Searching For You

Chapter 9

“What confession?” Sirius repeated his question.

Katherine looked away. She didn’t want to have this conversation right now. The information she had could only hurt in the end.

“Look Sirius…I promise I’ll tell you in time, but right now I just can’t.” She pleaded with her eyes, hoping that Sirius would receive the message she was sending.

Sirius sighed. “Fine. When you’re ready to tell me, then I’ll be ready to resume this relationship.” He left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Katherine was in disbelief. It was undeniable how close Sirius had come to mean to her in the short amount of time they had been together. It felt like she had known him all her life, and it hurt.

Days went by and it only continued to get awkward between them. Sirius was just as nice as ever, but underneath Katherine could tell that her secret was standing between them and happiness.

Katherine was starting to crack.

It was one evening when the secret started to crack.

It was dinnertime. Katherine and Sirius were eating in silence. She couldn’t take it anymore. She set her fork down, “Sirius.”

He glanced up from his dinner, “what?”

Katherine was about to reply when suddenly the fireplace shot up with flames. “Sirius…Pads…come quick!”

It was the head of James Potter. Sirius was on his feet in a flash. “What happened? Are the kids all right? Is it Remus…or Lily…or is it…”

James shook his head. “I can’t tell you over the fire. Just come through…and bring Katherine as well.”

With that said, James’ head disappeared with a pop. Sirius took one look at Katherine, “come on. Lets get to Hogwarts.”

The weeks after the first task were going well for Alexander. The second task wasn’t until the first week of February so he had some time to relax and figure out the egg clue. He grimaced. He would first have to make it through the…Yule ball. Ugh! He could just see it now…all the commotion. He would have to pick a date soon and fast or otherwise, no one would leave him alone.

“Yo, Alexander!”

He turned. It was Aiden Potter. Another thing that baffled him was his growing closeness to Aiden Potter. Alexander couldn’t explain it. Somehow, when they were together it, felt right.

He smiled. “Hey Aiden.”

Aiden slung an arm over his shoulders. “Look…Stephen and I were looking to have a little quidditch fun.”

Alexander grinned. Stephen and Aiden were also becoming fast friends, bonding over the sport. Put those two together and you would have a force to be reckoned with.

“He says you play?” Aiden looked put out at the thought. “How come I didn’t know that?”

Alexander smirked. “That’s because you didn’t ask. And yes…I would love to get out there and play some radical quidditch.”

Aiden paused. “Radical?”

Alexander smirked mischievously, “oh, didn’t you know? That’s how Stephen plays off the field.”

He kept walking forward, leaving behind a purely baffled Aiden. “Hey…wait up!”

They soon found themselves outside. The players consisted of Alexander, Aiden, Stephen and surprisingly Neville. When asked where Ron was, Alexander found out he had a detention while Dante and the girls would be watching the action from the stands.

Aiden looked over the four, “alright. How about we play two on two? Alexander can play with Stephen and I’ll play with Neville.”

Alexander and Stephen shared glances. Aiden frowned, “what?”

Alexander shrugged, while Stephen laughed. “It’s your funeral.”

Neville frowned as well. “Maybe we should switch. How about you play with Alexander and I’ll play with Stephen.”

Heads nodded their agreement. They shuffled around until they were standing by the right teammate. Alexander and Stephen shared another glance before each boy smiled and nodded their heads. “Well…I’m sure you know the standard rules of quidditch. However, we like to play what we call radical quidditch. It’s a little like normal quidditch but with a few key differences.”

Neville grimaced. “Like what differences?”

Stephen spoke up. “Like…playing upside down.”

“What!” Exclaimed both Aiden and Neville. “You can’t play upside down.”

Alexander smirked. “Sure you can…just twirl your broom around.”

Aiden sighed. “What else?”

“Then there’s the quaffle. When throwing the quaffle, you have to shout out your most inner secret…however since your new at this, only when your aiming to score. You don’t have to shout when throwing to your teammate.”

Aiden and Neville frowned. It had been their idea in the first place so they would have to see it through, but this game of quidditch was turning into a nightmare.

“Fine.” Both boys agreed.

They walked to the center of the pitch where the balls were waiting and mounted their brooms. Aiden went to open the chest and both the snitch and the bludgers shot out. He grabbed the quaffle and threw it up into the air and the game was on.

After casting warming charms, they took a seat. Soon the boys were on their brooms and in the air.

Elara was perplexed. “What kind of game of quidditch are they playing?”

Ginny narrowed her eyes, “are they playing upside down?”

“What?” shouted Hermione. Ginny pointed her finger, “check for yourself.”

Hermione glanced upwards and her jaw dropped. They were indeed playing upside down. “That’s…”

Dante laughed. “That’s just how Stephen and Alexander like to play. Of course they also like to add in one more element, that usually involves the quaffle…they call it radical quidditch.”

Ana Maria shook her head. “Stupid boys.”

Dante laughed again, enjoying the reactions of the girls. They were quite funny and he couldn’t help but smile.

The game continued for some time when finally they landed. All four were red faced but laughing with smiles.

“That was the best game of quidditch I’ve ever played,” weezed out Aiden between laughs and trying to breath. It had been a little strange at first, but he soon got the hang of it and had started enjoying the game. He couldn’t help but notice that he and Alexander had flown seamlessly together, as if they knew what the other one was thinking.

Neville grinned. “That was quite a different experience, that’s for sure.”

Alexander clapped his hand on Stephen’s shoulder. “See. What did I tell you? I told you they would like it.”

Stephen rolled his eyes but with a smile. “Yeah, yeah. You were right again Alexander.”

The peanut gallery interrupted them.

“That was totally wicked.” Elara spoke as she walked up to the boys.

“Where did you learn to fly like that?” Asked Ginny.

Alexander shrugged. “It just comes naturally.”

“Well guys, it was really fun playing with you but now I’ve got some herbology homework,” Neville said. He swung his broom over his shoulder, and walked off the field.

He winked at Ana Maria, who blushed. She stood up as well, “I’ve just remembered…that I also have herbology.” She ran off before it could register with Alexander and Dante.

Dante raised his eyebrows. “Well, Alexander. I do believe that we just found some dirt on miss Ana Maria.”

Alexander grinned. “I do believe your right, Dante.”

Both boys couldn’t keep the evil grins off their faces, and everyone could tell there would be serious teasing going on for those two.

One evening Alexander was in the library. Open in front of him were charts and books that detailed old British families. He was making his way down the alphabet and was currently in the P section.

His breath caught and his eyes widened as a memory clearer then anything he’d ever remembered hit.

Holding his mum’s hand they walked, and Harry didn’t know which direction to look in. His eyes caught something and he tugged at his mum’s sleeve. She stopped, and glanced down at Harry.

“Do you want to go in?” Harry shook his head, only pointing to something in the window. She followed his finger, to see that he was pointing to a stuffed griffin. She smiled, “do you want to get that?”

A smile spreading on his face was all the answer that Lily needed. They left the store shortly with Harry keeping a tight grip on his new griffin. William as well was clutching a stuffed bear.

They finally caught up with the others in Quality Quiddtich Supplies. Aiden was running all over exclaiming his excitement for this and that. Harry ran up to his dad, wanting to show his new toy.

“Look what I got.”

James glanced down and smiled. “What’s this?”

“This is Godric,” Harry commented. James ruffled Harry’s hair, “a griffin for my little griffin.”

At that moment Aiden ran up to Harry and threw himself at his twin talking in long-winded sentences. “Harrydidyouseethenewbroom?ItgoessofastandIbetitssofuntoride,plusIgotthissnitchtopracticewith.We’regoingtohavesomuchfun…”

He practically fell out of his chair. It couldn’t be. He flew out of his chair to the section where old newspapers would be. His hands quickly found the year 1985 and he pulled out all the old prophets. January, February, April…August.

His eyes scanned the prophet. Until they stopped on one headline…it was all he needed to know.

What Happened to the Oldest Potter Child?

A picture was beneath the article of a young child of five with messy black hair and bright green eyes.

His eyes.

The paper fell out from his hands. Were the Potter’s his family? It would explain so much as to why he felt comfortable around the family. He remembered the glances that Aiden had been giving him. Did he know? Was that why Aiden’s eyes always seemed to hold a sadness when they looked at Alexander.

His thoughts turned to his mother. Did she know? And if she did why did she keep him, rather then return him to his real family? He didn’t know what to do with all these thoughts. He needed air. He ran out of the library.

Lily Potter was looking for a book for some advanced studies in charms. It was late, and she figured not many students would be in the library at this time. She nodded to Madame Pince and made her way to the section that she was looking for. She stopped though as she caught sight of a soft light. Hmm, strange…Lily thought. All the students should be in their common rooms.

She motioned to the librarian, “have all the students left for the night?”

Madame Pince pursed her lips. “I haven’t seen a student in hours. Why?”

“I saw a light coming from over there,” Lily pointed it out.

Madame Pince sped away to investigate. Lily followed. Looking around she noticed that the person had charts, books and notes on old British families. She stepped closer; noticing that whoever had been here had stopped on the Potters. Their lineage was displayed from the beginning until the current heir. Her breath caught at the name displayed on a piece of paper…Alexander Medici.

Moving further down the aisle, she came across a bunch of old daily prophets strewn across the floor. She bent down to pick one up and gasped. It was the one that had come out the day after Harry had been discovered missing.

Book forgotten, Lily ran out the room. She didn’t stop until she had slammed the doors to her living chambers startling James.

“Lily?” James stood up, reaching out his arms in a placating manner. “Are you alright? Do I need to get Severus?”

Lily could only nod. James placed the fire call and both waited for the men to appear. Soon a soft knock came at the door, and it opened to revel Remus and Severus.

“What’s with the late night house call?” Severus asked. This question was directed to James who only shook his head, and looked at Lily. She took several calming breaths, “…I was right.”

Silence. Each man knew what she was talking about without having to have her explain.

“What?” James was stunned. His knees were shaking and he plopped down on the sofa.

Severus wasn’t sure. “How are you so sure?”

Lily came forward. “I was in the library looking for a book when I noticed a light coming from the end of a aisle. Madame Pince and I went to go check it out and his stuff was lying all over the table.”

Remus shook his head, “that doesn’t mean that he’s Harry.”

Lily shook her head. “Let me finish. He was looking over British families and he had stopped on the Potters…also the old prophet was lying on the floor next to the table.”

Severus and Remus were quiet. James stood up, “I need Sirius.” He strode over to the fireplace, threw down the floo powder and stuck his head yelling, “Sirius! Pads…come quick.”

There were a few minutes of muffled conversation when James removed his head from the fireplace, and waited. Sirius came through the fireplace, followed by Katherine Medici.

Lily tensed. If she was right, and she usually was then this was the woman who had raised her son. Although, Lily wasn’t sure why she hadn’t taken him to the proper authorities. Why had she kept her son? Didn’t she know that he had family who loved and missed him?

Katherine prayed to whoever was watching up above. This was it. She had to tell her story. These people would forever hate her afterwards and would take her son away as was their right.

“Well…what’s the problem Prongs?” Sirius crossed his arms over his chest as he waited.

Though it was Lily who spoke. “We found Harry.”

Sirius wasn’t sure he had heard right. “Excuse me…what did you say?”

Severus growled, “Stupid mutt…she said they think they found Harry.”

Sirius joined James on the sofa, stunned. “Wha…Harry? How?”

“I think he’s that new kid…Alexander Medici.”

Sirius’s head shot up and his eyes locked with Katherine’s. The rest followed his gaze and soon everyone was staring straight at the woman.

“…I’m so sorry.” Katherine said softly.

That one sentence and everyone knew it was true.

James was angry and confused all at the same time. “If what your saying is true then why didn’t you know? Harry’s disappearance was all over the news…you should have known. Harry was our son…and…” He broke down at the end, placing his face in his hands, not even trying to hold back his tears. Sirius waved Lily back, and pulled James into a brotherly hug.

“You do realize that this could be considered counting as kidnapping,” drawled Severus from behind Katherine.

“Please…just hear me out,” Katherine pleaded.

Lily couldn’t help but feel sorry for the woman. Something must have happened in her past to make her want to keep someone else’s child. She came forward and placed her hand on Katherine’s shoulder. “It will be okay…just please…tell us.”

Katherine nodded, and everyone found a seat to get comfortable. “I guess I should start back at the beginning. When I was young I was engaged to a young man that my parents had set me up with. We were young, and in love.” She crossed her arms around herself, lost in the pain of the memories. “However, it all came crashing down on us. We were driving to a performance one day when…when we were hit by an incoming car.”

Lily gasped. She was unable to hold back the tears at what had happened to this young woman. James pulled her close and simply held her against him.

Katherine took a shaky breath. “My fiancé was killed and I was damaged to the point that magic couldn’t help. I lost my ability to perform and I was left unable to bear children. Suffice to say I felt my life was ruined…I felt I had no reason to live anymore.”

Remus nodded in understanding. Sometimes that’s how he felt after his transformations, but thankfully he found Severus who helped him get over that heavy dark feeling.

“My friend Melody decided to take action. She convinced me to help open an orphanage. It was only a start but it helped. A couple of years after we started the orphanage I was out for a walk when I came across a man with a child in his arms.”

Lily grabbed James’s arms and tightened her hold. Sirius’s hands were clenched into fists, while Remus and Severus had their arms crossed over their chests with frowns on their faces.

“We made light conversation. He described how he came to acquire the child, he was looking for an orphanage, and he found out I knew a place, so we walked together until we came to the gate. I was ready to walk in when he stopped, and just pushed the child into my arms and said to take him. I watched him run away and vanish out of sight, when I noticed the young boy starting to wake. I took him inside and set him on the sofa, explaining to Melody what had happened when his eyes opened. When we questioned him, he couldn’t remember who he was…”

It was like a light bulb went off in James’s head. “The oblivation spell…someone erased Harry’s memories.”

Remus frowned deeper, “why would someone want to erase Harry’s memories? It makes no sense.”

Lily was bewildered. “What about the charm? Wouldn’t that have activated?”

Severus answered, “someone must have also deactivated the charm…which means we’re dealing with someone powerful enough to break through the layers of spells you put on the charms.”

Lily gasped. “But we only know one person powerful…”

The men nodded grimly. Sirius hissed, “Dumbledore.”

“I don’t understand. Why would he go to such lengths to get Harry away from us?”

James ground out through his teeth. “Don’t you remember Lils…he wanted to get rid of Harry ever since that night. He planned for someone to kidnap Harry that day in the ally then he got rid of the evidence…by sending Harry to a country where no one knew.”

He gestured for Katherine to continue. They could talk later about what to do with the scheming old coot.

“We contacted the authorities, but they couldn’t really do anything and with his memories gone…somewhere along the way I had come to sense something about the little boy, he had wormed his way into my heart.”

She smiled as she remembered life’s precious moments. She would have to pull them so they could look in a pensive, it would be the least she could do.

“As I was unable to have children, I decided to adopt the boy, who became Alexander James Medici.”

“But he has blond hair…and I know for a fact that Harry had a scar on his forehead in the shape of a lighting bolt,” spoke James.

Katherine nodded. “Glamour’s have always been my specialty, so he wears a bracelet that carries a permanent glamour that hides the scar and changes his hair to blond. He never takes the bracelet off.”

At this Katherine broke down in tears. “I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry.” Sirius got up from the sofa and put his arms around her. He hadn’t expected this to be the confession she was hiding.

Lily was in tears as well. She turned to James, “our baby’s alive.” James nodded and hugged his wife close. After all these years they had finally found Harry.

Even with this great news, Severus knew better. “I think you should keep this a secret a little longer.”

Protests arose from everyone.



“My baby!”

Severus held up his hand for silence. “Think about it…do you want Dumbledore to notice you getting close with Alexander. He’ll be bound to figure that Alexander is Harry and who knows what he’ll do.”

Remus nodded. “Sev is right. We should use this time to figure out how to break the memory spell.”

Lily bit back a protest but she could see the reasoning behind it. She just wanted to get to know her baby boy. Katherine gave a sad smile as if she knew what Lily was thinking. “If you’d like…I can show you his growing up years.”

Lily glanced at her with a glittery sheen to her eyes. “Really?”

Katherine nodded, wiping the tears from her own eyes. “It’s the least I can do.”

Lily smiled, “I’d like that.”

For the parents the evening passed in remembering fond memories and creating new ones.

Aiden was getting more and more frustrated. He couldn’t come up with a single idea to help get Harry’s memory back. He thought back to when they had played quidditch. Together they had flown seamlessly, like they’d been playing together for years.

His mind drifted to another problem. Earlier in class McGonagall had told the class of the Yule ball being held over the Christmas holidays. All Aiden had to do was find a date…ugh! He hated dancing.

He had just made it to the common room when the door slammed open and Hermione ran by, and from what Aiden could see she had been crying. Aiden sighed. Ron could be insensitive sometimes. He walked over to the fireplace in time to see Ron storm off as well. He glanced at Elara and Ginny. “What happened?”

Ginny frowned. “That stupid git of a brother basically said that Hermione would never get a date for the ball which meant that she should go with him.”

Elara blew her tongue out. “Ron can be a dick.”

Aiden sighed and plopped down on the sofa. Elara giggled. “Tough day Aiden.”

Aiden barked out a laugh. “That’s an understatement.”

“Hmm. I wonder what’s wrong with Alexander?”

Aiden sat up and looked at Ginny. “What?”

She pointed. “He just walked in and looked about ready to break.”

Alexander was running. His thoughts were all over the place. His past, present and future. Was he really Alexander Medici or was he Harry Potter? Would there even be room in the family for him? Had the Potter’s moved on without him? Then there was his mother. He couldn’t just up and leave her, but he wanted the chance to get to know his real family.

He was so distracted by his thoughts that he didn’t see the person until it was too late.

“Ow,” Hermione sniffed.

Alexander shook his head. “Hermione?” He peered at her face closer, noticing the tear streaks and the red eyes. “What happened?”

Hermione sniffed and shook her head. Alexander wouldn’t have that though, and pulled the girl into his arms. Hermione stiffened when she realized what was happening. She allowed herself to be enfolded into Alexander’s arms, soaking up the warmth and protection that she could feel.

“Hermione…”Alexander had his own problems but he couldn’t find it in himself to leave her alone. In his experience’s usually one reason left a girl this upset and it usually involved a boy. He pulled back and gently lifted her face to meet her eyes.

He smiled. “Don’t take to heart what anyone says.”

Hermione’s eyes widened. How did Alexander know just what to say even without knowing the problem. He went on. “Your beautiful and I would love for you to come to the ball with me.”

Hermione was stunned. “What? Alexander…”

He grinned. “I’m waiting.”

Hermione looked down at the ground, biting her lip thinking it over. She glanced back up at Alexander and nodded her agreement.

“Perfect.” He kissed her cheek. “If you could please keep it a secret. I think it would be most exciting to see people’s faces in person.”

Hermione laughed. She could do that and she had to agree. She would love to see Ron’s face when she showed up at the ball with Alexander.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. You’ll be fine and remember what I said.”

She nodded and watched Alexander walk off, as her hand went to her cheek feeling the place where he had kissed her. She blushed. Obviously he swung both ways.

The closer he got to the common room his thoughts grew more and more jumbled and worrisome. He didn’t even acknowledge anyone in the common room just making his way to the dorms.

He sat down on the window seat looking out on the grounds. He placed his face on his knees. He felt lost. Did he want to upset his life to make a new one? He thought about the Potters. There was Lily and James, William and Juniper, and knowing the Potter’s brought them extended family like the Blacks and Snape-Lupins.

Then there was Aiden.

He had never told this to Katherine, but he had always felt like something was missing from his life. Almost like there was a hole in his heart. He couldn’t keep the tears from flowing.

Aiden opened the door quietly. Alexander was sitting in his favorite spot by the window with his knees pulled close and his head bent down. He heard sniffles, which could only mean that Alexander was crying.

His heart clinched tight. Something was telling him that Alexander needed him. He walked over and gently touched his shoulder.

Alexander was startled when he felt the touch on his shoulder. He peered up to see Aiden looking at him. He didn’t say anything and he didn’t need to. He simply sat down next to Alexander and gathered him close.

That night brother and brother fell asleep, holding each other close for the first time in eleven years.

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