Two Souls, One Heart

In Darkness And In Light

Everything we do in this life has a consequence of some sort,

Whether it’s going for a walk or going to war...

The end result is uncertain, so we must be sure of our message...

We must be sure of our desire...

Stay true to your word, live as if you have no regrets...

And no matter the outcome, stand proud knowing your two hands...

Did something that will be remembered for centuries to come...


We lay on the lawn a while, shell-shocked, but thankful that it’s nightfall on Earth and after a few moments we help each other up from the cold ground.

“Shall we go home?” He asked, offering me a first class flight to Shreveport.

“Sure.” I could easily fly there myself, but how could I say no to such an irresistible offer, how could I resist being close to him? So, I climb on his back, firmly hooking my arms around his muscular shoulders, wrapping my legs around his waist. He reaches back and gives my ass a little pat, while I brace myself for a vampire –style- piggyback ride. I bury my face into the crook of his neck, I hear a whooshing noise; next, we’re high in the night sky.

When we arrived home, we didn’t talk much the rest of the night. We both threw what we had on in the trash, shoes and all and showered together; silently cleaning the slime and manure from hell off our bodies. After a thorough cleaning, Eric crawled into bed and went right to sleep.

How could he sleep so sound after all of this?

I thought about it and smiled, the answer was a no-brainer, he’s satisfied, now that I’m safely by his side. As I lay on our plush bed, I tossed and turned for a while. I should be tired, but I’m not, it’s not long before I’m kicking off the damn sheets. I grabbed my Chimera, Jessica’s emerald and headed for the study. I delicately place the charms on the glass shelf next to Eric’s cherished items. I try my best to think of the good things that have come out of all of this horrible mess; like Lafayette and Ruby Jean being a family again. My Coven invited my lovable-sassy and flamboyant cousin to move into Godric’s guest house. Ruby hooked him up with a job at Broussard’s, an amazing five-star Cajun restaurant on Bourbon Street. They dig the New Orleans nightlife and Laf’s even partied at Fangtasia a couple of times. Shockingly Pam seems really cool with my cousin, and that’s saying a lot, that tramp doesn’t like anybody but Eric.

While I was helping Laffy move into his new home, he gave me a shoe-box full of my own pictures, It was truly heartbreaking why he even had them. After I moved out, Lettie became late on her rent, and when she did manage to pay, she was short. It didn’t take long for her to get evicted. Everything in our house, which wasn’t much, was thrown to the curb, to be scavenged by all the town’s vagabonds and hoarders, all except the photos. Bud Dearborne was kind enough to leave my precious Polaroids on La-La’s porch with a little note explaining why. It was joyful sifting through all the pictures, reminiscing about my life before all of this. And the minute I was done, I asked him to go with me to buy a photo book and frames.

Now, I’m turning the page of the photo album and I pause at the picture of Lettie and me at Gran’s Easter picnic. I manage a smile, Momma looked beautiful that day. The weather was perfect that Sunday afternoon. Gran Stackhouse would always take lots of pictures at her parties and she was known to serve yummy food. I smiled big this time, I was thankful that not all my memories with Mom were bad ones. I flip the page to a picture of Lafayette, Sookie, Sam, Jason and I posing sexily in front of Merlotte’s Bar. This was pre-vampire Bill. Sam and Sook were dating. Jason and I were a wild-volatile couple; I chuckled for a bit and then sighed deeply. I still felt a great deal of sadness. It’s not the kind of sadness to where you cry all the time, but more like the sadness that overwhelms your entire body, leaving your heart and your stomach empty, making you feel weak and tired. And yet you can’t even sleep cause the sadness is in your dreams too. It’s almost a sadness you cannot escape. I set that picture album down with a nod of acceptance.

Back in bed, I roll over and grab my cell phone. What I read caused me to scratch my head in confusion. I was certain I’d left early Friday evening and had only been in the netherworld for a few hours. But according to my cellular, it’s almost Wednesday morning. Now I realize why Willa thought she’d only been in the dark realm a few days. The thought made me very uneasy; everything in that place was so fucked up. I wondered if Cathy already knew what has happened to Jess? The poor woman has to know; it’s been five days now. I have to make sure Ruby Jean does the séance as promised. I shivered with sadness... I wished I would’ve demolished that evil soul-snatching bitch; I swear, Absalom has it coming- her punishment will be excruciating and rightfully deserved. I wrap my arms around my warm immobile vampire and thought about what the elders said, what they always said to me, especially whenever they were referring to Eric.

My Chosen, My Bonded, He is gifted, in darkness or darkness and in LIGHT... Wha- the...In darkness AND IN LIGHT!


Maybe the gift exchange wasn’t as uneven as I thought. I gotta see if this shit is real, so I jump outta bed and quickly slip on one of the sexy negligees Eric so generously purchased for me. I took in a nervous breath, then gently grabbed his big calloused hand.

“Eric,” I lean forward to whisper softly in his ear, while lightly tapping his firm shoulder. After doing so for a few moments his gorgeous green eyes fluttered open.

“Do you love me?” I asked as he gazed tenderly at me. He’d have to love and trust me to do what I’m about to ask him to do.

“I love you, Tara,” he admitted. “If what I feel for Godric is love, then I love you...more than anything...”

“I love you too baby.” I snuggled into him, willing my serenity into his mind. This felt so incredible. Eric loved me, not just lust- but real love like he loves his family.

“Are you game for an experiment?” I asked, ready to move forward with my investigation. He looked at me with curiosity, then grunted, and then caved in.

“Very well beautiful one... Shall we?” Still holding his hand, I pulled him out of bed and led him to the bedroom balcony door.

“I think I know what The Elders mean when they refer to you,” I said leading him out to the porch.

The purple, pink and orange hues of daybreak neared as the sun was getting stronger. Cautiously, he moved onto the balcony as the sun slowly emerged over the horizon. I meticulously observed his flawless pale skin.

No smoke. No burns. I let out an audible sigh of relief.

“Your gift to me..?” He muttered, examining his hands, still unbelieving of what was happening. And then his loving gaze penetrated me, setting my soul alight. Damn, when he looks at me like that with those wide-soft eyes, I become so overwhelmed with desire.

“I think so baby, how do you feel?” I really did not need to ask, our bond is stronger than ever and I clearly felt his astonishment. Insects buzzed and whirled around us as he listened to the call of Blue Jays, Sparrows, and Mourning Doves. He inhaled more than usual, not for air, but for scent. I’m sure the day creatures give off a different scent. It was morning and Eric was not only awake, which was amazing in its own right, but he was standing in the direct sunlight. He stood wide-eyed and silent, I completely understood, this was nothing short of a miracle. I just held his hand letting him take in the world, while I continued watching him for any signs of crispiness. I wondered if this was permanent or a temporary thing...I needed to know how long this would last...But how can I test it out...

“Eric, follow me.” Asked, and didn’t wait for a response. I leaped off the porch and he instinctively caught me. He’s still got his vampiric speed and strength, that’s for sure. But I think he’s forgotten that I can fly too.

“Put me down, ya big Viking.” I shimmed out of his arms in mid-air and we hover high above the land surrounding Eric’s property. It’s a task flying and keeping a watchful eye on my vampire, but I manage.

We land near a creek along the outskirts of his land, no houses are near and the wooded area is dense. I take in our surroundings while he gazes at me with childlike wonderment. I appeared even more beautiful to him in the sunlight. My sepia skin glistened in the light. My onyx hair shined with streaks of russet. My dark chocolate eyes revealed specs of hazel and chestnut.

“It’s been so long, so very long...” he said, his voice slightly trembled. I wasn’t used to him being so tongue-tied. He looked so innocent...pure. Like a child discovering the world.

“Shall we celebrate?” He asks and before I could agree, he pulled me into a passionate kiss.

I kissed him back licking the top of his lip coaxing him to open his sweet mouth for me; showing him that I was more than eager to celebrate this miracle. His lips firmly attached to mine, desire burned and crackled in his eyes as he tangled his hands in my hair. He kisses further down my neck. My head dropped back and he sucked on my collarbone before moving down to worship my right breast, kissing around the nipple sucking lightly. Then nibbling on my mahogany peak, and mimicking his actions on the left. His hands latched onto my hips, noticing that I have no panties on, a coarse passionate growl escaped his throat and he slid his middle finger into my ready, heated depths while reveling in my heavy breathing. His finger slowly pumping in and out of me, his dark, jade gaze consumes me. I bite my bottom lip and whimpered while he watched my every move, his mouth finds my belly button. When I giggle, my vampire’s emotions melted. My laughter moves his non-beating heart; my happiness lulls him. His thumb finds my clit and within seconds my velvet heat contracted and a flood of wetness gushed out over his hand.

“Oh, Eric..!” I purred, tugging at his silk boxers.

His cock is free all of two seconds before he replaces his fingers with the head of his rod. My wet silken clutch was like heaven to him, a heaven of pulsating muscle, liquid arousal, and sweet heat. He kept one hand in my hair while the other held my hip tightly tugging me forward. I arch my back against the tree for more support.

“Bond with me Eric...” I plead.

“Yes, lover.” Eric did not hesitate, he wanted me, he needed me and I needed him so much I almost couldn’t breathe.

He bit into his wrist and held his blood trickling flesh firmly against my eager mouth, I felt his ancient blood surged through my veins and I sucked greedily until the wound closed.

“You belong to me, Tara... forever.” He locked onto his target right next to my birthmark and bit, of course, I could not feel it. Eric is so gentle if I were not looking; I wouldn’t have known he’d bit into my breast like a peach. He drew his head back, licking my blood from his lips.

“Forever Eric, I belong to you.”

With Eric completely buried inside of me, I close my eyes and I’m just feeling. Lips and hands touching and teasing, my nipples rubbing against his chest, rejoicing, I writhe in his grip absolutely loving my vampire right now. I can feel his love and happiness as it washes over me, taking hold of me. Then there it was, oh yes- that sweet breathless moment, the string of my body snapped and my body convulsed around his wild spasms. Scalding pleasure struck him like a blow as he pulled all the way out and slammed back into me. My hot tightness caused him to jolt and moan uncontrollably. He needs more so he lifted me up with both hands by my ass. He plunged into me violently, high on the sound of my moans and the sight of my breast bouncing in the rhythm of his thrust. He put every emotion into each thrust, each kiss, each touch. With that, he lost all control and howled as he came roaring, quivering deep inside of me.

To onlookers, we were just a young couple screwing in the woods, no one would ever know the supernatural bond that united us for eternity.

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