Two Souls, One Heart

Beautiful Monster

Lay me down,
get ready to play.

Do you have the
cause I got all day.

Lead me where you
want us to go,

I’m ready and willing,
let’s take it slow.


I smiled at my version of a domestic scene and felt my heart metaphorically warm. She was walking towards the staircase, gazing intensely at the leaves growing on a thin vine. To be in her company was to feel that you too were someone. I walked over to her silently and kissed the top of her head.

“What happened last night?” She asked smiling up at me.

“After being turned by Godric, we wandered the world in search of adventure, coming to rest in the most unusual of places. After a century or so, Godric became bored with me and left me alone to my own devices. For decades, I was lonely, hungry, sexually deprived and wanting a companion of my own. And then I met a girl, she was beautiful, her raven mane fell over her shoulders like silk, her eyes were a deep amber, the rim of dark oak and her voice rang rapturous from plump lips. It was the first time I had ever been in love. I tried to turn her the very first time we made love, but I took too much blood. My blood could not revive her, and she was gone- forever. I never thought I would see her face again. Then I met you, Tara, you are just like her, but more so. More beautiful, more demanding, more everything - everything you do is pure poetry to me.”

My words triggered her skeptic nature; curiosity splayed across her lovely face; she took in a deep inhale and said, “I suppose we can talk about the vampire meeting later.” Her sweet voice sang to me as her hand gently brushed my chest. “Meet me at our special place - okay.”

She vaporized into that miraculous white mist and she was gone. And as fast as I could, I flew out of the house to meet her. The orange glow floods in the deeply wooded area, yet we’re quite safe from prying eyes. As always, she wears white lace, so soft over her dark skin, obsidian hair tumbling to the small of her back. The sight of her is breathtaking; Tara’s umber skin is tawny in the sunlight.

I took small furtive steps towards her, sucking in the air greedily as I could taste her moisture on it. Her hand alights on my face, moving down past my collar bone. Already my brain is on fire, she’s my angel, my angel with fingertips of flame. Tara is the spark to my flame, the one who keeps me burning; my light should have been extinguished long ago. I was so scared everything would change when we married, but if anything, it’s made our sex so much deeper, more sensual.

I knelt in front of her. The only thing between us now was a flimsy piece of material. I ran my hands up her legs, from her smooth ankles to her velvety thighs. When my hands reached her panties, she stiffened. So, I slowed down - I reached up and pulled her down, laying her down in front of me and spread her legs. I kissed her panties, again and again, licking through the material, tasting the fresh wetness, sucking it from the silk. She squirmed and moaned as I sunk my fangs lightly into her pelvic region, nipping softly, sucking at the joining of her two fluids. It was the most intensifying drink I had ever had. My nostrils flared, and my hips bucked unconsciously. I pulled back, afraid that I may have my first premature eruption.

Only Tara can do this to me.

“Eric, I can sense your passion, your pain and your fear, I am apart of you and you of me.”

She said, her words causing me to become even harder.

“Lover, your words bring out the deep pain I have buried in my bones, drawing the poison of years into my blood.” I murmured, kissing her thighs, adroitly exploring her body with my mouth. “Your laughter and touch remove it, pulling it into my skin, allowing what was toxic to evaporate like morning dew.” I’m kissing her plump lips now her body, writhing against my hardness. “Should we be apart please halt your kind words, stop bringing out more than my blood can take, for then all I can do is bury it a new and wait for you to bring the medicine of your hands, of the connection of our souls.”

She relaxes completely, and we have wild, passionate, primal sex for hours.


My painted toes dig the earth - the grass around is damp rather than wet and the meadow is taller than I’ve ever seen it; it’s a riot of color; the beautiful blue cornflowers, scarlet poppies, white asters and even the thistles, speak to me in the in the summer-set fields.

The sun had barely risen, and Eric always savors the sky and the rays that radiated from the golden orb as pretty as any fresco. He watches as my breaths rise in visible puffs and though there is a cool wind, still, we are warm with one another.

As Eric thrusts inward, all I see is his face, the leaves above and the sky; his golden hair fell forward in tousled locks; he stretched up his hand to the sky and let the soft amber glow of the sunrise pour through his fingers and onto his upturned face. His warmth seeped into my being and he comforted me without ever opening his mouth. I melt into him like ice-cream on a warm porcelain bowl, like I belonged next to him like he belonged next to the sun itself.

This is our favorite place to have sex; we really should be all silk sheets and petals, but I don’t care and neither does he. Eric missed the sun for over a thousand years and since the day I gifted him with my element; he has vowed not to miss a sunrise or sunset again. This memory will be what gets us through our life; it will be the reason behind our grins.

After recovering from our mind-blowing sex, I had only one thing on my mind.

“What did the Kings and Queens say about the bombing at Fangtaisa?” I asked, in a voice that was barely audible.

“You’d rather talk about my meeting instead of basking in the sun?” He murmured, evading my questioning once again.

“It must have been some meeting because you and Eggs were covered with blood when he drove you home...Why did he drive you home?” I questioned, propping myself up on the elbows, so I could peer into his baby blues. “Now I’m not the brightest bulb on the streets, but I know something awful happened.”

“You truly are no longer able to read my thoughts?” He asked.

“Have I ever faked anything with you?”

“Never - You have always been a true lover.”

“And I always will, so tell me, baby, what happened...” I poke Eric’s nose and hold him close, brushing a strand of blonde hair away from his face.

His mind was still a surging perplexity. And it seemed to take forever before he finally spoke.

“The meeting had just commenced, when Aleron, King of Texas began his disrespectful tirade.”

The way he said the name Aleron, I knew that vampire was the cause of his concerns.

“Disrespectful? In your house...the nerve of Aleron! I spat out his name hatefully, in support of my man. “Well, what did he say to upset you?”

Eric paused for another long moment, which felt like an eternity and then he said. “He called you a dusky bitch, proclaimed you were the cause of all my troubles, even Godric’s death.”

“Why that son of a...” I snapped in anger, but before I could finish he continued.

“Of course, he had to pay for such lies and outright disrespect, and my plan was to strike him, as I would my own child when she disrespects me, but something happened...” Eric said, staring off into a faraway place. “I was no longer in control of my mind, my body. All went to complete darkness and when I regained sight, I found myself...watching myself.”

I gasped. That’s what it feels like when I teleport, travel between realms as well as perform several other Aether magic.

“Eggs said that I moved like you, casting things across the room with my mind- I teleported...”

“The Elders said this may happen, you picked up another one of my gifts.” The elders said that through our bond are limitless possibilities.

He nodded, his handsome face was giving away all of his thoughts as usual.

“Damn baby, I bet you did some damage?” I exclaimed, and he nodded again in agreement.

“I ripped Aleron’s tongue out of his head and shoved his severed appendage down his throat.”

“WHOA! Nibble on that biatch!” I chuckled. “I bet Aleron won’t be talking shit about me anytime soon.”

“Perhaps not my love, but keep in mind, if he was not our enemy before last night, I assure you that he is now.” He whispered, holding me in a firm embrace.

“True.” I sighed, caressing his firm chest, I love to touch him - anywhere and each time before we parted the aching to be in his arms would begin anew. Eric’s, arms are the only antidote I have in this world.

Right now, I feel safe and all I can do is add Aleron to my list of enemies.

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