Searching For You

Chapter 15

Voldemort smirked. Everything was going according to plan. Now all he had to do was wait for that wretched Potter child, and soon he would have his revenge.

Alexander took a deep breath and made his way into the maze. Once he entered, it closed up and he was unable to hear the sounds from outside. Giving a nod to Aiden they separated and went their own ways.

Alexander chose to go right and with his wand up carefully made his way down the path. He moved carefully with his wand out not quite sure what to expect. All of a sudden he felt himself plunging into the ground. It all happened so fast that one minute he was breathing air then the next he was breathing sand. Thinking quick he concentrated and hoping his non-verbal skills would be up for the task quietly shouted ‘ascendio’ in his mind. Thankfully he shot up and with a thump landed on the other side of the sand pit. He took a moment to gasp for air before he shook his head and stood up to start again.

Feeling a brush of fire, he quickly turned around he saw a chimera. He had to quickly roll out of the way as another blast followed the first. “Protego! Bombarda Maxima!” Using the first to create a shield, he cast the second one to see it hit its mark. His glory was short lived as the chimera shook itself off and geared up to attack again. “Confringo!” To his relief it worked this time and he moved on.

Aiden had gone left and immediately had run into problems. First it was Hagrid’s huge blast ended skewrts that shot fire then he had run into a huge acromantula that had clipped him on the shoulder. Now he was dealing with a variation of Devil’s Snare. He was currently trying to get free from its various tentacles but he was having trouble. “Diffindo!” He shouted the incantation for the severing charm. He succeeded in freeing himself only to be caught by another tentacle, he would have to go for the source. Looking around his eyes caught sight of the head and channeling Hermione shouted, “incendio!” Flames burst out from his wand and attacked the head and he dropped to the ground. Regaining his footing he ran past the plant not wanting to stay and see if it worked.

Meanwhile for the crowd’s viewing pleasure multiple screens had been set up so that they could see the action that was going on in the maze.

Lily gasped as Alexander disappeared. She grabbed James’s arm. “Is this supposed to happen? Are we sure that this is safe?”

James was saved from answering as after a few minutes Alexander shot out from the sand pit and landed on the ground. Lily breathed a sigh of relief. This last task was going to be the death of her. Her relief was sort lived as she saw the chimera start attacking her baby. “James! That’s a-“ her attention was grabbed by Aiden being grabbed by a Devil’s snare. Once this task was over she was going to grab both of her boys and never let them go. This was just too much for her.

Katherine seemed to be going through the same thought process. She turned her gaze to Sirius, “aren’t chimera’s labeled as dark creatures? Why would one be brought in for a student competition?”

Both Sirius and James couldn’t answer, as they were shocked at what they were seeing.

Hermione almost felt sick. She could tell that Dante was just as affected as she was. When Alexander had plunged into the sand pit, it was minutes. She almost thought the worst but then miraculously he had reappeared. Then there was the chimera and it’s fire breath. Aiden wasn’t going through much better. She had almost resorted to biting her nails as he dealt with those dangerous animals that Hagrid must have supplied.

“This is beyond bad.”

She looked at Ginny, who was frowning. Ginny continued. “This shouldn’t be allowed.”

Elara nodded in agreement. “What if something bad happens?”

William shook his head. “They can handle it. After all…they were chosen so they must be the best.” Regulas nodded in agreement. “Besides, our dads are here. You don’t think that they have some kind of plan in place if something goes wrong?”

This didn’t seem to help as all the girls just glared at him, so he shut up and concentrated on watching his brothers fight their way out of the maze.


All the adults turned to see Remus running towards them at a full sprint. He reached them and bent over needing to catch his breath.

“What is it Remus!? Caught up in worry after his sons, the words came out a little harsher then normal but Remus didn’t care.

“…Sev…he was called.”

Sirius shared a glance with James. That could only mean one thing. Lily gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. “This was all a set up.” Sirius bit out. James clenched his fists. “Would Dumbledore know?”

Remus sighed. “Why I understand that you don’t see eye to eye with Dumbledore, I hardly think he would send Aiden to face Voldemort alone.” He shifted nervously from side to side. “Sev didn’t want me to tell you this because he wasn’t sure but now I think that he’s probably right…he thinks there’s a spy here.”

Sirius narrowed his eyes at his friend. “Why didn’t you-“

James cut him off. “Sirius…leave Remus alone. Now isn’t the time.” He looked at Remus, “did he have any idea who it might be?”

Remus bit his lip and looked away. “Moony!” Sirius growled. “Tell us!”

Remus closed his eyes. “Peter.”

That one word was all that it took for both Sirius and James to grow mad with rage. Sirius shook with anger, “I knew we should have killed that rat when we had the chance.”

James needed to take deep breaths. After that night, Peter had disappeared never to be seen again. They had thought that Peter had died but apparently not. If James ever saw Peter again, he would make sure to snuff out his last living breath.

Lily spoke up from James’s elbow. “Why Peter?”

Remus shook his head. “I don’t know. Sev only told me who he thought it would be. He probably thought that I would go and serve my own justice if he had actual proof.”

Their conversation was stopped by a scream.

Alexander cursed. That sounded like Raylen. “Point me!” His wand spun to the north and he set off at a run. He slid to a stop and almost ran into the thorn wall. It seemed that Raylen was unconscious which was probably a good thing as the thing that had her was a Naga. He grimaced. Who was in charge of this anyway? All the creatures he had run into so far were all pretty much labeled as dark creatures and had no business being in here in the first place. This Naga had the upper body of a woman but from the waist down, she had a serpent tail. Alexander could see a forked tongue that flicked in and out.

“Ssssssso. Another one hasssss come to plays.”

Alexander smirked. “You could sssssay that.”

She froze. “You sssspeak the tongue.”

Alexander immediately shut his mouth. He had discovered that particular talent when he had been little and it wasn’t something he really liked. Being around any kind of serpent always brought it to the forefront.

“It hassss been many yearsss sssssince I have met a sssspeaker.” She set Raylen down on the ground. “I ssssshall sssspare thisss child becausssse you have given me a rare treat.”

Alexander was confused. How did she even get here then? The she-naga glared at him. “Do not dally or I might change my mind. It hassss been many yearssss sssssince I have eaten real flessssh.”

Alexander swallowed and carefully made his way. Never breaking eye contact with the Naga he grabbed Raylen and picking her up, turned and fled. When he had got a safe distance away he set her down and shot up red sparks with his wand. Hoping that someone would come and get her, he restarted his journey.

Aiden had to take a pause. He counted to ten to get his breathing under control before he started again. He had to be close. There was no telling how long he had been in this stupid maze. He rounded a corner only to find it blocked by a sphinx. She was sitting down calmly grooming her paws. She stopped when she noticed him. “To get past me you must first answer me this.” Aiden nodded. “What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you’ll die?”

Aiden was stumped. He couldn’t just guess though. He had to make sure that when he said his answer, it was the real one. He started pacing back and forth, while the sphinx just watched him closely. He thought about the riddle. What was greater than God…nothing. What was more evil than the devil…nothing. He snapped his fingers. That was it.


She smiled and moved to let him pass. Aiden grinned and bowed to the sphinx before he ran off. At that moment he saw more red sparks go off and he wondered who had sent them.

He turned the corner and up ahead he could see a soft blue glow at the end of the long path. There it was. The cup. He started running and just as he reached it, he saw Alexander reach for it at the same time. They had both grabbed it when there was the familiar feeling from the pit of your stomach as a portkey activated.

Lily and Katherine choked on their breath as the screen showing what was happening blacked out. “What was that? What happened?” They each asked their respective loves. They had no answer but James wrapped an arm around Lily while Sirius did the same to Katherine and simply held them close. Remus hugged his middle as he hoped that everyone would just come home alive.

Alexander and Aiden were spat out onto unfamiliar ground causing both to lose their footing. Aiden put his hand on his forehead and rolled to his knees, “what was that?”

Alexander shook his head still trying to figure out himself. From his left he vaguely heard hissing and a green light formed before it finally registered. “Aiden! Duck!”

Aiden didn’t need to be told twice and fell to the ground, barely making it as the spell flew over his head. Alexander immediately crouched in front of Aiden in a protective stance.

“How very brave of you.” Sneered the old snake face himself. “Or how stupid.” He waved his wand and the two boys were separated, tied up in a way that they could see each other but couldn’t touch.

Voldemort stepped closer to Alexander and drew his finger down his cheek. “They called you my downfall…but all to soon they will see that they were wrong.” Voldemort leaned in closer. “I will make you rue the day that you were born.”

Alexander spat in his face. Voldemort roared. “Crucio!” Alexander writhed in pain. The evil bastard finally released his spell and Alexander was left panting heavily. Aiden struggled to get to his brother. Voldemort noticed and smirked. “Now this is a novel idea.” He narrowed his eyes at Alexander. “What would you do if I killed your brother?”

Aiden paused at Voldemort’s words. It was Alexander’s turn to struggle against the bonds. “Don’t…please…” of course Voldemort ignored him and with an evil smirk cast the exact spell at Aiden. When Voldemort finally lifted the spell, Aiden was barely conscious. Voldemort sneered. “Say goodbye…Advada Kedavra!”

All of a sudden there was a bright light.

When it died down, Alexander had freed himself from the bonds and Aiden was held securely in his arms.

Voldemort was seething. How was it that that bastard Potter always somehow managed to get the best of him? “Make sure that they don’t leave.” His deatheaters surrounded them, trapping them both in a circle of black.

Alexander and Aiden were trapped. Aiden narrowed his eyes as they found Teddy’s in the crowd. Teddy looked away; in guilt or regret Aiden would never know. Alexander glared at Voldemort. “I told you before…you can’t win.”

Voldemort sneered. “We’ll see about that.” He waved his wand, “Luminatione Percusserit!” A flash of lighting flew out of his wand to attack Alexander and Aiden. ‘Protego!” Again a gold shield popped up in front of the twins.

Voldemort scowled. “Crucio! Bombarda! Confringo! Glacius Maximus! He started unleashing spell after spell, but to no avail. The golden shield stayed where it was, protecting both Alexander and Aiden. Aiden hated that he had to rely on his brother but he was still feeling the after affects of that crucio. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Alexander making sure that he supported his brother.

Alexander smirked up at Voldemort. “I told you…your days are numbered.” He grabbed Aiden and leaned over to whisper in his ear. “Do you trust me?” Aiden nodded. “Always.” Alexander smiled. “Then I think I know how to defeat him…together. Repeat after me.” He closed his eyes.

“Victoriam amare altiore.”

He started to chant the strange sounding words and Aiden closed his own eyes and joined his voice with Alexander’s. They started to glow with a golden light and it soon became so bright that the deatheaters had to cover their eyes.

Voldemort narrowed his eyes. The spell formed on his lips, “Avada Kedavra!” The green light shot towards the two boys. Both of them opened their eyes and glared at Voldemort and a beam of golden light reached out to meet the killing spell in mid-air.

Voldemort put more force into the spell. He would never let these powerless boys win. Alexander frowned, as the golden spell seemed to start to lose against Voldemort’s killing one. Aiden seemed to realize the same. He thought of Alexander and the love that he had for him. Even though they hadn’t grown up together, Alexander was one of the most important people to him. He would never lose his brother again. He hoped that Alexander could feel his feelings. He wasn’t sure that he would be able to put them into words once this was over. Alexander smiled. He could feel Aiden’s feelings and his were an exact match. He was looking forward to taking his place back in his family.

Voldemort took a step back as the power coming from the brats seemed to grow. It was impossible. No one could defeat him, well that was his last thought as the golden spell grew too much for him and it engulfed him. He screamed as he felt his very body being pulled apart, and finally he knew no more.

At that moment every deatheater knew what had happened. The magic binding them to Voldemort lashed out and caused a giant magical outburst that had the deatheaters falling to the ground unconscious.

The final spell had taken a lot out of both boys, but more from Aiden due to his torture at the hands of Voldemort. Alexander caught him in his arms, “accio cup!” The cup flew into his hands and as they were both pulled into the vortex of blue energy, they both fell victim to the darkness.

The spectators left at Hogwarts were all waiting with baited breath. It had seemed like hours that the screen had gone blank. No one knew what was happening and the tension was thick in the air.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind. When it died down all everyone could see where two bodies that seemingly weren’t moving.

Someone screamed.

It took Lily a moment to realize that it was her. Ignoring James’s she ran onto the field and knelt down to the ground by her sons. James and the other’s weren’t far behind. It also took her a minute to realize that Alexander was trying to say something. She bent down so she could hear better.


“What did you say honey?” She asked Alexander gently.

He barely opened his eyes and looked behind her. “Send Aurors to Dartmoor.” That was all he said before he fell back in a faint.

James took that information and along with Sirius and Remus they left.

Katherine came over with a worried look on her face. “Are they alright?”

Lily didn’t say anything but only waved over Madame Pompfrey. The head mediwitch of Hogwarts immediately came over and started waving her wand over the two boys. She gasped. “My goodness! We need to get them to the hospital wing now!”

Katherine paled. “Why? What happened?”

The mediwitch ignored her casting a spell that would cause the two boys to levitate and started making her way back to the castle. Lily grabbed Katherine’s hand and pulled her along as they followed Madame Pompfrey. They were in such a distraught mood that they didn’t realize that they themselves had a following of the children.

With a small pop James arrived. A second pop later and Remus had arrived as well. They had sent Sirius to go get the aurors. They both took a look around. Numerous deatheaters lay on the ground but was interesting to see was that Voldemort wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“You should go find Severus and Teddy.”

Remus nodded. “When you find him…do your worst.”

James grinned. Oh, he would do so much more. They went their separate ways, each searching for someone among the trash. It took a few minutes but James finally found who he was looking for. “There you are you little rat.” He knelt down, “enervate.” Pettigrew slowly opened his eyes and they widened when he saw who was standing over him. “…James…my dear…” James scowled and kicked Pettigrew. “How dare you! You stopped being our friend the minute you put us on Voldmort’s hit list.” Allowing his anger to take over James started to unleash spell after spell also using muggle means of torture.

Remus breathed a sigh of relief when he found Severus and when his eyes traveled to his side an even bigger one as he saw Severus’s hand wrapped around Teddy’s. “Enervate.” Severus slowly opened his eyes. “Remus.” Remus nodded. “The boys…Voldemort…what happened?” Remus shook his head. “Not now Sev…you need to take Teddy and you need to leave. The aurors will be here any minute.”

Severus nodded and without a sound apperated away.

“Whoa! Take it easy there Prongs.”

Someone ripped James’s wand out of his hands and he spun around in anger only to wilt at seeing Sirius, behind him James could see aurors already beginning to round up the deatheaters.

“I might want a piece of the rat as well. You can’t have all the fun.”

James smirked and bowed. “Of course Pads...go right ahead.”

Sirius grinned and rubbed his hands together. Pettigrew shrunk back even more as Sirius approached. However before he could even get a spell out a voice stopped him. “Alright Black. I know you want this filth to die but really…that’s not how aurors work.”

Both James and Sirius turned to see one of their favorite aurors approaching. Kingsley was a brute of a man and would occasionally take part in pranks that the two had set up.

Kingsley waved his wand and roped appeared and bound Pettigrew. Being one of the only few that knew their secret, he waved his wand again warding Pettigrew from transforming into his rat form. “I’ll take over from here. I believe that you’ll be wanting to get back to Hogwarts.”

Remus came up and growled at Pettigrew. “What happened to Voldemort?”

Kingsley frowned. “From what I could gather from a deatheater…those boys defeated him. He’s gone.”

All three mauaders looked at Kingsley in disbelief. Sirius was the first to shake off the news. “Are you sure?”

Kingsley nodded. “Looked at his arm…the marks gone.”

Sirius could hardly contain his excitement and turned to grin at James and Remus only to see that they were still frowning. “What? Aren’t you excited?”

James rubbed his forehead. “There is that…but we still have one more battle to fight.”

Sirius’s eyes widened before they narrowed into slits. “Dumbledore.”

James clenched his fists. “He’s going to rue the day he messed with a Potter.”

“And a Black.” Sirius piped up. He put his hand on James’s shoulder. “It’s time to end this.”

James nodded. With that said the three men made their way back to Hogwarts.

Oh…this was a doozy. I’m so glad I finished. Until next time.

For those who are wondering:

Luminatione Percusserit: Lighting Strikes

Victoriam amare altiore: Love will overcome all

Next time…the aftermath and will Dumbledore finally be finished?

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