Two Souls, One Heart

Blood On Their Hands

“Without change, something sleeps inside of us and seldom awakens, change jars something deep within, allowing us to grow...”


Surrounded by an abyss of darkness; the glimmer of a single white candle flickered in the distance. The light grew dimmer every moment as the wax melted down...

Soon I’d be left in utter darkness.

The sounds of sticks and leaves breaking, crumbling under heavy footsteps quickly neared me, my heart beats faster with every footstep.

And then deafening silence.

“Show yourself!” My own voice echoes back at me.

The silence unnerved me, whatever it was twisted my stomach in a knot, threatening my sanity, willing its sinister force into me.


I turn around and Eric is before me.

His mouth was slightly open, baring his fangs. His sparkling sea green eyes were like fire and ice, burning into my soul.

He really had nothing human left about him after a few seconds. His lips drew away from his teeth, his fangs extended, and his body hunched and seemed to elongate. At first, I didn’t know what to make of the ragged breathing and then I realized it was me. The air was being pulled from my lungs by an unseen force. I’m trapped in another realm of existence, paralyzed by fear, unable to scream. Helplessly, I’m forced to watch as a horde of spiders attack Eric, biting his eyes out, devouring him, piece by piece. In a blink of an eye, my face is engulfed by hand-sized, eight-legged arachnids.

I violently jerked awake.

The sheets were ruined, soaked in my cold sweat. I sat up and immediately felt the bile rise in my gut. I dashed to the restroom just in time to throw-up. After I brushed my teeth, I grabbed fresh linens from the closet and began turning down the bed.

Misty, my beloved domestic servant, emissary, and companion, loomed in the pale glow of the moonlit window. My emerald eyed, ‘familiar’ appeared at my doorstep the day the twins were born and she’s been by my side ever since. Nora was not at all surprised about Misty’s sudden arrival, she said only the most powerful witches have cats as their familiars. Cats were seen by the ancients as the most mystical, strong-willed, cunning - creatures of the night. They have always been honored as guardians of both worlds.

My idle musings are interrupted by the obscure, jumbled thoughts of two people.

I think I’m being burglarized... Wha...

Who in the hell would break into Eric Northman’s house?

I teleport into the twins room and sigh in relief. Ruby is fast asleep in the rocking chair holding my sleeping angel-Jessica Mae to her bosom. Little Godric is sleeping in his crib, and Misty, who has the ability to teleport, gave me a reassuring purr as she is curled into a fluffy ball right beside him.

My aunt Ruby Jean moved in with us shortly after the children were born; she said Lettie Mae insisted on it. At times, Ruby serves as a conduit, allowing Lettie inside of her physical body, thus allowing my mom the ability to exist in the physical world, smelling, touching and playing with the twins. With the comfort of knowing my loved ones are safe, I teleport to where I estimate the noise is coming from, all the while I’m wondering who had the skill to break into Eric’s impenetrable fortress?

I get my answer when I teleport into the study.

These are no regular burglars, if they were, they would’ve taken all the valuable electronics from the game room or den and bounced out by now. These two assholes are witch-hunters and they’re trying to steal The Chimera of Isis. I can hear their hazy, brainwashed thoughts; their chanting- praising Absalom.

At first sight, our study looks like a room full of sentimental pictures, old books, relic statues, swords, plaques, and vestiges. Most robbers would deem the items easily identifiable and wouldn’t bother trying to pawn them off for cash. Since I haven’t been spotted yet; cautiously I watch as the masked man opens the glass case. I hold my gasp when my amulet starts to move on its own accord. Rattling like a snake, it seems to be awakened by their presence and as if in an earthquake it clatters violently in the case.

“Grab it!” Idiot Number One orders and Idiot Number Two complies. When Number Two lays his leather clad hand on my amulet, my magical charm ignites. All four colors red-white-yellow-and blue, shoot off a stream of laser light. The man lets out an earsplitting wail and in a matter of seconds, he’s microwaved. His entire body becomes nothing more than a pool of bloody liquid on my antique oriental rug.

The remaining masked man screams like a bitch and runs off.

“Damn!” I laughed wickedly out loud. “My necklace does not want to be touched!”

The sheer joy of watching my enemies fail is short-lived as the acquainted putrid smell engulfs the room. Before I can cover my nose, I’m staring into the dark pits of her eyes. Twelve feet across the room, cloaked in her black robe and after three years, the Queen of Darkness herself stood in my realm. And just like that, I understood the dream was a warning, I knew the normalcy of my life was about to become one big cluster-fuck once again.

The jagged-tooth bitch wore an enormous-sized golden amulet, which rivaled my own. The gold medallion held a large, glossy black gem in the middle. She pointed the amulet at me- I could tell she was aiming for my chest. I instinctively ducked but was hit in the shoulder by the black laser beam. With the force of a train, I was blasted back into the wall. My entire body slammed painfully into the partition. I was stunned and all the air was knocked out of my lungs.

“The Chimera can only be held by Aether.” her gurgling voice rumbles into my ears.

“No shit!” I coughed, dragging in another intake of air, I was madder than a harpooned rhino! I teleported to the case, grabbed my weapon, and hung it around my neck. “You might be the queen of an army of putrid souls, but you sure as shit can get shot just like everybody else.”

I try blasting my enemy with the Chimera, but the unholy-whore moved like a lightning strike. My laser takes out our lovely triple pane window, shattering it into a million pieces, and part of the wall too. She tries blasting me again, but with the Chimera on, I’m at full power and even faster, I get out of the beam’s path completely, and our entire bookshelf is obliterated.

“You are a coward -soulless parasite!” I growled at Abso-whore from across the room.

“Your world will soon end Aether...” her demonic voiced echoed as she dissipated into a black smoke.

The noise of her mind battered at me, and a tidal wave of scores of brains at high gear washed over me; while my dislocated shoulder stung as it healed.

If she’s powerful enough to do this, then soon she’ll have enough strength to fully knuckle up with me.

Absalom underestimated me the last time. The ancient demon and devourer of souls is no fool (a major pain in the ass-defiantly – but a fool no sir!), she will not repeat her mistakes.

I’m not sure how long I stood there. As shocked as I was, I probably would have stood in our annihilated room till morning if Eric had not rushed in. He was uncharacteristically disheveled; slumped over his shoulder was the mangled body of the remaining witch-hunter.

“Before I snapped his neck, this blood bag said Absalom provided him with the ability to penetrate our defenses.” My beautiful blonde-haired savage pulled me from my troubled ruminations.

I’m no longer able to hear his thoughts, but I would have been a dunce, a telepathic null, not to feel the waves of frustration rolling off of him. He’s just as stunned by all of this as I am.

I let out a long breathy sigh, “I believe the jackass was right and rancid trollop did all of this.” I gestured at the tousled chaos around us.” She’s testing my strength and my weaknesses.”

Eric silently nodded, while his vampire state gave him an unblinking stare and the instant willingness to do damage.

“Ruby Jean and Misty protected the children.” He said knowingly.

“Yes of course,” I answered, unsure if he was even asking me a question.

“I shall dispose of this human waste.” He said slowly, interrupting my visual wondering.

“Looks like the witch hunter put up a fight, did he use magic on you?”

Eric paused for a moment, his expression marred a combination of trepidation and remorse.

“My love, Fangtasia was destroyed tonight, everyone is dead. If not for Lafayette, Pam and I would be too.”

“Where is Lafayette?” Ruby Jean implored as she entered the room, standing beside me.

“Lafayette said he could hear the thoughts of someone who meant us harm. Pam and I rushed him to the office to question him further and not a moment after there was an explosion. The building crumbled, crashing down on us- injuring his fragile body.”

“Oh my goodness, Eric! Did you give him your blood!?” I began to cry while my Aunt became too weak to stand, her knees buckled, her entire body trembled. I grabbed her up, embracing her as I guided her to a chair.

“Pam is very fond of your kin, your child...she provided him with blood, but his injuries were too severe...”

Ruby Jean cut him off...

“Pam is underground with my son, isn’t she?!”

Eric nodded in confirmation, “He shall rise from the St. Louis cemetery as vampire next twilight.”

Ruby Jean shook her head in exasperation, as her mind became occupied with a cascade of images. Lafayette, from a boy to a man, the visuals filled her heart with joy and sorrow as she tried to imagine him as a vampire.

We’d recently discovered Lafayette amazing mystic abilities. He is not only a telepath like me, he’s a medium like Ruby. After his torture and kidnapping at the hands of Absalom, he was near death, but after he drank Eric’s ancient -Aether infused blood, his supernatural journey began.

I wondered if his Brujo abilities will carry over into his transition...

“Thank you, Eric,” I tried to smile at my lover, “I know you did your best.” but I was unable to prevent the bone-deep weariness from seeping into me. I lowered my head, glowering at my feet.

Eric stopped me from looking away by grabbing my chin, forcing me to look him in the eyes again.

“I’ll do anything for you, elegant one.”

His smile did not reach my eyes but I noticed how sad he looked before he sped off to dispose of the witch-hunter. I stood in front of my Auntie feeling like a boudain sausage. Boudain, is a Cajun sausage, made of all kinds of things, none of them are elegant.

And poor Ruby, she’s understandably shell-shocked. I walked her to her room, placed her on her bed, carefully tucking her in and kissing her forehead goodnight.

For the past three years, I’ve been successfully keeping my Coven safe, our numbers growing, and from what I’ve seen and heard other Coven’s are thriving as well. No one was living in fear after Lorena and her pack of hyenas were put down. Eric and I spend most of our days, honing-in, sharpening our powers and training the twins. It’s no cake-walk training supernatural toddlers, they barely have control over their own bladder, let alone their supernatural muscles.

Protecting them is vital; and for the first time, I feel fully capable.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be at the St. Louis Cemetery with Ruby Jean to meet the ‘new’ Lafayette. At first light, my Coven will be informed, they’ll need to be on high alert now that the witch-hunters have crawled out from under their rocks.

For now, it is time for me to rejuvenate with candle magic.

Candle magic is the practice of burning candles as part of rituals designed to accomplish a special goal. Casting candle magic spells is common practice in the Wiccan religion. I light the red candle first, it’s used to represent the element of fire and blood. Next is yellow, representing the element of air, green prosperity, healing, and growth. A blue candle represents the element of water. While white is the color of protection and purification. And finally, black, the absence of color. The color black absorbs negativity and is the representative of outer space.

Tonight, the moon looked close enough to touch from the view on our balcony.

“Shall we watch the sunrise together lover?”

He said and not a second later he was on me, capturing my lips with his. The kiss was deep, intense, unexpected, like the excitement you feel when someone gives you a present you didn’t know you wanted. His arms were around me, mine were around him, and we were giving it everything we had until I came back to earth.

“Not tonight baby, I need to rest up.”

I pulled away a little, and he slowly raised his head from mine. It’s hard not to respond when a master of the art of kissing is laying one on you. And I might have let myself enjoy it - well, enjoy it more - if I hadn’t been so worried about everything; because let’s face it, brushes with death have that effect. You want to reiterate the fact that you’re alive. Though vampires actually aren’t, it seems they are no more immune to that pattern than humans, and Eric’s libido was up because of the blood in the air.

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