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Lumiere Eliotrope of the Moonlight


A mysterious boy with the power to create portals appears in the World of Twelve. Follow Lumiere on his adventure to figure out who he is and to find the so called "God-King" of his race.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Lumiere the Elia-Otrope

Long ago in a place known as the World of Twelve, a monster known as Ogrest terrorized the world. His tears flooded the world, causing masses of lands to become small islands and civilizations to become extinct in a matter of days… this time then known as Ogrest’s Chaos. All seemed lost until one day, a young Eliatrope king with the power of the six Dofus of his race banded together with the Iop god and retrieved the six Primordial Dofus reverting Ogrest back into his small peaceful form.

Ten years have passed since that day, and the twelve dofus have been separated for anyone else to use. The thought of them together gave fear to the idea of the world being destroyed, but what most didn’t know was that something did occur during that Krosmical event… for whatever consequences there are for using the dofus which can be destructive, chaotic, they can also be fecund, sources of life and creation.

This is the story of the life born from those consequences…


What is this?

Where am I?

I feel weightless, like there’s nothing around me to hold me down. The winds blew all around my body, blowing onto the top of my head for some reason.

It was like… I was falling.

Light flashed into the figure’s eyes as they found themselves staring into a pair of mountains in the distant, with every second they seemed to get taller at a fast pace. They looked upwards and flushed in despair as the ground was getting closer

"Oh man, I really am falling!" The voice sounding like that of a teenage boy screamed as he flipped right side up. He flailed about, flapping his arms around like wings trying desperately to slow himself down to no avail. "Nonononono!"

With the ground only seconds away, the boy stretched his hands out in front of him in hopes of softening the fall but instead something else happened; as he held out his hands blue lights fired out in front of him, a large blue circle appeared in front of him and as he fell through it his body suddenly disappeared. The second light landed an inch above the ground and created another glowing circle, and the boy found himself popping upwards into the air.

“W-What the!?” The sudden relief caught him by surprise before safely falling on his behind. “Ouch… that really hurt, even if it wasn’t as bad as what else could’ve happened. But how did it happen?” The boy could see a glowing light glowing from his hands, he turned them to see his palms glowing in blue energy like those strange circles. “Did I do that…?”

The boy focused on his hands, holding them out as he did before as the glowing grew stronger until the light surged out into the same magic circles as before. “Wow… so cool. It’s like some kind of portal thing.” He moved the circles with his hands, moving them enough to be right between them. He stretched out one of his hands through the portal to his right and watched as it reappeared through the second one to his left. “This is awesome!” Too enthusiastic he turned back to the first portal and threw a hard punch, it went through the portal and appeared behind him to hit his back. “Ow, a-and painful.”

Rubbing his sore spot, the boy looked around to find himself in the outskirts of a small town. The trees around him blew in the cold night’s wind almost telling him to go into town to find answers to where he was.

"I guess I'll go and look around." He said taking a step towards the town.

This place was so strange to me as I began to walk through the town. The people were of all shapes and sizes and each one was as fascinating as the next. A pair of black and white bears talking at what looks like a store, I saw some strange guys with green hair that covered their whole faces and in the corner of my eye I saw a girl with what looked like fairy wings.

I passed into a small little alley when I noticed my reflection through a window. There I was, looking at myself... I had no idea what I looked like until now, my pale white skin shown through my arms in the moonlight. My eyes were this almost unnatural color of light blue, the same color as this even more unnatural portal ability of mine's. My outfit was interesting though; a brown sleeveless shirt with gold patterns going across the middle and the ends of where my arms came out. A pair of blue pants and brown shoes on the bottom half of my body, and on my head was a large blue hat… more of a hood really, with a pair of ears that had golden adornments around them and a circle in the middle in the same shape as the portals I created. It was there covering what looked like lightish blue hair, kinda messy looking from I could see.

“Get back here you old Ecaflip!” A sudden voice yelled from afar. Several footsteps were making their way to the boy as he saw what looked like a small cat walking on two feet with a pair of travel bags around each shoulder. The pair running after him was a muscular panda with a scar to his face, the other who was calling out to the "Ecaflip" was a blue man with horns coming from his white hair and a tail wagging behind him.

The Ecaflip they were chasing was indeed an old one, wearing only a green shirt, some small shoes and a pair of dice around his neck he ran as fast as his small legs could take him but soon felt himself trapped behind a corner; he literally was cornered in a dead end as the shadows of his pursuers crept closer. “Ecaflip, why did you have to ruin my luck now?”

“Hehe, you sure have bad luck for an Ecaflip old guy.” The horned man taunted, his panda partner cracked his knuckles to increase the level of their threat. “Now hand over all of those nifty things you got in those bags.”

“Yeah hand it over.” The panda repeated.

“Not so fast!” The three looked up as the boy called out to them from above the alley, he formed a circle with his hands creating a portal in the air. Just as he jumped through it he quickly created another portal, repeating the pattern going down the alley and landing between the three. “That’s far enough for you!”

“And who do you think you are kid?” Responded the horned man.

“I don’t know!” His cheerful response threw the three men off as he pointed to the two brutes. “But who do you think you are? Threatening and attacking a poor, innocent, old, and adorable cat man who probably did no harm.”

‘Those were portals he made, could he be…?’ The old Ecaflip thought.

“I won’t let the innocent be hurt and not do anything about it, now stop this or else.” He told sternly.

“Oh yeah, or else what?” asked the blue man.

“Else what… Else what… ummm...” The boy felt the sweat on his head, he really didn’t have much of a comeback for them. “I don’t know. I’ve never done this before… hahaha.”

“Don’t just laugh in a situation like this!” The old Ecaflip exclaimed.


The blue man ordered the panda who started to make his way towards the two. Against two of them, the boy knew he wouldn’t win so he quickly made for an escape. Energy emanated from his hands as two portals were made, he threw one into the air landing out of sight while throwing the second one behind the Ecaflip. “Time to go, jump!”

“What? W-Wait I can’t those-hey!?” The feline yelled as he was picked up and pulled through the portal, before he knew it the two were flying in the air.

“Hold on tight!” The boy yelled, laughing with glee as he quickly created two other portals. He flew them through the town from portal to portal, traversing lower into the streets until the boy landed back on his feet perfectly. Helping the Ecaflip back on his feet, the boy smiled and said. “That was close wasn’t it?” He was expecting a reply, but the old cat’s white fur was turning green and he instantly threw up in front of the street for all to see. “Um, are you alright? Mr… Elarip?”

“It’s Ecaflip...” The old cat groaned holding his gut and trying not to puke again. “After the last time I was hoping I wouldn’t go through one of those portals again. You Eliatropes sure are quick on the draw with those things.”

“Elia...trope…?” The boy thought as he heard the name, it sounded familiar yet strange at the same time. “I’m… not a Eliatrope.”

“Hm? You have to be, only they can use wakfu to create zapp portals like you did.” The Ecaflip noticed the look on the boy’s face, he was in deep thought but also seemed confused on what happened. The old cat sighed, he couldn’t help the feeling to help young Eliatrope or whatever he was. “Well, I guess it really isn’t such big deal if you don’t know what you are. I still have to thank you for saving me, now what would you like as a reward?”

“A-A reward?” The boy’s expression turned cheerful at the word, he was ready to answer with several ideas in mind until the loud sound of growling came from his stomach. “Um… if you wouldn’t mind…”


The Ecaflip sat in awe, watching as the boy grabbed one plate after another of fish. In all his years even he didn’t eat that many snappers all at once, but the boy just kept chomping them down like they were nothing; he chuckled as the boy started to choke on the piece of meat, desperately reaching out for the glass of milk to wash it all down. “Careful next time, whippersnapper.”

“Hehehe guess I’m just really hungry.” The boy took another bite with a goofy grin and continued with food still in his mouth. “Thanks again for treating me to dinner and a hotel to sleep in, Mr. Etramip.”

“With the way you’re eating, maybe I shouldn’t have said I’d treat you to all you can eat.” The old Ecaflip had a good amount of Kamas on him, but the boy was like a bottomless hole that would take both the food and his money away. “And it’s pronounced Ecaflip.”


“E-ca-flip.” He pronounced once more.

“... Enutrof?”

“Ecaflip! ECAFLIP! Do I look like a money grubbing old man to you!?” The old cat snarled, his yellow eyes practically glowing in anger with his fur growing riled and feral looking. The surprised look on the boy’s face quickly calmed him down “Ahem, and Ecaflip is actually the name of my race. My name is Kerubim, Kerubim Crepin, proprietor of my own shop full of the greatest treasures anyone has ever seen.”

“You mean stuff like this?” Kerubim didn’t notice the boy was away at the table, his eyes widening in shock as he saw him at one of his bags pulling out a large sword with a hilt shaped as a mouth with a demonic eye and a blade made of molten lava. “This looks so cool, how is the sword made of lava though?”

“If you wanna find out kid I’ll be happy to tell you for a little chaos.” The hilt spoke, it’s eye staring directly at the boy.

“Whoa, it talks!” He grinned widely before the old feline snatched the sword from his hands. “Hey…”

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to go through a person’s belongings?” Kerubim lectured. “Never mess with a Shushu, especially one as powerful as Bourlof the Butcher. It took all my skills just to capture him the first time, the second time was much easier since he was found in an abandoned city… Rubilaxia I think it was called.”

“What’s a Shushu?” He asked eagerly.

“They’re demons that can possess people, but can also be tamed and put in items such as weapons.” Kerubim told as he placed the sword back in his bag.

"How does it fit inside such a small bag, wouldn't it make a hole in it?" The boy asked.

"Not with a Haven Bag, they're magical bags allowing you to hold vast amounts of items. In fact I even have the prototype of the bags back-hey!" The Ecaflip noticed the boy back in his bags just as he pulled out another sword much larger and enveloped in blue flames. Kerubim hurriedly snatched it and threw back where it came before glaring at the boy once more. "Quit scrounging around my bag! All of my treasures are both powerful and dangerous, you could've destroyed this whole room if I didn't take Raziel from you."

"Wow really?!" He looked at the old cat with eyes full of wonder. "You must've had a great adventure trying to get it, right Kerubim?"

"Hehehe, well yes I did... I even had one of the six primordial dofus long ago." Kerubim noticed the boy was waiting to hear more, it was then that an idea popped in his mind. "How about this, if you can sit and listen quietly I'll more than happy tell you some tales about my life as an adventurer."

"For realsies?" The boy couldn't hold his excitement as Kerubim nodded in response, he ran around the room in cartwheels and jumped outside through the room's window. "Wahoo! Yay! Yahoo!" He cheered with glee as he jumped from one portal to another, dancing in the night’s sky without a care in the world.

Kerubim just watched in awe, the sight of the boy dancing through one zapp portal to another reminded him of the time with the young Eliatrope hero from ten years ago. The moonlight shining over the dance, he smiled as the mysterious boy continued on.


In my dreams I see words, the words are mine... they're the thoughts running through my mind.

Who am I?

What am I?

Am I an Eliatrope, like mister Kerubim said?

The name struck a chord to me, it was familiar but... it isn't what I am.

Elia... no... Eli... o... trope…


The next morning came, Kerubim grabbed his Haven bags and made his way to the door. Upon opening it he looked back to see the boy splayed upon the floor, he had told him countless tales for hours until he fell unconscious from staying up so long.

"I haven't had to tell stories like that since Jojo young..." The thought of that made the old Ecaflip a bit melancholic, but it soon disappeared as fast as it came at the sight of the boy's smile. "I should have asked your name when I had the chance... thank you still."

Kerubim softly closed the door behind him and made his way out of the hotel. He looked around the streets of Astrub before starting his way toward the towns travel carriages, until a large hand pulled him upwards from the back of his shirt; fear crawled down his spine as he found himself face to face with a large muscular man with tall orange hair on his head. "Hehe I got'um boss!"

"Great job Tiny, nobody to save ya now gramps." The blue horned man from before said with the panda at his side. "Alright, now why don't you hand over your Haven bags? Those treasures of yours can be put to good use in our hands."

"And I thought Osamodas were kind to animals." Kerubim taunted though fraily with the muscle man glaring at him.

"It's either the easy way or the hard way." The panda warned him. "Your choice Ecaflip."d way.” The panda warned him. “Your choice old man.”

“Not so fast… again!” The familiar voice caught the three’s attention as out from a zapp portal, the boy appeared in a heroic pose. “The heroic Eliotrope is here to stop you and defend the innocent Ecaflip once again!”

“You again?” The Osamodas growled a bit as he turned back to Tiny. “Take care of him, Tiny. And make sure the kid doesn’t mess around with us anymore.”

“Got it boss!” Dropping Kerubim to the floor, Tiny cracked his large knuckles as he moved closer towards the boy stopping right beside him with a grin on his face.

“Tiny right? Be careful… you might get hurt trying to take me on.” The boy told with a grin. “You might even hurt your friends, so please don’t try and fight.”

“Hurry and take him down, Tiny!” The Osamodas ordered.

Following what his leader wanted, Tiny rose his large fist and swung at the boy with all his power. The boy only smiled and held his hand out in defense, wakfu flowed through his hand as he created a large zapp in front of him. The four gasped in shock as the punch went right through the portal. “I warned you.” He took his other hand and threw another portal right beside the panda, Tiny’s punch came through and threw him right into a nearby fish vendor with its force.

“What the!?” The Osamodas exclaimed. “Tiny, you Iop brain! Watch what you’re doing!”

“Iop? Is that what you are?” The boy asked as he jumped over another punch, he created two more portals as a second punch made its way toward him in midair causing the big Iop to hit the back of his head. “I told you you’d hurt yourself and others if you fight me.”

Tiny growled and continued to attack, his fists creating large craters with power alone as the boy dodged with ease. Kerubim noticed how he moved from one portal to another to move from the Iop’s attack, but he also noticed the smile growing on the boy’s face; he was enjoying the fight, almost playing with the brainless Iop as he danced around his punches like they were nothing.

“Hahahaha, this is fun!” The Eliotrope backflipped through the air, as Tiny punched again going for a blow toward the boy’s head. But just as it was about to hit, he raised his hands and created a portal that caused the Iop’s fist to teleport and land a powerful blow under his chin. The blow took Tiny’s breath away, his body tilting back until he finally fell to the ground unconscious. With the Iop out of the way, the Eliotrope boy landed back to his feet and raised his hands at the ready for more. “Justice wins again! Are you ready to give up yet, um… Sadomaso was it?”

“Osamodas…” Kerubim couldn’t help but chuckle at the boy’s naivete, but his eyes soon widened as they caught the Osamodas in question reaching behind his back to grab a small gun.

“Little brat!”

The Osamodas quickly pulled out his gun and fired at the boy, the bullet flying at high speed at its target and was about to hit until the young Eliotrope created yet another zapp in front of him; he jumped through the portal, dodging the bullet seconds before it made contact. The horned man was taken back at his attack missing its target, so much that he was unaware that Kerubim had jumped behind him and ready to attack. Teleporting right beside him, the Osamodas took a devastating blow as the Ecaflip and Eliotrope attacked with a punch and kick to the face respectively.

The three thugs both unconscious, the Eliotrope boy smiled as he reached for Kerubim’s paws and jumped for joy. “We did it! We did it! Awesome combo Kerubim, we showed that Sadomaso who’s boss didn’t we?”

“Hehe, yes we did… and it’s Osamodas.” He corrected before pulling away to grab his backs. “So you really are an Eliatrope.”

“I told you I’m not an Eliatrope, I’m actually an Eli-O-trope.” The boy explained. “I uhh… figured it out in a dream I had. I’m called an Eliotrope… though that’s all I can really remember.”

“That’s all you remember?” Kerubim asked. “Hm, if that is the case then you must have amnesia, that would explain why you didn’t know about the different races. Do you remember your name at least?”

“I don’t have a name.” He answered flatly which surprised the old Ecaflip. “I don’t have amnesia either, I… I just fell from the sky and found myself near this town.”

“You fell from the sky?” The old Ecaflip had heard about adventurers falling from Incarnam, the land where new soul’s become born into one of the many different races in the World of Twelve. But even if he came from there, the boy should at least have a name and know about his race. Noticing the worried expression on the boy’s face, Kerubim softly patted his leg and reassured him with a smile. “No need to worry about such things, it’s not as if you need to know everything right now.”

“But… I want to know.” He replied, his face saddened. “I want to know who I am, and what I am. I wanna know why I’m here in this world, more than anything else I wanna know more about this world in general. I mean everything here seems so cool!” A smile crept on his face as he continued. “Talking pandas and cats, people with wings and tails, and big strong guys like that guy Tiny too. Then there’s all the adventures you had and the treasures you’ve gained because of it, I wanna do that too!”

“Whoa whoa, calm down.” Kerubim chuckled as the Eliotrope’s own words seemed to cheer him up. “Well you know about you are now, so you don’t have to worry about that. But if you really want to know more about adventuring and the World of Twelve, then why don’t you come with me to Bonta?”

“Bonta?” The boy asked.

“It’s where I live, think of it as thanks for helping me a second time.” He winked at the boy. “I’m sure my bazaar has plenty of treasures that can help you learn more about yourself and the world. And along the way, I can tell you more stories about my adventures.”

“For realsies?!” The Eliotrope asked with eyes full of eagerness that made the old Ecaflip laugh.

“Hahaha, yes for realsies.” Kerubim held his bags out for the boy as he grabbed them without a care “Now then, let’s get going, Lumiere.”

“Right!” He followed beside the cat as they made their way toward the carriages, only realizing what Kerubim had said only a minute after. “Um, who’s Lumiere?”

“Why you are of course.” Kerubim declared. “I can’t just call you the Eliotrope all the way to Bonta now can I? I thought it was a fitting name after seeing you dance in the moonlight yesterday… so from now on you are Lumiere the Eliotrope.”

“Lumiere… Lumiere… hehehe, I’m Lumiere!” He sang with a hop to his step, the boy grinned and lifted Kerubim up in a big hug. “Thank you so much, Kerubim! You’re the greatest!”

“No need to thank me.” The old Ecaflip couldn’t help but smile more, but was surprised once again as he was lifted into the air and placed on the back of boy’s head. “Easy Lumiere, I can walk on my own.”

“No way, this is the least I can do. I’ll carry you all the way to Bonta for everything you’ve done for me.”

“Well that’s nice of you… but you’re going the wrong way.”


This is where my journey finally begins. With a new friend and a new name.


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