Searching For You

Chapter 11

Hermione stirred. For a minute she was confused as to why she wasn’t in her dorms when she shifted and felt a warm body next to her.

She turned and blushed as she saw Alexander lying next to her, completely naked. That’s right. Last night they had…had…she smiled. It had been the most enjoyable night of her life.

Alexander stirred at her waking. He opened his eyes, blinked then smiled and looked down at her.

“Morning Mione.”

She reached up and brushed back a lock of hair from his face. “Morning.”

Alexander grinned. “Did you enjoy it?”

Hermione blushed again and nodded. Alexander laughed and pulled her close. He leaned in and started kissing her again. Hermione was about to lose her sanity but against her judgment she pushed him away.

“As much as I would like to stay here and snog, people are probably wondering where we are.”

Alexander laughed and pulled away. “Yeah. Your probably right.”

He looked around for his clothes. He pulled on his clothes from last night. He frowned, before he muttered a concealing charm. His clothes instantly changed to look like jeans and a nice shirt. Hermione got ready herself, and gave a pleasant smile as she felt Alexander’s charm wash over her. She looked down to see that her dress had changed to a maxi skirt with a long sleeved crop top.

“We should probably leave at different times.” Alexander said.

Hermione nodded. She got to the door and paused. She kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you.” She left.

Alexander watched her go. Hermione was someone special; he wished people would get that.

William Potter wasn’t stupid.

He remembered his oldest brother even if he never spoke up about him. Of course he’s not going to speak of Harry if it upsets his parents and brother. Harry had been his favorite…William still had the bear and griffin from that fated shopping trip.

He narrowed his eyes. His brother had been spending a lot of time with that new kid Alexander Medici. He thought back to the ball. Elara couldn’t stop talking about Alexander Medici and how good he and Hermione looked together. Then afterwards with the impromptu concert, she had gone even crazier. Even Regulas had gone a little starry eyed.

William sighed. He needed to talk to his mum. Good thing that it was the weekend. He left the common room to head to his parents chambers.

“Hey William.”

It was shouted in his ear. He stopped. It was Juniper. How long had she been walking beside him? “How long have you been there?”

Juniper smiled. “Awhile. I said hi but you ignored me, until I shouted just now. Where are you headed?”

“To mum’s and dad’s place.”

“Oh…me too!” She grabbed his arm and started running, pulling him along. She didn’t stop until they were in front of the picture that housed their parents. The picture was of a stag and a doe lazing in front of a pool in a forest. William never really understood what it had to do with his parents, until he had found out that his parents were unregistered animgaus.

She said the password then walked in without waiting. “HELLO” she sang songed.

Lily had been doing a lot of thinking since that revelation. Katherine had showed her so many memories of her Harry, and while it pained her that she hadn’t been there she could tell that Katherine had raised her son well. Speaking of Katherine, she had gotten very close to Sirius and Lily couldn’t help but smile. Those two seemed perfect for each other, plus if they got together then they would able to interact with Alexander more.

She thought back to the ball. She smiled. Although it had been mostly for the students, James had made her feel like they were back in their own school days. The man had charm to go around, but it made her feel loved.

The night had also been full of surprises.

Alexander had brought Hermione and they had looked fabulous together. Lily was glad for her young student. She knew that Hermione had trouble making friends easily due to her studious nature, Lily had been glad when Aiden had made friends with her as well. However sometimes he went along with Ron who could sometimes be a little rude, and Lily knew that dropped the girl’s confidence. But from what she had observed at the ball Alexander had treated Hermione like a queen. She knew that the other girls at the ball had looked on the two with not so subtle jealousy. Lily had laughed. Those two had been lost in their own world.

Of course that paled into comparison when Alexander had hijacked the stage with his two friends as well as that Slytherin student Theo Nott and proved that he just didn’t deal with classical music.


Lily smiled. Juniper was here. Lily had promised to tell her daughter all about the ball. “Hey.”

Juniper tumbled in and raced to her mother’s side. “Well? Tell me all about it? I’ve heard a little but did Alexander actually give a concert? Where’s dad?”

Question after question came out of her lips and Lily heard a suffering sigh. “Geez Juniper. Give mum a chance to talk.”

Lily looked at her middle son. “William. What’s wrong?”

William widened his eyes. “What makes you think that something’s wrong? Can’t I just visit my mum?”

Lily rolled her eyes. “You forget that I’m the mum plus I have to deal with James and Sirius on a daily basis…nothing get’s by me.”

William sighed. “Fine. I wanted to ask you a question.”

Lily’s own eye’s widened as she waited. William looked at Juniper and hesitated. “I don’t want Juniper to hear.”

Juniper protested. “What! What can you say to mum that I can’t know about?”

Lily patted her daughter on the shoulder. “I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” She looked at William, “just go on.”

He hesitated again before he muttered. “Fine…have it your way.” He took a deep breath, “I wanted to ask about…Harry.”

Lily blinked. “Excuse me…what did you say?”

“I said that I want to talk about Harry.”

Lily grew pale. “Juniper go to your common room!”

Juniper turned and frowned at her mother. “But mum-“

“NOW!” Lily yelled.

Juniper pouted. “Fine.” She walked over to William and stuck her tongue out. “You ruined my afternoon.”

“Juniper Marie Potter!”

As soon as Juniper was gone from the room Lily turned around to William. “Why are you asking about Harry? How is it possible that you even remember? You were only two. You’ve never brought him up before.”

William looked down at the ground. “Because...I could never forget Harry. I never brought him up because you couldn’t take talking about him.”

Lily took a calming breath. “Still…why now?”

“There’s something about Alexander Medici.”

Lily drew in a breath. William snapped his head up. “You know something! That’s it isn’t it…Alexander is Harry.”

Lily closed her eyes. She couldn’t deny it. William took his mother’s silence as confirmation. His eyes narrowed and he was about to march upstairs and yell at Alexander when his mother pulled him back.

Lily looked into her son’s eyes. “William I know you want to make yourself known to Alexander…but there are forces at play here. We have to be careful. Your father and Sirius are looking into the matter even as we speak.”

William’s eyes widened. Lily went on. “Please be patient…I promise you’ll get your brother back soon…and our family will be complete.”

William finally nodded. His mother kissed him on the forehead, shooing him towards the door. “Now, why don’t you get on back to the common room. I’m sure that you have some studying to do.”

The holidays passed and soon it was back to the grind. Alexander was still mad at Katherine so he refused to make the trip back to Italy to visit the family. Dante and Ana Maria went themselves and came back with gifts and well thanks from their parents.

The weeks passed and all to soon it was time for the second task. They had figured out what the clue meant in the egg and together Alexander with Aiden and Stephen had been working on how to breathe underwater.

Aiden shut the book with a slam. “This is pointless! The task is tomorrow and we still don’t know how to breathe underwater for an hour.”

Stephen closed his book in a more clam manner. “True…but remind me why we chose to leave Raylen out of this?”

Alexander shivered. “Because…I swear she has it out for me.”

Stephen and Aiden shared a glance. “Well that’s because you’ve been spending more time with Hermione rather then Dante. In fact you’ve given hope to the female population of Hogwarts.”

Alexander closed his eyes. He knew what they were talking about. He had in fact been spending more time with Hermione, but he had also thought he still showed that he liked Dante.

He was about to sigh when his eyes caught sight of something on the page. His eye’s lit up. This was it! “I’ve found it.”

He pushed the book towards Aiden and Stephen. “This potion will allow us to breathe underwater for however allotted time that we want.”

Aiden rolled his eyes. “You forget that the task is tomorrow. We don’t have time to brew this potion.” He glanced at the potion recipe, “plus we don’t have half of these ingredients.”

Alexander smirked. “Well, you’re right about not having the ingredients, but I have a better way of getting this potion.”

Aiden was confused. Stephen was in the same boat before comprehension dawned in his eyes. “Are you sure you want to deal with that?” He smirked. “You also realize that you’ll have to ask first.”

Alexander grimaced. “A small part to pay.” He then got down on his knees, “please?”

Aiden looked back and forth between Alexander and Stephen. “What’s going on here?”

Stephen smirked. It wasn’t often that the great Alexander Medici begged. He looked over at Aiden. “I don’t know why we didn’t think of this potion before, but Alexander here knows the maker.”

Aiden’s eyes widened. “You know this potion’s master?”

Stephen kept smirking. “Even better. He tutored Alexander, although he stopped when Alexander pranked him. However he is a huge fan of me and my quidditch career.”

Alexander turned his eyes on Stephen. “Please…you know this will help you too.”

Stephen sighed. “Fine…on one condition.”

Alexander nodded. From Stephen’s smirk he knew what was coming. “Fine…I’ll include her.”

Stephen conjured a snitch and with a flourish signed his name before handing it over to Alexander. He took it and grinned. “Ok…meet me at the tent tomorrow morning.” He then raced of presumably to firecall this potion maker.

Aiden was still confused. “What just happened?”

Stephen laughed at his face. “Man! You should see your face. I merely said that for my cooperation that Alexander had to include Raylen.”

“But you didn’t say anything.”

Stephen smirked. “I know. He already knew what I wanted.”

Aiden gave his own smirk. “Very Syltherin of you.”

Stephen merely winked before going off to bed. Aiden followed at a more sedate pace. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

The next morning.

Aiden was waiting in the tent next to the lake with Stephen and Raylen. Raylen pouted and crossed her arms. “Where is he? This had better not be a trick.”

Stephen rolled his eyes. “He’ll be here Ray.”

They could hear the crowds of people sitting in the stands. They were getting nervous when Alexander burst in the tent. “I’m here.”

Raylen humphed. “Finally. Now let’s see this great potion.” She stalked over to Alexander.

Alexander kept it out of her reach but brought forth four test tubes filled with an aquamarine colored potion. He handed one to each of them. “Now don’t take it until it’s time to jump in the lake.”

Raylen took hers and walked over to the lake. Aiden shook his head. “What took you so long?”

Alexander frowned. “I wanted to see Hermione, I couldn’t find her anywhere.”

Aiden nodded. “Now that you think of it…She was in the common room last night but she was called away, and she never returned.”

He paused as he realized what he was saying. Seemingly as one all three boys looked towards the lake. Stephen snorted. “Come on. Let’s go.”

They each took their place in their designated spot. Dumbledore got up and raised his wand, letting it drop with a bang. All at once the four champions uncorked their potions and drowned the contents.

Alexander wondered how long it would take to work. His question was soon answered when he felt the air restricting his breathing. He preformed a dive into the water, instantly feeling relief. He opened his eyes, finding that he could see quite well under water. He saw Aiden and Stephen, he didn’t see Raylen but he figured she was here somewhere. He gave them the thumbs up and they swam off.

Alexander wasn’t sure where he was going but he swam on, trying to find the mermaid’s location. At some point he had gotten separated from the others but that was fine. He swam past what looked like a patch of seaweed and he steered clear, knowing that grindylows were lurking there.

Just past the seaweed patch he started to hear a soft singing. He strained to hear it and it sounded like the poem from the golden egg. He swam towards it. The closer he got he could see that it was a city. Merpeople lined the sides watching him closely.

He made his way to the center where he could see four people floating in the water with bubblehead charms on themselves. He inwardly winced. There was Hermione, just as if she was sleeping. Next to her was what looked like a 12-year-old girl with Ravenclaw robes. She looked like Aiden, so Alexander could only surmise that it was his sister. The next two were also younger students, and Alexander could see that they were Stephen’s and Raylen’s little sisters.

He swam over to Hermione and tried to figure out how to free her. There was a faint rope that held her tethered to the large sunken statue. He pulled forth a knife that he had thought to bring, and was about to cut her free when Stephen and Aiden showed up. They of course used spells before grabbing their hostages and making their way to the top. Stephen held back and locked eyes with Alexander. Alexander pointed to Lisette, while Stephen shook his head.

Alexander closed his eyes. With one large thrust he cut Hermione free and pushed her towards Stephen. He had a furious conversation with Stephen using their eyes, before Stephen sighed and took both his sister and Hermione.

Alexander swam over to Lisette and was about to cut her free when he found spears thrust in his face. He turned angrily towards the merpeople; he pulled out his wand and with his best efforts shouted, “glacious!”

Instantly the air around the merpeople froze. Alexander took his chance and cutting Lisette free pulled her towards the surface. He could feel the potion wearing off, meaning that it was past the time. He broke the surface like the little mermaid, gasping for air.

He could hear Lisette sputtering for breath and failing behind him. He turned and pulled her towards him, “come on Lisette.” Her eyes widened when she saw Alexander. “Alexander,” she said with a sniffle.

He guided her to the lake edge where Raylen was frantic to get to her little sister. As soon as they landed she pulled her away from Alexander. “Lisette! I’m so sorry I couldn’t get past the grindylows.”

She pulled Lisette away to where he could see Madame Pomfrey looking after the others. He tried to stand up, but found that he couldn’t. That spell in the water had taken a lot of his energy. He ended up just crawling out of the water and sitting on the edge.

“That was a very noble thing to do.”

He whipped his head around to see the potions master, Severus Snape. Alexander hid his head, “nah…I know her…she’s afraid of water, it was the least I could do.”

Severus Snape peered down on the young man. That was such a Gryffindor thing to do, he was surprised that Aiden didn’t think of it but if what he said was true and he knew them then there was a reason that it had been Alexander.

“I also couldn’t help but notice the potion you all used. Extremely hard to make, and as equally hard to find all the ingredients and I know that Master Redford is extremely selfish.”

Alexander grinned. “True. However I know Master Redford. All it took was a little persuasion and a signed snitch curtsey of Stephen and I had it in the bag.”

Severus was cut short from having to reply when people finally noticed that Alexander hadn’t moved very far from the lake. “Alexander!” Dante was running towards him. Alexander smiled but frowned when Dante hit him in the head. “Hey! What was that for?”

Dante sighed then frowned. “Don’t what was that for me! I know your magic exhausted.”

Alexander shook his head. “No I’m not.”

Dante smirked. “Then get up and walk.”

Alexander hesitated and it was enough for Dante. Dante bent down and picked up Alexander in his arms. Alexander blushed, “I’m not a girl.”

Dante glared. “Deal with it. This is what you get for using magic when you know your not supposed to use it with that potion.”

Alexander was about to reply but at the look on Dante’s face decided against it. Instead he snuggled closer to Dante’s warm chest. He hadn’t realized it but he was cold and Dante was emitting warmth, before he knew it he was fast asleep.

Dante walked him over to the nurse’s station, setting him down and calling the nurse over. Hermione walked over, “is he alright?”

Dante gave a smile. “He’ll be fine. Just needs a little rest and relaxation.”

Hermione shrugged her shoulders and before she could change her mind, gave him a kiss on the cheek. Alexander opened his eyes, “hey mione.”

Hermione smiled. “Hey yourself.”

At that moment Dumbledore got up to announce the results. Dumbledore had finished talking with the chief mermaid and was now talking with the other judges. Casting “sonorous,” he started speaking.

“Ladies and gentleman! I have talked over today’s test with the chief mermaid and the judges and have the results. All four of our champions used the potion Seaanybody; Aiden Potter was the first one back and 1 minute outside of the time limit. We award him 40 points. Stephen Luna was next and outside the time limit by 10 minutes, we award him 35 points. Raylen Monet was unable to complete the task and will be awarded 20 points. Alexander was well outside the time limit of about 15 minutes but that is due to the fact that he was also concerned with the other hostages. The judges think that this is a great show of character and have thus awarded him 40 points. That concludes today’s events. The last and final task will take place at the end of the year.”

Later back in his office Dumbledore thought of what had transpired. That boy Alexander Medici was proving to be more then he had thought. His power was off the charts for one so young, and he was also proving that he had powerful contacts.

He would have to do something about this. He could feel his plan slipping through his fingers. Ever since Christmas the Potters have been more reserved and formal then before. They couldn’t be aware that he had been part of the move that had gotten Harry out of their lives. One life wasn’t worth the thousands. Surely they could see that.

Alexander Medici. Dumbledore would have to move fast.

Ok so now everyone that knew Harry is aware that Alexander is the one and only Harry…Dumbledore is also becoming aware…what will happen?

Until Next time!

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