Searching For You

Chapter 17

Everyone winced as a scream rent the air.

“Geez.” 16 year old Juniper Potter moaned. “I never want to have children.”

Her boyfriend 19 year old Regulas Black raised his eyebrows. “Oh really?”

She giggled. “Relax Reg…I would want your children.”

19 old William gagged at the faces his best friend and little sister were making at each other. He really did not need to see that. He was about to say something when he saw the face his fiancé was making. 19 year old Elara was glaring at William and so he didn’t do anything.

“Gr’ma lily.” A small child ran into the arms of Lily Potter. She smiled. “Asher…your so big.” The two year old little boy snuggled deeper into Lily’s arms and soon was fast asleep.

“Merlin. He runs so fast.” One of his father’s sighed. 21 year old Stephen Luna smiled at the picture. Asher loved Lily. “Did you find him?” Aiden entered the room and scowled. “Little bugger…he just wanted to see mum.”

“Mum says you shouldn’t say bugger.”

This came from another small boy. He had his both his mother’s smarts and his father’s good looks. His hair was a deep black and his olive complexion went along nicely with his blue eyes. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and stared up at his uncle.

“Right you are Leo.” James Potter picked up the boy. “And we all know how angry your mother can be if no one listens to her.”

Leo snuggled up against his grandfather. “I want mommy.”

James kissed him on the forehead. “Mummy’s a little busy. How about I find you your father?”

Elara grinned. “I can’t believe that they actually entered a triad.”

Aiden snorted. “Really Elara? Have you seen how possessive Dante can be?”

Stephen smirked. “True, but I think that Hermione is the real one in power. She has those boys wrapped around her finger.”

“I heard that.”

Dante Del Luca strode into the room and took his son Leo who was reaching for him. He glared at his childhood friend. “As if it’s not the same for you…why Harry told me once that Aiden told him that you-“

Stephen blushed and clapped a hand on Dante’s mouth. “Alright. You win. Stop.”

“Where is Harry?” Asked Katherine Black.

“Hermione wouldn’t let him leave.”

That’s right. Hermione was currently in the process of giving birth to her second child, and Harry’s first. Harry had come to realize how important Dante and Hermione were to him and it was he who had first come up with the idea for a triad. Hermione had been skeptic at first but over time had come to love both Dante and Harry. They in turn treated her like a princess. She was clearly their number one. They had made their home in one of Harry’s villas in Italy and Hermione loved it. She would never admit this outloud but she actually loved Italy more then England and could see why Harry didn’t want to leave.

Soon after they had bonded Hermione had gotten pregnant with her first child and when her son had been born it was clear who the father was. Harry didn’t begrudge the fact that Dante had the first child and treated Leo as if he was his own.

Hermione groaned as the stupid medi witch told her to push one more time. She could feel Harry holding her hand and gave one last push. The child slid from her body and the medi witch caught the babe and gave it a slap. A cry arose from the child and Hermione wondered what it was.

Harry kissed her forehead. “I’m so happy Hermione. You’ve given me the greatest gift.”

Hermione shook her head. “No. It’s you to has given me the greatest gift. I’m so grateful that we met and fell in love.”

“Here you go Lady Medici. A nice strapping young boy.” The medi witch placed the clean baby in Hermione’s arms and her breath was lost as the child opened his eyes. He had Harry’s eyes perfectly copied in his face.

Harry smiled. “Mum will be happy about that.”

Hermione looked up at Harry. “Have you thought of a name?”

Harry shook his head but that told him that Hermione had. “What did you have in mind?”

“Roman Severus Medici.”

Harry couldn’t speak past the lump in his throat. “It’s perfect love.” He bent down and kissed her on the cheek.” His grandfather had passed away when he was 19 and it warmed him that she wanted to remember him that way. Although he would never say this outloud but Severus was his favorite uncle. It was a good name.

“Knock Knock.”

The door opened and Dante stepped in with Leo in his arms. “Mommy! Is my baby here?”

All three parents smiled. Ever since Leo had found out Hermione was pregnant, he had insisted on saying that it was his baby. Harry took Leo from Dante’s arms. “Come on little leo. I’ll hold you because mommy’s hands are full.” He allowed Leo lean over and look at Roman. “His name is Roman Severus Medici.”

Dante smiled. “It’s perfect.” He kissed Hermione on the forehead. ‘It’s a shame Severus or Sirius couldn’t be here. I can’t wait to see their reactions.”

Hermione frowned. “Where are they?”

Harry gave Leo back to his father and picked up Roman. “It’s a full moon love. They’re with Remus. They said they would come visit in few days.” He kissed her. “Why don’t you get some sleep. I’ll go and parade the little guy around to the family.”

Hermione smiled and as she nodded of to sleep she thought about how her life had changed for the better when Harry had entered it and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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