Searching For You

Chapter 16

Back at Hogwarts both Aiden and Alexander were placed in beds side by side in the infirmary. Their distraught mothers fretting behind Pompfrey. “Are they all right Poppy?” Asked Lily.

The matron of Hogwarts shook her head. “These two boys have been under the cruciatus again, plus it looks like several of their bones are broken or bruised. Also their magic cores have been severely drained.”

Katherine paled. “Can they recover from that?”

Madame Pompfrey nodded. “I believe it’s mostly due to magical exhaustion. With a little rest and relaxation they should be fine.”

Katherine breathed a sigh of relief.

“Is Aiden going to be okay mum?”

At this Lily whirled around surprised to find the other children behind her. She glared at Juniper, who had spoken and put her hands on her hips. ‘What are you children doing here? You should head back to your common rooms.”

Dante crossed his arms. “My best friend has just been through hell. You can’t tell me to leave his side.”

The champion from Drumstrang, Stephen followed Dante’s example. It didn’t look nearly as intimidating due to the bandages wrapped around his body. “Same here. I care for Aiden and I won’t leave him.”

Lily’s lips almost twitched up in a smile but managed not too. “Fine. Your right. I’m not your parent so I can’t order you but as for the rest of you.” She turned to William, Regulas, Juniper, Elara, Ginny and Hermione. “Back to your common rooms. Aiden and Alexander will be fine.” There was a lot of grumbling but at one look from Lily everyone decided to not press the issue. Hermione started to leave but was grabbed by Dante. “You have every right to be here as well…Alexander would want that.”

“Aunt Lily.”

Lily looked down at Amara. “What is it sweetie?”

Amara’s lower lip trembled like it had when she was little and had a bad dream. “I had a bad feeling and I couldn’t find Papa or Father. Can I stay with you?”

Lily nodded and grabbed her in her arms.

Severus opened his eyes in the black room. He was back in the dungeons of Hogwarts. He felt a hand in his and looked over to see his oldest son, Teddy beside him.

Closing his heart against the love he felt for his son, Severus conjured ropes and bound him.


Severus glared at Teddy, who slowly opened his eyes. He only had one question. “Why?”

Teddy bit his lip as his father glared at him and looked at the floor.

“I’m waiting Teddy.”

Teddy’s eyes burned with his effort to hide his tears. He didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry.”

Severus sighed. “While I will accept your apology, sorry is not an answer.”

Teddy sniffed. Truth be told, he hadn’t really wanted to be a part of this but Draco had forced him. He didn’t want to admit that being in Slytherin had always scared him. He was the only one in his family that had been placed there. He always had to act like he didn’t like his family and that he thought they were better then him.

Severus knelt down and looked in his son’s eyes. “Whatever the reason, I’m not mad and neither will be Remus. We were both so worried when we found out what happened.”

Teddy looked up at Severus. “Drac…Draco…forced me with threatening Amara.”

Severus closed his eyes. He had thought that would have been the answer. “Why then didn’t you come to me or Remus?”

“He threatened you too…said that Volde…Voldemort would kill you guys if I didn’t act on his bidding.” Here Teddy started to cry in earnest. “And now Aiden hates me…I’ve always looked up to him…and now…”

Severus undid the ropes and gathered his distraught son in his arms. “Shh. I’m sure that Aiden does not hate you.”

Teddy’s words were muffled. “But…I had to use the…”

He didn’t need to finish the sentence. Aiden had showed them the memory in a pensive. “Aiden will understand…”

Teddy pulled away from him and wiped his eyes. “You think so?”

Severus smiled and kissed Teddy on the forehead. “I know so. Now why don’t you get some sleep and I’ll bring you to Aiden the moment he wakes up.”

Teddy nodded and soon had fallen asleep in Severus’s arms. He laid the boy on his bed, covered him up with a blanket set charms that would alarm him if anything were to happen then made his way to the infirmary.

A few hours after the children had left saw Lily asleep with Amara in her arms in a chair at the end of Aiden’s bed. Dante, Stephen and Hermione were all asleep along the sides of the infirmary and Katherine slept next to Alexander.


She slowly opened her eyes. That was James. Lily breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as soon as she thought that the door to the infirmary burst open and James, Sirius and Remus burst through. They were covered in mud, grime and most of all blood.

“James. What happened?”

James strode forward and kissed Lily on the cheek. “It’s not my blood Lils.”

Amara opened her eyes at the noise and seeing her papa jumped from Lily’s arms and ran straight for Remus. “Papa. You’re all right. I had a bad feeling.” Remus caught his princess in his arms and held her tight.

James led Lily over to the boys. “How are they?”

Katherine awoke and went to stand next to Sirius. “Madame Pompfrey says that they were tortured but with a little rest and relaxation they will be fine.”

Sirius wrapped his arms around her and she calmed at his safe presence.

Lily glanced up at James. “What…happened?”

James grinned. “He’s gone Lils.”

Lily gasped. “What!”

Sirius had on a matching grin. “No…it’s the truth. Somehow they did it. Voldemort is gone.”

Lily’s knees trembled and she had to cling to James for support. Finally after years and years the monster after her family was gone. The wizarding world would finally be at peace.

Katherine was going through similar emotions. Her boy had really done it. She placed her head on Sirius’s chest and began to cry. He rubbed her back and she cried her tears before crashing her lips to Sirius’s in happiness.

At that moment the door opened and Severus appeared. Remus stood up. “Sev. Your alright?”

Severus nodded and Remus wrapped his arms around Severus. “Teddy?” He whispered. Severus bent his ear to Remus’s, “he’s in our rooms. He’s fine.” Remus sighed in relief. Finally every member of the family was safe.

Severus turned to Poppy. “I’ve brought you nerve soothing potions.”

Poppy sighed in relief. Severus’ potions were the best. She took them and administered them to the comatose boys. “Now all we have to do is wait for them to wake up?”

Lily turned to James. “Did you see Dumbledore anywhere?”

Sirius shook his head. “He’s at the ministry, dealing with the aftermath of what happened.”

Meanwhile in the minds of Aiden and Alexander.

Aiden wondered where he was. All he could see was a vast blue sky and a field filled with flowers that stretched as far as he could see. A noise behind him had him turning around; he smiled and ran to the other boy.

Alexander laughed and caught Aiden as he jumped at him in a hug that lifted Aiden several feet off the ground.

When Alexander finally released Aiden and set his feet back on the ground, Aiden grinned at his brother. “Alex-“

He was cut off by Alexander’s hand. “Harry. You can call me Harry.”

Aiden’s breath caught in hope long lost. “You…does this mean what I think it means?”

Alexander smiled and placed his forehead against Aiden’s. “It’s time to come back. We can finally live together as it should have been.”

Aiden bit his lip. “Does Katherine know?”

Alexander grinned. “She knows…” his grin faltered. “I want you to be the first to know.” He grew serious. “Italy is my home. It always will be. That being said…I have decided to give up on the Potter seat.”

Aiden was shocked. “Why? And what about your family in England?”

Alexander shut up Aiden by placing his finger on his lips. “Just because I choose to live in Italy doesn’t mean that I won’t ever come back to England. My family is here. The Medici family seat is enormous, I’ve been trained for it my whole life. Taking on the Potter seat is asking me a little too much because I also can’t give up my performing.” He looked straight at Aiden. “I trust you to take care of the Potter seat in my stead. It’s what you’ve been trained to do.”

Aiden nodded. Alexander smiled. “I promise though…I will always be here for you. As your brother, as your friend and most importantly as your twin.”

Aiden smiled. “Me too. All you have to do is say the word and I’ll come running.”

Alexander wrapped his arms around Aiden and the twins simply let themselves be comforted in the knowledge that they would never lose each other again. Aiden pulled away and peered up at Alexander. “But how did you know what spell to use against Voldemort?”

Alexander shrugged. “Honestly, I didn’t. All I know was that all I wanted was to save you. Nothing mattered if you didn’t live.”

Aiden swallowed. “I thought that as well.”

Alexander smiled. “It would seem that our magic took on a mind of it’s own and strived to protect the love that we had for each other and the words just appeared in my mind.”

Alexander touched Aiden’s cheek with his hand locked eyes with him. “You are one of the most important people in my life…never forget that.”

Aiden reached out and did the same to Alexander. After so many years he finally had his twin back and he couldn’t be happier. “Then right back at you…never disappears from my life again.”

Alexander laughed. “Geez. We’re talking like lovers.”

Aiden grinned. “Well I have heard that a twin bond is somewhere along the same lines…just without the…you know?”

Alexander hit him on the head. Aiden scowled. “Hey! What was that for?”

Alexander crossed his arms. ‘Because I’m the oldest and I can.”

Aiden frowned and glared at his brother. It was a match to see who would give up first and it was Aiden who muttered, “whatever” and looked away.

Alexander shook his head. “It’s time to head back.”

Lily sighed. It had been several days since the end of the tournament and it was hectic in the wizarding world. Word had got out that somehow both Aiden and Alexander had been there and instrumental in the defeat of Voldemort and now people were clambering to see the two boys.

However, they were still lying comatose in the Hogwarts infirmary. Dante, Stephen and Hermione had finally been persuaded to go to class with the promise that they would be notified the minute they awoke. The only good news was that they had managed to keep Albus Dumbledore away for the most part. They were still deciding on how to oust him from his position.

All of a sudden Aiden was pulled from the mindscape and back into reality. He slowly opened his eyes. He moved his head ever so slightly. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was Voldemort...talking with Alexander. He squinted at the figure beside his bed. It was his mum.


Lily jumped from where she had been napping. She could have sworn she heard someone call her.


It came again. Her eyes widened. That could only mean one thing. Sure enough Aiden’s hazel eyes were open and watching her. “My baby.” She leaned forward and hugged him, kissing him on the forehead. “You’ve had us all so worried.”

Aiden turned. He needed to see Alexander. His bed was next to his brother’s and he reached out and touched Alexander’s hand. “…Harry?”

It was Alexander’s turn to open his eyes. He felt a hand squeeze his own and his eyes fell on Aiden’s. “Aiden. Mum.”

Lily’s throat closed and she moved to gather Alexander in her arms. Hearing him say mum really got to her. She reached over to pull Aiden into her arms and she couldn’t ignore the happy feeling that she had both her oldest children safe and sound in her arms.

Alexander tried again. “Mum. We’re fine.”

Lily released them. “Fine! You were not fine. You had multiple broken bones plus you both suffered extreme-“

The door to Madame Pompfrey’s office opened. “Now really Lily. I let you-” she stopped as she realized that both the boys were awake. “Their awake.” She rushed over waving her wand and checking the diagnostics.

Lily took the time to contact the adults and soon the infirmary was overrun with people. The minute Katherine was in the room, she ran over to Alexander and started speaking in rapid Italian. “Alexander James Medici! Do you realize how many years off my life you shaved?”

Alexander sighed. “I’m sorry Mamma.”

Katherine narrowed her eyes but smiled soon after. “It’s fine dear. How are you though? Do you still hurt anywhere?”

Alexander shook his head. “I feel fine Mamma. I told Aiden my plans.”

Katherine paused. “Are you sure about this Alexander? There can be no going back once this is done.”

Alexander nodded. “I am. While I am a Potter by birth, I am a Medici as well. Even with all my talents, it would be too much. There is no one I trust more.”

Katherine sighed. “Very well. Father went back to Italy prepare.”

Alexander nodded.

She kissed his cheek and went to see Aiden. James came over to Alexander’s bed and sat down next to it. “Hey Alexander.”

Alexander grinned. “Hey Dad.”

James took a moment to pause. It was a dream come true to hear those words come out of his eldest’s mouth. He reached over and kissed Alexander on his scar. “You did something amazing.”

Alexander blushed. “I didn’t do it alone. Aiden always helped.”

James frowned. “Speaking of which, Aiden told us about how you defeated Voldemort. Very unusual.”

Alexander smirked. “What can I say? I’m a Potter. We don’t do things by halves.”

James couldn’t help but grin at that comment. Alexander was going to be just fine. The door opened and reveled the three most common fixtures to the room and James got up to leave when Alexander held him back. “I need to speak with you, mum and Aiden later.”

It was in charms class that Dante stiffened. As soon as it was over he raced out the room and headed to the infirmary. It could only be one thing so Hermione followed along with Stephen.

Alexander winced as Dante slammed the door open. Dante growled. “You! Do you have ANY idea how stupid you are?”

Alexander held up his hands. “Hey now! That’s unfair.”

Dante stalked over. “No. It’s true.” It was a tense moment but then Dante did the unthinkable and started crying over Alexander. His fists clung to Alexander’s shirt, “Alex…I thought you had died.”

For the second time that day Alexander patted someone on the back. “I’m still alive.” He took Dante’s hand and placed it on his heart. “See? Still beating.”

Dante only cried harder and hid his face in Alexander’s chest. Now it was Hermione’s turn to cry. “I’ve been so worried.”

Alexander smiled. “Everything is alright now. In fact it’s more then alright.” He shifted the mass known as Dante and opened his arms to Hermione, who gingerly reached into the embrace.

The masses along Aiden’s bed had seemed to vanish as soon as the door opened and Aiden knew the adults were giving them room. While Hermione and Dante drifted to Alexander’s bed, Stephen only had eyes for Aiden.

“Aiden.” He slowly walked over to Aiden.

Aiden grinned. “Hey Stephen.”

Stephen grabbed Aiden in a hug and held Aiden close, whispering sweet nothings in his ear in that delightful other language of his. He pulled away and looked Aiden in the eye. “You will never put me through that again.”

Aiden blushed. Stephen finally managed a small laugh, leaning forward to kiss Aiden on the cheek.

Tests were taken. School ended and summer officially started. For the Potter’s it meant taking on Dumbledore for the way they had been wronged so many years ago. A few nights later after they had all made their way to Potter Manor for the summer saw James, Lily, Katherine, Aiden and Alexander in James’ office.

James wasn’t sure what was going on but from the looks of it both Katherine and Aiden knew what Alexander wanted to say.

Alexander took a deep breath. “Please don’t take what I’m about to say as saying that I don’t want to be a part of this family. I do, it’s something I’ve been looking for ever since I can remember.”

James frowned. This didn’t seem to be an uplifting conversation.

“I want you to name Aiden as the Potter Heir.”

James was shocked and a little hurt to be told. “Why?”

“Because…the Medici seat is a powerful one. It’s going to take all my concentration plus with my music career…I feel that Aiden is more then up to the challenge.”

James looked at his oldest son and could see that nothing would change his mind. James sighed. Alexander got up and went to his dad, “I’ll still be your son. Now that I have you…I won’t lose you ever again.” He wrapped his arms around his dad and James did the same, clutching his little griffin close to his chest.

Alexander smiled against his father’s chest. Now that was done he had one more little bomb to drop. “When that time comes I plan on reveling who I really am.”


This came from cries all over.

Alexander nodded. “I want people to know who I really am. I think it’s the perfect time.”

Aiden had gotten to his feet. “But what about Dumbledore?”

Alexander closed his eyes. Raising his wand he concentrated on one memory and pulled the soft blue glowing string and conjuring a flask placed it inside. He turned to Lily. “Do you by chance have a pensive?”

Lily nodded and rose to get the pensive where James kept it locked up tight. Alexander tipped the flask over, dropping the memory in the pensive. He waved his wand and the memory started to play so that they could all see it.

Harry slowly opened his eyes, blinking away the darkness. He found himself in a large open room, where two men were having a whispered conversation.

“So that’s the boy.”

“Very well done.”

“What’s to be done with him?”

Harry sat very still not wanting them to know that he was awake and could overhear what they were saying. His hand went to his neck and stopped.

The charm. Of course. He placed a hand on his charm and wished with all his might to be with his family again.

Nothing happened.

Harry was starting to grow worried. Why wasn’t the charm working? It seemed though that his movements had caught the attention of the two men who now came over to the bed. Noticing that Harry clung to the charm, the older man gave a laugh.

“Yes…that was indeed a powerful spell. Your mum was always a strong charms master.”

Harry brightened at this. “You know my mum?” He got up and looked up at the old man with a smile. “Can you take me to them?”

The old man gave a sad smile. “Yes…I will take you to them. No worries.”

The man behind the old man sputtered. “But…what…do you realize what I-“

The old man held his hand up and the other one fell silent. Raising his wand the old man pointed it at Harry, “stupefy.” Harry fell to the ground unconscious. He then raised his wand again putting all of his magic into the spell, “Oblivate.”

The old man handed the young child to the other occupant in the room along with an old piece of paper. “Take him away from here.”

The other man took the child and the portkey and they vanished.

Lily gasped. This memory proved that Albus had done the unthinkable. James was seething in anger. How dare Dumbledore destroy his family! The memory faded back into the pensive.

“How did you remember? “ Asked Katherine.

Alexander shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not sure when I exactly remembered but it happened some time after I realized who I truly was.” He glanced at his parents. “We can use this to our advantage.”

Aiden patted Alexander on the shoulder. “Well now the only thing left is to tell the family. They should find out before the public, don’t you think?”

Alexander smiled. ‘True.” He looked at James. “Could you call a family meeting?”

A few nights later the living room at Potter Manor was crowded with people. There was of course the Potter family, James, Lily, William, and Juniper. Sirius Black along with Regulas and Elara, who had officially become his ward after the final battle. Remus, Severus with Teddy and Amara. It had taken a while but Teddy had finally apologized to Aiden, who had fully accepted his cousin’s pardon. Finally there were new members, Katherine and her father Roman and finally Dante, Hermione and Stephen.

The only people missing were Aiden and Alexander.

“Where are Aiden and Alexander?” Asked a voice from the crowd.

James stood and held his hands up for silence. “As many of you are wondering where Aiden and Alexander are, there’s a story that you all need to know first.” James took a deep breath. “While many of you think that Aiden was our oldest,” he grabbed Lily’s hand. “He in fact wasn’t.”

Shock had clearly made its way around the room. At least for the younger crowd, the adults all knew where this was heading.

“Aiden was born the younger brother to…to Harry Potter.”

Hermione was in shock. Being friends with the Potter’s for so many years, she had no idea and it was clear that most of the people her age didn’t as well. “Mr. Potter” at a look from James, “James, what does that have to do with Aiden and Alex-“

Her question was cut off as the two missing people stepped into view. No longer did Alexander sport blond hair but instead it was a rich midnight black just like Aiden’s. They were carbon copies of each other except for the eyes. One had haze and the other had green.

“Because…I am Harry Potter. I wanted you to know because I plan on taking my true appearance.”

While others were still processing this shock Hermione looked over at Dante who didn’t seem to be fazed. “Did you know about this?”

Dante slowly nodded.

Different emotions seemed to be playing on everyone’s faces. Sirius was the first to get up and hug Harry. He gripped his godson hard, not bothering to hide the tears. “Harry…I’ve missed you so much.”

Harry buried his head in his godfather’s chest. “I missed you to Pads.”

He was pulled from Sirius’s arms and crushed to Remus’s. “Welcome back cub.” Harry sniffed and hugged his uncle Remus. “Thanks’ Uncle Moony.”

It was time for the reunion that he had been waiting for after his parents and brother. Severus still hadn’t moved not sure what Harry’s feelings were. “Hey Uncle Sev.”

That was all it took for Severus to gather the teen to him and hold him tight. Harry wrapped his arms just as tight and cried into his uncle’s chest. No words needed to be spoken; they just simply basked in each other’s presence.

Once the adults had their turn with Harry, William couldn’t keep the grin off his face. Not caring that he was a teenager and not a kid he ran straight for his brother. “Harry!”

Harry laughed and caught William, just like they had when they were younger. “Hey Will. I missed you.”

Juniper didn’t know what to believe. So that person she had seen was her oldest brother. On one hand she was happy but on the other hand, what if he didn’t like her? She chewed her lip and played with her fingers. He didn’t even know her…she wanted a hug. She was startled when someone knelt down in front of her. She peered up into green almond shaped eyes that were twinkling.

“You know…I’ve always wanted a sister.”

Juniper smiled and threw her arms around Harry. “Me too! Well I’ve always wanted a big brother.”


“What’s wrong with us?”

Aiden and William shouted in mock dismay. Juniper stuck her tongue out, “No…you guys are mean to me. Harry won’t be.” She looked up with mega cute eyes. Harry found himself wavering. She was going to be a heartbreaker when she got older. “Whatever you say Princess.”

She smirked and flipped her hair. “See?”

James and Lily smiled as their children played around with each other. It was nice to see them all together, safe and sound.

Elara finally moved. “Yes!” She shouted.

Regulas rolled his eyes. “What?”

She grinned. “I just realized that this means we’re related to the great Alexander Medici. Do you know how many things he can get us into?”

Regulas had thought about that but was trying not to let it show on his face. “So?”

Elara smirked. “Please. Your just as excited about the prospect as I am.”

Regulas crossed his arms and ignored his semi-sister.

Remus looked concerned. “The fact that your telling us about this, does this mean that you’re going to tell the public?”

Alexander shared a glance with Aiden. “Yes, Uncle Moony. The other reason we called you here is to let you know that I have decided to pass on the Potter heirdom.”

Aiden continued. “Harry has decided to allow me to take up the mantle of Lord Potter while he becomes Lord Medici. We plan to go to Gringotts tomorrow and have the ceremony.”

“What about Dumbledore?” Asked Sirius.

Alexander smirked. “He won’t know what hit him. In fact, it’s already in the works. Tomorrow should be interesting in more ways then one.”

The next morning a small group found themselves in front of Gringotts the wizarding bank, that consisted of the elder Potters and Aiden along with Harry and the his grandfather. The others had been left at the manor to mind the children and any obstacles that might come up. Alexander had been tight-lipped on what he had done which meant that everyone else was on pins and needles waiting to see what he had done.

“Greeting’s Lord and Lady Potter.” A goblin spoke. He turned his attention and almost fell out of his chair. “And a welcome to you Lord Medici. What can I do for you?”

Roman Medici smiled and motioned Harry forward. “My grandson has business here today.”

The goblin, whose name was Gutblood, gazed at Harry who spoke in perfect gobblegook. “May gold ever flow into your hands.” The goblin raised an eyebrow. “I’d like to speak with the account manager for the Potter accounts as well as the Medici accounts.”

The goblin waved his hand and sent another goblin running down a hall. Soon the small group found themselves enclosed in an office of a goblin named Griphook. “Lord Potter.” He nodded to James. “What do I owe the pleasure?”

Harry took a deep breath. It was now or never. He removed his bracelet that had his glamour charm weaved into it and again the goblin almost fell out of his chair. “Well Mr. Potter…you look good for supposedly being dead.”

Harry grinned. “Why thank you. A story for another time. As for our business today I’d like to pass on the heirdom of Potter to Aiden.”

Griphook narrowed his eyes. “Do you know what this means?”

Harry nodded. “I do.”

Griphook shrugged his shoulders. “Very well. Lord Potter.” He motioned James and Aiden to stand next to Harry. James gripped both Harry’s and Aiden’s hand and Griphook waved his wand as James said the spell. “Ego tibi unum de aliis.” Gold lines wrapped around their wrists. “Numquam paenituit electionem.” The gold lines tightened before they disappeared. Griphook took a jewelry box from his desk and opened it to revel the ring of the Potter heir. Aiden took it and carefully placed it on his little finger. It resized to fit and it was now official. Aiden would be Lord Potter.

Harry felt a hand on his shoulder. It was his grandfather. It was time for him to take up the mantle of Lord Medici. Not many people knew that Roman was stepping down, not even Katherine knew. When Harry stepped out of Gringotts, he would be a Lord.

There was a knock on the door. Another goblin stuck his head in, “everything is ready Lord Medici.”

Roman nodded. ‘It’s time.”

They moved to a different office. This time though they were served by none other then Ragnork the goblin leader himself. “Lord Medici. Imagine my surprise when I was told you were here today.”

Roman nodded. “My apologies King Ragnork. I’m here about my grandson.”

If the goblin had been anything then a goblin the expression on his face would be one of someone raising his or her eyebrows. ‘Does this mean what I think it means?”

Roman nodded. “It is. I have decided.”

Ragnork simply looked at Harry. “As you wish.”

Lily was confused. ‘What’s going on?”

Harry answered. “The Medici’s are known far and wide. They have influences in almost every country including non-human ones. Grandfather is considered a god to some and he has decided to step down.”

This left the Potter family silent in shock. Harry stepped forward. Ragnork took a silver knife and sliced Roman’s hand and then sliced Harry’s. Harry gripped his grandfather’s hand. “Sangue per sangue, cuore a cuore, io ti do questo sangue in cambio modo che si puo governare la nostra famiglia e sempre rimanere fedeli.”

There was a binding white light and then it vanished. Roman took off the ring on his finger and slid it onto Harry’s. He cupped Harry on the cheek and kissed him. “Congratulations Lord Medici.”

Harry smiled. “In your eyes I will always be your grandson.”

They were interpreted by a loud knock on the door. “King Ragnork.” The door opened and a goblin rushed in ignoring the humans. “Dumbledore has been stricken of his titles in both the Wizengamot and from Hogwarts.”

Ragnork grinned. “Really? Whatever for?”

“Apparently he was the one who kidnapped the older Potter child. It’s all over the news.”

Ragnork frowned. “Did they have proof?”

The goblin nodded and pulled forth the daily prophet. On the front page, there it was in black and white of Dumbledore with his wand pointed straight at Harry Potter.

Harry smirked. Aiden grinned. “Did you do this?”

Lily was impressed. “How did you get the image from the memory?”

Harry grinned. “It’s something I’ve been working on. It acts like a camera.” He winked at James. “Don’t worry though. The next part is all on you.”

They exited Gringotts only to be met by questions and flashes.

“Is it true what was said Lord Potter?”

“Do you know where Harry is now?”

“What was the meaning of coming to Gringotts?”

Harry who had been hidden decided this was the perfect time and stepped to the front.

“Is that Alexander Medici?”

“He looks just like Lord Potter.”

He flashed the reporters his most charming smile. “Yes, I am Alexander Medici but I am also the long lost Harry Potter. Today is the first day that I am able to step out in my true identity.”

The reporters gobbled it up. Harry went on. “If you could clear a way though…we have business to attend to.” He whispered to his family. “Head to the courtroom.” He grabbed Aiden and they vanished.

They reappeared in the atrium of the MOM and Harry started to walk to the DMLE. Aiden quickly followed. Word must have gone around that they had arrived because a path cleared and let the young men through.

When they reached the courtroom of the Wizengamot Dumbledore was in the middle chained to the chair. Sirius was livid and looked every inch the Lord Black that he was. Remus and Severus stood next to him, just as livid. The supporters of Dumbledore stood on the sides, clearly torn between what they had heard and their loyalty to the old man.

The Potter’s were a very popular family and little Harry had been special.

Director Bones looked weary as she knocked her gavel to get silence. Harry grinned. “Time to make and entrance.”

He waved his wand and the doors to the courtroom opened. All eyes turned at the interruption and Harry strode calmly into the courtroom amid the silence.

Director Bones peered over her glasses. “Who are you?”

Harry bowed. “I am Lord Medici.”

The name sent whispers through the courtyard. “Medici? That’s not a name I would want for an enemy.”

Director Bones narrowed her eyes. Harry continued. “I am also the victim.”

Her eyebrows raised into her head. More whispers. “Now that you look, he does look almost exactly like James.” “Really? Don’t you see his carbon copy?”

Director Bones frowned. “Where is your father?”

“Here!” A breathless James rushed in. “I’m right here, Director Bones.”

She shifted her papers in her hands. “Let’s get started.” She glared at Dumbledore. “Are you aware of the charges?”

Dumbledore ignored her.

She pursed her lips. “If you do not answer I will have no choice but to condemn you guilty.”

He still ignored her.

She narrowed her eyes. “Very well. I hereby declare Albus to be guilty of all charges. He is to be sentenced to life in Azkaban. Court dismissed.”

Dumbledore wouldn’t remember much about that day he was condemned to the darkness of Azkaban except for one thing he would always remember clearly. His three favorite students, pranksters known as the Marauders standing over him with hate in their eyes as they simply voiced their anger, along with the looks of betrayal.

Harry came to stand next to his dad. ‘Where did mum and grandfather go?”

James turned away from where aurors were leading Dumbledore away. ‘They went back to the manor.”

Harry laid his head on James’s shoulder. “It’s finally over.”

James lay his head on Harry’s, “that it is son. That it is.”

The End.


Katherine Medici went on to marry Sirius and even though they couldn’t have kids that didn’t matter because they had Harry, Regulas and Elara plus their nieces and nephews.

Neville Longbottom married AnaMaria Del Luca and together started a herbology company that quickly became number one in the field. They had two children, a boy named Mario and a girl named Alice.

Ronald Weasley, played for the keeper for the Cudley Cannons and married Lavender Brown and they had one child. A girl named Melody.

To everyone’s surprise except Aiden and Harry, Regulas married Juniper Potter and they had three children. Three boys, named Aries, Corvus, and Sirius.

William Potter became a world famous author and married his childhood sweetheart Elara Malfoy. They had two children, two girls named Lily and Rose.

Ginny Weasley went on to play chaser for the HolyHead Harpies and to her mother’s dismay stayed single.

Teddy Lupin-Snape decided to take after his fathers and received masters in potions, defense against the dark arts and transfiguration. He stayed single and went on to teach at Hogwarts.

Amara Lupin-Snape graduated from Hogwarts with honors then went on tour with none other then Harry and his band, becoming a world famous singer. She married Theo Nott and they had three children. Two girls, named Sky and Riley and a boy named Colton.

Aiden became Lord Potter and entered a partnership with Stephen Luna. They had two children together. Two boys, named Alexander and Asher.

Harry Potter or Harry Potter-Medici went on to become one of the most powerful wizards in the known realm. He grew closer to his family and soon it was like he had never left. He continued to perform classical works around the world as well as with his band that he formed with Stephen, Dante, Theo and Amara.

As for who he married…

Turn the page for a little continuation…

Ego tibi unm de aliis: From one son I take and to the other I give

Nomquam paenituit electionem: May you never regret this choice

Sangue per sangue, cuore a cuore, io ti do questo sangu in cambio modo che si puo governare la nostra famiglia e sempre rimanere fedeli: Blood to blood, and heart to heart, I give you this blood in exchange so that you may rule our family and always stay true.

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