Searching For You

Chapter 13

Aiden was running down the hallway. He was late for charms. Curse Stephen for making him late.

“I’m warning you…this is your last chance.”

“I’m sorry…I promise I can do better.”

Aiden paused at the voices. He could swear that one of them almost sounded like…like Teddy, but the topic was confusing Aiden. The voices were coming from what seemed to be an empty corridor. Aiden peaked inside and couldn’t help the gasp that escaped from his mouth. It was Teddy and he was backed into a corner with Draco Malfoy leaning over him.

Both boys turned at the sound. Draco sneered. “Perfect.” He pushed Teddy forward, “now’s your chance.”

Aiden turned his gaze to Teddy, silently pleading. Teddy ignored him, and came forward with his wand out. Aiden didn’t have time to turn and run before Teddy had shouted, “stupefy.” Aiden fell to the ground, his eyes betraying his feelings.

Teddy closed his eyes and when he reopened them, Aiden saw a new dark resolve in them. Draco came to stand behind Teddy, and soon Aiden was tied up. Draco pulled out an unassuming piece of paper and spoke one sentence that filled Aiden with dread.

“For the Dark Lord.”

They disappeared.

Alexander was worried. Usually at some point in the day, he made contact with Aiden but today he hadn’t seen Aiden at all. It was late in the evening and he was currently playing a dark and broody piece in that nifty room that Aiden had showed him. When he was usually worried or upset playing the piano always calmed him down, and the sound of the music could always tell what sort of mood he was in.

“You know, I don’t think that I’ve heard this type of music in a long time.”

Alexander stopped.

“I can’t help but feel that something bad happened to Aiden.”

Dante came forward and sat next to Alexander, who placed his head on his shoulder. “What do you mean?”

Alexander closed his eyes. “Ever since I’ve discovered who I am and the closer I get to Aiden, our bond grows stronger. Right now something feels off about it, almost like he needs help.”

Dante didn’t know what to say. “You know…why don’t you go to your parents.”

Alexander lifted his head up. “My parents?”

Dante nodded. “That’s right…try asking for help from James and Lily. James used to be an auror and he can call that Black guy…with them we should be able to find Aiden.”

Alexander blinked, staring at Dante. “Your right…I should of thought of that.” He looked down ashamed that he hadn’t immediately thought of going to ask for help.

Dante smiled. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of…it will take time getting used to your new family dynamics.”

“But I don’t know where they live…” Alexander stopped mid-sentence. “Let’s go get William.” He stood up and without waiting for Dante’s reply ran out of the room.

“Hey!” Dante speed off after him.

It was a disgruntled William that they pulled out of the Gryffindor common room, followed by Regulas Black. “What? I was in the middle of writing a paper for that gimp of a guy known as my father.”

“I need you to take me to James and Lily.”

William stared at Alexander. “Why do you need mum and dad?”

Alexander grabbed William by the shoulders, “I don’t have time to explain…just show me the way to James and Lily.”

William shared a look with Regulas then sighed. “Fine.”

Lily was sitting in the sitting room and reading a book when the door to their chambers slammed open. She glanced up and saw William with Regulas and to her surprise Alexander and his friend Dante. She wondered what brought them here and was about to ask them when Alexander fell to the ground clutching his head.

Immediately her mother instincts kicked in. She knelt down next to Alexander, “Alexander…tell me what’s wrong?”

He couldn’t say anything, he could only shake. Lily looked up at William, “go and get your father,” turning to Regulas, “and I need you to go get Remus and Severus.”

Both boys nodded and left the room.

She glanced at Dante, “Can you watch him?”

Dante nodded and Lily went to the fireplace. She threw in the floo powder and stuck her head in, “Sirius Black!”

Alexander couldn’t stop shaking. Something was happening to Aiden and Alexander could fell it. Lily stepped back and soon Sirius Black and Katherine Medici appeared with concerned looks on their faces.


It was James and behind him were Remus and Severus. Before she could say anything there was a yell as Dante was thrown across the room, hitting the wall with a thud.

Katherine ran over to Dante, who shook his head as all eyes turned to Alexander on the ground. All of a sudden Alexander started to glow and then vanished.

“Where did he go?”

Lily turned to James, who could only shrug. It was then that Lily remembered. She turned to the three younger boys, “did you guys need something?”

Both William and Regulas shrugged as they looked at Dante. Dante bit his lip but answered. “Alexander couldn’t find Aiden. I found him playing the piano and he told me that he felt something was off.”

Severus’s eyes widened. “Their bond.”

James turned to Severus. “Excuse me? Their bond?”

Remus was nodding in agreement. “What do you know of magical twins?”

It was Lily who answered. “They always have a special bond…it’s said that they can even feel each other’s pain.”

Katherine shared a glance with Lily. “But they just found out…and with his memories gone wouldn’t it damper the bond?”

Severus shook his head. “Aiden and Harry have always been special. I’m not surprised that the bond is this strong when Harry doesn’t have his memories.”

Sirius grunted. “But now we have no idea where they went or what’s happening to them?”

Aiden groaned. What happened? The last thing he remembered was discovering that Teddy was in cahoots with Draco Malfoy about something. That was alarming in itself, but now it seemed that they had taken Aiden somewhere.

“So your finally awake?” A voice as cold as ice spoke.

Aiden opened his eyes fully and bolted up. It was then that he realized that he was tied up and gagged. His eyes grew in alarm when they rested on the figure in front of him.

A snake relaxed on his shoulders watching Aiden with dark beady eyes. Lord Voldemort glared down at Aiden and sneered. “Finally…my plan will come to fruition. Your charming brother won’t be far behind.”

Aiden only glared at Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort smirked. “Let’s see how long it takes you to lose that look in your eyes…crucio!”

At once Aiden’s whole body felt like it was on fire, and thousands of tiny needles pricking him. He silently screamed and writhed on the floor. When the spell was finally released Aiden took a glance around the room. Death Eaters and what looked like students about Hogwarts age surrounded them. To his surprise his eyes found Teddy, standing next to Draco Malfoy with a dead look on his face. Lord Voldemort followed his line of sight and sneered.

He beckoned Teddy forward. Teddy came at once and knelt down, “yes my Lord?”

“This is your…cousin…am I correct?”

Teddy slowly nodded.

Lord Voldemort looked at Aiden before turning back to Teddy. “I’m still not sure of your allegiance…I want you to attack him.”

Teddy grew pale. “Attack him?”

Lord Voldemort nodded. Teddy clenched his fists but nodded.

Aiden pleaded with Teddy silently.

However it was to no avail, Teddy raised his wand, “crucio!”

Again Aiden was hit with the torture curse but this time hit home as someone he had once considered a friend performed the curse.


Lord Voldemort yelled. Teddy stopped the spell and looked back at Lord Voldemort, as did the other Death Eaters.

Lord Voldemort was smirking and seemed to be waiting for something. No one in the room had long to wait as there was a flash of light and when it died down, Aiden could see that it was Alexander.

“Finally the main attraction has arrived.” Lord Voldemort swept his hand around the room. “Thanks to the help of one of my followers, I have been successful in weeding out Harry Potter…the cause of my downfall.”

One brave follower stepped forward. “My lord…this one doesn’t look like Harry Potter. How can you be sure?”

Lord Voldemort looked like he wanted to curse the one who had spoken up but he refrained. “Simple…this boy is under a glamour.” He strode forward and yanked something from Alexander’s arm. Aiden’s eyes went wide as his brother began to change. His hair slowly turned from blond to midnight black, and his skin lost some of his olive complexion and soon a replica of Aiden was lying next to him.

Voldemort smirked. “You see…Harry Potter in the flesh.”

Alexander opened his eyes. What happened? His body hurt like crazy. The last thing he remembered was looking for Aiden.

“Welcome to the land of the living.”

Alexander bolted awake. He could see Aiden tied up and gagged, looking like he had been tortured and Alexander turned to see who had spoken.

Green eyes met red eyes.

Alexander narrowed his eyes. “Voldemort.”

Voldemort sneered. “You…you have been the bane of my existence ever since that dreadful night.”

Alexander spat in his face. “You will never win.”

Voldemort roared. “Crucio!”

The spell hit Alexander, who writhed on the floor. After a few minutes Voldemort released the spell and Alexander was left panting on the floor. “I’ve heard that prolonged exposure to this curse causes you to lose your mind,” Voldemort glanced at Alexander. “Should we try it out?”

Alexander gulped and clenched his fists. He stood shakily up on his feet, making sure to stand protectively in front of Aiden.

Voldemort saw this and laughed. “Pathetic. This,” he pointed to Aiden and Alexander, “will only bring you pain and sorrow. Relationships are…”

“NO!” Alexander yelled. “You have no idea because you can’t begin to understand the love that people have for each other.” All of a sudden something broke within Alexander and he started to glow with a golden light, he whirled around and wrapped his arms around Aiden. He looked Aiden straight in the eye, “I remember…let’s go home…little lion.”

Aiden’s eyes widened at what Alexander was saying. His brother remembered. He closed his eyes and laid his head on Alexander’s shoulder, trusting him to get him to keep him safe. Alexander clutched Aiden close, thinking of home…of his family.

All to late, did Voldemort realize what was happening. “Get them!” His yell spurred the Death Eaters into action but it was too late. Voldemort roared his displeasure as Aiden and Alexander disappeared.

Meanwhile back at Hogwarts.

The adults were arguing about what to do when a bright golden light caused them to pause and grab their wands in caution. The light vanished and there were gasps all around. Both Aiden and Alexander had reappeared and it looked like both boys needed medical care.

It didn’t escape their notice that somehow Alexander’s glamour was gone and it was now impossible to tell who was who. James snapped to attention. He sliced the ropes on who had to be Aiden and scanned the boy. “Quick Severus…we’ll need a couple of regentive potions and something for nerve damage.”

Severus nodded and was gone in a flash. This spurned the rest of the adults into action. Sirius and Remus quickly transfigured the couch into a bed that could fit both boys and moved them onto said bed.

Lily and Katherine went about doing what mother’s do best. Keeping other children away and worrying. Lily motioned to William, Regulas and Dante. “You don’t need to see this…let’s leave this to the men.”

Katherine nodded. They swept the boys away, knowing that the men would take care of Aiden and Alexander.

Severus swept back into the room, his hands full of potions. He set them on the table next to the new bed. Sirius and Remus took positions at the boy’s heads, so that they could keep them steady. Severus handed several potions to James who uncorked them and with Sirius’s help worked to get them down Aiden’s throat. Severus worked with Remus on Alexander, doing the same thing.

Once both boys were stable in the eyes of Severus, James couldn’t help but take a good look at Alexander or Harry.

James couldn’t stop the tears. He gently pushed back the hair to see that stupid lighting bolt scar lying innocently on his forehead. He leaned over and kissed the edge of the scar. whispering, “welcome home…my little griffin.”

Alexander slowly opened his eyes. Blinking away the sleepiness from his eyes, he looked around the room. The last thing he remembered was staring that bastard Voldemort in the eyes, and stating that he wouldn’t prevail.

From what he could see they were obviously not in the same room anymore. He moved his hand and felt it connect with another hand. He shifted his head ever so slightly to see Aiden laying next to him, his face peaceful in sleep. He closed his eyes as tears threatened to break free. In that last moment his love for Aiden was so strong that it had broken through the memory charm. Alexander could remember everything. He could clearly see that the old man who plagued his dreams was none other then Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. His fists clenched. Dumbledore would pay. He would make sure of that.

Two dark heads were laying next to Aiden and Alexander knew that they belonged to James and Sirius. Turning his head to his side, he saw Severus and Remus in almost the exact position. He closed his eyes. He was with his family again. He thought of Katherine…he would always be grateful for her love. He knew the pain she had gone through and he vowed that she would always be a part of his family.

He was Harry Potter, heir to the Potter fortune and Alexander Medici, heir to the Medici fortune.

The door opened and reveled Lily and Katherine. They made a beeline for the bed, waking up all four men in the process. As Aiden was still asleep and Alexander wide awake all the attention was turned to him.

“Mio bambino.” Katherine stroked her hand through Alexander’s hair.

“Mother.” Alexander peered up at Katherine and then looked to Lily. “I…remember.”

Lily gasped and clasped her hands to her heart and looked like she wanted to grab Alexander and never let him go. Katherine didn’t know what to say. She had known this would come and was sure that Alexander would leave her. She turned away, not strong enough to face this decision.

Alexander’s words stilled the conflict in her heart though. As if knowing what she was thinking, Alexander looked at the woman who had raised him. “I have no intention of leaving you…you’re my mother just as much as Lily is.” Katherine started crying and Alexander wrapped his arms around her, “please don’t forget that.”

She was crying in earnest and Alexander handed her over to Sirius who shared a smile with his godson. Katherine was now a part of this family whether she liked it or not.

Lily was beside herself. That last part had been spoken in Italian and she wondered what had been said. She wanted to hold Alexander in her arms but wasn’t sure if it would be all right.

Alexander turned his attention to her. “I merely told her that she would always have a place in my heart and that she was just as much my mother as you are.”

Lily couldn’t help it then. She rushed to Alexander and wrapped her arms around him. Alexander hadn’t been expecting that but he didn’t mind it as he wrapped his own arms around her as he clung to her in a true mother’s hold that he hadn’t experienced since he was little.

Lily kissed his forehead and echoed the words that James spoke earlier. “Welcome home.”

Alexander blushed but couldn’t stop the smile that was plastered on his face. He was looking forward to getting to know his family again, starting with the one lazing in the bed.

He turned and thumped Aiden on the head.

“Ow!” He awoke with a moan. “What was that for?” Not noticing where they were, Aiden sat up with a jolt. “Alexander…what happened? Are we safe?-“

Alexander sighed. “Geez Aiden! Read the situation.”

Aiden shut up and finally seemed to notice that they were in the presence of family. Aiden looked at Alexander and something seemed to click. “Hey…why do you look like me?”

Alexander rolled his eyes, ignoring the laughter from behind him. “Twins. Aiden…identical twins.”

It was Aiden’s turn to roll his eyes. “I’m not that stupid. I meant what happened to your glamour?”

Alexander looked down at his wrist. “It was connected to my bracelet and Voldemort took it.”

Katherine patted him on the back. “We’ll have to get you a new one. I’ll owl the family healer.”

Alexander hesitated. He liked that he looked like his brother. James caught it, “what’s wrong?”

He looked at James. “Well I was hoping to…to stay this way.”

James shared a glance with Sirius, Remus and Severus before turning back to Alexander. “And hearing that makes me so happy, but right now we don’t know what Dumbledore’s intentions are…”

Severus cut in. “What James is saying is that it might be better for you to keep up appearances, until everything is resolved.”

Alexander nodded. He guessed he could understand where they were coming from, he felt a hand on his. It was Aiden’s. Alexander squeezed it back. Soon a day would come where he would be able to face the world his true self but until then…he was fine with going along with what everyone was saying.

James rubbed his forehead. “What I don’t understand is how Aiden was kidnapped in the first place?”

All eyes turned to Aiden. Aiden bit his lip and looked away. How did you go about telling your family that it was a family member who had done the deed in the first place?

Alexander took pity on Aiden. He turned his eyes to Remus and Severus. “It was…Teddy.”

Lily and Katherine gasped. James and Sirius were too in shock to do anything while Remus couldn’t believe what he had just heard. “That’s not true.”

“It’s true Uncle Moony.”

Remus turned his eyes to Aiden, who looked back with such pain that it could only be true.

“I ran into him and Draco Malfoy talking in an empty corridor and when I found them…he stunned me and they brought me to Voldemort.”

Remus fell into a chair and placed his head in his hands. James and Sirius nodded at each other and got up, placing their hands on his shoulder’s. Severus hadn’t moved and Alexander got up carefully and made his way over to his uncle.

“…Uncle Sev?”

That was all it took. Severus all but collapsed into Alexander’s arms. Alexander didn’t say anything else. He didn’t need to. He could feel how much his absence had affected his family and it had probably affected Severus more. The news that one of his children had turned to the dark, and caused harm to both Severus and Remus was enough to make Alexander vow that he would find out…why.


Stay tuned until next time…

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