Two Souls, One Heart

Forge In Fire

We Forge The Chains We Wear In Life...

Pamela POV

Last month was that last time I thought I’d see of the snarky medium. He completely upstaged my sexy new toy; so, I kicked his sassy ass out of my bar for his infraction. She’d made one too many people, one to many horrible drinks and RuPaul had had enough. He was right, Crystal is dumber than a box of hair, but he had some nerve telling her so in my company.

“What’s going on here? ,” I asked as I approached the two. Even though it was apparent to all that I had heard everything from the throne and I had come over to settle the matter.

“This one might be better at taking drink orders or dancin the poles, cause she can’t even make a simple whiskey sour.” He took a sip from the little red straw and furrowed his lips in disgust. “I came around the bar to find her a measuring cup.” He tried handing over his drink to the girl, but she crossed her arms, her face furrowed in frustration. Several patrons pipped up and agreed with Lafayette’s drink critiques, forcing me to take action.

I snatched the drink from his paws and pressed the glass to Crystal’s savory pink lips, “Drink,” I ordered the blonde-haired gash and she opened her pretty little mouth, sipped and swallowed, the drink barley passed her throat and she was she was coughing and gagging.

I raised my eyebrow in rueful revelation, she’d promise me last night when we fucked, that she needed no training, she claimed to be the best barmaid in the parish.

Lying little cunt.

“I’m really nervous,” she whined, “everyone is coming at me, especially him.” She sneered and pointed towards Lafayette causing him to take a step back.

“I was trying to help you heffa.” he snapped back, with his sassy ass.

“We don’t need your help, sista, now bounce,” I had the final snapped.

“Excuse me?” He placed his hands on his hips and shifted his weight to one side.

That’s my signature gesture.

“So you gon just let her keep makin folks drinks that taste like ass and charging an arm and a leg.”

I leered at him and he immediately took a step back, he’s a smart human, he showed a respectable amount of fear without losing what made him so unique.

He’s still got to go...

“I can do what the fuck I want, now leave my bar you whining little bitch,” I hissed at him, pleased when his eyes went big and round.

I turned to Crystal, who seemed way too pleased that I had defended her. I had my reasons. That reason was, she’s the only decent piece of ass in the bar tonight. “This is coming out of your pay, get your shit together, or find another job,” I warned her.

“Okay,” she sniffled, It looked like she was going to cry. I swear if this bitch cries, I’m throwing her ass out too.

Mr. Sass huffed, rolled his eyes while throwing up a peace sign, “This joint is turning into a whole new dimension of trash, “I’m out!” he shouted once he rounded the bar.

A few of my regulars laughed at his snide remark. His actions have not gone unnoticed. Reynolds has made quite a few acquaintances over the few years he’s been coming around. One of my regulars, JB threw a few twenty-dollar bills on the bar.

“Drinks on me tonight, wanna come with us ‘Laffy-Taffy’?”

“Aww, thank you JB…” ’Laffy-Taffy nodded at the homely man.

A handful of peons were leaving and I gave no fucks, I went back to my place on the throne.

“Cool, we can go to Rufty’s, the beers is colder than titties in a brass bra.” ‘Laffy’ sassed all the way through the bar, he had a way of making himself noticed. A chorus of laughter followed, JB, a few men and a butch looking chick followed.

“Who you think you are queer?” One of my intoxicated patrons seemed displeased with the slight disruption Lafayette had created. I think his name is Rich and I know he’s hoping his little move will please me. He’s wrong. His very presence disgusts me. Rich stood from his seat, face to face, he was considerably larger than Lafayette, but that did not seem to faze the ‘Laffy-Taffy’ one bit. His group stood close by his side, they were truly entertained and eager to see what would happen next.

As was I...

“Oh, you know who I is big bear,” Lafayette snickered and snapped his manicured fingers a mere inch from the man’s gruff, unshaven face, “now go back to dry humping and buying this dead bitch overpriced drinks.”

“And if I don’t?” The man growled.

“Then you gonna have to go home to your momma and tell her you got ya ass whipped by a faggot at a vampire bar.”

Layfette reached into his pocket and discreetly slid brass knuckles on his fist, I signaled to the bouncer and as he approached, Rich got the message and took a seat.

My bouncer then politely escorted ‘Laffy-Taffy’ and the group of assholes out the door.

“Let’s go, peeps, I hope ya’ll ready for dessert. I ain’t gonna tell ya’ll what it is, but best believe it’s gonna be flamin.” He promised the group as they walked along the parking lot. His little entourage laughed, cheered and kissed his ass some more. “We’ll stay at Rufty’s for five minutes. Ten if they got someone there who can make a decent drink.”

“I’m not sure I like Pam anymore, after the way she treated you,” JB stated, he obviously is swinging for that team.

“Hey, didn’t your cousin save her life?” The butch chick asked him and it pissed me off. I was compelled to fly out and snap her neck just for knowing my life was owed to that erratic little thunder-cat named Tara.

“That’s just Pam... She can scare the rust out of a junkyard, but for the most part, she’s our spoiled brat.” Laffeyette answered.

‘Our spoiled brat’...interesting...

I wish I could have heard more, but they all loaded into JB’s SUV and left.

And for the next several months’ everything was numbingly boring.

I found myself hoping for some sort of intrigue. At this point, anything would do. It was three years ago this night that my clan battled gloriously in Baton Rouge, and then again in New Orleans. I don’t need that much action, but damn...I want…something…Boredom wasn’t a new concept for me. At my age, boredom had become as much a standard for me as blood and fucking. That was the routine with Eric and me for centuries. Although my Sire has not released me, he might as well, now that he has become a lapdog I am forced to forge on alone.

How did I get to this level of dreariness?

This is the third fucking time I’d kicked my legs free of groveling peons the smell of their desperation is sickening.

Unwilling to suffer being pawed at by the meat any longer, I scan the bar, in my own desperate attempt for something...anything...Of course, there was no one, so I proceed to the office for a quick review of the books. Eric still handles the majority of the finances and once a month we go over them in order to keep track of the expenses and to make sure our accountant is doing her job.

“Well hey, there sugar boo-boo. Now, what is you doing here at yo place of work? Cause I know it ain’t work.”

Like me, he is overflowing with wit; oddly enough I often find myself at parallels with him. I tried to scowl at him, but the corner of my lip twisted just enough to put the medium at ease. He moseyed or shall I say strutted his impeccably dressed ass into my office. He looked fabulous. I’d tried to get Eric that same cape, but he thought it was cliché. He always seems to surprise me. I truly thought that last month was the last I’d see of him.

“I’m doing my part...why aren’t you out there complaining about my overpriced drinks and seeking out your next lay.”

He kicked his feet up onto my desk and crossed his legs making sure I noticed the red sole of his impeccable shiny black patent leather shoes.

“If Eric is getting money, he needs to be putting in work, all I see is you working and him collecting.”

“That’s cause you only see what we want you to see, if you saw anymore, we’d have to remove your eyes.”

“Tell me, do you enjoy livin’ halfway up Eric’s ass the way you do?”

“Yes, it’s nice. You should try it sometime.”

“Well, you go ahead on, hookah with your badass. Good for you. I had to learn early on that it ain’t possible to live unless you crossin’ somebody’s line.” He smiled at me, his lips shined with a thick coat of clear gloss.

“Let me tell you something girlfriend, please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago.”

“I find it hard to imagine yo ass was ever a human.”

“Thank you hun, now if you don’t mind.” I pointed to the door. Eric would arrive soon and needed to finish my task so Lafayette’s time was up.

“I guess that’s my cue to leave, see you on the flip, “He stood, flawlessly swooshed his red and black oriental fan and waved it in front of his lash extensions. “I hope the barmaid has done her homework, I’s thirsty.”

“That makes two of us,” I said, I couldn’t hide my pleased reaction as he swished his black cape, and then the fan and sashayed out of my office.

That bitch is fabulous...

Lafayette POV

I was feeling myself as I walked through the club, all eyes on me, human and vampire, they’s all lovin me. My cape alone cost a week’s wages, and I had to save for two months for the rest of the outfit, but it was worth it. I bopped my head to the music pumping, searching for an empty seat at the bar. I noticed that scrawny hoe from the last time wasn’t working tonight. So, I happily swung my sexy ass on over to the bar, ordered my whiskey-sour and took a lil drank.

“Aww, shucky-duckey...this is fire!” I say to the gothy-gal behind the bar. She gave me a little smile and a nod and kept it movin.

I look around the bar and peep out the usual, or should I say the unusual, humans and vampires gettin juiced up to get they groove on and I am no exception.

“A warning must be sent out, the danger is near, we must not waste time.” A gentle voice whispered from behind. I take a sip of my drink, I don’t even bother to turn around, I can tell by his desperate voice - he ugly.

“I’m a bitch, not a snitch, love it,” I replied.

“May I enter your body and warn them myself?” The pleading voice had the goddamn gall to ask. That’s when I realized it was a ghost. I should have noticed the bartender didn’t acknowledge him.

“I ain’t Gmail for dead bitches. Send your own goddamned messages!” I whipped around to see what ghost dun found me now.

“Damn,” I said aloud in surprise, I remember this one, he was the vampire momma communicated with a few years ago. And I need to check myself, he fine as hell.

“You okay, sir?” Shit, the bartender, thinks I’m talking to myself. I got to remember to just nod when the dead folk talks to me, that way it looks like I’m bobbing my head, at least that will work in this joint.

“Please medium, I’ve tried to reach Ruby, to no avail.” He said.

“That’s cause Ruby knows how to block ya’ll ass, and that’s one of those witchy lessons a medium has to learn on their own, so she says.”

“This is a very important matter that must be addressed, many lives are in danger at this very moment.” He warned, and there was no denying the concern on his face.

I down my drink, throw my ten dollars on the counter, then, take a long drag out of my cigar before snuffing it out. “Fine,” I say, and stood to my feet, “but don’t even try to enter my body. Just show me what you talkin about.”

“Agreed.” The vampire -ghost replied, turned and began to glide towards the back of the bar.

I check him out again, damn, if he was still of this earth I’d let his sexy little pale ass enter me.

He leads me towards the back entrance and we are looking out into the parking lot. Nothing looks out of the ordinary besides a black van parked way to close to the building.

“Someone in that van?” I ask.

The loading dock is on the other side, and I know from working in the business, all deliveries come during daytime hours.

“Yes, that man has planted explosives around the building and is waiting for his orders to detonate.” He warned.

“How do you know this?” I whisper to the vampire-ghost...dumb question, but I’m beginning to panic.

“I haven’t, the time to explain, his phone just rang, please, go inside now and get as many people out as you can.”

My heart started to race, there is no reason, a vampire-ghost would lie, especially not this one. But what should I do? Should I go knock that sucka out in the van and ask questions later or should I run and tell Pam what her dead Grandpa said and let her handle it. Eric is a lot better at handling shit like this. I wonder if he’s here yet? Tara said on first Friday’s, he enters in at the front entrance, so his fans can get a close-up, he’ll sit his fine ass on the throne and then close to closing time, he and Pam work the books.

I don’t think to run my ass around the building and to my car. Instead, I take off, back inside, I guess the cape got me feeling like a superhero.

I’ll be damn the first person I run into is Ginger. Her dumb ass screams cause I am a black man, running towards her. I swear if the blind bitch would wear her bifocals she’d be a halfwit.

“Ginger, get everyone out of the bar, there’s a man about to blow shit up!”

That ditzy bitch screams again and runs down the hall.

“Fire!” I scream into the restrooms. The people that see me, recognize the panic on my face, they take me seriously and they run down the hall, I search the walls for the fire alarm, but I don’t see a damn thing useful. I make it towards the end of the hall and I rush into the office.

“You better not be fucking with us,” Pam crosses her arms at me from behind the desk.

“Pamela, sound the alarm now, the smell of his fear cannot be faked,” Eric said, his eyes are wide with concern.

I was really shaking now, I’ve ever seen him show any kind of emotion. I see Pam’s blur rush to the device on the wall, the siren wailed like a baby in distress, the kind of noise that makes you sick. I saw a flash of light that was quickly followed by a thunderous boom and everything went black.

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