Tale of the Stranger (or How I Met Selena Hawke)

Chapter 30

I had never wanted a machete or sub-machine gun more in my life. If I thought I could swing it, I would have gladly used Fenris' sword. Here I was, half-dressed, covered in blood and who knows what else, trying to make my way down a relatively small set of stairs and across a small courtyard to the house, only to be stopped every other step by a mob of people. Finally, Garrett had to pull out his shield and use it to gently 'prod' people out of the way.

Inside the house wasn't all that much better. Leandra was a mob all on her own, fussing and crying and demanding answers. Hawke pulled her aside to speak with her quietly while Anders lead me into the study and settled me on the sofa. He began to untie the waist cincher until Fenris growled deep from the doorway.

“It's all right, Fenris. It has to come off so Anders can heal the ribs. Would you be willing to come over here and hold my hand while he does?”

He looked slightly surprised at being asked, but nodded and joined me on the sofa, taking my hand gently in his. Anders quickly removed the wide leather belt and the sudden shift from my ribs had me gasping for air. Fuck that hurt!

“Okay, sweetheart, now I need you to stay as straight and still as possible. I need to realign the bones. You remember how that feels right?”

I nodded and steeled myself. One hand on my back, one on my ribs, Anders began to push and shift the broken pieces together. I hissed from the pain, clutching tightly at Fenris' hand. He lifted his other hand to cradle my fingers in his own. I glanced over and saw those beautiful puppy dog eyes, making me smile. And when that cool peppermint healing finally eased the pain, I sighed in relief and sagged against the elf's shoulder.

“Now I suggest you go upstairs and change while I see if I can rescue Garrett from his mother. And take it easy! No more fighting Arishoks for the rest of the week!” Anders said, laughing.

I smiled and nodded, standing slowly. Fenris, not relinquishing my hand, stood with me.

“You can let go now, if you wish, Fenris,” I said gently.

He looked down at our clasped hands, as though embarrassed to meet my eye. “I...do not wish.”

Well, I thought to myself, nice to see you assert yourself there handsome. I smiled and lead us both up the stairs into my rooms and straight into the bathing chamber. I was bound and determined that I was going to have a bath and there was nothing anyone could say that would change my mind.

“Fenris, love, I'm going to need my hand back.”

He dropped it as though it were on fire and flushed straight to the tips of his ears. “I apologize,” he said, turning away to leave the room.

I reached out to touch his wrist, careful not to touch flesh, just the soft linen of his shirt. “Could you...stay nearby? I don't think I really want to be alone right now.”

He lifted his head to look at me, eyes still and unreadable. Finally he nodded and left the room, leaving the door open. Taking a deep breath- which felt absolutely amazing!- I turned and began to prepare the bath.

The hot water was so soothing I must have drifted off to sleep at some point, waking to feel a cloth being run along my arm. I opened my eyes to see Fenris languidly washing me, shirt off, showing all the swirls and dots of his tattoos.

He was beautiful.

I was almost afraid to breathe lest I break the tableau, but he merely smiled when he saw that I was watching. “You fell asleep in the bath and did not finish washing. I chose to help you.”

“Thank you, Fenris,” I replied softly. “But I think I'd like to get out now, if that's all right?”

He nodded and took away the cloth, draping in on the edge of the tub before standing to fetch a large, thick drying cloth. I stood as he held it out, wrapping it around my breasts to drape almost to my knees. Tucking the towel edges together to keep it from falling, his fingers trailed up, across my collarbone, eyes dark with heat and longing.


He continued to rub his fingers across the ridge of bone, barely more than a whisper across the skin. “I thought...I believed I lost you today. It is...not a good feeling. I find that, now, I need...I need to touch you. To truly prove that you are here.”

I reached out to brush a lock of hair from his eyes, to find that there were tears glimmering there. “I'm here, Fenris. I'm fine. Nothing can take me away from you. You're a part of my soul and I'm not about to give that up.”

Slowly, as though afraid to break the moment, he leaned in and kissed me. A soft press of the lips that deepened until his hands slithered into my hair and his tongue had delved into my mouth to find my own. I gripped his waist, almost more to hold myself upright than to actually feel skin. Soft, hot skin that it was.

“I wish to love you, carissimi. I wish to feel your skin beneath me, to taste and be tasted in return. I wish to watch yo as you ride me, proud and beautiful. May I?”

I moaned and leaned into him, reaching out with questing fingers to touch his chest, to trace the lines of his tattoos over his sternum. “Yes! God, yes, Fenris! Please!”

He chuckled, leading me back into the bedroom until the backs of his knees hit the bed, then with a quick twist, I was suddenly on my back with him grinning mischievously above me. I laughed, happy just to see that little grin. I laughed even harder when he removed the towel around my body and trailed a finger down that sensitive spot on my ribs.

“Well,” he said with a smirk, “how is it that I did not know you were ticklish, Selena? Have I not worshipped your body properly? Let's see where else you may be a bit sensitive, shall we?”

Before I could protest, his fingers were searching, delving for new ways to make me squirm and giggle. It felt wonderful, like when I had been a girl and my father would have me laughing so hard I would almost pee myself. But then Fenris would follow his fingers with his lips, proving that he was most definitely not my dad.

I was breathless and smiling widely when he lit his brands and began to trail his fingers over my skin once again. Warm buzzing digits, like little tiny vibrators touching me everywhere. And when the pads of his fingers actually drifted just below the skin, it was like that buzzing reached out and stroked every pleasure centre in my body. I came, hard, after only a few seconds, causing Fenris to give what I can only call a happy growl.

I tugged at his breeches, anxious to feel more of him. I ended up having to flip him over onto his back and peeling them off with his smalls myself, as every time he tried to reach for them, his hands just slid through. If I weren't so impatient, it would have been funny.

With his pulsing length before me, I couldn't help but reach out and lick from the base to tip, sucking at the liquid pooled in the slit. Luckily he managed to get his brands under control, or trying to suck him might have ended very differently.

He tasted of cinnamon, sweet yet spicy at the same time, and my mind flashed back to Anders admonishment of not long ago. Spicy and hard now, hey Anders? I hummed in appreciation of the taste, causing Fenris to tense and buck up into my mouth, more precum leaking along my tongue. Very nice.

Knowing that he probably wouldn't last too much longer, I released his cock with a lewd little pop and began to climb back up his torso. He watched, hands tightly gripping the sheets beneath him until I was within reach, at which point he took a hold of my hips and proceeded to guide me onto him.

We were each so close, it only took a few frantic thrusts before we were screaming each others' names. White light flashed before my eyes and for a moment I thought that Fenris had relit his tattoos. The orgasm was one of the most intense I had ever had, and appeared to be for him as well. I collapsed onto his chest, his member softening inside me, but I just didn't have the wherewithal to go get cleaned up. Fenris wrapped his arms around me, holding me close until I fell asleep.

When I woke, I was alone, the only proof that he'd been there a badly written note and his spend drying on my thighs. 'Gonn Hom' it said. I looked around the room, seeing that his armour and weapon racks were gone, the bits and pieces of things that were his that had been spread around the room disappeared. God damn that fucking elf!

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