Two Souls, One Heart

Never Say Sorry

A person without love is like a body without a soul as love gives life to an individual

It took a while before all the vampires and wolves left that night. I watched them all as best as I could. Everyone was pretty readable except one.

“We need to watch Russell,” I warn the group, “I have the feeling he was the cause of the black aura I saw; he was the only vampire who’s thoughts I could not read.” Our group I dubbed ‘Godric’s OG’s (original gangsters)’ sat at the round table.

“Black auras are associated with very powerful dark magic,” Nora confirmed, “A mind cloaking spell is a definitive proof.”

“Pamela, order your deputies to follow Edgington and report back to Eggs with your findings,” Eric commands Pamela.

Pam nods pulls out her phone and begins texting area sheriffs. They will need to head to Mississippi and Alabama right away.

“I’m looking for that type of spell in my Grimoire,” Ruby added.

“I’d be more interested in finding the sorcerer who placed it,” I say, taking a seat next to my Aunt.

“Agreed,” Naomi said, “For now, the best course of action is to watch him and hope it leads to the source.”

“What about the wolves,” Franklin asked, “those mutts have to know something.”

“Not Alcide’s wolves,” My tone was not so pleasant with Franklin. I just don’t get it, after all the time, all we’ve been through he still shows zero respect for Alcide and wolves in general, “The wolves here tonight are on our side. I’ll make sure Alcide keeps an ear out for any wolves working with vampires.”

“I shall have a Sherriff deal with the dogs, that is not your place,” Eric grumbles with that lilt in his voice, I dubbed that his stubborn asshole voice.

“Excuse me?” I huff, Eric still has not learned he cannot order me around as he does his vampires, “My place…my place is to protect my coven, to protect my family and that is what I’m doing…”

“This about to get ugly,” Lafayette says looking directly at me while sauntering over to his mother and kissing her forehead. Ruby Jean beams, but does not say a word, she’s enjoying the affections of her son, “I’m hungry,” my baby vampire cousin says before sauntering out of the room. I never thought anyone could wear a damn cape and look good, but my goodness, he does.

Pam cell phone starts chiming. The deputies are calling back requesting more information on about their missions. “What part don’t you understand,” Pam snaps at whoever is on the other end, “Get your ass to Mississippi, watch Edgington, don’t get caught, report back to Monarch Talley,” she sashays out of the room looking like a runway model.

I got a snippet of Eric’s thoughts...He’s jealous. He knows I went to see Alcide and how he made me feel.

“Fair enough, he says giving me a level glare, “Just so you know, I would kill him, or anyone else that tries to touch you inappropriately,” Eric warns me, “It’s my nature to protect what’s mine, and you, are most certainly mine.”

Eric, you’re being a barbarian,” I roll my eyes at his ridiculousness.

“I prefer Viking, but barbarian works,” He smirked at me and I rolled my eyes again.

“Goodnight my Brother, Magi, “Eggs calls in his cool baritone as he and Naomi exit the room.

“We will stay the night tonight,” Franklin says as he and Nora leave, only Ruby Jean is left in the room.

“Goodnight Tara,” my girls send me a telepathic farewell.

“I’m driving back to the coven; I need my Grimoire.” Ruby hugs my neck.

“Grab some coffee on the way, Auntie.”

“Good idea,” her voice echoes as she leaves us.

“I don’t like the way vampires, men, and wolves look at you,” Eric said in such an exasperated tone, it made my stomach churn. Right now, I can feel him… with my whole being; it’s terrifying. I don’t know how to navigate this. We’ve been in seclusion for so long and now we are back in the spotlight.

“Yeah, well I have to hear what they’re thinking, Eric. You don’t see me acting like a savage,” I reply. “I will be in charge of surveying the wolves. Alcide agreed that witches better relate to the wolves, witches and Lycans share a common history.”

“Before you Tara, I never cared for a woman, I didn’t do relationships, I had planned on it remaining so until I met the true death. You changed me, from the inside out,” He turns me in his arms and hugs me tight to his chest. “You are my wife, the mother of my children, we are intended.”

“Why does loving me frighten you so much?”

“The fear comes with not being able to protect you and our children.”

“You mean control me and the children, “I throw my hands up with a deep, exasperated sigh, “If it were up to you, we’d never leave the house.”

“My human wife never left our village in Björn,” He tells me in all honesty.

“I know our home is our fortress and I am thankful to have such a safe haven. Still, you cannot expect me to lock up in our home. I have the Coven to attend too, and I feel I am not there as much as I should be. And, I think a regular Witch and Wolf presence at some of the Vampires meetings should be mandated by the Kings and Queens until a true alliance is formed. Also, I know eventually you will want to rebuild Fangtaisa. I’d like to be apart of that too.”

“Very well stubborn woman,” his fangs snick out, making me drawback. He chuckles, pulling me close again, “I shall talk to my peers and make it so.” We’re both sure they will allow an Alpha and High Priestess at every meeting.

He kisses my forehead. He loves that I am not some damsel. I am a Queen, ready to fight and rule at his side.

“Good,” I kiss his sexy sharp daggers.

We fly out of Baton Rouge to my Coven in New Orleans to be with the kids. Eric always sleeps downstairs in Godric’s former lair. My Coven left Godric underground room just the way he had. This was to honor him and it also serves as a refuge for Eric, Franklin, and Eggs. I know they love having a burrow filled with there Sire belongs.

The kids are sleeping on cots in Mavis’s Teen Titan themed room, Cathy and Mavis are snuggled in the bed. I teleport in and kiss my babies, Eric is right behind me. I love watching him kiss our adorable mini-me’s.

I end up in the den watching Food Network and dozing off before I know it, the last thing I remember is Eric’s soft lips brushing across my forehead.

I wake up early afternoon, I had a dream Eric came to me and told me he was sorry, which I know was a dream. I already know Eric Northman does not apologize… for anything, even if he is wrong.

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