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The Strangers Next Door

By Sydney

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1

It was a warm morning in the town of Bon Temps. There was a few customers in a little, quaint restaurant known as Merlotte's. This morning is quite slow, but things won't pick up until around 4 or 5 in the evening, just as everyone is getting off work or stopping in just to hear the latest gossip.

Jade was refilling the bottles of ketchup and mustard, when she felt a tingle down her spine. She looked around the corner and saw Sam and Dawn talking. She edged closer to listen in on the conversation.

"I really need this night off, Sam. I was hoping you could ask one of the other waitresses to cover for me." Dawn said in husky voice. She was pressing her breast against Sam's arm, her hand squeezing his bicep. Jade snorts, hearing the desperation in her voice and by the look on Sam's face he was eating it up.

Hook, line and sink. Poor spineless fool. She shook her head at them.

"Sure thing, Dawn…I'm sure Jade is willing to cover for you." Jade's ear perk at that, then she rolls her eyes, trying not to laugh out loud.

Like hell I am. Poor wittle Dawn, she's gonna have to postpone whatever plans she has.

Jade chuckles at her thoughts. Sookie approached her giving two more bottles of mustard.

"What's so funny?" she asked. Jade raised an eyebrow, leaning in to whisper.

"I'm listening to Dawn talk Sam into giving her yet another night off. She's really laying it on thick." Sookie scoffs at the not so new news.

"Again? This is the fourth time she's taken a night off. What the hell has she been up to?" Sookie mumbled. Jade knew Dawn was taking nights off to party…or fuck Jason Stackhouse, but sure enough her best friend wouldn't want to hear that.

"To party." She replied, not adding anymore. Sookie gave her oldest friend a look, and Jade gave a knowing smirk.

"Oh come on, Sookie. You know just as well as I do your brother and Dawn are on again!" She laughed. "Face it…they're perfect for each other. She's a whore and your brother is a man-slut ! They fit together…even if it's sad." Sookie sighed.

"I just wish he could just…settle down and have children. He's not going to be young and handsome forever!" She huffs.

"Listen, doll, you can't control everything. If your Gran can't get through to him, you sure as hell won't either. One day, he's gonna wake up and get a big fat reality check. It's gonna hit him so hard, it'll knock him on his ass! Give it time, it won't be long from now."

Jade and Sookie looked at each other, knowing the future of Jason Stackhouse is inevitable. Then they laughed at the picture in their heads.

Sam had not approached her all day. Which didn't really surprise Jade, he was going to wait until after closing to corner her, and that just won't do. At that time, Jade is tired and ready to get home into bed, in which Sam assumes she's more compliant. Closing time is the absolute worse time to bother Jade.

Boy is he in for a surprise.

It was Friday, so the patronage was slightly more than the usual Friday night. Jade Valentine was taking Maxine Fortenberry's order, although very close to whacking the old bitty in her face.

Sookie was sitting at the bar, holding in her laughter as she watched her best friend take Mrs. Fortenberry's order. It was no secret Jade despised the old lady. The old lady returned the feelings. Sookie snickered. Tara approached Sookie, refreshing her ginger ale.

"Is that old bitch still giving Jade a hard time?" She whispers to Sookie. She looked at Tara, grinning, and then nods her head.

"I swear to fucking god that old lady lives to give her a hard time. I'm surprised Jae lasted this long without socking the old bitch!"

"Mmhm. Give it a moment…" Sookie trailed with amusement. Her best friend had the temper of a hungry lion and a grumpy old man. Just about anything could tick her off. Suddenly, the whole place went silent. Sookie, Tara, and Jade looked around at everyone noticing they were staring in the direction of the entrance.

They noticed two new people have arrived at Merlotte's; two very handsome gentlemen. One was a tall, pale male with blonde hair and the bluest of eyes. The second was a tad shorter, with tanned skin tone, a short, dark brown buzz cut and hazel eyes. Silence filled the room as they stared at the two new strangers who have just walked in.

As Jade stared at the shorter male, her back tensed. She felt a tingly sensation traveling down her spine. She stared at him with curiosity, noticing they both had a glow to them. She shook her head getting back to taking Mrs. Fortenberry's order.

Sookie stared at the taller blonde. The sight of him took her breath away. His eyes were a vivid blue that told a long, deep story. If there was a way to describe him, she would describe him as the perfect male specimen. Sookie shook her head, checking the time on her watch and realized she was a few minutes over her dinner break. She rushed out of her chair, putting on her apron before Sam could walk out his office and bark at her for her tardiness.

Arlene approached them both with a huge, flirty smile on her face. "Hello there! Welcome to Merlotte's." She handed them two menus, and led them into Jade's section. She stared at the two gentlemen again, feeling that weird tingly sensation again. Jade didn't know what it was, but she was willing to find out. She was a little excited when Arlene sat them down in her area. She walked away near the kitchen window where she saw Lafayette dancing around in place to a song playing on the radio. She instantly smiled. He's the only male in this area she loves to death as a friend and the only one she respects.

"Yo, Lafayette!" Jade yelled, as she set down the old bitty's order. Lafayette grinned, and sauntered over to Jade with a grin on his face. "Here's another one of Maxine's ridiculous orders." She says rolling her eyes.

"She still giving ya hard time, hooka?" Jade made a frustrated sigh, nodding her head. "Don't ya worry bout a thang, hooka. You be you, don't that uptight old bitch get to you." He says as he points a spatula to her.

"Pfft, that old bag doesn't like me because I turned down her precious Hoyt." Jade says as she rolls her eyes. "I want to be with a man , not babysit a man-child who desperately needs to grow a pair." Lafayette smirks.

"Bitch don like ya, because ya have what she don't."

"And that would be?" Jade smiled, already knowing his answer.

"That fine, sexy figure ya call a body...Bow chica wow wow, hooka. I'se sure you's be spinning heads and dropping jaws with that fine sexy thang." Jade giggled. She just loved Lala. He and so many others were just too good for this town. Why Sookie, herself, Tara and Lala waste their energy on Bon Temps remained a mystery.

Jade claps her hands, laughing even harder. "Damn, Lala. You really know how to pull me out of a funk. Love ya!" She blew a kiss at him, walking away. She pulled out her notepad walking over to the strangers table. She had a genuine smile on her face after talking with Lala for a bit.

"Hi! Welcome to Merlotte's. What can I getcha, Hon?" Jade said cheerfully. The blonde had a smirk on his face, while the other just smiled brightly. Jade looked up from her notepad, and saw his face up close. She nearly swooned. His eyes were a bright hazel; very captivating.

"Good evening…" he trailed, leaning in to look at her name tag. "Jade, such a pretty name for a gorgeous young lady. I'm Joseph." He smiled at her, as Jade grinned back at him.

"Nice to meet ya and thanks for your kind words. Can I get ya'll anything?" Joseph opened his menu and made a humming sound. He then closed it and handed it back to Jade.

"What do you recommend?" he gave her an expectant look.

"Oh well, that's easy. The Lafayette burger; it's the most delicious burger I've ever had. Or I recommend the special which is steak with mashed potatoes and peas, which is good as well." Jade stopped herself before she could start to ramble out of nervousness.

"If the Lafayette burger is as good as you say, then my friend and I here will go with that." Jade smiled.

"Awesome." She jotted down their order and looked back up at them. "Anything to drink?"

"I'll take a red wine. Eric, what do you want to drink?" Joseph asked, noticing his comrade was staring at the perky blonde across the room. Jade looked in the direction he was staring and smiled. He was staring at her best friend. She grinned.

"I'll have a beer." He said as Jade nodded her head.

"I'll be back in few moments with your drinks." Jade said as she walked away. She made their drinks, and then delivered them to their table.

"Here are your drinks. Your food should be done in a bit, let me know if you need anything else." She smiled walking away. She went around her area checking everyone, and refreshing drinks making sure everything was squared away. Once she was done with that, she decided to take a 10 minute break. As she sat at the bar drinking a ginger ale, she tried very hard not to let Joseph's stare affect her, but it was hard. She could feel his eyes undressing her piece by piece. Sookie approached beside her, her face still red. She was absolutely flustered.

Jade finished her ginger ale and heard the bell ring, indicating their food was done. Jade picked up the tray carrying it over to Joseph's table. She placed their meals in front of them trying to keep her eyes off of Joseph. He still had his eyes on her.

"Enjoy your food and let me know if you need anything." She smiled, very quickly moving away over to Sookie.

"That guy over there won't stop staring at me." Sookie says. The fact that Sookie is blushing shows her thoughts are the same as Eric's. Sadly, she'd be too shy, old fashioned and innocent to act on them. Jade looks behind them and sees Eric staring straight at them…unabashedly.

"So? Some hot guy wants to fuck you, boo fricking hoo!" Jade exclaims. Sookie blushes at her friend's words.

"Language, Jade!" Sookie hisses as she looks behind her again. "Besides, I don't want my first time to be with some random guy or a one night stand. When I meet him, I'll know he'll be the one for me; my soulmate." Sookie gushes. Jade gave her best friend an incredulous look.

"Oh geez, lady, I swear to god your Gran sheltered to you to death as a kid, Sook." Jade says with slight annoyance. Sookie rolls her eyes, but smiles. Despite the fact they're total opposites of each other they've managed to stay friends for over a couple of decades.

"What's wrong with waiting for the right guy to come along and sweep you off your feet, Jae?" Jade scoffs as she folds her arms across her chest.

"It's a little unrealistic if you ask me. There's no such thing as a Mr. Right or a soulmate!"

"See, it's exactly that kind of thinking that keeps you single and bitter on those lonely nights." If anyone else had said that, Jade would have given a tongue lashing you'd feel the next morning. But because it was Sookie, she'd just laugh it off and shake her head.

"It's exactly your kind of thinking why men around here don't take you seriously." Jade says with amusement. Sookie looked at Jade with a small, knowing smile. Both of them knew the real reason why they were unapproachable by the men of Bon Temps. Everyone thinks Sookie and Jade are crazy.

Though, no one really believes it, it was because of what they were suspected of doing. Sookie had the gift of telepathy and Jade was a psychic. When they were children, they used to scare the living snot out of people when Sookie would blurt their thoughts out loud or when Jade would know things.

"You two need to get back to work. I don't pay you to stand around and banter with each other!" Sam barked from behind them. They both jumped an inch off the ground and rushed to grab their notepads. As they walked from around the bar, Jade nudges Sookie a bit.

"I see someone is in a pissy mood tonight." Jade grumbled. Sookie nodded her head in agreement. Sam threw Jade a glare, having heard what she said. Jade innocently smiled back in return. She approached the boys table.

"Here's your check for tonight gentlemen. Come back soon." Jade says smiling.

"Thank you, Miss Jade. I hope to see you again soon." He says with a glint in his eyes. Jade blushes, walking away.

Hours went by and the Friday night rush died down. The rest of night went by without any other weirdness or incidents. Merlotte's was empty by midnight. She cleared off the other tables, still noticing the two gentlemen hadn't left their spot yet. Sookie approached Jade.

"I see our admirers haven't left yet…I wonder why that is?" Sookie whispered to Jade. She shrugged her shoulders in return.

They want something from us…what, I have no idea. I guess I'll find out soon.

Jade stared at Joseph, as he stared back at her. Suddenly, they both rose from their table, leaving cash on the table. Walking past Jade, Joseph stopped in front of her.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Jade." He said smoothly as he grabbed her hand and left a soft kiss on her knuckles. He winked at her and walked away with his friend who was bowing at Sookie. She gave Eric a smile, blushing. Jade snickered, as she went to stand next to her friend. They watched as they both drove away in a red corvette. Simultaneously, Jade and Sookie swooned…then laughed at each other.

Jade had a feeling she was going to be seeing more of him in the future. And she was looking forward to it.

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