Two Souls, One Heart

What Goes Around

Everything comes around...

Bringing us back again...

Here is when we start...

And here is where we end...

The group made their way through the damp and dim underground tunnel by the light of Jessica’s candle, all flanked close behind one another, desperately trying not to trip over each other’s feet.

“Where does this lead too?” Cathy wheezed, letting out a choking cough, her lungs full of soot and ash.

“Godric’s house...” Holly muttered. Her voice trailed off, her mind was inattentive with the cumbersome task of navigating the three-mile journey on only faded memories. She hadn’t been in the tunnels for over forty-five years.

Alcide’s thoughts were preoccupied also, he worried about his best friend Marcus and prayed his pack taught the attacking wolves a lesson. But his gut told him otherwise. If his charges had survived, they would have caught up with him by now. He’d see to it that whoever did this would certainly suffer in return. After an hour-long traverse in the festering tunnels, the group finally arrived at the hidden chamber in Godric’s guest house basement. Alcide was not sure if it was safe at Godric’s residence, but there was really no place else to go. He couldn’t imagine gathering all of the girls comfortably into his small one bedroom house. So he sent Hoyt and Tommy out to sniff around, making sure Godric’s house was safe. When they gave him the signal that all was clear, Alcide let out a heavy sigh. Inside the house, there was no trace of Godric. The entire mansion was empty; only faint traces of the intrusive vampires lingered in the air. The wolf immediately phoned Eggs.

Unfortunately, Franklin answered. “We’re busy, mutt.” The impish-vamp had snatched the phone from his younger brother while pushing the speakerphone icon so that all could hear.

“Fuck you fanger...The wolf groused back at the rude vampire.“The Coven was set on fire, destroyed by a New Orleans pack.”

“Oh- Goddess..!” Naomi yells out in the background.

“I’m sorry Naomi; some of the girls didn’t make it out. Godric may be in trouble too, vampire authorities barged in and arrested him.” Alcide replied.

“DAMN IT Alcide, what about Mavis?” The Asian woman beseeches while shuddering with hysteria.

The beautiful witch had stumbled upon her now adopted daughter two years ago at her favorite French Quarter coffee shop, Café Du Monde. Naomi noticed the girl teleporting from shop to shop stealing treats. Naomi assumed the timid little girl, who looked to be about 5 years old at the time, had recently been abandoned. Naomi had diligently checked and the youth was not listed in any missing child’s registries. She was sure the girl’s parents were afraid of her because of her teleporting ability. Naomi decided to name the little girl who stole her heart Mavis, after the first innocent witch killed in the Salem witch hunts.

Alcide glanced over at the adorable little girl sitting on Jessica’s lap and warmly smiled. “She’s fine; we’re here at Godric’s. But Willa, she was taken earlier tonight.”

Naomi lowered her eyes in unabashed shame. She realized how selfish she sounded; only asking about her daughter and not the others.

Abruptly the cellular began to cut out due to the bad connection in the isolated bayou area. Hoping the wolf could still hear him, Eggs replied, “Thank you Alcide, we’ll be there as soon as possible.” He then snatched his phone away from Franklin and released the call.

Naomi immediately began to dial Tara’s number on her phone. The phone rang a few times and went to her voice mail. “Tara, please call me back as soon as you get this message, it’s urgent.” She could hear the desperation in her own voice as she left a message. With shaky hands, she left her a text also... Supreme, meet us at Godric’s. The coven was attacked. Tell Eric that Godric is being questioned by The Authority.

In a fit of rage, Naomi madly rushed over to their prisoner; she drew back her hand, ferociously striking Lorena across the face. “Whadda ya know about the attack on our Coven!?” Naomi screamed so hard it made her stomach ache.

“I know everything.” Lorena hissed, spitting the blood from her cut inner jaw out onto the dirty floor. She’d been yearning to boast all night. She had planned Willa’s kidnapping with the help of her nephew James. As Lorena was being taken from her bedroom by Franklin and Eggs; she purposely went without a struggle, doing so kept the quartet from discovering her hidden dungeon where Absalom’s portal is located. Lorena’s entire face stung, but that did not stop her from mocking disdainfully. “I’m the one who ordered the attack on your pathetic coven...wish I’d seen that witch-whore burn.”

“AAAAHHHHHHGGG!” Naomi’s shrieked, her blind rage prevented her from forming any words. Without thought, she wrapped her hands around Lorena’s neck and squeezed tight as her tears uncontrollably spilled from her eyes. Eggs solemnly approached Naomi from behind; with his strong arms, he gently removed Naomi’s vice-gripped hands from the hunter’s throat. He slowly pulled her toward him, turning her to face him, his hazel eyes peered lovingly into her tear-filled obsidian eyes and ever so gently pressed her head to his muscular chest. The tall, dark and handsome vampire embraced her body tenderly, engulfing her like a soothing blanket. Naomi lowered her head, grabbed a fist full of his t-shirt, and sobbed violently into his chest.

Nora wiped a fallen tear from her cheek and turned to her lover. “I don’t know how they did it, but if they have Willa, they have the most powerful witch in the coven.”

Franklin’s dark brow lifted, “I don’t understand love; You, Naomi and Holly are the Elders, I thought Willa was just a telepath.”

“She is, but she’s also a virgin who is well past puberty. The blood of an adult virgin can be used to break protection spells, open up portals, and just about anything to counteract our magic.” Bone deep weariness seeped into Nora. “I’m sure they’ve succeeded,” she sighed. “Absalom has enormous power, terrible will, with a thirst to devour the world and swallow the light.”

As Franklin dialed his cellular he spoke to Nora, “Love, I must leave, although my father has not summoned me, it is vital that we seek him out.” He was unsuccessful at contacting his Sire, Eric or Pamela. Mott and Talley both came to the realization that The Authority wanted retribution for the carnage they inflicted in Baton Rouge. Now, they had a big mess to clean up.

“Go to my father’s house, and keep the mutts on high alert. I will call you soon.” The curly-headed vampire said and then pointed to Lorena.

“Shall I take out the trash before I go?” He had become bored with beating and torturing the witch hunter.

“She has no more finger or toenails to rip off, but I’m sure I can figure something out.”

After softly kissing his cheek the cute brunette answered. “No, my love, Naomi and I will handle it from here. Would you like to watch?” A wary smile crossed her lips.

Franklin smiled savagely back at his lady as he reached for the gas can on his table, and then handed it to her. Nora dug into Franklin’s jeans pocket and pulled out a matchbook. Naomi grabbed the box of matches on the table and a bottle of Vodka; they both poured the strong smelling liquids over Lorena’s head.

“ABSALOM WILL RULE THIS REALM!” Lorena coughed, trying to clear the repugnant fluid that spilled into her nose, throat and stung her eyes. “ALL OF THE ABOMINATIONS WILL DIE!” She spat at them while vigorously shaking her gasoline-soaked head. “AETHER WILL BE DESTROYED AND THE TRUE GODDESS WILL EMERGE!”

Those were Lorena’s last words.

Nora and Naomi both struck their matches and tossed them in Lorena’s direction. The ignited match landed right on the callous woman’s lap. Her entire body instantly burst into flames, she shrilled in pain as she was swallowed by the fire.

“Very good my lady...” The British vampire praised his lover, high off the carnage; he pulled Nora into his arms, passionately kissing her. And then they quickly vacated the burning room.

Outside the burning cabin, the vampires kissed their farewells before they flew off into the night. As Nora walked to the car, Naomi watched the burning cabin, she thought about all the murdered witches, especially Isabelle. Their last conversation was still fresh in her head. Isa, as Naomi called her, was the one who recruited Naomi almost 50 years ago. The Elder had provided her with so much knowledge about their kind, the information that fascinated Naomi most was the events that led to the Salem witch trials in America.

It all began when the Krasinski’s, a wealthy English family settled in the town of Salem. At the age of 7, their daughter Molly and several other children in the village suddenly fell violently ill under suspicious circumstances. The Krasinski’s immediately pointed the finger at Mavis, their slave, and the children’s caregiver. The intuitive young woman had sensed Absalom’s presence and tried to warn the family and all the town’s people that evil was among them. Most people ignored her simply because she was a slave, others began to talk and rumors began to surface regarding her sanity and safety around the children. Subsequently, Mavis was arrested and imprisoned. But they were wrong with their accusations. Mavis was innocent of harming anyone. And although she was a capable witch, she would never use her magic for wrong-doing. She even refrained using spells against her abusive slave masters. It was Maryanne’s uncle, Benson who was a secret practitioner of the dark magic. He alone had summoned Absalom, using the blood of farm animals. Like the evil deity, the town’s treasurer hungered for more power. So he struck a deal with the entity. Benson orchestrated the death of his own niece to prove his loyalty. The deity immediately gifted him with the wealth he sought and assured that he and his bloodline would be granted anything their hearts desired as long as the sacrifices of innocents and witches continued. After a short and humiliating trial, Mavis was convicted of sorcery and sentenced to a public hanging. The beautiful slave woman accepted her fate. Wisely, before her arrest, her husband Gram Thornton took their child and fled to New Orleans seeking refuge with his sister Marie Laveau. Mavis’s child’s name was Mae Thornton, Tara’s great-great-grandmother.

Naomi allowed herself to smile proudly... ′Aether’s human bloodlines are natural witches.′

“We must go, sister,” Nora says snapping Naomi from her thoughts. They both took a final look at the smoking, smoldering cabin, as the embers slowly died. Nora sped fast on the dirt road, her stomach churned, her mind reeled; the minions of Absalom have all they need to summon their evil goddess. A war has begun.

The Magistrates House

The Monarch unsuccessfully mollified a devious smirk, “Liam, send De Beaufort; to cell number 24,” Salome rose from her crimson throne and stalked towards her guard, she continued with her orders, “and secure her for the night.”

“Yes, Salome!” The guard nervously responded, as he slowly backed away, turned, and then sped over to the weakened, but highly agitated Pam. He put on gloves and then unshackled the painful, flesh burning silver from her arms and ankles.

Salome’s long, black, gown trailed behind her, billowing elegantly as she strolled pass Nan who stood arm’s length away from the silver-bound Vampire King.

“Nan, will you do the honors of escorting Godric to cell 25?”

“Don’t we need to find out where his progenies are?” Nan asked, irritated by Salome’s lack of action.

“The members of the tribunal will be here next nightfall and sentencing shall begin, with or without his progenies,” Salome said as she took a seat, crossed her legs and relaxed primly on her plush sofa. “But mark my words Godric, I will find the Magi.”

In his cold, isolated, silver lined confinements, the vampire king’s heart lay heavy with uncertainty.

‘None of us deserve punishment...’‘Paul challenged us and paid the price.’ Eric, Franklin, and Benedict will not let anything happen to Aether and the High Priestesses, Alcide will protect the Coven and I shall negotiate Pam’s release.′ Surely sentencing me will suffice.′‘I am certain the tribunal will see things my way.’ Until next nightfall, I must calculate every move wisely.′ The protection of my bloodline is all that matters.′

Lorena’s Dungeon

“Absalom, Absalom, Absalom,” the evil people repeated while the being that looked like something out of a nightmare materialized up from out of the blackness on the ground.

The female figure is nude, it looked like a horrid replica of Tara. The creature stood, skin-soaked, and hunched over, examining its own hands; instead of fingernails, the creature barred dense, cat-like, onyx claws. It had been years since the entity took on human form. She straightened her posture, as she did the loud sounds of her bones snapping into place could be heard.

One of the cloaked people cautiously approached the creature, holding a shiny, silk, red garment in her arms. The entity let out a loud feral snarl as the female slowly neared, the girl flinched with fear but stifled her natural urge to scream. The young woman’s knees visibly shook as she held out the luxurious cloak.

“ARRRRRRUUUUGGGGHHHHH,” Absalom yanked the robe from her hands and began caressing the silk linen; pleased with her offering, she wrapped it around her plasma-soaked body.

The woman backed away and a man bravely approached. “My goddess, we have sacrificed for you, the bloodline of Aether.” He pointed to Lettie Mae and Lafayette.

A wicked smile crept onto the creature’s face as it stepped out of the magical circle. As she did, all her followers fell to their knees and began to faintly chant at their goddess.

“Absalom, Absalom, Absalom...”

The dark deity, stalked over to the tied-up people, as she neared them they noticed her eyes, from iris to sclera are black; her blacked-out eyes peered maliciously, fixed only on Lettie.

Absalom recognized Lettie Mae.

Lettie Mae recognized Absalom.

“What the fuck happened to you, Tara?” Lafayette gathered the courage to finally say something because there was really nothing else he could do.

“That’s not my Tara.” Lettie violently shook her head. “Oh no...That’s the Devil that pretends to be Tara. I thought Tara was possessed... I’ve beaten my poor baby so many times, thinking that that evil monster is my Tara! THAT’S NOT MY TARA..!” She shouted out, in an unrestrained fit, “That’s the devil!” she yelled, thrashing in her seat, the chair teetered and reeled from side to side. The pain she endured and inflicted; the loss came crashing down, hitting her like a speeding train and Lettie dropped her head, inconsolable sobbing.

Lafayette was left utterly speechless in the horror-filled room. He was beginning to realize why his Aunt is so troubled, why she took such a huge step back from life.′ Lettie is a hot mess all because of this evil thang who likes making people kill little white girls so it can parade around in a Tara-skin-suit. And now the smelly beast is all in my personal space.′

And then the creature spoke. “Salve, mater Aetheris.”

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