Searching For You

Chapter 12

Sirius was at a loss of what to do. Over the past couple of weeks he and James had pulled out all their resources to figure out what had happened that day in the ally.

“Aghhh!” He threw his hands in the air and leaned back in his chair. “This doesn’t make sense.”

James sighed. “Your right, Pads.” He shuffled through the papers in front of them. “It’s almost as if they wanted to keep the kidnapper a secret and made him disappear.”

James leaned forward, looking straight at Katherine. “Can you remember anything…any small detail about the man who brought Harry to you that can maybe help us out?”

Sirius glared at James, who ignored him, while Katherine bit her lip.

Katherine looked up; “I remember…this guy had this weird looking scar across his neck…almost like moon shaped.”

Sirius looked at James. “I know that birthmark. Jefferson White from the Department of Education has a moon-shaped birthmark.”

James stroked his chin. “White…white…was he in school with us?”

Sirius nodded. “He was in Ravenclaw. I don’t know what he would have against us though to help Dumbledore steal Harry away.”

“It’s not what we did…it’s what James’s parents did.”

Sirius spun around, “moony. How long have you been here?”

James’s eyes widened as he realized what Remus meant. The elder White had been accused of illegal money harboring and James’s father had caught it. It had ended up in a nasty court battle, making the Whites lose everything. “That’s…”

Remus glanced at Sirius, “I’ve been standing here for a while, you just didn’t see me…you must be getting old pads.”

James laughed while Sirius glared at Remus.

Remus looked at James, “I bet Dumbledore helped Jefferson get his position, if Jefferson would help him.”

James grew sober. “And I think I’ve just come up with the best plan.”

“Are you sure about this James?” Asked Remus for what seemed like the hundredth time. “What if this goes wrong?”

James waved his concerns away. “Don’t worry Moony. I trust Sirius with my life. He’ll be able to take care of Jefferson.”

Remus looked hesitant but didn’t say anything. They were currently hiding in Sirius’s office at the MOM, waiting for Sirius to appear with Jefferson. They shut up as they heard voices in front of the doorway. Waiting for the door to open, James held his breath. As soon as Sirius stepped into the office with Jefferson, James was up and yelling “Stupefy!”

The red light hit Jefferson straight in the chest causing him to fall to the ground. Remus slapped his head. “James!”

James shrugged and motioned to Sirius to help him. They dragged him over to the chair, tying him up with rope before Sirius placed his wand on Jefferson’s forehead, “enervate.”

Jefferson’s eye’s opened and he shook his head. “Where…what happened…”

He caught sight of James and his eyes widened. “You!”

James narrowed his eyes. “Excuse me…I believe that I should say the same thing about you. Do you realize what you’ve done to my family?”

Jefferson spat at James. “Maybe…but your father ruined my family first.”

James clinched his fists. “Your father committed a crime. Harry was only 5 and was innocent.”

Sirius put his hand on James’s shoulder. “James…take it easy.”

James took a deep breath and allowed Sirius to take over. Sirius narrowed his eyes at Jefferson. “Must be pretty nice, riding the coattails of Dumbledore.” Jefferson smirked, however Sirius went on. “However, that’s nothing compared to the power of the Blacks,” Jefferson’s smile faltered. Sirius bent down, “one word is all it will take to ruin what you’ve built…now tell us what we want to know and maybe we’ll show mercy.”

Jefferson paled. Sirius continued, “or we can do this the hard way.”

The gig was up and Jefferson knew it. He hung his head and nodded. “Fine…I’ll tell you everything.”

“Dumbledore knew I was having trouble finding a job after what happened to my father, and he told me that if I did a simple job for him, he would get me a job. I was desperate and I agreed. When he told me that it involved your family it was even more of a plus…I could take my revenge. Using the boy-who-lived as a distraction I grabbed the child and took him to Dumbledore. Dumbledore canceled the charms on that necklace and then oblivated him and told me to get rid of him. Even though I hated the Potter’s I couldn’t in good faith murder a child so I took him to Italy and gave him to an orphanage.”

He stopped. Sirius and Remus’s faces were set in anger while James didn’t stop the tears from falling. Dumbledore would get what was coming…James would make sure of it.

James sliced the ropes open and turned around. “Go on…get out of here and don’t tell anyone.”

Jefferson looked hesitant, but at a nod from Sirius, he got up and ran from the room.

Alexander was sitting on the couch, looking over his work when a shadow fell over him. He looked up and to his surprise it was William Potter.

William shuffled from foot to foot, “do you mind?” He pointed to the space beside Alexander.

Alexander shook his head and William plopped down beside him. “What can I help you with William?”

Almost too quietly, so quietly that he almost didn’t hear it, William said, “I know.”

Alexander faltered. “Excuse me?”

William looked at him, “I know…who you are.”

Alexander closed his eyes and went back to checking his homework. “And how did you figure it out?”

William rolled his eyes. “Please…I’m not stupid.” He placed his hand on Alexander’s, “I was always closer to you then Aiden...I never forgot.”

William closed his eyes. “All I want is to get to know my brother.”

Alexander didn’t know what to say. He could remember a younger child on the edge of his memories, but as always with his memories they never got close for him to actually remember.


Both Alexander and William looked up and saw Aiden standing there with his arms crossed. “What are you doing?”

William stood up, facing Aiden. “I have every right…he’s my brother too.”

Aiden narrowed his eyes. “You disobeyed mum.”

William crossed his own arms, glaring right back at Aiden. “So? My mind was made up the moment that I figured it out. Besides, I want to help.”

Aiden rolled his eyes and was about to reply when William interrupted. “And don’t tell me I’m too young. You might be older but I’m still just as capable as you are.”

Alexander stood up. “Aiden…it’s fine.”

Aiden glanced at Alexander. “But…we can’t let this get out…”

Alexander looked at William, “I’m sure that William is good at keeping secrets. We can trust him.”

Aiden sighed. “Fine.”

Little did they know that at that moment they were being spied on and that their conversation was anything but private. Dumbledore closed out his spying spell thinking over what he had just heard. If he was correct then…his eyes widened.

Making his way over to the fireplace, he threw in floo powder yelling, “Jefferson White head of the department of education.”

Jefferson’s back was to the fireplace, so he didn’t see Dumbledore appear. “Jefferson, Jefferson…I told you to get rid of the child.”

Jefferson turned around. “Why are you here?”

Dumbledore strode forward. “You didn’t do what I asked and now we’re paying the price…I need the Potter’s to work for me and the light. All you had to do was get rid of one child.”

Jefferson stood up glaring at the old headmaster. “He was only 5. I couldn’t do it. How was I supposed to know that he would find his way back?”

Dumbledore shook his head. “I’m feeling merciful so I’ll give you one more chance. We will use this tournament and get rid of Harry Potter once and for all.”

Jefferson shook his head. “I’m done! Find someone else to use.”

Dumbledore took out his wand. “I didn’t want to use force, but you leave me no choice. Imperio!”

Immediately a dreamy look came over Jefferson’s face as he nodded his face and listened to Dumbledore’s orders.

Later, sitting in his office Dumbledore contemplated the mystery that was Harry Potter. The boy was powerful and was an obstacle in his plans, hence the real reason Dumbledore had gotten rid of the child. This was his last chance to finally be rid of the boy and he would grab it and run with it.

James was sitting next to his wife in their rooms when an urgent yell came from his pocket. “Prongs!”

James grumbled while Lily looked at him quizzically. He took out his hand mirror and Sirius’s face showed up. “What Pads?”

Sirius looked grim. “Jefferson’s dead.”

James was shocked. “What?”

“Yeah…the guy on the scene said it was suicide.”

Lily was confused. “Who’s Jefferson?”

James looked at her. “He was Dumbledore’s helper.”

Lily gasped. “And now he’s dead…that means…”

James nodded grimly. “Dumbledore knows.” James looked down at Sirius, “thanks Pads…you know what to do?”

Sirius nodded and vanished from the mirror.

Lily looked at her husband, “what do you mean…do you know what to do?”

James didn’t answer, only shaking his head. Lily pursed her lips and didn’t press. She knew that James would tell her in time, and was only keeping it a secret to protect her. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. James laid his head on her’s and they stood that way quietly lost in their own thoughts.

Sirius closed his eyes after his conversation had ended with James. He would do anything to get Harry back where he belonged and if that meant using his families name then he would.

“Sirius?” Came a hesitant voice.

He turned to see Katherine standing there with a concerned look on her face. “Does this have to do with…Alexander?”

He nodded.

She seemed to crumble in on herself and Sirius wrapped his arms around her. “From what I’ve seen you’ve raised a fine man…I’m sure that he will be able to take care of himself and let’s not forget Aiden. We have to trust that those two will be able to fight to the end.”

Katherine nodded.

Sirius went on. “I can’t believe that I’m saying this…but if you hadn’t found Harry we probably wouldn’t have met and I’m glad that we did.”

Katherine looked up at Sirius. She met his dark gray eyes and knew that in a heartbeat that he felt the same things that she felt. After so long, she had finally found a place where she belonged. She reached up and kissed Sirius on the lips who responded, taking control.

Remus came to sit by Severus in front of the fire. “Sev? Something wrong?”

Severus sighed. He stayed quiet.

“You miss him.”

Severus didn’t say anything. Remus went on. “You were always closer to Harry then Aiden or William…”

Severus drew in a ragged breath. “He was the light…and now he doesn’t even know us.”

It was Remus’s turn to not say anything. He knew that Severus had always had reserves about having children and that it was Harry who had changed him. Harry would always hold a special place in Severus’s heart. Remus placed his forehead on Severus’s, “I know it’s hard but how do you think James and Lily feel…or even Aiden? We might not know him now but when this is all over we have all the time in the world to get to know Harry…we won’t lose him again.”

Severus closed his eyes and slowly nodded. Remus was right. Now that they had found Harry, they would do everything in their power to make sure that he stayed where he belonged.

Hello!! I hope you all liked the new chapter, plus all the little snippets of the characters. This is a little interlude before we get down to the nitty gritty, but now everyone knows…how will it play out?

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