Tale of the Stranger (or How I Met Selena Hawke)

Chapter 16

Anders sentenced me to two weeks house arrest, or 'bed rest' as he sadistically put it. The first day or so was fine. Even with his healing, my arms and head were screaming for a Tylenol, the closest to which is some vile concoction called willow bark tea. I didn't want to insult Leandra when she brought it to me, but ugh!Then she tried having me chew a leaf called feverfew and that was just as bad, but with the added bonus of bits of leaf stuck in my teeth.

After Anders went to the clinic on day three, I convinced Garrett that 'bed rest' could also mean 'couch rest' and escaped to the study. At least here there were books to read and a fire going and people to talk to. Or at least the dog and Sandal. Leandra spent many of her hours out to tea with friends or volunteering her time at the Chantry. Those things that proper highborn ladies do, I guess. Not being one myself, I hadn't really a clue. Hawke spent most days out taking jobs. Little things mostly, bandits and the like.

The gang came by to visit most days. Varric had, as yet, had no luck finding Mara, so I sent him on a new chase for Wall-Eyed Sam. At least there I had a bit more background information for him. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long and I could start the Qunari on their way home without a war.

Aveline sat with me briefly, mostly to discuss the operation to free the delegates. I let her know which of her men had helped in the kidnapping and she informed me that they were able to capture more fanatics that had arrived after the guard. No Petrice though. Damned woman!

Merrill brought me a plant. It was in a small earthenware pot and was barely a shoot, but she told me that the flower that bloomed from it would match me perfectly. I haven't the foggiest idea what she meant by that and she wouldn't elaborate, but it was probably one of the sweetest gifts I've ever been given.

Izzy brought me booze and porn.

Okay, it was good booze. Starkhaven single malt whiskey that smelled like heaven and kicked like a mule on meth. And the porn was a collection of her friend-fics. Complete with hand drawn pictures. Very graphic pictures that had me blushing down to the root. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and groped a boob in thanks. She purred and licked the tip of my ear as she left.

Now it was day seven and I was bored to tears. And drunk. And horny as hell. Anders was doing some work with the Mage Underground, Leandra had gone to Lady Rothschild's for the night and Hawke was on some job or other. Bodahn and Sandal were in their own apartment for the evening and even Spirit had opted to stay in his master's rooms that night. I was utterly alone.

I hate being alone.

Oh, I'm fine by myself when out walking around or going to the bar or even at home with the television or radio on. But there was no TV, no radio, no noise other than my own breathing. So to fill the silence, I had uncorked the whiskey and started reading out loud from Izzy's book. Stupid mistake, that one. The juicier it got, the more I drank. The more I drank, the juicier the stories seemed to get. I couldn't stand it any more.

The fic I was working on now was a thinly veiled romp between Garrett and Anders. The thought of the two of them together, and knowing that most nights they were, and only a few feet away from me in Hawke's room, had my entire body tingling, begging for touch. I put the book aside and slid my hand slowly down my front, starting at the collarbone and sliding slowly down the thin silk nightdress that I was wearing. The feel of the silk against my nipples had me wet and I imagined Garrett's hands for my own. The heavy weight of them pressed down on my breasts. Cupping and squeezing their fullness, pinching and rubbing softly at the nipple.

My other hand drifted lower, bunching up the hem of the dress before sliding over my mound. I spread my legs wider, pushing a finger between my lips to slip in the wetness there. Oh God, Garrett, yes! As my fingers reached farther, entering inside me, I used my thumb to circle at my clit, ratcheting the sensations ten fold. It was too much, the fantasy of Garrett Hawke taking me, claiming me sent me crashing over the edge into orgasm. I came screaming his name, then silently prayed that Bodahn didn't come up the stairs to see if I was all right. I glanced towards the door, more out of habit than anything else, to listen for noise downstairs.

And Garrett Hawke was standing there.

I think I squeaked. I know I sat up hurriedly and shift my nightdress back down to cover myself. The world tilted just a little from the whiskey but in that moment I was a lot more sober than I wanted to be. If I were drunker I could claim not to remember in the morning and brush off my embarrassment as inebriated stupidity. But Garrett had seen me now and knew I wasn't that drunk.

He approached the bed, pushing my hands away from the hem of my dress. I looked at his eyes, dark with desire and need and knew I was fucked. Or at least about to be. He crawled up over me on the bed, pulling me down onto my back, then sat up to slowly remove his shirt. His chest was a mat of thick chest hair, criss-crossed with deep white scars. The chest of a warrior. If I thought Varric had beautiful chest hair, he was nothing compared to Garrett Hawke.

I reached up to run my fingers over the coarse curls and watched him flush when a finger grazed a nipple. Oh, you like that do you? I thought, finger lightly sliding over the other. He moaned and I could see how much he enjoyed the touch through his breeches. And he liked it a lot.

Not breaking eye contact, he caught my hands and placed them above my head, then reached to take the hem of my night dress. I swallowed, nervous suddenly at the thought of Hawke seeing me naked. In my old body I'd always been self-conscious of how I looked, especially after having the kids. I didn't even like my husband seeing me. I knew, consciously, that I looked completely different now, but that little voice was still there in the back of my head, that Garrett would take one look and run for the hills before he made the biggest mistake in his life. And then I was nude and his eyes were roaming every inch of me, and if anything his eyes grew darker, more feral. Ready to devour me.

His mouth descended, starting where my hands had, making me wonder just how long he had been standing there watching. He licked and kissed at my clavicle, working down to my breast, a hand joining his mouth to work my nipples to hard little points of need. I knew I was moaning, panting Garrett's name but I couldn't seem to stop. My hands wound around to his back, sliding to his ass, reaching under the waistband to cup at the cheeks. They were hard sculpted muscle, just as the rest of him. Beautiful, hard and clenched tight.

I slid my hands around to the front and began working at the ties to his breeches. He sat up, pushing my hands away for a moment to work at the knot and slide the leather away with his small clothes. I don't think I've been happier to see a cock before in my life. It was long, thick and uncut, leaking precum and twitching with want. I pushed Garrett back to sit on his heels and slid myself forward. One thing I have always loved was the taste of a man in my mouth.

I started slow, licking a long line up the underside of his cock, circling the head with my tongue before sucking the juice from the slit. He moaned, slipping his fingers into my hair and holding my in place. Hand wrapped around the base, I took his cock down my throat in one quick swallow, causing him to buck his hips. I chuckled, making him buck again from the vibrations. I started to slide up and down his shaft, reaching down to fondle his sac before slipping farther to fondle at his hole. Without any kind of lubricant I wasn't about to slide the digit inside, but just that bit of extra pressure had him beginning to rut in my mouth. When his pace began to stutter I pulled back with a pop and smiled. Hawke was sweating and shaking, eyes now almost completely black. He growled, low and primal, I picking my up and throwing me down on the bed. It was too much, he was too far gone. He didn't seem to know what he was doing as he pushed open my bent knees and slammed himself home inside me.

I screamed. The pain was incredible, something I don't remember ever feeling before, even the first time. Shit! This body's a virgin! And Hawke was so lost in some lust-filled state that he didn't notice what was going on. I tried to relax, to ignore the pain and just feel where Garrett was touching me, the rhythm to which he was fucking me, but it was hard. He filled me up so completely that there wasn't a part of me that wasn't being stroked from the inside. I shifted, wrapping my legs around his waist, twinning my ankles together and suddenly it was as though a switched was flipped inside of me.

Suddenly the arrhythmic rocking of Hawke's body sent electric tingles throughout my limbs and started a flash burn in my core. I'd always scoffed at the romance novels that described a tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure, but now I understood as Garrett and I came together, screaming and moaning each other's pleasure. It seemed to take forever to come to myself as lights flashed before my eyes and my ears roared. It was amazing.

Garrett pulled out, but only rolled onto his back, pulling me with him, rather than leave to clean up. I rested my head on his chest, arm draped across to hold him. He sighed, wrapping his own arm up to cradle my shoulder and keep me close to him. So this is what they mean by post coital bliss...I think I like it.

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