Two Souls, One Heart

Endings And New Beginnings

When the sun sets on one phase of life, find peace in knowing that new beginnings bring light to the horizon.


The next day I stood outside for a while, my stomach in knots, and I began pacing back and forth on her porch. I’d sent her flowers, this lovely arrangement of fresh white blooms. It was the least I could do. Still, she had every right to blame me. But no matter what, I was going to keep my word. So after about twenty minutes, finally I gathered the courage to knock.

She must have seen me in her newly installed security camera because the door swung open fast like she’d been waiting for me the entire time. Her age-worn eyes were swollen and red from constant streams of tears, her expression impassive, I lowered my eyes, and stepped back in defeat.

“You know Tara; a Goddess never lowers her eyes to her apprentice.” Her voice hoarsely cracked.

My eyes shot up. She’s smiling at me. me..! I pulled her into a hug. I can’t tell you how grateful I was when she hugged me back.

She invited me in and made us some fresh-squeezed lemonade. We chatted for a while; Cathy is clearly mourning, but found comfort in knowing Jessica is with The Elders. I handed her Holly’s ancient enchanted emerald, she smiled as she placed the golf-ball-sized gem in the largest gold locket I’d ever seen.

Cathy told me the enchanted emerald was given to Jessica as the dearly beloved Holly lay dying in the yard of the hunter’s mansion. The proud mother esteemed her daughter as a brave honorable warrior and I wholeheartedly agree.

I was amazed when she told me Ruby provided the entire Coven a play-by-play of the dark realm tragedy. The moment Lettie, Jess, and Willa souls were free, my Aunt performed a séance. Cathy rightfully received her much-needed closure after all.

The Coven purchased beautiful tombstones and placed them next to King Godric’s statue at the St. Patrick Cemetery in New Orleans. To some, this act would be pointless, since there are no bodies there and the Coven is able to visit with them through spirit summoning. But the graves give everyone a place to visit, not just the Coven.

Cathy joked about how my Auntie complained, she said that Jess and Willa got on Ruby’s last nerves. She’d said during the séance, the girls constantly disrupted her concentration singing the song ‘Moves like Jagger’.

“Neither one of them can carry a tune in a bushel basket.” Cathy mocked Ruby Jean’s grumble.

When Cathy and I caught up with Ruby later that night, my eccentric aunt didn’t even realize she hummed ‘Moves like Jagger’ all the way to the restaurant.

After our wonderful dinner, I asked Rudy if she would allow me a little more time with Lettie. My aunt agreed without a second thought, she loved chatting with her sister. I asked Ma about Eric. I wanted to know what she thought of him. I wondered if she was put off by him being a vampire. My mom surprised me; she said my vampire is handsome. But what thrilled me most is that she actually approved of him! Most important, unlike Jason or Sam, she could clearly see Eric’s love, his devotion, and his joy, for me and only me... And she was spot on with her assessment.

Eric always made it clear to everyone; no one pleased him as I did. Never had and never would.

One Month later...

This morning, as I ate breakfast, my day-walking vampire browsed the Internet for things to do; the first thing he suggested was the Norton Art Gallery and Gardens and the Red River, Louisiana Boardwalk.

He’d always wondered what places like that were like during the day. In order for a vampire to go walking around in the day, I had to lay down some ground rules.

Rule number one, no flying around during the day...

Three weeks ago we bought a yacht and sailed the Caribbean seas. The news reported several eyewitness sightings of a UFO while we were in Cozumel. There was no UFO; it was a UFV, all on account of Eric zipping through the day sky.

The second rule never uses vamp speed during the day...

In Jamaica, I peered into a shop window and spotted a pair of lovely handmade leather sandals. with a vampiric speed he burst into the doors, blurring around the store, he sped to the register to pay for my lovely gifts. The clerk screamed like Ginger, tossing holy water on him while praying. She thought Eric was a ghost and began having a full-blown panic attack so he glamored the old Jamaica lady into forgetting it all and overpaid for our souvenirs.

The third rule, by all means, never click those beautiful deadly fangs...

Some poor guy kicked sand on us as we lay on the beach in Grand Cayman. The guy didn’t mean too, he was playing volleyball with his two friends. Eric shot up from his beach chair, baring fangs. The guy Eric growled at pissed his shorts, and all the while his bros pulled out their phones to capture it all. Eric and I had no choice but confiscate the phones and glamor them too.

We’ve traveled and he’s shown me a good slice of the world and no one is the wiser. If only I could get him to stop tanning all the damn time. For crying out loud, vampires are supposed to be pale..! If he keeps it up, it won’t be long until other vampires notice.

At first, he was resistant, but now he fully understands why it is important that he keep his new gift under wraps. The world is not ready for a day-walking vampire.

I also suggested he tell Pam about all of this. Pam knows him better than anyone and she’s nosy as hell. That hussy is bound to find out eventually. Even though he never actually agreed to my terms, at least he didn’t refuse them.

Mostly, The Viking’s been on his best behavior, the majority of the time he just stares, sniffs and touches everything, with naive amazement. He’s like a toddler, I just can’t get him to settle down during the day, let alone take a nap. So at night when it’s time to go to Fangtasia, he’s exhausted. After several more weeks of the day walking, he didn’t bother going there at all.

I knew to ignore Vampire Barbie, would eventually result in her showing up at our home.

Two months later...

Tara heaved an irritating sigh as she peered through the glass and pulled her front door open, now that the blood has worn off, Pam is back to being...Pam. The leggy blond entered the house, brazenly sauntering passed Tara, not uttering a single word. She disapprovingly crinkled her nose. Sniffing the Aether scented air, miffed that Eric’s home no longer smelled like him and the tasty whores who use to visit.

My once vibrant Sire is now dismal and boring. He has become a big lap dog all because of this-this witch-bitch and her super-snatch.

She could hear Pam’s thoughts and they upset her. Their love for one another is real. She did not expect someone as superficial as Pam to understand that... “Hi, Pam, what brings you over this evening?” Tara forced a polite greeting.

“Not you.” the curvy blonde drawled, without giving Tara a glance. She flounced through the foyer towards the winding staircase, gold Fendi pumps clicking melodically with every stride.

“Where you think ya going?” Tara teleported, lading directly in front of Pam. The blonde was forced to halt mid-step, “This is my house too and you can’t just come by unannounced,” she spoke curtly, annoyed, she crossed her arms over her chest. Pam’s perfectly made-up eyes viciously leered at the mahogany-skinned woman.

“Get the fuck outta my way GIRL or...”

“Oh no, you didn’t just call me GIRL..!” Tara cut her off mid-sentence. Her irritation caused the lights in the foyer to flicker.

Pam smirked, “You heard me, GIRL,” irritating Tara amused her. Next, she’d work on frightening her or making her cry.

“What the fuck you gonna do if this GIRL doesn’t get outta ya way?” The urge to send Pam crashing out the door and onto the galvanized fencing was more than Tara could stand.

“I’ll shove my fist up your ass and use it as a hand warmer!” Pam hissed menacingly, her fangs snapped down.

“Put your fangs away or I shall strike them out of your mouth,” Eric grumbled. His bonded and progeny’s agitation tersely roused him from a tranquil slumber.

Wide-eyed, his charge obediently did as she was told. And with a slight hiss, her fangs disappeared.

Eric arched a brow. “What do you want Pam?” he asked while casually gliding down the stairs with nothing on but a pair of black silk boxers all the while lustfully ogling Tara.

The sexy deity stood wide-legged in nothing but a pair of white lace boy-shorts and a tiny purple crop top.

“You hadn’t returned my calls or showed up at Fangtasia, it’s been weeks, I was worried.”

He stood behind Tara, pressing his body into hers while snaking his arms around her waist.

Pam spitefully rolled her eyes at Tara.

Tara callously rolled her eyes at Pam.

“As you can see, I am well.” The Viking buried his head in the crook of Tara’s neck and shoulder. “Is that all?” He murmured while taking in her intoxicating scent.

“Well, no. I need to talk to you alone. Vampire business...”

“Pamela...” Eric warned. “Have you forgotten Tara’s abilities? If she pleases, she can glamor you into telling the news you have for me. Now speak freely child, I am growing tired of your company.”

“Fine...” she huffed.

“The vampire Authority appointed a new AVL spokesperson. The council invited us to The Ceremonial Appointing at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas.

“What about Franklin and Eggs?”

“Them too...” She nodded.

“Who is the new spokesperson?”

“Bill Compton...”

“Bill Compton.” Eric and Tara chimed in unison. Tara whipped around to face her beau. “Hey, that’s the vampire I know from Bon Temps.”

“I am acquainted with Compton, as I am with all vampires who reside in my area.”

Tara shimmed out of Eric’s embrace and sweetly pecked him on the lips, “Cool, excuse me, baby,” and she teleported upstairs.

Pam irksomely sneered, “God Eric,” her tongue sliding over the line of her teeth, she’s got your balls on a leash.

“Respect me as your maker and my bonded or be punished severely.”

Lowering her eyes in respect for her Sire, she pouted like a child, “Are you at least coming to Fangtasia tonight?”

“No, when is The Appointing?”

“One week from tonight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I already booked our flight.”

Eric was pleased. Finally, a progressive shift in the vampire hierarchy and Godric’s bloodline was the cause.

“You are a most dashing child,” Eric noted honestly. Pam was dressed lavishly in a gold and black Fendi dress with matching pumps.

She snorted playfully rolling her eyes. “Pretty words aren’t pretty items,” she replied. “My dress size is 6 my shoe size is 8.”

He’d heard this many times. He sighed with strained patience. “You’ll be rewarded, don’t get pissy...”

As satisfied as she could be, she nodded and left.

Tara closed her laptop just as Eric entered the bedroom. His bond thumping her aggressively causing Tara’s eyes to shoot up and engage his glare, she quickly ended her call with Nora.

“Eric, what is it?” Her head was spinning, her face tightened; she bit her lower lip.

He tilted her chin up and laid the mother of all kisses on her before responding. “You are a liability, Tara.”

“What’s new asshole?” Tara broke away from his embrace, walking over to the vanity she poured some Grey Goose in a martini glass.

“Shit, I need an olive.” Tara disappeared into a white mist to the kitchen grabbed the jar of Tipsy Olives from the cupboard, and was back in the bedroom in less than a second. After taking a sip she slowly turned to Eric.

“You’ve made plans to accompany me in Dallas - cancel them.“He slouched lazily on the plush sofa, peering at his lover behind tented fingers.

“Why...” Tara burred and took another sip of her beverage.

“I will not allow my beautiful doll to be in the company of ancient bloodthirsty animals.”

Tara smirked, she savored his flattery. “I’ll take my chances Sheriff,” She quipped, “besides Nora and Naomi are going and I want you to meet my friend Sookie, she’s Bill’s bonded.”

“Your presence will be an irksome distraction. Conducting business will be almost impossible.”

“Did you not hear me? I’m going to be with my progeny’s.”

“I care not about Compton’s mistress; her safety is of no concern.”

“The hell it ain’t! Sookie is a telepath, therefore my progeny, and she doesn’t even know it. I have to recruit her for my Coven.”

“No one will try to possess her as they would you. Have you forgotten there are still vampires who hunger for vengeance upon you, witch hunters who seek to destroy you...?”

“No one will fuck with me or, they’ll get a lightning bolt up their ass.”

“As your bonded, I command you to stay.”

“You know it doesn’t work that way Eric, I am not your child.” Her big brown eyes rolled up in disbelief at his audacity.

“Tara, nothing can go wrong in Dallas, Godric’s legacy is at risk.”

“I understand.” She could feel his bereavement, at the mere mention of his Sire’s name.

“Do you?” He examined angrily, his brows drew together his eyes darting about in concern as if he were searching for a place to hide.

“Yes, I do- so we have to come up with a compromise because I’m going!”

“Your scent on me will pique their curiosity, and if they know the source is in an easily accessible hotel room...”

“Here’s the deal,” Tara interrupted, “I’ll have my witches work on a plan to keep my scent and my presence in Dallas unknown. I’ll talk to my friend and fly right back home...

“Or you could order your progeny’s to send for your friend.”

“I know her, she’d never believed them; you see how receptive I was at first. I have to talk to her, see her face to face.” Tara could feel Eric’s resolve marginally slacken at her proposal.

“I know Nora can find a way to cloak me. She’s mentioned several spells that can do just that.”

“Make it so lover.”

Her honey brown eyes locked onto his emerald ones, she took a small step closer, she wanted nothing more than to ease his burden. She noticed a small tan line on the bridge of Eric’s nose and for a fleeting moment, she giggled at the irony.

“I could not go on without you,” he said in a soothing voice. He gently wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

Electricity shot through her entire body and the atmosphere became freshened with sensuality.

“You won’t ever have to baby.”

Just as the longing became unbearable, Eric’s lips met Tara’s. The warmth of his mouth sent a current running through her body. She threw her arms around her vampire’s neck as she lost herself in his peppermint breath and soft lips.

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