Of Things Broken


Deeks woke slowly, keeping his eyes firmly closed until his pounding heart slowed to a more normal pace. It was the way he'd learned to wake up from nightmares undercover, and it had stuck with him. Screaming in the night tended to get you killed pretty damn quick.

"Hey," he rasped, reaching for the glass of water. His eyes flickered around the room, taking in everything. "Where's Kensi?"

Callen folded the newspaper in half and laid it across his lap. "I'm hurt, Deeks. You'd think I wasn't good enough for you."

The blonde man lifted an eyebrow. "You're less likely to hit me, I think."

Callen smiled a little at that. "The doc sent her home to sleep. She was about exhausted."

Morning light filtered into the room through the half closed blind. Deeks stretched carefully, pleased when the movement was less painful than he expected. "Any word on Anna?" he asked.

His stomach rumbled nosily. He took that as a good sign. It was the first time he'd felt hungry since being admitted to the hospital.

"No." Callen shook his head. "Eric's still looking. As soon as he finds anything, we'll know about it."

His cell phone rang. He answered it, skin paling. "Okay, Hetty. I'll be right there."

Goose bumps crawled across Deeks' skin as he watched the other man. There was a light in his eyes that wasn't quite panic, or worry, or fear, but some terrible, potent combination of all three things. "What's happened?" Deeks demanded.

Callen bit his lips, debating what to tell his team mate. "Hetty just got an agent-in-distress code from Kensi's phone. They tried to ring her back, but she's not answering."

The goose bumps deepened, turning into something sharper. Suddenly, the pressure of the blankets over his legs was intolerable. He flipped them back, reaching for the call button with his injured hand. It slipped from his fingers. Hr grabbed it again, ignoring the pain as he jammed his thumb on the button. "I'm coming," he growled, and it wasn't a question.

"I could order you to stay here, you know," Callen said softly. "But I know it won't do any good."

"Would anyone be able to stop you, if our positions were reversed?" Deeks asked, already knowing the answer.

"No," Callen said honestly. "No. I'd be there."

The men locked eyes, something unspoken passing between them. Callen looked away first, glancing down at his phone.

A nurse stepped into the room. "Do you need help, Mr. Adams?"

Deeks met her eyes, his own steady and cool. "No. I need you to go and get a doctor who can sign me out. I'm leaving."

She blinked, mouth opening to protest. "Mr. Adams, you should really stay…"

"I'm leaving. Nothing you can say will stop me." He lifted a hand, gentling his voice a little. "Now, please go and get a doctor."

She turned without another word and left, letting the door bang closed behind her.

Deeks swung his legs over the edge of the bed, stifling a moan. The bruises on his back and ribs had stiffened into on solid mass of pain. Standing would be hell, but it wasn't going to stop him. It didn't last time she needed me, and it won't this time, he vowed. "Clothes?" he asked Callen.

The other agent crossed the room in a few long strides, pulling open the built in storage to take out a leather overnight bag. "We got it from your car." He dropped it on the bed next to Deeks.

"Thanks," Deeks said absently, yanking the zipper open one-handed. A jumbled mass of clean clothes filled the bag. He flinched a little as the scent of Downy detergent reached his nose.

Callen retrieved the other man's boots from the closet, dumping them onto the bed without a word.

They both turned as the door opened. "Mr. Adams, this is insane. You're far too weak to be gallivanting off on some wild goose chase to goodness knows where," the doctor snapped, bristling.

Deeks felt his face go cold and still. "Doctor. My name isn't Mr. Adams. That was an alias given to me by my team mates to protect me. My name is really Detective Marty Deeks. I'm with the LAPD, and my partner has been abducted by the man who did this to me." He paused to meet her eyes. "Do you really think that anything is going to stop me from leaving this hospital room, short of a bullet to the gut?"

"I… Well…" She took a step back.

Callen took pity on her. "Please, doc. Just get the paperwork. We're both leaving regardless. Might as well make it official."

"I'll have a nurse un-hook you from everything," the doctor said flatly, and crossed to the other side of the room, sorting through Deeks' chart to find the papers she wanted.

The same nurse stepped forward to remove the IV and cardiac leads. She kept her eyes low, refusing to meet his gaze. Her hands moved deftly, peeling the sticky pads from his chest.

He winced a little as she removed the IV line, covering the bleeding hole with a small dressing.

"There, you're done," she said and gave him a tight smile. "Do you need help getting dressed?"

"No, thank you." The words crossed his lips before he thought about them, and he hoped that they were true. Callen will never let you live it down if he had to tie your boots, Deeks thought, the amusement passing quickly. It left him feeling cold. Hold on, Kensi. Just hold on. We're coming.

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