Two Souls, One Heart

Hello Evil Good Bye World

Being evil means never having to say you are sorry...

No regrets, just lessons learned...

Guttural growls seeped from the entity, “Ita denuo, Ita denuo homo mater...” It’s soulless eyes dove right into Lettie Mae, and Lettie glared back at it with a burning animosity. Her unmoving gaze was accompanied by deliberate slow breathing like she was fighting something back and losing.

Lafayette Reynolds thought to himself... ‘Wrong place at the wrong time oughta be my middle fuckin name...’, “Look hoe, we can’t understand any of that shit comin outta ya mouth!” He was freezing cold, severely dehydrated, sleep deprived and completely pissed off at being knocked over the head and tied up alongside his poor aunt and for a split second, he’d forgot about being scared, “What the fuck do you want from us?”

“Our goddess is speaking Latin, she is greeting Aether’s human mother.” The man who wore the pig mask replied to Lafayette obligingly.

Absalom swiftly, unnaturally, whipped her head around a full 360 degrees, without turning her body at all. She opened her mouth wider than humanly possible and roared maliciously at the subject who dared to interrupt her reunion. The sound of her roar was earsplitting, it sounded like a hoard of anguished screams.

The man gasped in horror as the deity sprinted over faster than physically possible and lecherously grabbed him by the throat.

“Did I ask you to translate for me?” She sneered savagely, eerily, making herself sound like Tara.

The man could not answer, even though he desperately wanted to explain himself; he’d do anything for his Supreme. Absalom’s claws gripped around his neck, tighter than a boa constrictor muscular hold. Unable to breathe, all he could do in response was let out a desperate wheeze.

“I am fluent in every language.” Her slight arms lifted the man off the ground with little effort. “I’ve existed before civilization and I shall remain long after your demise.”

The deity tossed him across the room as if the two-hundred-pound man weighed nothing at all. A cracking sound was heard as his body crashed into the concrete wall, his skull shattered as it hit the concrete and he died instantly. The worshipers watch in terror as a nefarious smile crossed Absalom’s face.

“Does anyone else want to be helpful?” She said calmly while preening her robe.

The underlings were all shocked into silence. They mutely cowered, trembling on their knees. Now, they were too afraid to even chant.

Lafayette shuddered in dread as he peered over at his aunt, noticing her vacant gaze.

“Lettie, why didn’t you tell anybody bout all this...?” He gasped, desperately trying to understand the bizarreness of it all. Absolute sorrow filled his heart as he realized what Lettie and Tara must have gone through. If Lettie would have told anyone that a demon that looked like her daughter was haunting her, she would have ended up in a loony-bin like my momma... The young man reflected on his past, wondering if his mother’s declarations of seeing ghost and other outrageous accounts held any validity. Vampires and any other supernatural being were thought of as mere figments of people’s imagination before the vampires came out and changed the game. Now, the entire world was aware that humans are not the only ones who exist. ‘But Ruby Jean had always believed in the supernatural. She claimed to be a supernatural herself...She said I was too...’ Lafayette mind raced with all the possibilities.

Lettie sluggishly turned her head to look at her nephew, “Who would’ve believed me...?” Her voice trailed off, encroached by her nightmare she confessed. “The demon said, one day she’d kill me...” she shivered irrepressibly, “...Unless I killed her...she wanted me to kill Tara... I wanted to kill Tara...That demon started the day Tara was born...I felt like I was being watched...I was...I’d see shadows, hear footsteps, scratching sounds... Those awful smells... cold hands touching me when I was alone... I thought the house was haunted, but no matter where I followed me...The whispers...the voices...Then it attacked made me believe it was Tara...and I beat her, every time something, anything happened I beat her...” She laughed irrationally in disbelief, “I ain’t never been the sharpest pencil in the box.” and then her laughter abruptly ceased as she regarded the deity with unadulterated malice embedded her eyes.

“My baby girl gonna kill you-you monster,” Lettie swore darkly.

Absalom slowly levitated from the cold concrete and proceeded towards Lettie. “A monster is a God seen through fearful eyes.” The entity’s features are further marred by a haughty smirk, infuriating the distraught woman even more.

“THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!” Lettie screamed out at her tormentor and started to cry. It took her a moment, and with a deep breath she turned to her nephew, “Lafayette, please tell Tara, I’m sorry... I’m sorry I was never a mother to her... She deserved better...”

Lettie’s voice trembled as tears earnestly fell from her eyes. “Nephew, tell my child, that she’s-” She swallowed hard. “-that she’s the only good thing I’ve ever done in my whole miserable life and I love her.”

Lafayette nodded, as his own eyes filled with tears. “Yes Auntie,” He promised her, hoping he’d be able to fulfill her request, wishing there was a way he could rescue her and himself. Lettie sat up tall in her chair and said, “Hello evil, I ain’t afraid of you no more.”

Winston Parish, Louisiana

Tara awakened the next morning feeling well rested. Pure satisfaction was all her mind and body felt and the beautiful woman was unable to contain a bright smiled. For now, her, sexy, insatiable lover rested peacefully, surrounded by an ocean of red designer sheets. She thought to herself, in a chorus of ruffling his wheat-colored hair, falling in love with him was like learning to fly, scary and exciting, all at the same time.

After a long hot shower, a lightly clothed Tara leisurely made her way down the stairs to make breakfast. In the kitchen, she made herself a large cold glass of water. She sipped her beverage while rummaging the cupboards. To her delight, she found a canister of Magellan’s gourmet coffee. As the coffee brewed, the divine smell filled the kitchen causing her tummy to growl with hunger. The only thing in the entire house to eat was the two remaining slices of her pizza. So she pulled them from the box, set it on a cocktail napkin and nuked them in the microwave. Leftover Papa Lou’s Pizza was not the breakfast Tara had in mind, but it would have to do until she went to the market for food.

If only vampires ate food, I bet Eric would have the most scrumptious cuisine ready for me every night.

After she drank her fill of coffee and ate her rubbery pizza, Tara strolled back upstairs to the guest room to put on some clothes, her eyes caught the illuminated screen of her cellular on the dresser, indicating several missed calls. She quickly picked up her device. What she saw caused her to momentarily lose her breath. She was mortified as she scrolled through half-dozen missed calls, two urgent voicemails, and one terrifying text message.

‘I should’ve kept my ass in New Orleans.’

She jumped into a pair of form-fitting black jeans...

‘I should’ve asked Eric to stay there -with me.’

She threw a black tank top over her head and yanked it down...

’Goddamn it, I failed them already...I should’ve been there for them!″

She tugged on the strings of her black riding boots...

All the while she cursed herself, and after a dozen more ‘I should have’, she was dressed.

She grabbed her leather jacket and teleported to the porch, immediately calling Nora.

“Nora, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.”

“Don’t be sorry Tara. I wasn’t there either. Isis was with us and most of us survived the attack.”

“Oh Lord have mercy!” Tara praised confidently out loud, inside her heart was weighed down, consumed with guilt and regret.

“How long will it take you to get to Godric’s?” Nora queried.

“I’m still in Shreveport, over four hours away. But I’ll try to teleport there.”

As they spoke, she took a deep breath and ended up about an acre away, just outside the gates of the mansion by the main road.

“Hell, I might as well take a cab at this rate!” She cursed out loud.

“Nora, ya still there...” Tara breathed with desperation, “I could use a little help.” She knew what her witches could do when they all worked together.

“We’re on it!” Nora said, placed Tara on speaker phone and quickly gathered Naomi and Holly into Godric’s library, the trio began a summoning ritual around the Vesica Pisces circle, this would evoke Aether elemental ability of air-bending.

Almost instantly, Tara felt that familiar surge of energy; a mystic airlifted her off her feet. She closed her eyes and focused. Using her strong lungs, toned stomach muscles, the beauty hovered, rising higher, and after a moment, she opened her eyes and looked down. Now several stories high; she gazed raptly down at Eric enormous estate, appreciating its beauty, splendor and the amazing view of the property from her vantage point. Drawing her like a magnet, she looked up into the sky, bravely glaring directly into the intense rays of the sun. Aether’s supernatural eyes contained a protective shield and her pupils, from the sclera to iris turned snow-white, absorbing the pure light and energy from the heavens.

And just like that, she was off, soaring high into the morning sky.

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