Two Souls, One Heart

Whispers In Darkness

Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly...
Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow...


I still have my strange dreams, but now that I’m fully ushered into my powers and with the mixture of Eric’s blood, they’ve changed quite a bit. The dream starts out with my Viking; he’s perfectly nude on a snow-covered mountaintop; a reflective blanket of fresh snowfall around him gives his pale skin an illuminating glow. Our naked bodies sprawled on a deer hide; we’re making love out in the open, in the daylight, without a care in the world. Through our bond I can feel his emotional state; Eric feels alive, human. A feeling long lost to him.

Suddenly the scene changes; and I’ve abruptly been snatched away from my warm vampire. In a vast white room of nothingness, The Elders speak to me...

Those darn Elders always interrupted my vampire blood- induced sex-dream. Quoting the Vesica Pisces, they’d whisper and chant about darkness, light, opening gates, portals, and passageways to realms; everything was so cryptically metaphorical...

‘The doors of her temple were open in time of war and closed to mark the peace, look to the future and to the past. As goddess of the elements, Aether presided over the beginning and end of the conflict, and hence war and peace...’

Now I can admit, I’m not the sharpest knife on the table, but damn, Isabelle and those Elders never made much sense. The dream always ended the same. I’m given the reminder that I’m bonded with my ‘Chosen’, which is undoubtedly Eric and my ‘gift’ to him is eternal.

But I still don’t know what I gave to him. I know we’re supposed to exchange these wonderful gifts, but it seems like a pretty unfair exchange if you ask me. I certainly got the better end of that deal. I’ve yet to see Eric do anything I can do. Besides being humanly warm, he hasn’t changed at all, not that I’m complaining, it’s not a powerful gift if you ask me, but it’s a nice none the less. Although I did notice the night Godric died, the approach of first light did not weaken him or give him the bleeds like it did his brothers, I got confirmation the next night when we stayed up until six am arguing about me feeding Pam.

“You are mine!” He snarled. I briefly caught his blur dart from across the room, in a fraction of a second; he’d closed in on me.

“How dare you give yourself to another?” His eyes narrowed and he sneered at me with gritted teeth. I didn’t flinch, totally used to his vamp-tantrums now.

“Not even your own child?!” I sneered right back at his ass. Selfish bastard, his attitude needed some serious readjusting.

“No one..!” He roared even louder. “Ever..! You gave yourself to me, only me.”

He created a breeze when he zoomed back across the room, angrily plopping down on our bed while mumbling some obscenities in Swedish at me.

“I tried to tell you Pam needed blood.” I paced barefooted and frustrated, up and down the soft carpet of our bedroom. His eyes followed me with that stone -cold glare. I waited for a response. His jaw was locked tight... Asshole...“Besides you don’t see me bent outta shape about you giving your blood to Lafayette,” I added to my point.

“Not the same,” He growled. I know that now, but at the time, I was trying to be helpful to his progeny.

“Well excuse the fuck outta me for giving a damn!” I crossed my arms over my chest. He grumbled more obscenities in Swedish. I tried to read his mind but I couldn’t...

Well, that’s odd...

When we left Salome’s destroyed mansion the following night, returning to Godric’s New Orleans home. Cathy had done all she could for Laffy, but he still wasn’t well. He developed some sort of infection from Absolom’s claws. The antibiotics and Wiccan elixirs weren’t working and he was coughing up mucus and blood something terrible. So I asked my love to give my cousin his blood. Without hesitation, Eric entered the guest room and sat at Laffy’s bedside. Not surprisingly, the moment Laffy laid eyes on the gorgeous Viking; his mind became filled with nasty thoughts. Eric hissed out his fangs; with a little growl, he bit into his wrist, creating a perfect puncture wound, which trickled with his powerful ancient blood.

“Well good god all mighty, I got the tingles.” my cousin had said while licking his lips and ogling at Eric flirtatiously. He took hold of Eric’s forearm, opened his mouth wide and pressed down. He slurped loudly as he drank his fill, his eyes rolled up into his head as he moaned...

There ain’t no shame in his game.

The very moment the wound began to seal, Eric yanked his wrist away and left the room. It only took a few minutes before the blood took effect, as a result, my cousin literally jumped out of bed and broke out into a scandalous dance. I left the room when he began singing... ‘Thank you, witches, fangers, and bitches’.

Jessica stayed and enjoyed the song and dance.

The next time I saw Pam, her bad behavior mimicked Laffy’s...Correction...Pam was worse. She behaved herself for a while, respectfully mourning Godric, even though I could feel her lust for me growing by the minute.

A week later, Eric and I returned to Fangtasia and re-open to oodles of fang-bangers delight, Pam was on me like a cheap suit on a kangaroo. I guesstimate it didn’t help matters with the way I was dressed that night. My outfit was skin-tight and cleavage-bearing. The designer dress barely covered the swells of my thighs and Lafayette referred to my heels as ‘come-fuck-me pumps’.

“Can I get you something to wrap those luscious lips around?” She drawled, practically undressing me with her eyes.

“Pamela,” Eric warned her horny ass. “You shall not speak to Tara that way or I’ll shove your fangs down your throat. Do you understand?”

She said yes and immediately disobeyed. I don’t know why he bothers. Every chance she got she’d ‘accidentally’ touch my shoulder, my leg, my ass... Eric and I knew until my blood wore off, I’d be the star of her girl-on-girl porn. The thoughts Vampire Barbie had about me would make the raunchiest whore blush, but still...

“I wasn’t gonna let Pam - who’d already been through hell, suffer some more...” I protested.

“There were other options Tara...”

I lowered my eyes and heaved a heavy sigh. Eric had made his point. I knew when to wave the white flag and surrender. Now... it’s time to kiss and make up. So I sashayed over to the edge of the bed, while seductively fluttering my long lashes, allowing my hands to suggestively glide up in between my breasts, just below my cherished talisman.

“Your right,” I let out a soft pretty little pout, “it won’t ever happen again baby,” I promised my stone-cold Viking with all my heart. His tightly sealed lips parted slightly when I let my tongue glide across my top lip and I assured him, “My blood to Pam was a one-time thing.” I purred, allowing him to feel my strong desire for him and then I slowly untied my robe; never removing my eyes from his and his jade eyes went soft at the sight. As my robe fell softly to the floor, he hungrily eyed my naked body. His lustful gaze locked onto my sex as I climbed onto the bed towards him.

“Never again...” I cooed, letting my thumb trace along his jawline. He leaned into my hand.

“Never again...” He repeated, his tone was soft and sweet now. His firm hands rested on my waist, “You belong to me beautiful one, only me...”

“Only you...” I leaned in and kissed his lips, his fangs clicked in response and I kissed them too. Eric dragged his mouth upward until our lips met and he crashed his mouth into mine, swiping his tongue inside, I gasped at the suddenness of his movement. It took me a moment to catch up, my lips and tongue move against him just as eagerly, one hand sliding up to caress his face.

His kisses always started off soft and sweet, but then they deepened and gave way to a passion that sent pleasant chills up my spine. Eric’s kisses are by far the most intoxicating I’d ever experienced and this one was no exception; setting my senses whirling and making the most pleasant sensations. I caress his solid chest, making a trail down to those sexy washboard abs. I tugged at his silk boxers; my desire filled eyes seized his huge, hard dick as I pulled his boxers down his long legs. I slowly sprawled up his lengthy body and every inch of me pressed against him earnestly.

With one swift move, he flipped me onto my back. Our eyes meet in a tender, lustful gaze. His body was like a live wire that only responded to my pleasure, every part of him was aware and sexually heightened. He trailed his fingers down my chest rubbing my nipples until they become impossibly harder and I shivered in response. He nuzzled into my navel, kissing the flesh above the center. I smile tilting my head watching the shadowy light play with the shades of his blonde hair. I ruffled it back so I can see his face as he trailed sweet kisses all over my body. His jade eyes became dark and stormy as he rumbled deep in his chest. He inhaled, taking in the scent of my arousal.

“You smell like honey and sunshine lover.” He whispered lovingly in the soft glow of our room.

I breathed in deeply as he probed my sex with his skillful tongue. I rolled my hips instinctively and parted my legs wide, allowing him to please me just the way he wanted. He lapped me up, purring contently, his thumbs drawing circles around my hipbones. I shivered and whimpered as he increased his pressure and my eyes rolled back with pleasure when his thumb pressed onto my little bundle. He hoisted himself up, coming to hover above me with his hands firmly planted on the bedding at each side of my head.

My vampire shuddered erratically as he entered me, his hot smooth length, filling me so perfectly, he can feel my warmth coating him. I let out a high-pitched moan and my pussy pulsated. My arms and thighs clutched at him.

“Fuck!” he shouted loudly, rutting as he entangled his fingers in my hair, “Sot våt!” he growled and snarled, as I arched my back and mewed sweetly, wanting more. “Oh Min Tara!” he hissed, gently biting into my neck and suckling, tightening his hold.

“Ohh My Errrric..!” I crooned his name, pleasure washing over me, he kept making me come for him, making me groan with pleasure.

His relentless, persistent Viking dick, pounded me for a least a full hour. His movements forceful and demanding, rocking me toward powerful release, after powerful release, his fingers sweeping through the now tangled mess of my hair.

He joined me, groaning, quivering, and his own release spurting hot and deep inside of me, his dick pulsing in response to my body’s rhythm.

He collapsed beside me, bringing my fingers up to his mouth kissing each one. After a few moments, he tucked me tightly against him. I smiled and rolled to face him.

While my self-assured sass and uncompromising honesty weren’t always appreciated. Eric couldn’t doubt that I’m a professional at keeping things real. I gloried in the fact that as long as I smart-mouthed my vampire warrior at every opportunity, I could always turn it around and make him smile.

“We good baby, I’m forgiven?” I asked my face buried into his bare chest.

He smiled that ancient, amused smile. “Yes, indeed my beautiful one .” He closed his eyes and placed a slow kiss on my forehead. That was our first fight and just as I expected, the make-up sex was incredible.


My dreaming of Tara every night had become a honeyed ritual. As usual, it was always unusual, passionate and so fucking erotic. She’d please me in every way imaginable. Yet, I was always left with wanting more. I could never get enough of her.

Tonight, I was awakened by a wave of dismay, the vilest, unsettling feeling washed over me.

I could no longer feel my bond with Tara!

I use my cellular and left Pam her detailed instructions. Next, I dialed Nora and informed her of the situation. She and Naomi asked that I see them at Godric’s house. It was a few moments until daylight’s end and with, not a second to waste I got dressed as fast as I could; which meant I was showered and fully dressed in less than five minutes. As I reached for my cherished medallion on the nightstand, I notice a white envelope. I snatched it from the table, tore open the envelope and read...


I never thought I’d fall for a pompous vampire who owns a raunchy vampire bar. But, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, cause here I am. I realize now, we actually have a lot in common. We are both powerful, passionate, warriors and we’ll both do anything to protect the people we love. And, I’m probably saying this in vain, but I’ll say it anyway. PLEASE, don’t worry about me. And don’t you dare come after me! I need to do this alone. I MUST do this alone. I hate to tell you this baby, but there is a strong chance I won’t make it out. So I want you to know that I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. Min Vacker, I want to thank you for loving me, protecting me, making me whole again.


Tara Mae Northman

Fear seeped offensively into my soul, my diamond had flung herself back into the hands of peril. Standing in my garage with Tara’s note clasped firmly in my hand, the frustration stabbed at me. The unexplained confusion tore and ripped- the dread building within me was unbearable. I felt like a caged animal. As the final rays of light lethargically slope below the horizon, I was finally able to leave.

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