Two Souls, One Heart

Vengence Is Mine

For you created my inmost being...

You knit me together in my mother’s womb...

The guilt sat on her chest, remorse etched at her heart. Guilt gnawed like a worm at the core of an apple and inside her brain. What she had done she could not undo. She prayed that one day she would feel removed from her sin, washed clean of it, but the guilt was a stain on her, an ugly scar. She had to believe in redemption and rebirth, she had to leave her deeds in the past and move on.

I am a bad parent, I never meant to be. I failed in the worst possible way.

As the malevolent creature stalked closer, Lettie closed her eyes tight, allowing all of the good, although scarce, memories of her lifestream in her mind. As if watching an old movie Lettie saw herself holding her darling newborn girl in front of the church congregation on Easter Sunday. A flicker in her mind’s eye allowed glimpses of her five-year-old, chubby-cheeked daughter delightfully swinging her scrawny legs at the kitchen table. Tara ate hotcakes and drank Tang with her father on her first day of school. Snapshots of Tara at age twelve, skillfully dancing for a cheering crowd at Ruby Jean’s barbecue picnic. A cascade of emotion flooded in as she visualized her lovely teenager being escorted to prom by the handsome Jason Stackhouse.

“Anima tua mea sunt enim omnia.” Absalom hissed ferociously at Lettie, snatching her back into the here and now. And with one reprehensible lunge, razor-sharp nails slash Lettie’s throat, severing through the skin, muscle, veins and vital organs; the gaping slit violently sprayed blood.

Lafayette screeched with horror, “NOOOOOOOOOO..!” the young man bawled, tugging frantically at his restraints, he wanted, needed to do something- anything...

The pain stung excruciatingly, and then numbed, her vision blurred, waves of black took over, and a bitter cold bit her skin, all over as she pulled in her final breaths of air; her blood spurted like a lawn sprinkler out of the gaping wound, gushing with every heartbeat, choking her, filling her mouth with her own blood. After a moment, everything faded to black. Her bound, lifeless body slumped over as her blood trickled down all over the ground. The slain woman’s wide pool of blood became an oozing stream. The river of blood abnormally flowed towards the summoning circle. Her life-force percolated into the black emptiness that was the gateway to her realm. The demon smiled exultantly as she licked Lettie’s blood from her claws, smacking her lips, she turned to Lafayette.

“Your turn...”

Tara frantically teleported from room to room calling out. “Momma! Lafayette!” Suddenly sensing them, she stilled herself.

Ruby Jean was in a panic, “WILLA ANN BURRELL!” she moved about the large dining room, shouting at the top of her lungs. “Get yo ass back here and help us right now!” She finally made it to the room Tara was in and the older woman cursed some more, “Goddammit, you’re bout as useful as a trap door on a canoe!”

“Hush Auntie..!” Tara’s magical compass was going crazy and she needed to focus. The beauty took in a deep breath and it helped, “It’s over there.” She pointed to a large built-in bookshelf.

Ruby Jean moved as fast as her aching feet could carry her, frantically grabbing book after book, pitching them over her shoulders. Desperately looking for a hidden button or a latch that would open the hidden door. All the while Tara continued honing in, her beacon flashed at the bookshelf. Using her telekinetic abilities, she removed an entire shelf, and then another and another, eventually revealing the sought after latch.

Unexpectedly, the bookshelf creaked as it opened, revealing an empty stone room with a thick old wooden door several feet away on the opposite side. Tara unlatched the antiquated iron locks from their hinges and proceeded down the stairs with Ruby Jean close behind. They quickly reach the bottom of the stairs and was ambushed.

“Jesus Christ in Heaven!” Tara puffed in pain as she struggled to catch her breath. James was guarding the door and swung hard, hitting Tara in the gut with a baseball bat, the force knocked the wind out of her.

Ruby Jean pulled her pistol from her Louis Vuitton fanny-pack, aimed the gun at James and cocked the barrel. “Drop the bat Slugger or eat these bullets.”

“Calm down lady,” James uttered smoothly while peering calculatingly, slowly inching towards her, his grip remained firm on the bat.

Tara seized his brief distraction and punched him in the jaw. He stumbled back, losing his footing and with all her might she kicked him in the crotch. He let out a choking wheeze, dropped the bat and fell to his knees, clutching his crotch while buckling over in agonizing pain.

Ruby gave Tara the nod to proceed forward and Tara ran as fast as possible across the vast dungeon. Willa suddenly appeared to Ruby Jean. She peered ruefully at James, hurt and aversion, clearly evident on the massacred girl’s visage. Ruby Jean realized that the man in front of her is the one who led her favorite telepath to her death. The older woman approached him, gun aimed.

“You ain’t gonna shoot me!” he scoffed; while slowly rising from his knees.

“Oh yes, I am!” Ruby sneered at the evil witch-hunter. “This is for Willa, you piece of shit...” The medium stood over him and without hesitation shot him between the eyes. His blood-spattered on her blouse, smoke oozed from the hole in his forehead and he fell over dead. Ruby looked over at Willa. Willa smiled at Ruby and then disappeared.

In seconds Tara had made her way to the other side of the dungeon, cautiously maneuvering around every stone-beam, anticipating another attack by a witch-hunter. For a moment time stood still, each second could have been an eternity. Her breathing became erratic, deep, then shallow. The shock ricochets up her skeleton, her eyes popped open so hard she couldn’t blink if she wanted too. “GOD NOOO - OH GOD NOOOOO..!” She heard herself screaming. She lost her breath at the sight and soon lost her sight as her eyes became blinded with tears, in a flash of shock and dread. Tara helplessly peered at her mother’s lifeless body slumped forward, bound by rope in a hard wooden chair, and covered in her own blood. Sorrow ravaged every fiber of her being, yet somehow she found the strength to move and ran to her.

“Momma...” She fell to her knees and untied her mother from the chair.

“I’m so sorry. momma...” she took off her jacket and placed it on the cold ground; gently she moved her mother’s body from the chair and positioned her so she lay flat on her back with her head on the jacket. “I love you, momma.” Tara took her mothers hand and held it to her chest, then leaned over and kissed her head.

“TAARRRAAAA!” Lafayette shouted out from behind.

Without thinking the young goddess teleported behind a beam and peeked out from behind it. And she took a sudden intake of breath at the sight. Only Aether could see Absalom’s true form. The creature who Tara could only assume was the infamous Absalom had her cousin in its grasps seizing him by the back of his neck with her talon-like claws. The thing was shockingly hideous. It was bald, with wrinkled-grey- slimy-wet skin. With soulless blacked out eyes, a beaked nose, thin-cracked-lips and a mouth full of long razor-sharp incisors; it growled at Tara.

“Damn, you so ugly-you’d make a buzzard back off from a bucket of guts!” Tara shouted at the creature, she was too angry to be afraid.

With lightning fast reflexes, she teleported out into the open, summoning the winds, making them stir violently in the murky dungeon. Tara’s display startled the deity. Absalom wasn’t expecting her mortal enemy to be so brave. Lafayette was shell-shocked; he couldn’t believe his eyes. His cute, feisty cousin looked like a beautiful, powerful-supernatural.

Absalom snarled viciously, “Eius anima mea- you toxic mutant!” in a fit of anger, the imposing entity tossed Lafayette like a rag-doll.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!“, the young man wailed as he flew helplessly through the air. The freighted man had the mind to cradle his head like a helmet, providing some protection as he crashed hard into the concrete wall. His hand smashed into the concrete and his skull. He could hear the bones in his hand snap under his skin as his hands, wrists, and lower arm are fractured.

Ruby Jean had just run off the remaining witch-hunters and made her way to her badly injured son. She scooped up him up in her arms, as he groaned helplessly in agony, weak and beaten, he fell in and out of conscience. She held on to her only child and wept at the sight of her slain sibling.

In retaliation, Aether summoned a wind gust that heaved Absalom across the dungeon. The demon crashed into the beam causing it to crumble and fall to the ground, the shattered rubble crashed on top her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the terribly disheveled but unharmed, Jessica and Alcide, they rush towards Ruby and Lafayette.

“Please get him outta her Big Al.” Ruby pleaded to the half-naked man. He only had time to slip on his jeans after shifting back.

“Mercy, are you sugar-daddy- Eric?” Lafayette slurred incoherently as the brave pack-leader effortlessly cradled him in his muscular arms.

“No,” Alcide grumbled, and Lafayette smiled before passing out again. Alcide rushed the badly injured man from the dungeon and took him outside to safety.

Marginally dazed, the corrosive deity rose from the heap of rubble, screeching, gnashing her mouth full of razor-sharp daggers, while wildly soaring around the dungeon. The dark entity began to summon all of her energy in order to destroy the chosen child of Isis.

“Get out of here... all of you!” Tara roared out as the ground quaked violently, concrete fell and crumbled from the ceiling.

Jessica tried retrieving Willa’s remains and Ruby Jean attempted to do the same with Lettie, but the entire house echoed with the imposing sounds of pipes bursting, windows shattering and large pieces of the structure crashing to the ground and splitting apart. Gasses seeped, catching household items on fire as it cracked from the gas line. From rooftop to basement, the mansion, splintered, crumbled and disbanded, piece by piece. The women had no choice but to leave their loved ones behind. They did so just in time; there was nothing left Lorena’s mansion. The entire structure had been reduced to a pile of broken, smoldering rubble.

They all stood in a breathless state of shock. After a moment, Jessica burst into inconsolable tears. “Willa...Tara...”

“This can’t be...” Naomi wept solemnly.

“I pray that Absalom is confined to her realm forever.” Nora gulped apprehensively.

Ruby Jean slowly paced around the lawn, her expression empty, she chanted her sister’s name, “Lettie...Lil Sis...Lil Lettie.” but she was unable to summon her.

Alcide did his best for the unconscious man who lay bleeding in the backseat of his truck. Afterward, he retrieved Holly, Hoyt and Tommy’s mangled bodies from the yard and placed them in the bed of his pickup truck, covering them with a tarp.

Unexpectedly, the sky began to rumble just above the crumbled remains of the mansion. Dark and ominous clouds filled with lighting emerged rapidly. Thunder crackled and roared and wildly anchored down.

Yet the skies surrounding the property remained peculiarly calm.

Suddenly out of the rubble and ashes burst Aether, into the sky she rose in triumph, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Not a second later the demon burst forth and began throwing her dark-soul snatching energy at Tara, but with every toss, the young goddess swiftly teleported from its path. Tara had a revelation as the house came crashing down on her. She realized her gift from Eric was the ability to withstand great injury, pain, increased strength and the ability to rapidly heal. No matter how many times Absalom threw Aether, she bounced right back and tossed her enemy even harder. Summoning all four elements, Tara evoked geysers from the ground and lightning bolts from the sky. She held her elemental energy in her palms, letting it build.

“This is for you momma.” Tara breathed, as blinding tears streamed from her eyes. She levitated, matching Absalom’s elevated height. Aether unleashed her light on her enemy.

“ARRRRGGHHHHHH...” Absalom roared, the sound of her voice is so loud it ebbed and everyone cupped their ears “...I’ll DESTROY YOU AND EVERYONE YOU LOVE!”

Tara remained as calm as she could, making sure not to exert too much energy. Her light blasted Absalom, pushing the demon back into the darkness, tossing her with earth and debris, trouncing her like a tornado does a trailer, sending the beast into the depths of the abyss. Tara watched in triumph as the void of the dark realm swirled counterclockwise becoming smaller and smaller. Soon, the vile thing was gone. Now, absolutely nothing remained of the house and she stood in a vacant lot.

“Not while I’m Aether, you won’t,” Tara swore at her enemy.


On our way back to Godric’s house, Alcide gave me some more devastating news. King Godric and Pam were arrested last night by The Authority. Why would they arrest Godric and Pam for helping me? I know one thing for sure, I’m going to find out about these Authority assholes and set them straight!

And oh boy, I know Eric has no idea, he turned off his phone the moment he came home to me last night. My god, when that blonde savage does find out that The Authority has his Vampire Barbie and King Backstreet Boy, he’ll be madder than a mosquito in a mannequin factory. And I’m gonna be right there with him when he unleashes his Viking Fury.

When we arrive back at Godric’s mansion, the wonderful, skillful Ms. Catherine Hamby provided my beloved cousin immediate medical attention. She had all the necessary medical items needed in Godric’s guest house and she cleaned him up quite nicely. As for me, I felt numb, I guess I’m shell-shocked; I needed time to absorb it all.

But I don’t have time right now. Right now, I need to keep my wits, get cleaned up and try to rest. We have a couple more hours until the vampires rise and I know for damn sure that all hell is gonna break loose.

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