Two Souls, One Heart

Don't Let Go

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat..


“Ohhh min Tara,” I abruptly awakened; unable to stifle my groans of pleasure. I was ravishing Tara’s sexy, succulent body while in my erotic, Aether-blood induced dream. It is almost as good as the real thing.

I rolled to my side, my cock harder than ever and I reached for my hot little goddess; but once again the sexy minx had abandoned me. Her scent still lingered and I yearned for her, through our bond, I sensed her emotions; she is a distance away, slightly agitated, but well. I kicked off the sheets in frustration and sped to the bathroom for a shower. I noticed the clock and I realized I’d awakened much earlier than usual and couldn’t explain why; I’d never wake this early before unless disturbed. Rising out of coffin before sunset weakens a vampire, oddly, I felt fully rejuvenated.

After my shower, as I dressed, I felt twilight approach; so I waited while the final rays of the sun sink below the horizon before I entered my garage. I activated the security alarm; slid into the leather seats of my Maserati, and I plug in my battery depleted cellular. It took me a moment to program my Bluetooth, but I wanted to add some jazz music for Tara. Finally, I pressed the ignition button... The night waits.

I found it peculiar when I arrived and Pam was not taking inventory and reviewing the ledgers as she always does when the bar is closed. Doing this task is a Monday night routine for my lazy child who is certainly a creature of habit. As I enter the main area, the smell of very old, unfamiliar vampires lingered in the air.

Something is wrong...

Immediately I begin summoning my child. I began to worry when I was unable to feel her emotions, nor sense if she was near or far. She was purposely blocking me out..? How..? Most importantly why..?

My cellular was still charging, so I use the landline to call my chief deputy Stan Baker, the one-hundred-year-old cowboy, who I’ve known for half that time is standing in my office door within minutes. He’d heard about what happened in Baton Rouge; the entire vampire community knew by now.

“I need answers -” I began, but before I could finish my demand, my cellular rang.

“Eric...” the voice on the other end said, I immediately recognized who I was speaking - and the fact that I am getting a call from my youngest brother is cause for more alarm. Although I am quite fond Eggs, I cannot recall the last time the former Union soldier has called me.

“Speak brother...” I answer with alacrity.

“Call upon your most loyal and brave deputies to the St. Roch cemetery for debriefing,” He stated urgently, evading all formalities, and abruptly hanging up.

“Follow me,” I order Stan as I secured the bar, “Contact Chow, Longshadow and as many other allied deputies as you can; call me upon your arrival at the St. Roch Cemetery in New Orléans.”

“So you’re aware now that Pam and Godric are being held by the authority...”

I did not answer him; vehemence progressed wildly through my veins as I soar off and into the night. How dare those pieces of shit jail, my family! They will all suffer greatly for this. Undoubtedly, Eggs and Franklin are prepared to make a stand; we shall fight or die for our freedom.

St. Roch Cemetery, New Orléans

With a little effort, Franklin Mott located Magistrate Salome’s mansion. The adept, vampire-detective had always speculated the location but never had a reason to check it out until now. He and Eggs incisively observed the activities on the inside and outside of the house through a high power scope. Both wanted to launch an attack on the small army of guards patrolling the grounds, but refrained, due to the limited manpower. They had to wait for Eric and his reinforcements. Luckily they did not have to wait long, after about an hour Stan, Longshadow, Chow and a hand full of Area 5 deputies respectfully greeted Franklin and Eggs and awaited their orders.

Earlier that evening, Franklin phoned Nora and beckoned her to the location of The Magistrates house and just a little while after the vampire deputies arrived, Alcide, Nora, Naomi, and Tara joined them. The newly acquainted warriors strategically discussed a plan on how to gain entrance into the mansion; when suddenly they were caught off guard, surrounded by over several heavily armed V –feds and a dozen snarling wolves. The group realized quick that they were outnumbered two to one.

The Chief V-Fed, Liam McKnight, called out, “Mott, Talley, and The Magi surrender now, the rest of you are free to go.” He had at least a dozen vampires and a six-pack of wolves behind him. Even from a sixty-foot distance, Franklin could smell the silver bullets loaded in the barrels of their weapons.

“Fuck you, Liam!” The curly-headed vampire barked he was afraid of nothing, “Don’t get shot unless you want an arse full of silver.” he quickly turned to the group and warned them.

“I’ll create a distraction,” Nora whispered back. She and Naomi ducked back into a crypt and began chanting, casting powerful spells amidst the cemetery. Within seconds thick distracting smog emerged from the ground creating a blinding fog, suddenly a full-on battle ensued.

Franklin was having more fun than anyone should have while disemboweling his enemies, he dug into the flesh and ripped out the hearts of every V-Fed he encountered.

Eggs, with his long muscular arms, defensively tore into his attacking opponents, eviscerating them limb by limb.

Alcide shifted into the exceedingly enormous snow-white wolf and mauled several opponent wolves to death. He was venting all his trapped hurt, sorrow and anger on the wolves that attacked him and killed his men.

A jet black wolf violently lunged at Tara, the goal was to pounce and pin her down, so she could not use her magic. She quickly vaporized, landing a safe distance away. She used her magic, setting the werewolf on fire.

The fledgling Authority officers and the young werewolf pack, although great in numbers are no match for the much older, battle experience vampires, a vengeful wolf, chanting sorceresses, and a most powerful Aether.

The Magistrates House

Eric tactfully entered the highly secured house. His mind consumed with his task. The Viking searched for the entrance to the holding cells in the dimly lit mansion. Chancellor Malcolm Beaumarchais caught him off guard; the four-hundred-year-old vampire struck him across the face, knocking him clear across the vast room; his entire body smashed violently into a glass case.

Momentarily stunned, Eric shook off the pain, while plucking shards of glass from his face, he slowly stumbled to his feet. Malcolm rushed towards him again, grabbing hold of his neck, pinning him to the wall.

“You shouldn’t have done that Beaumarchais.” Eric sneered and then grabbed Malcolm’s chin, digging his nails into his skin, drawing blood, holding firmly, the bloodthirsty- Norseman pulled and yanked until he ripped the jaw from the head.

The Chancellor’s blood sprayed several feet into the air and all over Eric; the fatally injured man released his grip and stumbled backward, tumbling to the ground. Eric held the dismantled jaw in his hand for a moment, examining it before tossing it to the ground. That’s when he noticed a set of keys by the Chancellors twitching body and picked them up. The Viking lifted his leg and stomped on Malcolm’s face, smashing his skull in.

The Viking came to the entrance leading to a very long corridor. Using the elaborate set of keys, he selected the correct one and unlocked it. The rusty inner workings of the lock squeaked in protest as they turned. Once on the other side, he closed the chamber door. twenty-three empty cells greeted the Sheriff as he moved past them. Their overhead UV bulbs were dark. Their silver bars and linings had tarnished. Two thick stone doors with the engraved numbers 24 and 25 sat at the very end. Those are the true-death cells. Envisioned by Paul Di Arezzo and created by Martin McAuliffe. Solid concrete, ten feet thick, met Eric on the far side. The fixtures are poison and the other surfaces are just as offensive. If by some miracle a prisoner escaped, it would require the use of dynamite to escape the holding cell. Fortunately, Eric has the keys; he carefully opened the silver door to 24. The cell itself appeared clean despite the phantom scent of vampire- blood in the air. In the back, the raised cement floor was built for sitting or slumbering. Regular furniture could not be risked, due to inmates of all species. Because of that, there was nothing else in the cell. Eric felt his brain pulse with his child’s beacon and before he saw her, she saw him and called out.


Pam’s cerulean eyes filled with blood-tears. She thought she’d never see her handsome Sire again. Eric had never been so proud of his resilient and courageous child. Through a small window, his longtime companion stood defenseless. McAuliffe’s iStake was strapped to her chest, her usual smug expression was replaced with a vulnerable one. Sire and Progeny gazed lovingly at one another for several long moments. Eric knew the keys he held were now useless, but he tried them anyway. They only opened the entrance to the holding cells. The keys would not unlock the secured death trap. Eric desperately began reviewing the keypad. He gathered the device is not only the lock; it is also a timer, set to open the sunroof at daylight. The lock cannot be breached by brute force or any other conventional means; a code was needed. On the other side, The Authority could watch behind UV protected glass as the imprisoned vampire was tortured with silver sprays and assaulted with UV guns until meeting the true death at daybreak.

“Why did you prevent me from reaching you, my child?”

“I didn’t want you in this shit-hole with Godric and me.” Pam’s cobalt eyes shot up at the silver door on the high ceiling. “The tribunal voted and we’ve been sentenced to true-death at dawn, they have a bounty out for you, your brothers and even Cupcake.”

Eric took an unnecessary gulp and muttered, “I will get you and father out of here.”

“Eric, you must get it right the first time.” Pam’s respired, “that prick Liam said, if anyone tampers with the timer, the sprinklers will spray silver until the code is reset or it may trigger the iSteak, his dumb-ass wasn’t for sure which once was first.”

“I shall not forsake you, beautiful child.” He smiled, desperately masking his waning.

But Pam could feel all his emotions, it was too apparent to hide. His fear and anger bombarded every inch of her.

Eric yearned to slaughter all the members of The Authority upon sight, but first, he must find a way to get the codes from whoever has them. The troubled vampire locked the room and stepped next door to cell 25. He unlocked the door and opened it, revealing a room identical to Pam’s. Godric smiled, he had felt his eldest progeny’s presence the moment he arrived in the mansion and awaited his visit.

“I had no doubt you would rescue your child.” The vampire King smiled and walked closer to the glass, elated to see his eldest child. Godric was shirtless, dressed in loose-fitting white pants. He could feel his other two children near and wondered why they were not with Eric.

Miserably confused Eric gazed curiously at his Sire, he did not understand why Godric was so calm. “I must find a way to save you, father.” Eric fought back the tears that threatened to emerge.

“Son, I have accepted my punishment. In turn, The Magistrate set Pamela free and agreed to let you all go in peace.”

“Father, Pam is next door in a cell just like yours, Franklin and Eggs are fighting for their life and Malcolm just tried to kill me!” The Viking lowered his eyes in shame, he’d never yelled at his sire before,

Godric’s composed expression and demeanor quickly washed away, his dead heart sunk into his gut. “The Magistrate gave me her word.” He uttered with confusion.

“The Magistrate is a lying piece of shit! Her word means nothing! She told you that lie, so you would not fight!”

“Where are your brothers, the enchantresses, Aether?”

“Tara is near, I can feel her presence. And I spoke to Eggs not long ago; he, Franklin and my deputies are fighting for our freedom at St. Roch.”

“Yes, your brothers are near. Gather them, free Pamela and flee, take your lovers and go into hiding.”

“Father...” Eric could not believe what he was hearing. Father is a warrior...Warriors do not hide...we fight until the true-death!

“That is my command child; my punishment shall appease the tribunal and you all shall be left in peace.” Eric was prevented from protest; with a motion of his hand, The King dismissed his wary progeny. And not wanting to upset his father, he left the room shoving the keys into the pocket of his tracksuit.

Never! I will never run or leave you. Eric entered the main hall of the estate, in the foyer; his ears were assaulted with the percussion of gunshots; the clatter of glass and various objects shattering, screaming, growling and wailing in triumph or defeat. It was the sounds of war... Eric’s fangs clicked, his blood bayed, and he was ready to battle. And then he saw his beautiful Aether.

His woman had a wild look in her eyes as she wickedly doused V- feds with her magic.

The love-struck vampire admired the way her tank top and jeans hugged her sexy curves so perfectly.

A brave V- fed thought he’d caught Eric off guard and lunged at the Sheriff. The enraged Viking brutally greeted the officer with a firm vice gripped hands around his neck, twisting his throat until the bones snapped. Eric dropped him and looked around for something else to kill.

Tara’s eyes widened at the sight of her savage lover. But before she could utter a single word, the air in front of her swirled and this time, she was not the cause.

“ERIC!” She screamed at him, but couldn’t see him in the cyclone of super-speed. Then the room blurred as a half-dozen fanged monsters exploded towards Eric and his 2 brothers. Tara teleported away, landing in a large bedroom, startling the occupants. Sophie sprung forward, viciously speeding towards Tara, she reached for her and just in the nick of time, Tara vaporized back out into the hallway.

Her magic rendered the vampires speechless. Sophie sped to the door, but could not open it the conventional way. Using telekinesis, Tara forced the bedroom door in place. So the red-headed vampire kicked it open. And when she did, Aether was waiting. Summoning her fire-element, she set the attacking vampire a blaze. Sophie was consumed in a torrent of red-hot flames, she flailed wildly, hitting the rail and falling over the balcony, tumbling down like a blazing comet. She landed with a thud in the foyer barely missing Franklin. Sophie groaned in agony. But the hardhearted vampire showed no mercy, and with his machete Franklin decapitated her.

Eric and Franklin looked at each other in unison, if Sophie was up there, her Sire Flanagan was too. The pair flew upstairs, leaving Eggs and Alcide fighting it out with a few remaining V-feds. Franklin kicked open every door upstairs in the eight-bedroom mansion. But it was too late. Agrippa and Flanagan had already fled.

The beauty let out a heavy, frustrated sigh. ” I tried to get them, but the other two bitches flew out the window and are long gone now.”

Eric sped over to Tara in a fraction of a second she was in his arms. She wet her lips, then bit them inwards, peering around the hallway, “Where did Franklin go so fast?”

“He shall guard Godric and Pam until we release them.” He embraced his darling, kissing her forehead.

Despite Tara imploring them to stay out of harm’s way Nora and Naomi cautiously approached the house.

Before Eggs could grip the doorknob, the door swung open.

“Well come on in, watch out for the blood.” Eggs greeted them, smirking with pride at his body count. Happy to see her beau, Naomi found a clean spot on his cheek and kissed it.

In the confinement’s cells, the group approached the end of the hall; they found Franklin barely standing, only the wall held him up. His expression detached, his skin even paler than usual.

“Brother,” Eggs respired in dismay. He’d never seen Franklin look so distraught, “speak to us,” The handsome black man placed a comforting hand on his older brothers’ shoulder, while somberly watching red tears stream like a river from his eyes.

“Father wants to die...” Franklin’s voice trailed off, he was in a state of total disbelief. “He wants us to free Pam and then just...and then just leave him to meet the sun...”

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