Searching For You

Chapter 4

The summer was coming to a close. Aiden Potter looked out from his bedroom window and sighed.

Today was his birthday. He would be sixteen. As always his thoughts wondered to his twin, Harry. That morning after their fifth birthday had been the worst morning of Aiden’s life. He’d woken up, and ran to Harry’s room. Finding it empty he went down to the kitchen and found his parents sitting around the table. He took one look at their faces and somehow just knew. Harry was gone.

Harry had become a sore subject. His dad couldn’t deal with the pain and ended up closing off Harry’s room, not wanting to set foot in the room. His name came taboo. The sad thing…William slowly forgot about his eldest brother and Juniper, his sister didn’t even know.

His life would never be the same. What’s more was that Dumbledore found out what happened and used this to worm his way into the family once more. Aiden couldn’t help but think that the professor had some ultimate motive. Aiden sighed again. After that he had also found out just how the world saw him, and his training started.

His door creaked open. It was his sister Juniper. She took after their mum, with long auburn hair and hazel eyes flecks of green in them. She would be starting her second year…she was a Ravenclaw.

“Mum said that its time to come down.”

Aiden nodded.

Juniper cocked her head, “is something wrong?”

Aiden winced. Sometimes she was just too smart for her own good. He patted her on the head, “nothing you need to worry about.” He led her out the door, “come on…let’s go.”

They made their way down to the dining room. His family had gathered for the celebration. Sirius Black was there talking to his father, along with Remus Lupin. His other uncle, Professor Snape was talking with his mum, and the Longbottoms. Juniper made her way into the backyard, where it looked like the kids had decided to hang.

His mum caught him on the way out. “Happy Birthday.” She kissed his cheek. He allowed it, only because it was his birthday. She took one look at his face and gave him an extra one, as if she knew what he had been thinking.

Aiden joined the group, taking note of who was here. There was his younger brother William, talking with his best friend Regulas Black. That had been a surprise for Uncle Sirius. One of his old muggle girlfriends had gotten pregnant and after finding out that her son could do weird tricks brought him to his father. Of course Sirius being Sirius had never looked back. He doted on his only son, and they had a great relationship. They were both 14 and both were in Gryffindor. His sister had run off to talk to her friends, Mary Longbottom, who was Neville’s sister, and Teddy Lupin-Snape along with his sister Amara Lupin-Snape. Teddy was 13, and was in Slytherin…the family tried not to hold it against him. Amara was eleven and would be starting Hogwarts this year.

Aiden grinned at the other group. His friends were standing over under the shade of the tree and Aiden went over to them. There was Neville Longbottom, Ron and Ginny Weasley, then Hermione Granger. This was his core group of friends, and they were all in Gryffindor.

“Aiden!” This was followed by Ginny throwing her arms around him and giving him the squeeze of life.

He patted her on the back. “Hey Gin.” Ron laughed and pulled his sister off him. “Give him some room to breathe Gin.” To Aiden, “happy birthday mate.”

Neville clapped him on the shoulder, “yeah…happy birthday. But you know what this means?” He got blank looks from the group, “it means that the start of school is coming soon.”

Groans all around. Hermione rolled her eyes, “Neville…really.”

Ron shook his head, “did you see that quiddtich match?”

Aiden winced. That had been one bad match. His father and uncles had been groaning for weeks following the match. He nodded. This got an intense discussion going about the merits of professional quidditch. Most of his friends played for the house, except Hermione, who was afraid of flying.

They were sitting down to dinner when a song came on the wizarding radio. Lily Potter sighed, “Oh…I just love this song.” The soft strains of a piano started, followed by a haunting melody. Alice Longbottom nodded in agreement. “He has the most beautiful voice…don’t you think?”

Lily closed her eyes, enjoying the sad tune. James was confused. Sirius leaned over to nudge him, “better watch out Prongs. Looks like Lily-flower has her eye on someone else.”

James frowned, “what…”

Lily rolled her eyes. These two never grew up. Alice Longbottom answered for her. “Relax James,” to Sirius, “don’t tease.”

“Yeah dad,” commented Regulas Black. “He’s only one of the most famous wizarding musicians around.” All the eyes turned to Regulas who blushed and looked down at the table.

William looked at his best friend, “how would you know that?”

Regulas kept looking down, “well…Elara keeps talking about him. She’s obsessed with him.”

Elara Malfoy was Regulas’s cousin. Being a Malfoy one would think that she would be stuck up, but she was in fact the only Malfoy most people could stand. She was actually very close to her cousin and uncle, a fact that drove her parents and older brother mad. Sirius loved it.

Sirius pursed his lips, “really…hmm. I think its time to have a talk with my little niece.”

Remus rolled his eyes. “Really Sirius. She’s a teenage girl, of course she’s going to like celebrities.”

Sirius coughed, “well just wait until Amara is that age. I can’t wait to see how you two handle it.”

Remus blinked, while Severus coughed and choked on his food. He patted his mouth with his napkin, “she’s only eleven. And if…and if any one is thinking in that way, I’ll just lock her away.”

Lily laughed. “Really Sev. That’s going a bit to far.”

Severus just glared at Lily. “And pray tell what do you think James will do when Juniper reaches that age?”

James growled. “Of course. No one can come within 5 feet of Juniper except her family.”

Juniper blushed, “dad…really.”

Lily only laughed. “This topic has gotten out of hand. We were talking about James Medici.”

Alice smiled, “that’s right. Did you know that he’s only sixteen?”

Hermione gasped. “Did you say James Medici?”

Ginny sighed, “I agree with Elara though…he certainly is dreamy. I wouldn’t mind falling asleep in those arms.”

Ron spat out his food, “Gin…that’s-“

Ginny smirked, “geez. Relax Ron.” She turned to Hermione. “What’s that look for Hermione?”

Hermione was thinking hard. “I know James Medici.”


“No Way!”

Hermione shook her head, “no…not that way. James Medici is a piano prodigy in the muggle world. He’s played at every music hall from New York to London. I didn’t know he was a wizard.”

Alice grinned, “so famous in both the muggle and wizard world. He must be rich.”

The party went on into the late night, and it was nice to sometimes ignore what was happening in the real world and just spend time with family and friends.

James Medici took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and clutched the only thing that calmed him down. A silver necklace with a griffin charm. It was the one thing from his past and it was very important to him. He was performing a special concert in the Roman coliseum and what’s more were the royals sitting in the front row.

No pressure.

His name was called, and he took his place at the grand piano next to the orchestra. He locked eyes with the conductor, who raised his baton and the music started to flow.

The concert went on without a hitch. The applause was monumental and went on for ages. James bowed, lifting a hand to the conductor as well as the orchestra, and then made his way backstage.

His favorite person was waiting for him with a big smile and roses…one Katherine Medici. She was very important to him. The day he had lost his memory, Katherine had taken him in, and given him a name and a home, had adopted him. She was a pretty lady in her late 30’s with golden blond hair, framing a heart shaped face with aquamarine colored eyes.

Mio Bambino.” She kissed him on the cheek. “You did very wonderful out there.”

James accepted the flowers, and kissed her on the cheek. “All thanks to you, dearest mother.” She herself, had been a famous opera singer at one time, but due to an accident had had to turn her back on it. James had loved learning music at a young age, and loved the connection that it gave him and Katherine. He’d already been very good and he couldn’t help but think that it had something to do with his past.


James turned and grinned. That’s right. His best friend Dante Del Luca was walking towards him and grinning like a cat. Dante Del Luca was the eldest son of one of Italy’s old noble wizarding families, so of course his family would be here. He mock bowed to James, “oh great James…we’re not worthy to be in your presence.” James rolled his eyes, but was smiling. That was just how Dante was, and James wouldn’t want it any other way.

James smirked, “Ah…I forgot you would be here.”

Dante sighed. “Better not let Anna-Maria hear that. You know how she is.”

James groaned. Dante’s sister had an enormous crush on him, and he didn’t know how to turn her down without being mean. He grinned. He just had the perfect idea. He only had a moment; he could see the Del Luca family walking towards them. He caught Dante’s eyes, and Dante smirked catching on to James’s idea.

Dante leaned in to whisper in James’s ear placing a hand around his shoulders pulling him in close. “What a bad boy.” James shivered at Dante’s warm breath, and bent forward to lean on the taller boy. “Only with you.”

Dante’s parents rolled their eyes at the antics of the boys, but knew it wasn’t serious. Dante’s father Giovanni Del Luca gave the pair a smile. “James, another fine performance.”

James bowed. “Thank you, Signor Del Luca.”

Dante’s mother Elizabeth kissed James on the cheek. “How many times do we have to tell you to call us by our names. Your family after all.”

Ana Maria was glaring at the two. She pushed forward. “Why are you standing so close together?”

Dante smirked. “Why sister…I would think it would be obvious why we were so close.”

Here, he turned and kissed James on the cheek.

Ana Maria turned to James. “This can’t be serious.”

James shrugged his shoulders, and bent to whisper in Dante’s ear again, running his hand a little lower then should be proper. “Love…I can’t wait until tonight.

Ana Maria turned and ran away. James stepped away from Dante. A slap came from out of nowhere. “James Alexander Medici!”

Ow…mamma It was only a joke.” James rubbed his head, where she had hit him.

Katherine shook her head, “still…there could have been a better way to sort this out.”

Elizabeth Del Luca watched her only daughter walk away. “Maybe it’s better this way.” She turned back to the group, “better to have her think that James swings the other way rather then get her heart broke when he doesn’t return her feelings.”

Katherine bit her lip. The boys were nodding in agreement. “That’s right. She’ll get over it.” James commented. He saw a porter coming over, and bowed to the group. “If you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go make nice with the royals.” He walked over to the porter and was led away to where the royals had waited for him.

The adults bid Dante good night, as he had decided to wait for James. James returned, and walked over to his friend, stretching his neck. Dante laughed, “Come on now. That couldn’t have been all bad.” James just glared. “Speak for yourself. What are you still doing here anyway?”

Dante grinned with an evil glint in his eyes. He only placed his hand on James’ back and steered him towards his baby. A shiny new Italian sports car waited for them. He joined Dante in his sports car and, yes Dante knew how to drive, it was his hidden pleasure and he only learned because he had wanted a sports car and figured he better know all about it so that it wouldn’t be wrecked. James grinned, he knew how this night would end up, and it was just what he needed.

It was the end of summer, and James was looking out the window of his aunt Melody’s villa at the children playing outside.

What’s with the long face?” Melody came to stand next to James. He shook his head, “I don’t know how to tell mamma how I got accepted to study abroad.”

Melody looked startled. “You got in?”

He nodded and showed what he had clenched in his hand. A letter from the esteemed headmaster Dumbledore. She took it and read it. James would only be allowed to stay for a year, but it would be enough.

I take it she doesn’t know that you’re looking for you family.”

He shook his head. “I don’t want to hurt her. She took care of me…but I just can’t help but think that my real family is still out there,” he crossed his arms, “still looking for me.”

Melody sighed and put her arms around his shoulders. “She would be hurt that you’ve kept this from her.”

James nodded. Melody was right. Katherine needed to be told, and soon as it was nearing September 1st.

Keep what from me?” Katherine stood in the doorway. Melody gave James’s shoulder a pat and left the room. Katherine turned her attention to her son, who was looking at the ground.

She stepped in front of him, and placed her fingers under his chin and raised his face so that she could see is eyes. “James…”

I want to go to England.”

Katherine was confused. “Ok…but you go there all the time. What’s so different?”

James sighed. “I want to go to school. I already got accepted.”

Katherine didn’t understand. “What do you mean? What about school at the Italia Magica De Academia? You only have one more year. And where just do you plan on studying? I can’t believe that you went behind my back-“

James put his hands on Katherine’s shoulders. “Please mamma. This could be my one chance to find them.”

Katherine then knew what this was about. James wanted to find his real family. He believed that they lived in England and went to Hogwarts. She closed her eyes. She always knew that this would be a possibility.

Sensing what was going on in Katherine’s mind, James kissed her cheek and took hold of her hands. “No matter what…you’ll always be part of my family. But I have to know…what if they’re still alive and wondering where I am?”

Katherine nodded. She patted his cheek with her hand, “I understand. Go with my blessing.”

A few weeks later, James found himself standing on the platform. Really. What had he gotten himself into? He was going to a strange place where he knew nobody, but where everyone probably knew his name. An arm slugged over his shoulder, followed by a kiss on the cheek. That could only mean one thing.

He turned in surprise. “Dante!” He looked over Dante’s shoulder, “Ana Maria!” He almost sighed with relief. Dante laughed, “can’t let you have all the fun…can we?” Ana Maria came over, crossed her arms, and stuck her nose in the air. She was clearly still mad about Dante and James’s relationship. “Besides…what would you do without us?”

James grinned. “You’re coming with me? How did you manage that?”

Dante shrugged his shoulders, “father arranged it. I think he really just wants us to be bodyguards and protect you from all your fans.”

James laughed, but knew that deep down this would be a year to remember.

James looked around the English platform. A scarlet engine was gleaming on the tracks waiting for the students to board and head towards her destination. He stood in between Dante and Ana Maria, and noticed that people were giving them looks. He looked at his outfit. He was wearing tight jeans, along with a crisp button down shirt paired with a grey vest. Dante was wearing slacks, also paired with a button down shirt but he had on a light blazer. Ana Maria was wearing jeans, with a slightly overlarge shirt, she paired with a jean jacket.

James sighed. “Do you think we stand out much?”

Dante blinked, “stand out?”

James rolled his eyes. He was used to it. They started making their way to the door so they could enter the train when James ran into someone.

He waivered but Dante caught him. “Alexander. Are you alright?”

James nodded. He was going by his middle name in hopes that nobody would recognize him. He offered his hand to the other student who had fallen to the ground. “I’m fine Dante.” He took in the boy at the same time the other boy checked him out. Messy dark hair fell to just below his ears, and deep hazel eyes glanced from beneath a set of grey glasses. “Sorry about that. Sometimes I can just space out and not pay attention to where I’m going.”

Dante caught his eye. James bowed slightly to the other boy. “If you’ll excuse us.” Ana Maria pulled his arm and James had no choice but to follow, his mind pondering how familiar those eyes had looked.

The month of August passed by too quickly for Aiden’s tastes. He spent the remainder of his summer spending time with his friends and his family. Everyone getting ready for the upcoming school year, his dad worked as a professor teaching DADA while his mum taught muggle studies.

September first rolled around, and Aiden groaned, rolling back over to his pillows. It was early…too early.

Aiden eventually pulled himself out of bed, and dressed in a pair of jeans with a causal button down shirt, finishing with a pair of worn in converse. He made his way down to the kitchen for some breakfast. He poured himself some cereal, and sat down to eat. His dad came in and ruffled his hair. “Morning son.”

He nodded and raised an eyebrow. His father laughed and sat down to his own breakfast. “Your brother and sister are still packing…and your mother is talking with Dumbledore about something.”

At that moment his mum came soaring in. “I don’t believe this.” James set down his coffee. “Believe what?”

Lily shook her head. “Apparently besides that other event…Hogwarts will be host to some special students.”

Aiden snorted. Some event was taking place at Hogwarts this year, and it seemed like everyone was in on it. However seeing as his parents were teachers…

James was in disbelief. “Special students?”

Lily nodded, and took a moment to yell up the stairs. “William and Juniper…you better be ready to leave in 15 minutes.” She turned back to the table, “apparently a student from the Academia wished to study abroad at Hogwarts. It came from the minister himself, so Dumbledore couldn’t refuse.”

James coughed. “Really…the Academia. Why would they want to study at Hogwarts?”

Lily shrugged. Aiden was confused. “What’s the Academia?”

Juniper came rushing into the kitchen, “it’s considered one of the best magical schools in the world.” She grabbed an apple, “it’s supposed to be super hard to get into and from what I’ve read it only really capers to the noble families.”

Aiden snorted. “So it’s a school for rich kids?”

James snorted into his coffee, while Lily shook her head. “It might appear so, but Juniper is right. It’s considered a school for very advanced students. The curriculum is twice as hard as Hogwarts.”

Aiden just shrugged his shoulders. He had more important things to worry about. William came in at that moment, and breakfast was finished it was time to get to the platform.

Aiden was standing on the platform, looking for his friends when he saw them standing towards the center. He made his way over to them not really paying attention to what was in front of him. It was this careless way that caused him to run into the body in front of him.

“Oomph!” He fell down to the ground.

“Alexander. Are you alright?” Aiden looked up. The voice that had spoken had a slight accent as if English wasn’t their fist language.

The other boy on the ground waved his friend off. “I’m fine Dante.” He stood up and offered his hand to Aiden, “sorry about that. Sometimes I can space out and not pay attention to where I’m going.”

Aiden took the offered hand, and glanced over the boy in front of him. He was slightly taller then Aiden but not by much. Light golden blond hair fell to his shoulders, and they covered intense green emerald eyes. The one who had spoken was another boy, taller then the first with olive skin, dark hair that also fell to his shoulders. His dark eyes were narrowed at Aiden. The last one was a girl. She must be related to the dark skinned boy, she had the same dark hair that fell to her back in loose waves, and the same dark eyes.

The blond haired boy and the dark haired one shared a glance. “If you’ll excuse us.” With that the three seemed to vanish into the crowed. Aiden just stared after them. There was something familiar about those green eyes, the thought lost he shrugged his shoulders.

Ginny smiled, “who was that? I don’t think I’ve ever seem them before.”

Elara Malfoy nodded. “There was something familiar about the blond haired one though…I wonder.” She grinned. “They were both extremely handsome…right Hermione?” She had caught the girl staring at the blond and knew right then and there that this would be the year that Hermione actually spent time with a boy outside their click.

The train whistled.

Neville nodded his head towards the train. “Come on then…lets go.” They boarded the train and soon it was speeding towards Hogwarts so that a new school year could begin.

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