Of Things Broken

Twenty Seven

The phone rang. Kensi pushed the blanket off her legs and reached for it, keeping an eye on her sleeping partner who was sprawled on the other end of the couch. Neither of them had felt much like moving the night before. Empty beer bottles and bowls dotted with melted ice cream littered the low coffee table.

"Hello?" she said drowsily, wincing when she saw the time. Both of them had been asleep for over ten hours.

"Kensi," Callen said. "Did I wake you?"

She nodded, then realised that he couldn't see it. "Yep. Deeks is still sleeping. What's up?"

Her nose itched. She reached up to rub it, pressing her fingers lightly against her eyes.

He hesitated. She waited him out, listening to his quiet, even breaths down the phone line. After a few long seconds, he spoke. "I thought you'd both want to know that Williams is out of surgery. He's going to make it."

"Oh," she said, biting off a surge of almost disappointment… and shame. Anger lurked under both emotions. She sighed, to drained to even try to figure out her feelings. "He doesn't deserve to live, Callen."

"I know." He unwrapped something and crunched on it. "He won't be able to hurt anyone else though. One of Anna's shots damaged his spinal cord. He's going to be paralysed from the neck down. I thought Deeks would want to know."

"Guess karma really is a bitch." She smiled, bitterly. "Thank you. I'll tell Deeks when he wakes up."

"Hetty also said that she doesn't want to see either of you for a week. She said, and I quote. 'Tell both of them to rest. I need all of my agents at top strength, and that includes Mr. Deeks.' LAPD are pushing for the paperwork, but we'll hold them off for now." He paused, then added. "We may have an undercover operation coming up. Hetty wants you and Deeks to work it."

Excitement fizzed somewhere deep in her gut. "Yeah?"

"Yup. You'll be going in as a married couple," he paused again and chuckled. "There's still time to back out."

"I'll tell Hetty you said that." She smiled. "Thanks, Callen," she said and ended the call, flopping back down on the couch with a pained grunt.

"Tell Deeks what when he wakes up?" her blonde partner asked. He was still sprawled on the couch, taking up a surprisingly small amount of room for someone of his height.

She flipped the blanket back over her legs, covering them both. Deeks' eyebrows rose, but he said nothing. It was chilly in the apartment, and he was glad of the warmth. "Come on, Kensi. Spill," he said and raised his eyebrows, waiting.

"Williams is out of surgery," she started, watching his face go blank as he if he was expecting her to tell him bad news. "One of the bullets damaged his spinal cord. It means that he's going to be paralysed from the neck down." She reached over and touched his arm. "He won't be hurting anyone else in the future."

Tension he didn't know he'd been carrying leached from him, leaving him slumped back against the couch, eyes fixed on a beer bottle. "I'd say that he deserves it, but no-one deserves that," he shook his head. "Not even him."

Her stomach rumbled. "Hey, how do you feel about making ourselves presentable and grabbing something to eat?" she asked.

He jumped on the subject change eagerly. "I really don't feel like moving," he said, one eyebrow lifting. "But I do know of a fantastic pizza place that delivers."

"Do they do stuffed crust?" she asked. "And garlic bread?"

He nodded. "Yup. You have more beer in the fridge?"

"Always," she said with a smile.

She found the phone and handed it to him, wandering over to the bookshelves while he ordered. A DVD caught her eye and she reached up to tug it from the shelf, turning back towards him with a teasing smile.

He read the title and covered his eyes with one hand. "Seriously, Kensi?" he asked, a smiled edging onto his lips. "Sleepless in Seattle? I'm gonna tell Hetty that you've been torturing me."

"She'll probably thank me," Kensi said, shooting him a side long glance.

He met her eyes and smiled. She felt her own lips twitch into a grin. I think we're going to be okay, she thought and settled back, contented. "Hey, Deeks?"

"Yes?" he drawled.

"Did we eat all of the ice cream?" she asked seriously.

He just laughed.

Yup, we're really going to be alright.

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