Searching For You

Chapter 10

“Come on Hermione. Just tell us who you’re going with to the Yule Ball?” Ron Weasley asked in an exasperated tone of voice.

Hermione shook her head. “For the last time Ron…No! You’ll just have to wait and see.” She walked off.

Ron muttered underneath his breath, going over to sit by the fire, crossing his arms and glowering at everyone he looked at. Elara sighed. “Face it Ron. You missed out by what you said to her a few weeks ago.”

He turned his glower towards Elara. “Well then…whom are you going with?”

She smirked. “William.”

Aiden sputtered. “Wh…what? When did that happen?”

Elara kept her smirk. “Oh…for awhile.”

Aiden didn’t know what to say at that thought. Elara had always been close to the Potter family due to Sirius Black, but Aiden had never seen the two act close…so this came as a surprise.

She was still smirking. “Who are you taking Aiden?”

She knew something. Aiden blushed. A person had asked him to the dance but he had declined to be the actual date, insisting on meeting up at the dance, so he had asked a friend…

“He’s going with me.”

Ginny entered the conversation, winking at Aiden and saving him the trouble of explaining his situation. She turned around to smirk at Ron, “which means that you’re the only one with no date.”

Ron sat up. “Wait! Who’s Neville going with?”

Elara and Ginny shared a glance. “He’s going with Ana Maria Del Luca.”

Both Aiden and Ron were identical expressions of disbelief. Ron laughed. “Yeah right…like she would ever go out with…”

Ginny frowned. “I wouldn’t finish that if I were you.”

Ron shut up. Aiden swallowed his retort. He had more important things to worry about. His mind drifted back to that night.

When he had awoken Alexander was nowhere to be found. Afterwards, Aiden had tried to speak with Alexander but the other boy was always careful to never be alone with Aiden.

That was until yesterday a note had been slipped into Aiden’s hands that said to meet tonight in the Room of Requirement.

It was nearing the time, so Aiden got up, saying that he needed to visit his parents. When he got to the Room of Requirement he could hear soft music playing in the background.

Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it’s breaking

When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by

If you smile through your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You’ll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear may be ever so near

That’s the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what’s the use of crying?

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile

Aiden smiled. Another one of Harry’s favorite songs. Every time someone in the family would be down Harry would always go around and sing you this song to cheer them up.

“You know…you always used to sing that song when someone needed to cheer up.”

Alexander tensing was the only indication that he had heard Aiden.

“…So it’s true?”

It was said so softly that Aiden almost didn’t hear it. He walked over to the piano and sat down next to Alexander. He didn’t move as Alexander laid his head on Aiden’s shoulder.


Alexander closed his eyes. “Then why don’t I remember?”

Aiden was at a loss for words. “I’m not sure myself…except that I believe that someone placed a memory charm on you.”

“…Will I ever remember?”

Again Aiden was at a loss. “…I’m not sure.”

“What was I like? Can you tell some memories? Can you tell me about our family?”

Aiden smiled. This was something he could do. “Well for starters…you’re actually the oldest.”

Alexander peered up at Aiden. “Huh…really?”

Aiden nodded. “Yep. Although you were only born 5 minutes before I was, you never let me forget it.” Aiden looked straight ahead, “you always had a smile on your face, and it was infectious. You were curious about your studies even at that young age. In fact you had Uncle Severus wrapped around your finger.”

Alexander smiled. “That’s the potion’s teacher?”

Aiden nodded. “You use to make your godfather Sirius so jealous when you would want Uncle Severus over him when they were in a room together. Of course you were a mischievous little thing and only did it to make Uncle Sirius mad. You loved Uncle Sirius just as much.”

Alexander laughed. That sounded like something he would do.

“When William was born, you were actually the most ecstatic. I thought you were crazy for wanting a younger sibling. You were crazy protective. Mum was the only one allowed in close range to William for almost two weeks.”

Aiden’s smile faltered. “You missed it when Juniper was born. I could see you doing the same thing, being especially protective because there was finally a girl in the family.”

Alexander bit his lip. “Do they know?”

Aiden closed his eyes, and shook his head. “After you disappeared, it took weeks…no months for everyone to get back into some semblance of order. Your name became taboo…and…and…”

Alexander finished for him, “…William forgot and Juniper never knew.” He closed his eyes and sat up. “That’s to be expected…he was only a little kid when I vanished.”

His eyes caught sight of Aiden’s necklace. He reached for it, his eyes staring in disbelief. “Where did you get this?”

Aiden was confused. “What do you mean? You have one too. They were given to us by our parents to use in times of desperate measures.” Aiden reached over and pulled out Alexander’s necklace. “You were given the griffin because they were your favorite animal and I got the lion because it was mine.”

Alexander’s breathing was getting faster and faster. “So not only was my memory taken…someone deactivated the charms on the necklace so that I couldn’t return to my family.”

Aiden’s eyes widened. “Someone obviously didn’t want you around…but why?”

Something clicked in Alexander’s brain. “Of course…Voldemort. This all had to have happened because of that old bastard Voldemort.”

Aiden frowned. Thinking back on his life it made sense. His parents and family didn’t treat him and Harry any differently but others…like Dumbledore did. They treated Aiden like he was royalty and Harry was ignored.

He grew pale. “What if…Dumbledore did it?”

Alexander’s eyes narrowed. Now that he thought about it, at the edge of his mind he could see a fuzzy glimpse of an old man pointing a wand in his face and uttering one word…a man that suspiciously looked like Dumbledore.

He glanced at Aiden. “ We can’t be sure…but we can work to find out.”

The next day was a Saturday which meant two things: One the Yule Ball was to be held that night and two there was a trip to Hogsmede planned for the morning. Suffice to say the upper students had a full day ahead of them.

Ron was giddy with excitement. “Man oh man! I can’t wait to go to Hogsmede.”

Alexander looked up from his breakfast. “What’s so exciting?”

Neville shared a smirk with her red haired friend. “Ron’s older twin brothers own a joke shop, and are looking to expand to Hogsmede. They plan on meeting us to resupply our stock of pranking items.”

Alexander pursed his lips. He had noticed pranks being pulled quite a bit over the course of the semester. He made a mental note to himself to never accept anything from Ron or Neville ever again and to always check his food and drink before hand.

Alexander turned to Aiden. “What’s your plan for the day?”

Aiden stammered. “Ugh…ugh…I’m meeting up with…Stephen.”

Alexander cocked his eyebrows causing Aiden to blush and look down. Now that was something unexpected. He’d have to keep an eye on this budding friendship.

Aiden got over his embarrassment, glancing at Alexander. “What about you? What’s your plan?”

Alexander paused for a moment to think, “Probably get together with Dante.”

At that moment arms wrapped around Alexander.

“Exactly my sentiments.”

Alexander smiled. “Dante…I haven’t seen you in ages.”

Dante sat down next to Alexander, keeping his arms around Alexander’s shoulders. He leaned in, “same here, my amour.”

Everyone around them rolled their eyes at the display of affection, turning their attention back to their breakfast. Which at that moment was cut short as the owls flew into the great hall bearing the daily mail.

Hermione wasn’t paying much attention to the owls, her mind running in circles about tonight. So she was surprised when Elara hit her hard on her shoulder. “Hey!” She glared at her friend.

Elara merely pointed. Hermione followed her finger, shocked to see a beautiful black bird in front of her. It held out a letter in its beak, and the huge bouquet of roses from its claws. Hermione took both of them, slowly opening the letter.


I hope you’re as excited for tonight as I am.

I took the liberty of ordering you dress robes,

they should arrive in your room later.

Have a wonderful day and until this evening.


P.S. Roses are your favorite…right?

She quickly shut the note. Elara pouted. “Ahh, Hermione. I wanted to see who it was from.”

Hermione shook her head, and stuffed the note in her bag. “No one.”

Ginny frowned. “No one just sends you roses.”

Hermione snapped. “Look, I said it’s from no one, so leave it at that.”

With that said, she got up and marched out of the great hall.

“Well who stuck a bee up her bonnet.” Elara whispered. “I was just curious.”

Finally breakfast ended and the upper years made their way to the front doors. Once they got past the two teachers, marking off the students they were able to make their way down the path to the village.

Alexander hung back with Dante. Once they reached the village Dante didn’t say anything as Alexander led them to the remote outskirts of the village for some privacy.

What’s wrong Alexander?” Dante asked, switching back to Italian for even more privacy.

Alexander looked out over the snowy landscape. “I know who my true family is.”

Dante gasped. “Well…who are they? Do you know why they didn’t want you?”

Alexander gave a short laugh. “Turns out they did want me…I was kidnapped and had my memory erased…and it’s the Potter’s.”

Dante was shocked. “Really…why would someone take you away from your family?

Alexander closed his eyes, clenching his fists at his sides. “I’m not exactly sure but it has something to do with Voldemort…”

Dante hissed. “That bastard!”

Alexander gave a grim smile. “Anyway…you’re the only other person that knows beside Aiden.” He peered up at Dante, “can you keep it a secret?”

Dante smirked. “Who do you think your talking to? I am the master of secrets.”

They started walking back to civilization, when Alexander stopped. “Just so you know, your still my best friend.”

Dante paused and glanced at Alexander. “You have a right to get to know your brother…I won’t keep you from that.”

Alexander gave a smile of relief. “You won’t be jealous?”

Dante grinned. “Oh…I’ll be jealous.” He leaned in over Alexander to whisper in his ear. “But I know that I and I alone will always hold your love.” He kissed Alexander’s ear, who laughed. “True…that is true.”

Aiden had made the rounds with Ron and Neville before splitting off back to Hogwarts to go find Stephen Luna. He’d never thought that he would ever get to meet anyone famous, and now he had not met just one but two. When Alexander had introduced them, Aiden had never thought they would hit it off but they did.

He smiled as he saw Stephen waiting for him by the lake. He took a moment to glance over the famous quidditch player. Stephen Luna was tall and lean from all that quidditch playing, with somewhat longish light brown hair. He turned and Aiden’s eyes met Stephen’s. He had eyes that were an unusual blue that seemed like ice, set in an aristocratic face.

Stephen smiled. “Aiden. You came.” Stephen waved his wand and cleared the area, making a small clearing for them to lie down on. He did so, and waved at Aiden to do the same.

Lying down next to Stephen, Aiden said, “of course I came.”

Stephen laughed. “Well I never know with you English folks.”

Aiden cracked a smile. “Well don’t push your luck. I’m one of a kind.”

Stephen sat up, leaning on his elbow as he looked down at Aiden. “Why do you wear glasses? They have spells to correct vision.”

Aiden shrugged. “I’ve never really thought about it, I guess.” They spent the rest of the afternoon laying down looking up at the sky and talking about their various lives.

With a sigh Stephen stood up. “I believe it’s time to get ready for tonight.”

Aiden stood up as well. “Your probably right.” He sighed. “This is going to be pure torture.”

Stephen smiled. “Don’t think of it like that. Besides, I’ll be there waiting to soothe your grumpy constitution.” Before Aiden could do or say anything, Stephen kissed him on the cheek and was gone.

Aiden blinked owlishly. His hand reached up to touch his cheek. Had that really just happened? Better yet, did he want something to happen? He wouldn’t lie. There was something about Stephen that fascinated Aiden, wanting him to find out more.

He shrugged. Pushing it to the back of his mind made his way to the castle to get ready for what he considered his night of hell.

Hermione had left Elara and Ginny around 1pm to come back to the dorms to get ready for tonight. Well that’s what she had said, but really she wanted to be alone when she opened the package from Alexander. It was sitting on her bed all done up in simple black paper with an elegant gold bow on it with her name in pretty golden handwriting.

She carefully opened the paper, and lifted up the box gasping in surprise. Inside was the most beautiful dress she had ever known. It was a long sleeved floor length emerald dress that had a deep v-cut in the back. As she put the dress aside she blushed at what laid underneath. Not only was there a dress but he had also gotten matching underwear to go with it. She took a glance. She couldn’t believe it. It was the right size. Shaking her head, she found that underneath the underwear were also simple brown sandals to complete the outfit.

She laid out everything on her bed and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Against her better judgment she put on the underwear, and covered it with a simple tank top and pj shorts. Sitting in the mirror she thought about what to do with her hair. Taking her wand, she started to mutter a simple straitening spell that soothed out her curls.

As she was doing her hair the door opened, to revel her roommates Lavender and Parvati plus Elara and Ginny.

Elara caught sight of the dress on Hermione’s bed and squealed. “Is that your’s Hermione? That’s gorgeous.”

That brought it to the attention of the other three girls who looked green with envy.

Hermione nodded.

Lavender smirked. “Is that from your secret admirer?”

She gave another nod.

Ginny grinned. “Well this should put Ron in his place. I can’t wait to see his face.”

Elara laughed. “Ohh…your right.”

Hermione turned her attention back to the mirror as the other girls started to get themselves ready. Her hair was so straight that it hung down to the middle of her back. She muttered a curling spell that created soft waves in her hair. Satisfied with her look she took bobby pins and pinned up her hair so that it was in a half up-half down style.

She had decided to go with a natural makeup palette, so went about putting the right touches on her face. Once that was done she turned back to the dress. Taking off her tank top and shorts she was stepping into the dress when she heard Lavender from behind her.

“Hermione…that’s so scandalous.”

She blushed. She had forgotten about the underwear. The other girls laughed at her expression. Hermione pulled on the dress and zipped it up.

“Shoot. Hermione you look amazing.”

She blushed. “Really?”

Ginny ushered her over to the mirror and Hermione saw what everyone else saw. She couldn’t believe that the girl in the mirror was her.

“Whoever is taking you is going to be struck dumb at your beauty.”

Hermione smiled. “Thanks Ginny.”

Meanwhile the boys were also getting ready. Alexander smiled. He couldn’t wait to see Hermione in the dress he had gotten for her. It had been made with her in mind and was one of a kind. It was also meant to match well with his dress robes. He would be wearing black with the same emerald green in small hints.

He looked over to where Neville was getting ready. He walked over to the boy and tapped him on the shoulder. Neville turned, waiting for what Alexander had to say. If he was anything like Dante then Neville was about to get a riot on how to act with Ana Maria. He wasn’t let down.

Alexander leaned close to whisper in his ear. “Now I know Dante talked with you, but let me just reiterate. If you so much as do anything but kiss then you’ll wish you’ve never have been born.”

He looked Neville in the eyes. Neville swallowed and nodded. Alexander laughed. “If this is going the way I think it’s going then Dante and me are the least of your worries.”

If possible Neville paled even more.

“Don’t tease anymore. I don’t think Neville can take it anymore.”

Alexander turned to see Aiden standing behind him with a smirk. Alexander humphed. “Fine.” He needed to finish getting ready anyway.

He picked up his green tie and tied it. He went over to the mirror and made it so his hair fell in an elegant manor across his face. He picked up his robes and put them on. “Well are we ready?”

He got nods from the others and they made their way to the common room. People were milling about and there were different colors visible as they took a rare opportunity to dress in robes other then black. From what Alexander could see Hermione hadn’t come down yet, although he did see both Lavender and Parvati standing next to Seamus and Dean.

At that moment Elara appeared at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a simple black cocktail dress, with her hair in a pretty updo. She made her way over to where William was standing with Regulas.

The next one to appear was Ginny. She was wearing a dress of dark blue that set off her eyes and made her hair pop. She came over to where Aiden was standing, “you’ll never believe how Hermione looks.”

Hermione appeared at the stairs and slowly made her way down. Aiden was shocked and it appeared so were all the other boys. Getting passed the drop dead gorgeous dress that seemed to hug every curve, there was the fact that her hair fell in soft waves down her back, and not to mention the fact that she was wearing makeup.

Aiden was stunned. The question on everyone’s mind was who had asked Hermione to the ball. He looked over to Alexander, who was smiling. Of course. He should have known. It was so obvious.

Alexander was stunned himself. Hermione had outdone herself. The crowd parted and Hermione made her way over to Alexander. He bowed, and held out a rose. “For you my lady.”

Hermione took the rose and offered her arm to Alexander who took it and placed in the crook of his elbow. He then led her out the doors to the great hall, leaving a stunned silence behind them.

Ron was in disbelief. “Did you see that? Was that Hermione?”

Ginny and Elara shared a smirk. Exactly what they had been expecting. When she had walked up to Alexander both girls couldn’t help but give a little sigh. Clearly much thought had been put into the night by Alexander.

They looked perfect next to each other.

Ginny pulled on Aiden’s arm. “Come on. Let’s go.”

She pulled him all the way to the great hall, stopping in front where the champions were supposed to wait. Alexander and Hermione were already there and talking quietly. Aiden couldn’t help but notice that Alexander’s arm was still holding on to Hermione. He looked beyond them and noticed the others. Stephen Luna was standing next to a girl that Aiden didn’t recognize. He blushed as his eyes caught Stephen’s who gave him a wink before turning his attention back to his date. The champion from Beauxbatons, Raylen was standing next to a boy that again Aiden didn’t recognize, and she was shooting death glares at Hermione.

Aiden was about to walk over to the pair when McGonagall came forward, ushering the champions in a line. Aiden gulped as she opened the doors reveling the great hall. It had been transformed to look like a Christmas wonderland. There were ever pine trees lining the sides and a glittery snow fell softly from the ceiling. Tables were situated around a space that was clearly meant for dancing and that was where McGonagall led the four champions and their dates.

Alexander turned to face Hermione as a soft waltz started playing. Earlier she had confided that she didn’t really know how to dance so he would help her out. He placed one hand on her waist and took the other one in his hand. “Do you trust me?”

Hermione nodded.

He leaned forward. “Look in my eyes.”

Their eyes locked and he started leading her in a waltz. The champions danced alone for a while before others joined them on the dance floor. Alexander didn’t let go of Hermione until it was time for dinner. By then she was breathless with excitement and joy. He led her over to the table set up for the champions, and they were soon eating and talking.

Once that first dance had ended Aiden had left the dance floor, going over to find Ron sitting grumpy in a chair by himself. “Can you believe that guy? I mean…what guy is that perfect?”

Aiden resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Alexander and Hermione were still dancing in perfect sync on the dance floor and for once in her life, Hermione looked like she was having fun.

“Look Ron…don’t ruin this for her.”

He didn’t want to be here with Ron and his surly attitude so he left to go find Stephen. He found the quidditch player standing with Dante. They had matching frowns on their faces. “What are the frowns for?”

Stephen scowled. “Raylen.”

“She looks ready to kill,” said Dante.

Aiden looked over to where the pretty French girl was sitting just like Ron was and glaring at Hermione and Alexander.

“How do we stop that?”

Dante and Stephen shared a glance. “Well she’s mad because she doesn’t understand why Alexander is here with a girl instead of me, “ Dante replied.

Stephen sighed. “I told you this would bite you in the butt…but did you listen to me…no, and now you have to deal with Raylen.”

He grabbed Aiden by the wrist. “This is your problem. I’m going to go enjoy my night, if you catch my drift.”

Aiden flushed red, while Dante smiled. He waved them off, “ok. I’ll take care of it. Have fun you two.”

Dante made his way over to where Raylen was sitting. “You know if you keep frowning that way your face will get stuck that way.”

She snarled. “Shut up. I should have gone with Alexander. I’m the only girl perfect for him.”

Dante smirked and leaned down. “Remember that I’m a jealous bastard. Alexander only took Hermione because I couldn’t take him. Hermione knows this…you don’t.”

She reached up to slap him, but he caught it. “I told you Ray. Alexander is mine and I don’t share. As such Hermione means a lot to Alexander and if you hurt her, then you hurt what’s mine and that’s when all hell will break loose.”

He threw her hand down. “Remember that.”

Dante then proceeded to join Alexander and Hermione over at their table where they were taking a break.

At that moment the band on stage grew quiet, Alexander and Dante got up. Hermione was confused, “Alexander?”

He winked and they made their way to the stage, where they were joined by Stephen who had deposited Aiden next to Hermione and a slytherin by the name of Theo Nott. Elara and Ginny rushed over. “What’s going on?”

Alexander made his way over to the guitar while Dante took the piano, Stephen took the bass and Theo took the drums. Alexander stepped up to the microphone, “I hope you don’t mind, but I asked if I could do a small performance for you guys.”

A sense of excitement ran it’s way across the crowd. A private Alexander Medici concert and during the school year was almost unheard of.

He turned to the other three on the stage. He had wanted to do this for a while and both Stephen and Dante were on board. The only problem had been the drummer, but the problem was easily fixed by Ana Maria who had found out that a Theo Nott in her house was an avid drummer.

He turned back to the microphone. “These are just a few new songs that I’d like to try out. Enjoy.”

The lights went out on the stage and the music started. Hermione was amazed. The music just seemed to flow, and while Alexander knew Stephen and Dante he didn’t know Theo but it seemed like they had been together for ages. What’s more is that she had thought that apparently Alexander could play more then one instrument.

Aiden couldn’t help but smile. “He sure is talented.” He was proud that his brother was so talented. What was surprising to him was another faucet to the man known as Stephen Luna. Apparently he could also play an instrument, as well as sing.

A few songs later they ended the ball. Stephen took off the bass setting it down on the stand. “That was great Alexander. Those were some really great songs.”

Alexander smirked. “Why thank you. I found a little gem of talent.”

Dante laughed, while Stephen and Theo looked confused. Dante explained, “all these songs were written by a little first year.”

Both boys showed the shock. “Really? A first year?”

Stephen nodded in understanding. “I see what you mean.” He smirked at Alexander. “You want to keep her all to yourself.”

Alexander grinned and didn’t deny it. He put his finger to his lip, making the sign to keep it a secret. Theo said his goodbyes, wanting to find his friends. Stephen also said his goodbyes.

Alexander was intrigued. “Are you looking for Aiden?”

It was Stephen’s turn to make the silent gesture.

Alexander shook his head as he watched Stephen walk off in the crowd. His eyes sought out Hermione. He frowned when he couldn’t find her in the crowd. He quickly found Raylen in the crowd, so it wasn’t her…so who could it be?

Shouting could be heard from in front of the great hall. Alexander jumped down running towards the source of the noise. Ron had grabbed Hermione and had dragged her outside the great hall and they were now having a shouting match for the ages.

“Let go Ron!” She struggled to get free.

“What’s with you Hermione? You’re fraternizing with the enemy.”

Hermione pulled free. “Don’t be such an idiot Ron. The whole point of this competition is to make new friends.”

He scowled. “Friends? Like that Alexander wants to be just friends.” He sneered. “I bet he just wants you for your body.”

Hermione was crying. “How…how can you say that? You’ve ruined it.” She turned and fled through the crowd out the doors and into the night.

Ginny and Elara were watching with frowns on their faces. The minute that Hermione had run Ginny marched over to her brother and slapped him in the face. “Your such an idiot.”

Elara came next and actually punched him in the nose. “How could you say that to your friend.”

Both girls turned around to head after Hermione but Alexander stopped them. “Leave Hermione to me.” He nodded to Ron, who had slumped down to the ground clutching his nose. “Why don’t you take care of Ron.”?

He spun around and headed out after Hermione. He found her crying next to the lake. He wrapped his arms around her, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. Hermione wrapped her arms around Alexander, crying into his chest. Hermione pulled away, wiping her eyes.

Alexander smiled. “I have the perfect way to cheer you up. Follow me.”

He pulled her through the halls of Hogwarts coming to a stop in front of a random statue on the seventh floor. She was confused. “Why are we...” a door opened, “what’s this?”

Alexander grinned and pushed her in. He shut the door behind and led her over to the piano in the middle of the room. He sat down, running his hands over the keys before starting to play.

The first time ever I saw your face

I thought the sun rose in your eyes

And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave

To the dark and the endless skies, my love

To the dark and endless skies

Hermione’s breath hitched. She loved this song. He finished playing, turning to Hermione he held her hands in his. “Never forget that you’re a beautiful girl. Anyone would be lucky to call you their girl. Don’t let guys like Ron get you down…your worth more your weight in gold or any other precious jewels.”

Hermione couldn’t speak past the lump in her throat. She’d never had any guy say such sweet things to her before.

Alexander lifted her chin up gently so that she was looking at him. He closed his eyes as his face inched closer and she closed her eyes as his lips gently caressed her mouth. Gentle at first, it grew more passionate as he demanded entrance. She gasped and he took the opportunity, deepening the kiss so that Hermione had no choice but to wrap her arms around his shoulders.

Breathing hard they broke apart, not once breaking eye contact. All of a sudden it was like a damn broke and unleashed its fury. Alexander pushed Hermione down on the bed that had suddenly appeared in the room.

Hermione was trying hard not to succumb to the immense pleasure she was feeling. “Aren’t you in a relationship with Dante?”

Alexander took a break from kissing her to smirk down on her. “No…that’s just a lie we tell to keep the girls away. Don’t tell.”

Hermione was surprised. “Really…but you seem so convincing.”

Alexander grinned. “You can say that I like both.”

Hermione grinned. “Well then…lets get busy.”

That night for the first time in her life Hermione did something that was rebellious, and liked it.

Hope you enjoyed the little romance going around in this chapter…next time the 2nd task.

PS…I do all my own edits so if I missed something then I’m sorry and I’ll work hard to fix what I miss.

PPS…the songs used are Smile by Nat King Cole and The First Time Ever I saw Your Face by Roberta Flack.

Until next time!

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