Searching For You

Chapter 3

At the exact moment that James and Sirius were looking for Harry, the boy in question found himself in an unwanted situation.

Harry slowly opened his eyes, blinking away the darkness. He found himself in a large open room, where two men were having a whispered conversation.

“So that’s the boy.”

“Very well done.”

“What’s to be done with him?”

Harry sat very still not wanting them to know that he was awake and could overhear what they were saying. His hand went to his neck and stopped.

The charm. Of course. He placed a hand on his charm and wished with all his might to be with his family again.

Nothing happened.

Harry was starting to grow worried. Why wasn’t the charm working? It seemed though that his movements had caught the attention of the two men who now came over to the bed. Noticing that Harry clung to the charm, the older man gave a laugh.

“Yes…that was indeed a powerful spell. Your mum was always a strong charms master.”

Harry brightened at this. “You know my mum?” He got up and looked up at the old man with a smile. “Can you take me to them?”

The old man gave a sad smile. “Yes…I will take you to them. No worries.”

The man behind the old man sputtered. “But…what…do you realize what I-“

The old man held his hand up and the other one fell silent. Raising his wand the old man pointed it at Harry, “stupefy.” Harry fell to the ground unconscious. He then raised his wand again putting all of his magic into the spell, “Oblivate.”

The old man handed the young child to the other occupant in the room along with an old piece of paper. “Take him away from here.”

The other man took the child and the portkey and they vanished.

When the portkey stopped, the other half of the guilty party found himself in some country abroad. Muttering to himself, “get rid of the child he says, gah…I should just kill him and be done with the whole thing.” He heard something to his right. Someone was coming.


Italy. The portkey had taken him to Italy.

Are you lost? Can I help you?” A young woman had stopped in front of him. Gasping when she saw the child she let out a string of Italian.

Is this your son? Is he hurt? What happened? He looks like death warmed over.”

He held up a hand, “miss…do you speak English?”

She nodded in understanding. “Of course. I asked if this was your son and if he was hurt?”

He shook his head, “I’m afraid not. I found him abandoned on the side of the road, and am unable to take him in, so I was looking for an orphanage.”

She gave a sad smile. “That’s so sad. However I do know of an orphanage. My friend runs it actually. I will take you to it.”

She whipped out a wand.

“You’re a witch!”

She looked put out by that exclamation. “Well of course I’m a witch. Aren’t you a wizard?”

He blushed, “whatever…just take me to the orphanage.”

She offered him her arm, he grabbed it and they vanished from sight. They were deposited in front of a nice but worn down looking villa set in the countryside. The man paused at the gate. He needed to be out of here. He pushed the child into her arms, “look…I brought him here and that’s enough. You can take it from here.” With that said, he backed away before turning tail and running as fast as he could to get away.

The young woman looked at the disappearing figure. “Hmm. Well that was different.” She shrugged her shoulders, and hoisting the young boy, made her way to the front door. She was greeted by numerous children of varying ages, and another young woman who greeted her by name.

“Katherine.” The woman in the door narrowed her eyes at what Katherine was carrying. “Who’s this?”

Katherine set the child down on a sofa. “I don’t know.” She brushed his hair away from his face, frowning at the unusual scar on his forehead. “He was abandoned Melody.”

Melody sighed. She knew Katherine and her heartstrings had been pulled. Katherine was the daughter of a wealthy tycoon and by a string of misfortune had lost the ability to bear children. It was also what caused the two young women to open up an orphanage for lost magical children.

“So…what are you going to do?” Melody asked.

Katherine sighed. She had always wanted to be a mother, but with her accident she would never know the feeling. At this moment the young boy opened his eyes, reveling bright green emerald colored eyes. He rubbed them sleepily and both women nearly melted at the adorable look. He would be a heartbreaker for sure.

Katherine smiled. “Hello. What’s your name?”

The young boy glanced up at Katherine. He frowned, as he couldn’t quite remember his name. His lips started quivering, and Katherine pulled him into her lap. “Hey now…it’s alright little one.”

“But…I don’t know who I am.”

Katherine rubbed circles on his back, soothing him until she noticed that he had fallen asleep. That was it. She had made up her mind. “I’m going to keep him.”

Melody smiled, “what are you going to do about his real family?”

Katherine hugged him close, her protective mother instincts already coming out. “They didn’t want him…I do.”

Melody sighed. “But we don’t know that…he seems to have lost his memory. What happens if he remembers? Will you let him go?”

It was Katherine’s turn to sigh. “I guess…we’ll just cross that bridge when we come to it.”

She looked down at the boy and gave a smile. “Don’t worry little one. I will protect you.” She kissed his cheek, and smiled when he burrowed deeper in her embrace. “From now on your name will be…James Alexander Medici.”

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