacob left Wolf Den and headed to The Cove Inside was a beach area with a small stage where Mangle was singing with some kids and the roof had an acrobatic rings all around it. Foxy was on a realistic looking boat teaching kids how to make a model boat. After touring the place Jacob went to check on Mr. Foster.

"Ah Hello Jacob. How do you like the rebuild? We also rearranged the time schedule everyone still has there on stage act but this way kids can interact with them off stage."

"It's pretty Cool Mr. Foster. I'll go into my position now."

"Alright then See you later Jacob."

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