Two Souls, One Heart

Alltid och för Evigt/Always and Forever

Always and forever, each moment with you...

Is just like a dream to me that somehow came true...

Always and forever, each moment with you...

Is just like a dream to me that somehow came true...

And I know tomorrow will still be the same...

’Cause we’ve got a life of love that won’t ever change...

Everyday love me your own special way...

Melt all my heart away with a smile...

Take time to tell me you really care...

And we’ll share tomorrow together...


Here’s a little bizarre and uncanny note; Pam and Lafayette are becoming like peas in a pod, those who are consonantly going on about their outrageous sexual conquest and liaisons. I don’t get it...Their relationship is so odd; one day they are bitchy and catty to one another, the next Oprah and Gayle. According to Laffy, he’s even had conversations with Barbie about him becoming her progeny. I have no doubt in my mind if Pam decides to sire a progeny she will choose Lafayette and he will gladly accept. Both of those bitches are fashion-forward, self-confident feisty and hard-nosed realness queens.

I honestly don’t think the world is ready.

If you’re wondering why Eric and I are getting married in California and not Louisiana, it’s because Cali is the only state that human/vampire nuptials are legal. My nighttime, beach-side wedding is everything I could have dreamed of, Chinese lanterns and all. The night is cool, the waves are calm, and the moon is full and bright. The decor colors I selected are lavender and marigold. My maids of honors are Sookie, Nora, and Naomi. Eric’s best men are Franklin, Eggs, and Bill. Laffy walked me down the aisle and Mavis dressed in lavender made the cutest little flower girl. The entire coven attended and so did some of Eric’s longtime friends and deputies.

I sent Alcide an invitation to the wedding, but he didn’t show up. I was upset at the time until I later found out that my fair-haired lover glamored the Pack-Leader into thinking I was the most repulsive thing he’d ever laid eyes on.

My fiancé is such an ass-grenade! But the way he looked tonight, Jesus Christ in heaven, it should be against the law to look so damn good in a tuxedo. My Eric, virile, strong and downright sexy, and he is all mine.

Before my cousin handed me over to my vampire forever, Lafayette gave me his classic bitch-you-crazy brow arch and cocked his chin. He didn’t care how magical I was, I’ll always be his poor little gutsy cousin from the bum-fuck town.

As I recited my vows, I realized words could never describe the pure love I feel for him. Hell, it was exhilarating being desired by such a formidable creature, I found it thrilling to know that Eric and I were predestined.

Our discovery of one another was inescapable. The battles were preordained. The loss of his father and my mother was inevitable. Eric and I were chosen by the goddess Isis to be at each other’s side throughout this journey, and I know we will have many more journeys to come. My tanned vampires’ green eyes transfixed my soul as he recites his love-filled vows in Swedish. I listened to his brain vibrate with sheer bliss.

“Tara Mae Thornton, I am yours.”

He said my name in his ancient tongue, layering every seductive tone in his vocal repertoire. His voice to me is like silk, honey, velvet and chocolate, each syllable designed to torture and entice. We are one in the eyes of The Elders, The Vampires and now all of our friends and family.

“Eric Godric Northman, I am your’s, completely.”

Malibu Beach California...One Month Later...

“I know I don’t share well,” Pam drawled coldly, as she flounced prissily into Tara’s hotel suite. The pale blonde vampire regarded the mahogany beauty with curiosity as she pinned white flower hair clips in her long jet-black hair.

“That’s an understatement.” Tara huffed while peering at the tall woman through the vanity mirror. She did not bother to turn and face her.

“But I haven’t wanted to ride Eric’s dick for over half a century.” The cerulean eyed woman honestly disclosed.

“Pam, I’m not worried about that.” Tara coarsely rolled her eyes.

Pam’s eyebrow arched inquisitively, “You’re not...?” she exclaimed, truly taken aback by the statement. All of Eric’s previous lovers were intimidated by the closeness of their Sire/Progeny relationship. She lost count of all the women, human or vampire; she made cry with jealous insecurity.

The moment they questioned Eric, he dropped them like a bad habit.

“No, I’m not...” Tara replied with a haughty smirk, she stopped brushing her onyx locks, and put down her hairbrush, “Not even this much.” she teased the stubborn vampire by pressing her thumb and index finger tightly together to emphasize her point.

Eric never gave Tara any reason to doubt his love and devotion to only her. She certainly wasn’t insecure about Eric’s paternal bond with his bratty-spoiled progeny.

“From the staff at Fangtasia...” Pam mumbled while placing two plane tickets to Joue-Les Tours, France on the vanity.

“Thank you.” Tara humbly replied.

Pam nodded.

The best wedding gift...! Tara thought to herself. She’d save her excitement for later; happy people irritated Pam.

“Welcome sister.” Pam drawled, then turned starchily and sashayed out the room.

Tara shook her head and sighed at Pam’s ill attempted congratulation. She knew that was the best reception she’d get from the cold, century-year-old fashionista.

One year later...


Incredible, springtime in ancient Bjørvig cascade my mind and at that very moment, I knew my wife was with child. My children, like their mother, yielded the fragrance of honey and sunshine, but unlike Tara, they smell like my geneses, like home. They are apart of me, my vampire and my human side.

Min Tara, so full of surprises, her womb brought my dead seed to life, with her I am fertile and now I will become a father. After a thousand years of barren darkness, min Vackra, min seraph has brought forth light.

And I am complete again.


My tummy hasn’t grown much, just my appetite for food, water, and Eric’s blood. I feel the flutters in my belly and every time that happens I’m reminded of the miracles growing inside of me. My husband pressed a sweet kiss to my forehead and said, “You shall be pregnant with a child each year, your hips are made to bear children.

To which I replied, “Säga vad nu?” I giggled and shrugged as he chuckled at my bad enunciation in Swedish.

A boy and girl, The Elders confirmed.

I’ll name my two wonderful miracles Jessica Mae Thornton and Godric Northman. My husband and I will teach our children about our history, our heritage and most importantly, they will know how to fight.

These days, I spend most of my time preparing the Coven for more battles. I’m sure there will be more one day, and we’ll be ready.

If the Vesica Pisces is correct, in a couple of hundred years my time will be up. No one is quite sure how I’ll die if I’m lucky enough to die naturally. But I have a feeling a solar eclipse will play some part in it. I’m not worried, though, I’ll live for centuries without aging much and that’s good enough for me. Until then, I’ll enjoy my powers, my witches, my vampire, my life.

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