Two Souls, One Heart

Wear The Black Dress

Feel the silky touch of my caresses...
They will keep you looking so brand new...
Let me cover you with velvet kisses...
I’ll create a look that’s made for you...

Gonna dress you up in my love, in my love...
From your head down to your toes...

“Look, I don’t know how to answer your crazy ass question, Eric.” She sharply replied, not taking kindly to his harsh words.

He crossed his arms, intensely glaring at her. His body thrummed with anticipation as her heat and scent nearly drowned him. The strained silence that descended between them confounded Tara. The air was so thick with sensual tension that she could practically taste it on her tongue. There had been interested in her eyes along with a healthy dose of trepidation but the vampire could plainly see that she wanted him just as much – or more than he wanted her. The problem was he didn’t know how he was going to reach her. He felt Tara was at war with herself; despite the weariness in her eyes, he also saw within her a fiery, sensual animal that was desperately clawing for freedom. She was an enigma, a puzzle, one Eric was anxious to solve.

He did not pry further, instead summoned Pam, in less than a second his seductive progeny was at the doorway entrance awaiting his orders.

“So Cupcake is Aether...What the fuck is an Aether and why does Paul Di Arezzo have such a hard-on for her?” Pam drawled apathetically in Swedish, even when speaking a foreign language, it was obvious to Tara that she was the subject of their conversation.

“We’re leaving tonight, and going to Godric’s New Orleans home.”

Pam was momentarily staggered, “So we’re running?” She questioned. Fleeing was unlike her Sire. At the same time, she was thrilled at the chance to see Godric; it had been decades since her last visit.

“Never...” He snapped. “I asked Godric the same question you just asked me and he immediately summoned me.”

“What about Ginger, must we drag her along?” Pam knew better than to question her maker in a situation like this. But this ‘move’ was a big inconvenience to her. She had exotic dancer auditions this week.

“Of course not, send Ginger home and then we’re leaving.” He flicked his hand, giving Pam the signal to leave the room.

A swoosh noise was heard and Tara saw a blur, felt a breeze and smelled Pam’s designer perfume as the diva, sped away.

Eric calculatingly paced the room; glancing at Tara from time to time. He hated not having the answer to his progeny’s questions. He thought if only Godric would have told him more over the phone. But his maker emphasized that he would only speak to him in person.

Listening to her bosses’ cryptic conversations and watching his erratic behavior made Tara a nervous wreck. She wondered why the vampires seemed so interested in her, more than any other human in the bar.

Especially, Paul, he went plum-fucking crazy. What do they see, smell or feel that makes me different?′

Tara realized the confession Eric made under her hypnosis was significant. She struggled to comprehend how she was able to glamour him. She was always told to beware of their glamour powers.

Only the Norse man could hear Ginger’s car starting up from the far side of the parking lot and knew the loyal, but a trying woman was finally on her way home. He sauntered towards Tara who was nervously squirming on the black leather sofa. He held his hand to her; she took hold of him and he pulled her to her feet. Standing face to face, his icy eyes sealed onto hers. He leaned in close, savoring the wonderful feeling of her warmness as it radiated off her body. He anticipated she would back away but was pleasantly surprised when she did not. He smirked slightly; her elevating heartbeat expressed her anxiety.

Still, she refused him any response.

“It is time to go Tara.”

He took her hand in his and led her to the back of the nightclubs parking lot. He opened the door for her and Tara slid into the front seat of Eric’s black Porsche. She now realized, Ginger was long gone and she was all alone... with him.

She was pissed that Eric had sent her human co-worker away without her knowledge. His silence pissed her off even more.

“You can at least tell me where the hell we’re goin?” She spat, after a few long moments, compelled to break the uncomfortable silence.

“New Orléans.” He dryly replied, keeping his eyes fixed on the road.

“New Orléans!” Tara sat up from her slumped position in her seat, her heart was in her throat. “Well, that’s just fuckin peachy!” She snapped irately and heaved a deeply troubled sigh, then gazed out the window. “Can I at least go home and get a change of clothes?”

“We haven’t the time; besides, your accommodations and necessities have all been arranged.”

Tara huffed her disapproval and sunk back down into her seat.

A little over two hours passed when Eric pulled into a gas station. Tara had no idea what town they were in but estimated, they were about halfway to New Orleans. A white, two-door Mercedes-Benz pulled in right behind. Pam jumped out of that car and the vampires began to converse in Swedish while filling their cars with gasoline. The vampires spoke so low, Tara eavesdropping was useless; she could not hear anything but faint mumbles. As she got out of the car to stretch her legs, Eric and Pam halted their conversation.

Tara scowled at them.” I don’t speak Swedish, so you can carry on,” she walked towards the filling-stations restroom.

She used the facilities and took a moment to examine herself. Thankfully she did not look as bad as she felt; her neck revealed no wounds from her attack. In the sink, the tap dripped and even though the water did not look the best, she was so thirsty, she did not care. After washing her hands thoroughly, she used her hands as a cup and began drinking from the faucet. Once her dry mouth was somewhat quenched, she wiped her hands and face with a rough paper towel. After that, she reapplied her lip gloss, put her hair in a high ponytail and headed back to Eric’s car. Eric and Pam both sat in their cars, patiently waiting for her.

Speeding, merging in and out of traffic, Eric sped down the interstate as if he were being chased. Making an effort to take her mind off his fitful driving, she reached for the radio dial and turned it on. Nothing but country and classic rock music stations were in range. She was hoping for some jazz but settled for the classic rock.

Eric did not seem to mind her actions; his eyes focused on the road. Another hour and a half passed and Tara could feel her eyelids becoming unbearably heavy. Fidgeting in her seat, she desperately struggled to stay awake. She made out a fuzzy 3 am on the dashboards digital clock and longed to be home in her bed. She turned her gaze to Eric. He drove with one hand gripping the steering wheel, enjoying the view of his profile; the bridge of his nose rose and dipped slightly in a deliberate sort of way like a Greek sculpture. The adrenaline had dissipated; she felt her eyes become unbearably heavy and before long, Tara was asleep.



She fell into a slumber once the excitement of the night waned. I felt lucky being witnesses to such beauty. Her long lashes fluttered against her high cheeks, her sexy body perfectly curled in my heated leather seat. It was a pleasant chore keeping my eyes on the road.

There was a mix of minx and innocents that pulled me in and made me want to rip her apart; while all the while protecting her from the world. My fascination with her still confounded me. My idle hand wanted to roam, but I fought back my craving to touch her. I dared not interrupt her peaceful rest for my selfish wants.

Moreover, I could not choose where to start my exploration of that incredible body. I could spend hours running my fingers and mouth all over every blessed inch of that beautiful woman. I can say with absolute authority that there is no part of Tara that is not a wonder to behold.

Fuck, she’s wicked and divine.

Before our hasty departure, I’d made a call to my personal stylist in Chicago; she made the arrangements with her connection in New Orléans, everything I ordered would arrive via express delivery. I have no doubt that I got her size right; I’ve studied her body, like priest study the bible. Unquestionably, she would look sexy in everything I picked out for her.

I drove faster; dawn is quickly approaching, all the while visualizing Tara wrapping her arms around me, smothering me with sweet kisses, thanking me for surprising her with such pretty things. I’d ask her to model the panties first. She’d happily oblige, prancing around while I lay on our bed. She’d eye my cock twitching with need, but pretend to take no notice of it. I’m unable to restrain myself for long and through my own raging lust; I’d rip off the thin lacy material. She would scold me while I insincerely ask for her forgiveness. She’d hesitate on her willingness to absolve me until I offer to buy her a dozen more.

If not for my Sire’s orders to leave Shreveport, I would have gladly taken her to my cottage in Winston Parrish. Few people know that I reside there and it is more secure than Fort Knox. Regrettably, this state of affairs was something I cannot resolve alone. As a warrior, I know when to retreat and gather reinforcements. And as Sheriff of Area 5, it’s my duty to ascertain as much information as possible about all the vampires who reside here.

Paul Di Arezzo is unquestionably the oldest vampire in my area and has a ruthless reputation that precedes him. Arezzo is an AVL chancellor and the current enforcer in charge of all the V –Feds in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia. If a vampire is arrested and sentenced, he would carry out the ‘punishment’ or ‘true death’ sentence with sadistic pleasure. He was just as brutal, if not more, with humans who were charged with crimes against vampires. Most of the idiots on the AVL Council have no idea that Paul has no interest in equal rights for vampires. Even fewer realized his hunger for more control over the vampire hierarchy. But, I’ve always known that he’d do whatever it takes to acquire it. It’s crucial for me to find out how my Tara plays into his plans for power.

No doubt his plans are twisted as fuck, my Tara shall have no part in that.


Tara was gently awakened when the hum of the engine came to a halt. Her drowsy eyes peered warily up at Eric as he opened the car door for her.

“What time is it?” She drew herself up and out of the car taking hold of Eric’s waiting hand.

“It is 5:37 AM, follow me.”

Eric’s Porsche was parked next to Pam’s Benz in a vast, brick driveway with several other highly expensive modern and vintage cars. The two walked together, while Tara rubbed her eyes, not quite believing what she was seeing.

“Whose house is this?” She asked gawking at the huge, snow-white, antebellum-style mansion.

“The King of Louisiana.” he coolly responded.

The large door swung open as the couple approached, they were greeted by an older woman dressed in a classic housekeeper black and white uniform.

“Hello.” Tara was relieved to see another human, she let out a little sigh of relief.

“Welcome.” The woman gave Tara a warm welcoming smile and Tara returned her kind gesture.

“Would you like to go to the ground with me?” Eric asked, hoping Tara felt weary in her unfamiliar surroundings and wanted to cling to him.

“You mean sleep in a coffin?” Tara hastily glanced over at the maid, nervously wondering if she perceives her as Eric’s fang-banger. “Hell No!” She snapped, hoping her angry comeback was convincing to the housekeeper.

“Perhaps, I could join you in a vampire-friendly room.” He requested, smitten with Tara’s resistance to his advances.

“A vampire friendly room...uh No...” she scoffed, even though she did not know what a vampire-friendly room was, “Dude, the sun is coming up, so get your vampire ass in a coffin; I don’t want you getting crispy on account of me,” She assumed he needed to go to ground now or suffer the results. “Besides, I’d like to sleep in my own human-friendly room.”

“Very well...”

He took her hand in his and lifted it to his mouth.” We shall meet at dusk then,” he said before pressing his lips to her knuckles. Her concern for his well-being took him by surprise and he did something he has not done in a long time...he smiled. She was right after all; he could feel his energy diminishing. Still, the vampire wished he had more time to sway his sexy little doll; he did not want to leave her side.

“Cathy, please show Tara to her quarters.”

“Yes Mr. Northman,” The pleasant woman replied.

Eric sped away. A sense of accomplishments reigned within. Stage-One of his mission was complete; the woman who was full of surprises was safe from Paul.

Tara was in awe of her surroundings. The foyer was triple the size of her entire apartment; she could only imagine how immense the entire house was. She followed the salt and pepper-headed woman up the wide and lengthy set of stairs and down a hallway that seemed to go on forever. A very tall, muscular man with dark, collar-length hair and full beard stood at the last door on the left.

“Alcide, this is Tara. Need I remind you of your orders?” She spoke firmly to him.

“I got it Cat; He sharply rolled his eyes. “All I have to do is stand by the door and call you if she needs anything.”

Cathy said nothing more, leaving Alcide and Tara in the hall. He smiled flirtatiously at her, eyeing her lustfully from head to toe.

“Hi,” she chuckled inwardly, besides his constant nostril flaring, Tara thought the dark-eyed man was cute. She thought about Sam, he did the same nostril flaring thing when he was near her.

“Hi,” He said and paused; waiting for Cathy to disappear down the stairs, Alcide whispered, “Hey, Tara, if there is anything you need, just tap on the door, me or one of my brothers will be out here, but my orders are to lock you up in this room until the vamps wake up tonight.” his already deep voice sounded baritone. He was making sure no vampires could hear him.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance, “Goddamn! Is all this necessary?”

Alcide gave no response as he pulled a key from his jeans pocket, unlocked and opened the door. Tara let out an audible gasp at the site of her room; the lavish room was enormous. He shut the door and Tara heard it lock, she went on to explore. The petite woman walked across the vast room to the curtains and pulled them apart. The huge window had a lovely view of lawn that spans out several acres. Her eyes lit up when she noticed the outside window ledge was wide enough for her to stand on. She unlatched the lock on the window and pulled up, trying to open it, but it would not budge.

‘Damn, I think its bolted shut! If I break the glass, the King’s bodyguard Alcide will hear it and come in after me.’

Seeing that there was no way out, the young woman decided to stay put until she could figure something out. She began to explore her surroundings, opening a double door on the right side of the room. It was the bathroom. But it was no ordinary bathroom, it was enormous. It had a beautiful Venetian design with a marble shower, an enormous tub equipped with jets, a commodious, well-lit vanity with mirrors for viewing every angle. She wandered back to the room and peeked through the peephole. The burly man was seated in front of the door across the hall and talking on his cell. Tara pulled her cellular out of her pocket. It displayed two missed calls, one from Lettie, and the other, Lafayette. Tara let out a sigh as she plopped down on the plush king size bed, deliberating if it was wise to call either of them at this point.

She lowered her head and set the phone down on the nightstand.



No way I’m gonna drag them into my shit. Besides, what could they do anyway? It’s not like they can drive down here and spring me out. Momma wouldn’t do it anyway. I’ll never forgive that tramp for letting me sit in jail for a week.

To take my mind off my current situation I searched for the remote to the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. After flicking through the 200-plus channels, my mind still went there and it roamed into the uncertainty that awaited me at sunset and instantly I became deeply troubled. Nervously I paced the enormous bathroom at times, stopping to look at myself in the huge mirror; I certainly look a little bushed. Hell, who am I kidding, I look worn the fuck out. After the night I had, I need some serious sleep, gather my strength and senses. And during the day was the safest time to sleep in a house full of vampires. I patter back into the bedroom and peeked out the window, as comfy as my prison-room is I just can’t unwind. I went back into the bathroom and explored a little more. I’m opening drawers, full of fluffy white, neatly folded towels when I make my way to the medicine cabinet. Inside, was an unopened box of sleep aid...Eric came to mind and I smiled, he had assured me that he had everything arranged. I took two pills and was asleep within fifteen minutes, and I slept for several hours; I suppose it was a combo of exhaustion and the pills. I dreamt my usual crazy-ass dream. Until now, I never put much thought into the bizarre dream.

Would if my dreams were connected to why vampires are fixated on me?

It was a little after 3 in the afternoon when I woke up, yawning and peering around the room. I notice a little black envelope, sealed with red wax, placed neatly on the nightstand. I know damn well that envelope was not there before. Nor was the fruit basket that I now see on top of the mini-fridge. I’m a little freaked out cause I didn’t hear anything, but obviously, someone was in here. Curious, I opened the envelope inside was a little white card, all it said was...

‘Wear -the black dress’


I’m not sure of what to make of the weird ass note, so for the moment I ignore it and go to the mini fridge. I grab one of the bottles of water inside while noticing the refrigerator is packed with little bags of tasty candies, nuts, cookies, and cracker snacks. The fancy little fridge also has mini bottles of juice, soda and alcohol beverages.

It’s a shame, cause my nerves are still shot; I had no appetite and was not in the mood for a cocktail, so off to the bathroom for a quick shower. I didn’t want anyone walking in on me so I made sure to lock the door behind me. I turn on the light and instantly notice several items placed tidily on the marble counter. Crazy thing is, none of this stuff was there when I first arrived. Now I see Chanel makeup brushes, Bare-Minerals loose-powder sets, MAC lip -glosses, Lancôme mascara, and eyeliner, all of which complement and match my complexion. I couldn’t help myself...I was smiling from ear to ear...more of Eric’s arrangements... The bathroom was stocked with the necessary toiletries, and included, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and deodorant. I noticed everything was unscented and there were no perfumes or body sprays. Well hell; Eric really does adore my natural scent! I find that fact odd and flattering at the same time. And then the weird note starts to make sense. Somewhere in this room is a black dress that the handsome vampire wants me to wear.

I think I wanna wear it too.

I unlock the bathroom door and make a mad dash across to the other side of the room and swing open the double doors of the large walk-in closet. The closet was empty before I went to sleep, but not anymore. Inside are several articles of clothing hung tidily on fancy hangars. First thing I notice was this kick-ass black, leather, Michael Kors jacket. By far; it is the coolest jacket I’d ever laid eyes on. If someone had told me to describe the perfect jacket, the jacket I was holding would have fit that description, no doubt about it.

I put it on... and I’ll be damned; it fits me! Perfectly!

The next article of clothing is a little black Armani dress, by the looks of it; it is a bit short for my liking, but the material felt incredible. When I tried it on all my worries disappeared. The dress is arm’s length; it showed off the right amount of cleavage and dipped dangerously low in the back.


I look above on the top shelf of the closet and grab the fancy black and gold Gucci clutch. Inside the little handbag, a jewelry box with a pair of gold rose petal earrings, with matching necklace and bracelet. There’s a wooden hanger with a white Christian Dior vintage T-shirt. Next to the T, a pair of True Religion jeans. Finally a pink Victoria Secrets shopping bag, inside, a black and a white, lace panty and bra set. I try on the black set...


On the ground below the black dress, inside a large Louis Vuitton duffel bag is a Gucci and a Nike shoe box. I hold up the size-seven pair of three-inch, shiny, black Gucci pumps.


And then the blue and black, Air Jordan high- tops, with white Nike ankle socks inside.


I just can’t get over the fact that everything fits perfectly. All the tags were removed, but I know this stuff is more expensive than anything I could ever afford.

How could I repay him? Well, I know how he’d like for me too. I tried not to do it, but I giggled. I giggled like a little girl and I’m grinning like a loon and it’s all because of Eric. Soon, I come to my senses. Eric had to do this, he didn’t allow me to get my stuff before his crazy, scary vampire customer ran us off.

So he sort of owes me.

But damn, it’s not his fault Paul attacked me and Eric had my back and so did all my co-workers...And this stuff is several steps above a bar of soap and some hand-me-downs.

Hmm, So do I owe him?

Hell, I’ll just wear the black dress and give him all the other fancy stuff back when we leave tonight... minus the leather jacket, and call it even. I have a feeling that tonight I’m going to meet the King of Louisiana, and I plan on looking worthy.

The hell with a shower, I run me a bath and soak myself in some hot bubbly luxury, I ate some Godiva chocolates and drank a glass of vintage red wine.

Just a few more hours until twilight and its official; I’ve become a fang-teaser.

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