Searching For You

Chapter 7

Alexander didn’t know what was wrong with Aiden. They’d been getting along fine, and then all of a sudden there was coldness between them. Even his friends had noticed.

Elara sighed at lunch one day. “Who stuck a bee up his bonnet?” She pointed to Aiden who had decided to sit with his brother.

Neville shook his head, “I don’t know. He’s even like this in the dorms.”

Alexander just sat there eating his food quietly. If he thought about it, Aiden had started this treatment the day after he had had his nightmare. Alexander chewed on his thoughts.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” came a quiet voice from beside him.

Alexander turned to see Hermione looking at him with an expression that Alexander couldn’t quite place. Alexander glanced back at Aiden, chewing his lip. He wasn’t so sure. He tuned back into the conversation that had moved on to what would be taking place tonight.

Elara was in an animated discussion with Ron and Neville about the two schools coming for the tri-wizard tournament.

“Ohhh…I’m so excited for tonight. I’ve heard that Drumstrang has some pretty famous people who go there.”

Ron snorted. “Is that all you care about?”

Elara smirked and shared a grin with Neville. “Oh, yeah.” She looked at her fingernails with a blasé air. “What about Luna?

Ron gaped. “Luna…you mean Stephen Luna? He’s only the best seeker in the world.” He looked at her, “why?”

Neville answered for her. “…Because he still goes to school…Drumstrang.”

Ron squeaked. “Lun…Luna is going to be here? As in the flesh?”

Elara nodded. To the great enjoyment of most of the people at the table, Ron fainted.

Ginny rolled her eyes, “geez Ron.”

As Aiden was eating lunch with William and Regulas he couldn’t help but overhear the conversation going on to his right. He inwardly sighed. He knew he was being a dick…but he couldn’t help. For so long he had wished for Harry, and here he was in the flesh, but for some reason he didn’t know him. In all of his wildest dreams this had never occurred to him, the fact that Harry didn’t recognize him, stung Aiden a little.

“Earth to Aiden.”

He glanced up. William was waving his hand in front of his face. He scowled. “What!”

William frowned. “Geez…you don’t have to be so grumpy Aiden.” He grabbed his bag, “for your information, lunch is over.” He walked off with Regulas to class, leaving Aiden alone at the table.

He grumbled something under his breath, grabbed his own bag and headed off to class.

Sirius Black was in a quandary. His best friend had fire called him last night, and had told him some heady stuff. Something about Harry. He sighed and rubbed his forehead. He wasn’t sure what he thought about it. On one hand, finding Harry would be like a dream come true but on the other hand, if something went wrong he wasn’t sure he could go through the pain again.

Hence the quandary.

He sighed. As painful as it was for him, it had to be way more painful for James and Lily. They’d never really gotten over the loss.

He sighed and this time took a sip from his coffee, watching the people of Diagon Ally go by. His eyes caught some women wondering around, looking about as if they were lost. They stopped right next to his outside table at the café.

“Are you ladies lost?”

They both turned. Sirius had just taken a sip of his coffee and nearly spit it back out. Both ladies were beautiful but there was something about the blonde haired one. It fell down her back in pretty loose waves, and he let his eyes roam over her figure. Her blue eyes shined with mirth as if she knew how pretty she was and that she was also enjoying the view.

Yes. This is our first time in Diagon Ally.”

Sirius smirked. Italians. Perfect.

Well then…maybe I can be of some assistance?” He said this in perfect Italian.

Katherine was impressed. She had dragged Melody to London, to check on Alexander, but she really had no idea how to get to the school. She wanted this to be as quiet as possible and going through the ministry would only blow the problem out of the water.

You speak Italian very well. My name is Katherine Medici and this is my friend Melody Ryans.”

Sirius nodded. Wait. Medici. He knew that name. “Alexander Medici is your son.”

She smiled. “You know of him? Then maybe you can help us…we’re trying to see him at Hogwarts.”

Sirius gave them what he thought was his best grin, “well I might just be able to help you out there.”

Katherine grinned right back and switched to English. “Thank you. We greatly appreciate it.”

Sirius got up from the table, and threw some gallons down then bowed and offered his hand. “If you’ll just grab on, I can apprate us to the village right on the edge of Hogwarts.”

They reappeared in front of a candy store called Honeydukes. Sirius waved them inside, and led them to the back room and opened a trap door. He grinned at them, “Hope you ladies like adventure.”

He stepped down, and then beckoned them forward. They found themselves looking at a long and windy passage. Sirius continued talking, “this is a passage way into the school, and me and my friends found it one day while exploring.”

Katherine smiled. “So…you like adventure.”

Sirius just grinned back, making his handsome face light up. Katherine couldn’t help but wonder if he was taken. She was certainly going to have daydreams about this man.

The passage way led them into a corridor of the school, and Katherine and Melody followed Sirius to what appeared to be an office.

Sirius knocked then bellowed through the door. “Yo…Prongs! You in there?”

“Geez Pads,” a voice came before another handsome fellow opened the door. Katherine and Melody both gasped but kept it to themselves. Millions of thoughts were running rampart through Katherine’s head. The most being that this man was almost an exact replica of Alexander before the glamour was cast on him.

“Give me a second,” he turned and said something to another man who must be the teacher’s assistant. Sirius waved, and the man smiled and waved back.

James gestured towards his office. They made their way in and Katherine had to take deep breaths.

Melody placed her hand on Katherine’s shoulder in quiet support. Panic flooded through Katherine, so it was true. His family was really alive. She needed to do something, and fast or otherwise, who knew what would happen.

Katherine realized she was being talked to, so she placed a smile on her face. “How do you do? My name is Katherine Medici.”

James Potter gave a small bow, “My name is James Potter and I’m perfectly fine now that I’ve seen two lovely ladies today…”

Sirius snorted, “Quit while your ahead Prongs. You only think that Lily-flower is the fairest of them all.”

James grinned, “Right you are Pads. Right you are.” He stared at Sirius, “what did you need?”

Katherine spoke, “I wanted to see my son, Alexander.”

James turned around, “Alexander is your son…he’s very talented.”

Katherine gave a sad smile. If only he knew. She had done research on the families of England’s wizarding families, and the Potters were at the top. Not to mention that she knew that James Potter along with Sirius Black had been some of the top aurors back in the day before James retired and went into teaching while Sirius stayed an auror.

If this was the father she could only imagine what he had inherited from the mother.

James stuck his head out the door, asking for a student to go and fetch Alexander Medici.

Alexander was on his way to his last class of the day. A someone tapped him on his shoulder. He turned and saw a timid looking girl, shifting her feet nervously.

“Um…excuse me. Professor Potter wants to see you in his office.”

She said it with a furious blush, and then ran off as if on fire. Alexander just watched, confused as to why he was being summoned. He shrugged his shoulders but made his way to the office anyway. He heard voices coming from inside, and he paused with a smile.

He opened the door with a bang. “Mamma.”

Katherine smiled at her son. “Il mio bello.”

He rushed forward and gave her a big hug, before turning and smiling at Melody. “What are you doing here?”

Katherine frowned. The reason she came was because she had gotten a bad feeling, and that she wanted Alexander to come back to Italy. She sighed. “Alexander…I think you should come back to Italy.”

Alexander stepped back. “No…mamma you promised.”

Katherine sighed again. This was not a conversation she was looking forward to having, but she felt it needed to happen. Alexander was her son, and she would do anything to protect that.

“Alexander James Medici! You don’t understand…something doesn’t feel right, and I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“NO! You don’t understand. I’m not a child anymore, mamma. I know how to take care of myself…if you would just-“

“I know your not a child, but there are things at stake here-“

Alexander snorted. “What things? I told you at the beginning of the year what my intentions were. They haven’t changed. I’m staying whether you like it or not.” With that said, he turned around slamming the door behind him.

James whistled, trying to break the tension in the leftover air. “Well…that was unexpected.”

Sirius glared at James. James didn’t speak Italian but as Sirius did, he had known what was being said, and there was something bigger happening here. “Have some tact…will you.” He nodded his head towards the two women, Melody having moved over to Katherine’s side offering comfort.

James rolled his eyes. Like Sirius was any better.

Katherine wiped her eyes. She looked at Sirius, “please, if you could not tell anyone what we talked about?”

Sirius nodded. “I’ll be as silent at the grave.” He shifted from side to side, “I know it’s not my place to say anything…but if you’d like to stay in London…I have plenty of rooms…”

Katherine was in shock. She of course knew who Sirius Black was, a top-notch auror as well as the Lord of the Most Noble and Ancient house of Black. She didn’t know what to say.

Melody touched her shoulder, “I think this is best, Kat. I can take care of the orphanage.”

Katherine hesitated for a moment before shaking her head in agreement, “very well. Thank you Lord Black.”

Sirius offered them his arm, “Please…call me Sirius.”

James snorted. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Old Pads was finally making a move. He couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

Sirius smirked, he knew what James was thinking and well he wouldn’t deny it, “don’t you have somewhere to be Prongs?”

James cast a tempus and cursed. Sirius was right. He rushed out the door as he heard Sirius laughing behind him.

Alexander was breathing hard as he ran, barely taking notice that the halls were mostly empty. In his anger he didn’t notice anyone in front of him until it was to late.

“Whoa there.”

Alexander sagged in relief. It was Dante. He clutched Dante’s shirt and rested his head on Dante’s chest.

Dante was concerned, “Alexander?”

He shook his head, so Dante just rubbed circles up and down Alexander’s back. He knew that Alexander would talk when he was ready.

Alexander straightened and wiped his face. Dante was quiet and waited. He slugged his arm around Alexander’s, “all better?”

Alexander smiled, “yeah…thanks Dante.”

Dante laughed, and pushed Alexander forward. “Now I don’t know if you noticed but we are supposed to be out front and we are now late.”

Alexander panicked, “Aghh! Your right.” He grabbed Dante’s hands and started running. “Let’s go.”

They sneaked into the crowd of waiting students, Alexander grinning as his eyes caught his fellow Gryffindors. His grin was quickly shut off when Dante whispered in his ear, “you do realize that Raylen Monet will be here.”

Alexander groaned. He had forgotten about Raylen. Another childhood friend, she went to Beauxbatons. She was his musical rival and she had some obsessive desire to make Alexander her’s, plus she hated Ana Maria. He scowled while Dante only laughed.

Alexander was about to make a quick retort when a first year yelled, “something’s coming.”

All eyes turned to the sky and sure enough, soon a light blue carriage came into view. It landed; the students barely had time to glimpse the logo when the door burst open to revel Madame Maxine.

She got out of the carriage and was followed by a group of about seventeen females all dressed in light blue travel robes. Alexander inwardly grinned. Of course all the females just had to be exceptionally beautiful. He was sure that he could almost see the drool coming out of all the boy’s mouths.

Dumbledore strode forward. “Ah…Madame Maxine. I trust your journey wasn’t too bad.”

Madame Maxine offered her hand, “Dumbledore…how kind of you to ask and no the journey wasn’t that bad.”

He took her hand and kissed the back, “will you be waiting for Kararoff or would you like to go on inside?”

“Inside.” She waved her students forward, “as for my steeds they require single malt whiskey. Make sure you get them this.”

Dumbledore smiled, “as you wish, I’ll make sure to tell our gamekeeper.”

She nodded and then headed inside with her students. As they passed Alexander caught the eye of Raylen, who seemed surprised to see him, before she glared and tossed her head.

Alexander closed his eyes, cocked his head and gave her a stiff smile. Dante watched in amusement, “this is going to be interesting.”

It was a few moments later when a commotion came from over by the lake. All the heads turned, a mast appeared followed by the rest of the ship. It pulled up to the lakebed, and a gangplank lowered. The headmaster Kakaroff was first followed by his students, who were wearing robes of blood red.

Dumbledore greeted him as he disembarked, “Kakaroff…so good to see you with your students.”

Kararoff grumbled, “Dumbledore.”

He waved his students forward and pushed past Dumbledore. Dumbledore just smiled and followed them towards the front doors. Alexander smiled at his friends and waved them on ahead, while he held back with Dante. Ana Maria came up to them, “I can’t believe that tart is here.”

Both Dante and Alexander laughed. Dante reached out and put his arm around his sister’s shoulders, “that’s only because you and her are exactly alike and thus can’t stand to be near each other.”

She crossed her arms, “I am NOT at all like that tart.” She tossed her head, “don’t even suggest such a thing.”

Alexander came up beside her as well, “don’t worry. As you know, Dante is the only one for me.” He rotated to stand next to Dante, “right?”

Dante grinned, and kissed his cheek, “of course amore.”

The moment they came through the doors, Alexander was greeted by an armful of girl that was all Raylen.

“Alexander. I didn’t know you would be here. Why aren’t you at the Academia?”

She stopped her string of questions to turn her attention to the Del Luca siblings. “Dante, how wonderful to see you.” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek, “and you as well Raylen.”

She narrowed her eyes at Ana Maria, “Ana Maria…I see you’re here as well.”

Ana Maria glared, clenched her fists and turned to walk over to her table, ignoring Raylen.

Raylen exhaled noisily, “really. She still has such bad manners.”

Dante frowned, “Ray…you’re my friend but please don’t insult my sister in front of me…it makes me angry.”

She protested, “but…Dante-“

Alexander cut in, “that’s right Ray. She’s someone who we care about the same as you…so watch it.”

She humphed, and strode off to sit with her classmates.

Dante shrugged and went to sit next to the same blond Alexander had seen him sitting with on few occasions. Alexander did the same, heading off to the lion’s table.

Elara was grinning, “you know Raylen Monet?”

Alexander nodded. “Of course…we’re childhood friends.” He paused and rubbed his chin, “then there’s always Stephen Luna, he’s also a childhood friend.”

Elara nodded shakily. Of course they would be childhood friends. She inwardly sighed, sometimes life was so unfair.

As dinner was finishing up, Dumbledore got up to make the announcement. “As you all know, tonight is the start of the tri-wizard tournament. Each school has brought forth plenty of capable candidates,” he clapped his hands and the doors burst open. Filch came running in carrying something in his arms. He got to the front and set it down in front of Dumbledore. He tapped the box, and it opened to revel an ornate huge goblet that he ignited into blue flames. “This will be the judge that picks the representative for each school. As there have been accidents in the pass only 6th years and above can enter. You all have until next Friday to put your names in…may the best win.”

Neville leaned in, “so…you going for it?”

Alexander thought about it then shook his head. “No…I’m not really a student of Hogwarts and its not like I really need the money.”

He looked over at Neville, “how about you?”

They got up to head to the common room. Neville sighed, “I might. Although I’m not sure I’ll get picked. It’s probably going to be Aiden.”

Alexander shrugged his shoulders but didn’t say anything. When they got back to the common room, Alexander headed straight up to his bed, closed the curtains and went to sleep, thinking about the day.

The week flew by, and by the end of it, most everyone knew who had put his or her name in the goblet. Aiden sighed, not really in the mood to be working on homework. He’d spent the past week avoiding Alexander and knew the boy was confused as to why.

Aiden hit his head on the table, cursing himself. If it was true and Alexander was Harry then he should be jumping at the chance to know his brother. What really stuck him as odd was that Alexander didn’t know him…didn’t recognize him. To Aiden that showed that someone had played with his memories, and that made Aiden mad.

He clenched his fists as an idea came to him. Hermione. She was smart and great at research. All he had to do was ask, Hermione to help research memory spells and how to break them. He stood up and gathered his things, and ran out to find the girl in question.

However he wasn’t able to get her alone until after dinnertime. “Hermione…” he squeezed down next to her at the dinner table. “I’ve got to talk to you.”

Hermione was about to respond when the hall got quiet as the goblet was brought forward. “We’ll talk afterwards.”

Aiden nodded and sighed, resolved to wait until later.

Dumbledore stepped forward and a hush came over the student body. The fire in the goblet turned red and spat out a piece of parchment. Dumbledore caught it and read the name, “The champion for Beauxbatons will be…Raylen Monet.”

The girl in question got up from the Ravenclaw table and made her way towards the front. Dumbledore beckoned her to the side where a room waited, she went in and soon the hall grew quiet once more.

Another piece of parchment. “The champion for Drumstrangs will be…Stephen Luna.”

Stephen Luna excused himself from the Slytherin table, and made the same march as Raylen.

Anticipation was all over Hogwarts as the students waited to see who would be the Hogwarts champion. “The champion for Hogwarts will be…Aiden Potter.”

Aiden swallowed and stood up nervously. His feet didn’t seem to be moving, but he could see Hermione waving him forward so he had no choice but to head towards the head table. Dumbledore gave him a tight smile, and waved him to the room. He was about to enter when a cry of shock caused him to turn around.

The flames had gone red again, and spat out another piece of parchment. Dumbledore frowned but caught it. “…Alexander Medici.”

Alexander was in shock. He definitely had not put his name in the goblet. Everyone was looking at him. He glanced at Hermione and Elara and shook his head that he didn’t do this. They just stared at him, and when the silence became almost too much to bear, Hermione waved him forward.

He got up and made his way nervously to the front. Man…his mother would not be happy about this, but he had to compete. A binding magical contract was in place the moment his name had come out of the goblet.

He met Aiden at the door who was staring at Alexander. Alexander gave a strained smile, “well…should we go in?”

Aiden just nodded, and they both entered at the same time. Alexander had been prepared for a blow up but what had perspired had blown his expectations way out of the water.

Later that night Alexander couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened so he was looking out the window. He sighed and his hand went up to his necklace and he started to softly hum.

Aiden couldn’t sleep and stretched. He paused as he heard Alexander humming. He quietly opened his curtains and tiptoed over to Alexander at the window. His eyes caught a glint of silver and he choked on his breath.

If he needed any more solid proof. It was staring him right in the face.

His hand went up to his own necklace, this charm in the shape of a lion. He closed his eyes and counted to ten. It was now or never. He opened his eyes and walked forward to sit in front of Alexander.

His eyes bore into those deep emerald green eyes not once breaking eye contact. How stupid could he be? It was staring at him right in the face. Only three people had this color of eyes, his mum, his sister and…Harry.

He leaned forward and placed his head on Alexander’s. Even more he was determined to bring his brother back. His hands came up and cupped Alexander’s face, and Aiden couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Softly he spoke, “I promise to bring you home…Harry.”

Alexander stopped humming as Aiden sat down in front of him. He was about to say something but stopped at the look on Aiden’s face. Something inside of Alexander was breaking at that look and he couldn’t look away. He waited with baited breath as Aiden leaned forward to place his forehead on Alexander’s, and he couldn’t help but let out a small gasp as his hands cupped his face.

Even though Alexander didn’t know Aiden all that well, weirdly enough he didn’t mind the closeness. Softly, so soft that Alexander almost didn’t hear it, Aiden spoke. “I promise to bring you home…Harry.”

With that said Aiden quickly moved away back to his bed before Alexander could even ask whom Harry was.

Meanwhile over in an old run down manor, a sleazy rat like man was speaking. “My lord…it has been done.”

“Well done, Wormtail,” came a voice as cold as ice. It continued to speak, “my plan is going perfectly…soon I shall have a new body and no one will be able to stop me.”

It waved the rat man away. “Go and send a message to our accomplice at Hogwarts.” Wormtail scurried out as fast as he could to do his master’s bidding.

“Hmm, come Nagini,” the voice spoke to its pet snake Nagini. The giant snake climbed up into the lap of the chair making herself at home. “So I’ve found you at last Harry Potter.”

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