Two Souls, One Heart

Under The Blood Red Sky

War is not about whether you think you can win... It is about being willing to die for something you believe is worth dying for...


“Come out right now little Aether, or I’m gonna send my little wolf in to get you. Ohhkaaay...” That sonofabitch was absolutely gleeful. I watched him through the peephole as he paced back and forth on the porch, petting the werewolf. He’d pause from time to time and sniffed the air, not for oxygen, but for scent.

“Go fuck yourself asshole...” I yell at my stalker through the door. God his accent irks me. I’m not sure how, but I can hear his thoughts, clear as day; the bastard wanted everyone in the house ripped apart by the wolf, who is actually Debbie. She is bloodthirsty and high on revenge. So that leaves me with one choice, I’ve got to get the hell outta here. Once Paul sees me bolt, those assholes will come after me, leaving Cathy and Jessica a chance to get back to Godric’s. This is as good of a time as any to try and teleport out of here and drive to the nearest police station, where I can wait until morning to head home. I take a few deep- soothing breaths while picturing myself out in the truck, focusing, just like Jessica said. I breathe in deeper and just let go. My stomach jumped like I’m on a super-fast elevator going up; I feel myself float...And just like that, in a blink of an eye, I’m in the truck! Unnoticed by my hunters, I try starting up the old vehicle, but it stalls, immediately I started to panic, as my window of opportunity quickly fades. I curse at the piece of a shit vehicle, whilst praying and pumping the pedal giving it some gas. Finally- it started and as I put the gear in drive, I feel the truck lift up off the ground.

I wail out in horror as peer into the rear-view mirror; I watch in terror as Paul is holding onto the bumper of the truck, his face was contorted, his eyes dark and full of rage. The front wheels screeched loudly in place when I shift the truck into reverse and stomped harder on the pedal. I was trying to back over his ass, but the car did not budge. Like pulling sheets from a bed, Martin ripped the driver’s side door from its hinges. Paul let go and the truck crashed hard to the ground and then he snatched me out of the truck by my neck; I’m in his choke-hold...Again...

“I’m tired of playing cat and mouse with you Aether.” He’s snarled like an animal and tightened his grip on my throat.

With shaky hands, I attempt to torch his psycho ass, but nothing happened. I’m freaking out as I try to teleport back into the house, I don’t know why, but it didn’t work... so I try to get into his head and glamor him into setting me free, but it’s really hard to focus and do magic when you can’t fucking breathe. I realize I should have listened to Eric, to Jessica and to all of them...And after about a minute of wasted struggling, everything went black.


I am unable to recall the last time I questioned Godric, let alone disagreed with him. Alas, my father was steadfast on his decision to let the Shreveport wolves hunt Tara. He asserted his authority and no one dared defy his orders. Surely my father must understand I made a promise to her and I plan on keeping it. Setting aside all my pride, I implored. “Father, please allow me to go after her.”

Godric cast a serene expression at me momentarily, “No my child, you cannot be her keeper. You must allow her to discover herself.” and without a second thought, he resumed reading that fucking book. His reason made no sense. Certainly, he was aware of what Paul would do to her. He knew of Paul, his consorts and what they were capable of. It would not take long for the wolves to track Tara and forcefully bring her to him. In his lair, he’d torture and rape her until she finally submitted to him. Helpless frustration seared through me.

“Why, would you command me to stand here and just let her go?” I protested further, “Is this another one of your newly discovered passiveness philosophies?” My goal of agitating him was working. I could feel him losing patience with me.

“My son,” He stood, and closed the space between us, peering into me with his wide cerulean eyes. “If you go and rescue her now she will never acquire who she is and what she is capable of. She will never evolve to her full potential.” He placed his firm grip on my shoulder. “She must accept her fate as Aether, Tara shall call upon you when she is ready. Until then, let her go.”

His words offered little comfort. How could he turn his back on her, and on me? I sought his aid, yet he does nothing. I felt defeated, stranded, by my only savior. I slouched across the table from my father, sulking in my desolation. I watch dolefully as my brothers continued their conversations with the witches.

“She’s as good as captured,” Franklin mouthed to Eggs. In response, Nora became visibly agitated; she had made attempts to communicate with Tara using telepathy but before she could convince Tara to return, my stubborn barmaid successfully blocked her out. That news did not surprise me; that beautiful creature has built a substantial fortress of solitude and mistrust and will not let anyone in.

Before Alcide returned to his post, he suggested that his wolves follow Tara from a distance and report back at any signs of trouble. My Sire adamantly declined that suggestion also. Exasperating me, Godric continued to read that silly book. He could read the whole damn book in a matter of minutes if he wished. After several lengthy and trying moments, I noticed my child was missing. Where did she go? My brothers took notice of my seeking gaze, so I began to summon my progeny, but quickly halted when I realize she was not in the house. She must have left before Godric told her not too.

That’s my girl! She shall bring Tara back to me. I tried my best to remain tolerant of my helplessness, hoping it would not be long before I see Tara’s stunning face again.

“Pamela’s gone...” Franklin blurted out; he would have done so a lot sooner, but Eggs bade diligently to stop him. While folding his muscular arms across his broad chest, my brother glared disapprovingly at Franklin; he couldn’t understand why his elder brother behaved so crassly sometimes- all the time, with me. I am actually pleased with Franklin, his actions caused Godric to put that fucking book down.

Although Pam moved at a normal (human) pace, it didn’t take long for her to track Tara’s path. Cathy’s crushed minivan and the charred remains on the side of the road were the first indications. And of course, a trace scent of ‘Cupcake’ lingered in the air.

Abruptly, she felt Eric summoning her, but the feeling of Eric’s pull vanished just as soon as it came. So she continued her search of ‘Cupcake’ and sped down the road, hot on the trail. Suddenly, the sound of wailing and glass shattering caught her attention. In a vampiric-rush, she cut off the main road and onto a narrow gravel road following the abrupt sounds.

A naked, squealing woman engulfed in flames, had ruptured out of the big glass window, crashing through the triple panes, onto the front porch. In a matter of minutes, the woman was reduced to a pile of smoldering, seared flesh. Slowly, Pam’s perfectly arched eyebrow rose, an amused smirk crossed her lips. Jessica stood in the doorway giggling and waving at Pam.

“I’m impressed ginger-snaps.” Pam sauntered onto the porch, still eyeing the burnt spectacle; Cathy politely invited the vampire inside. Pam quickly appraised the damage, the walls, fixtures, and ceiling were singed; tables, chairs broke and shattered glass everywhere.

“So where’s Cupcake,” Pam asked the mother and daughter.

“If you’re asking about Tara,” Cathy said peering at the truck with the missing door. “We didn’t see what happened, but I have a bad feeling, she didn’t escape.”

Pam’s brow tightened in disappointment; she’d just missed ‘spunky-cakes’ by a matter of minutes. She immediately rang Eric’s cell and gave him an update on everything she knew.

“You shall be rewarded, bright one,” Eric said before hanging up. She was happy to have pleased her Sire. After a moment of watching Cathy and Jessica clean up, her mind shifted to thoughts about Eric and how he’d changed so much since the arrival of Tara. She recalled how shamelessly her handsome Sire regarded ‘Cupcake’ as if his whole world revolved around her and no other women could replace her.

It was nothing short of pathetic. She said to herself. Eric could have any woman he desired. Not to mention all the attractive women who desired him. Now, his attentions are consumed by one odd little human. He’s been turning down good blood and pussy left and right...And for what..? That annoyingly cute, feisty and very sweet smelling barmaid... Pam shook her head in disbelief. Eric is clearly infatuated with the girl. To Pam, coming to terms with something she felt was so ridiculous, was unacceptable, so the Vikings’ progeny held on to her belief that his ‘foolishness’ would not last too much longer. Soon, he’ll get bored and I’ll have my, cold, strumpet of a Sire back.


I jerked awake in total blackness and deafening silence. My first impulse was to scream. But I realize now that in these situations, I tend to do better when I stay calm. So I sat up only to bump my head really hard. Now my noggin was pounding even more than it already was. My body ached all over, my mouth was dry, my teeth chattered as I tried to fight the cold. I rubbed my arms and legs in an attempt to generate some heat. That’s when I realized I was butt naked. I felt bite marks all over my neck, arms; even my inner thighs are bitten and sore. I felt like I was gonna puke all over myself at any moment. I knew Paul (and probably Martin) had violated me with their fangs and I began to weep uncontrollably. After a few long, pathetic moments, to some extent, I pulled myself together. I start to feel around the dark space. It was very compacting, icy cold and completely metal. Am I buried underground?

If so, I’ve got to set myself free, so I breathe in and instantly I feel myself float. I teleport just outside the box I’d been trapped in and I examine it; It’s a metal futuristic-looking coffin. It has some kind of computerized key panel. To open it, one would have to punch in a number or passcode. I notice that the box has an engraving. I’ve seen the logo before. I remember when the vampires first revealed themselves to the world; a company called ‘Alucard’ invented all these convenient things for vampires. Like, True Blood, travel coffins, UV blocking windows... Maybe that’s what Eric was talking about when he said ‘vampire friendly’ room.

I shrug off the trivial thoughts and return to the major issue at hand. I look all around the small empty room. It’s hexagon-shaped and has a high warehouse-like ceiling, with no windows or doors, which I can see. I focus my fire magic on the metal box and in a few minutes it becomes a nice space- heater. After a few more moments, I hear the circuits on the computer panel that is attached to the box fizzle and crackle. I’m sure I broke the damn thing. Oh well, at least I’m warmer now.

Swiftly a hidden door slides open and before I can even move that freckled-face bastard Martin sped in screaming at me.

“You’ve destroyed my invention...!” He slapped me across the face and my naked ass doubled back and hit the hard cold concrete floor.

The wind was knocked right out of me and it took a moment to catch my breath, I see those flashes of red and I inhale deeply. He’s staring at me with lust-filled eyes and rubbing his crotch. I breathe in and focus on his ugly sweater, a flame emerges from my hand and like I’m pitching for the Yankee’s I throw my fireball at his face. I doused the motherfucker with fire. The dorky looking vamp’s hair ignites, he’s fanning his head and cursing me while his face is roasting like a marshmallow.

He lunges towards me, but I manage to run out of the room before he can get to me. My confirmation is correct, I’m in a warehouse or factory, the room I was in was a utility closet. Immediately, I noticed an old tattered jumpsuit on top of a pile of boxes and some work boots. The boots have a pair of thick socks inside the shoes. The clothes smell god-awful, but I put them on anyway. I leave the boots; they are way too big and would only slow me down. As I am rolling up the sleeves of the extra-large coveralls, I follow the conveyor belt and read the label on one of the crates. It says, ‘Baton Rouge Steel Processing Plant’- for fuck’s sake I’m in Baton Rouge!

“What are you doing Aether?” It’s Paul and his grating voice, he’s using the intercom system. I try teleporting outside, but keep ending up in different places inside this enormous building.

“Come back to your box -little doll, I have more visitors who want to sample you.”

I look around the weakly lit place for windows, but I don’t see any or doors.

“Don’t make me come to get you- girl.”

Oh, Bitch-nuts! I need help, so I swallow my pride and I try calling on Nora and Naomi. It was not too hard blocking them, so hopefully, I can unblock them just as easy. Most of all, I hope they are listening and willing to help.

“Umm, Nora...Naomi...Umm, hi, if you can hear me please answer...”

As if she’s already expecting me, she answers immediately!

’Greetings-Goddess Aether...”

“Umm, Hey, Nora is Jessica and Cathy alright?”

“Yes, they here and they are fine.”

“Great...Um, I’m kind of in a pickle at the Baton Rouge steel factory.”

“Are you requesting our assistance?”

I take a big dry gulp, “Yeah, I’m requesting...”

“We are on our way; Eric, Pam, and Godric will fly and be there soon.”

Our telepathy was interrupted when I saw the red flashes again; I knew I would have to teleport soon. So I hauled ass, and just in time, Paul’s blur was speeding up fast. Luckily, he was across the warehouse, several yards away. It gave me just enough time to focus. I teleported into a filthy, dark restroom; I was silent and perfectly still. I wouldn’t even breathe. I prayed that he couldn’t hear my teeth involuntarily chattering, my faint whimpers or sense my heart pounding outta my chest. With my back against the filthy wall, I slid down to the gritty floor and waited. Surrounding my thoughts, my mind’s- eye showed me visions; it came to me in sort of broken up bursts. My mind was occupied with the image of The Viking flying, his long flaxen hair billowing in the wind, Vampire Barbie and Backstreet Boy Godric soaring by his side.

The vampire brothers /witch sisters’ couples are speeding down Interstate-10 on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Nora is holding tight to Franklin’s slender waist, while super-buff Eggs and exotic Naomi are rolling up alongside them, Eggs and Franklin are racing with each other. The ladies are holding their gem necklaces and chanting.

Knowing that help will soon arrive made me feel a little better. It also troubled me. I don’t want anyone to get hurt on account of me. The thought made me nauseous; the bile rose in my stomach. Imagine your worst hangover and multiply it by a hundred. And my mind started to see dancing-reds again. Not a second later the door was ripped off the hinges.

I teleport screaming out of the smelly restroom; I land in a big conference room and immediately I spot a water cooler in the corner. I didn’t want to risk him hearing me walking over to it, so I teleport across the room, kneel to the nozzle, I open my parched mouth to drink. I drink and drink some more until I start to feel a little better. Not a second passed when Paul burst into the door, he looked venomous and he’s with two more vampires. Where can I go with three vampires chasing me around a dark building?

So I stand my ground and with my mind, I fling pictures off the wall, hurl tables and chairs, sending the heavy items flying towards their ugly-pale faces, but those bastards easily dodge all my efforts.

Paul nonchalantly shoved everything tossed at him away as if shooing a fly.

“I told you- she’s amazing, I just have to tame her is all.” Paul boasted to his company and they all radiated with amusement. The vampires were having a wondrous time watching the distressed magi use her powers, desperately fighting them off. Tara’s stimulating scent and combative actions worked the vampires into a lecherous frenzy, their fangs clicked and they snarled and growled with bloodlust. They were ready to feed.

“You all better back the fuck off!” She became enraged when her outburst caused the evil vampires to throw their heads back in laughter. “Or I’ll fucking roast every last fucking one of you!”

Their laughter summarily ceased when the lights started to flicker and an unexplained powerful gust of wind started to swirl through the room. The three petulant vampires all look at each other for a moment before turning in tandem to face the door. Godric, Eric, and Pam leered at the audacious vampires. Tara never thought she would be happy to see more vampires...But she was happy to see them.

The Viking glanced at the scared and terribly disheveled beauty and thanked Odin, she was still standing, still fighting. He had to force himself to look away from his darling and when he did, his icy mint-colored eyes locked maliciously onto Paul, he was ready to battle the disrespectful bastard.

“Roman, Roslyn, I am giving the both of you permission to leave without consequence,” Godric stated firmly and although his tone was placid, his eyes were hard-rimmed and dauntingly fixed. He was disappointed that those two would participate in such savagery, it is those sort of vampires who give all vampires a bad reputation.

“What about Paul?” Roman questioned the King. The chancellor was desperate; he paid a lot of money for his share of Tara’s blood.

“What about Paul?” Pam clipped, “don’t you get it...leave or die -asshole.”

Roman sneered at her and then plunged into an attack. Godric blocked his attempted assault with one swift strike to the chest. He sent Roman flying- fast across the room and crashing hard into the wall. Enraged by his disrespect to her King, Pam ripped off a chair leg, using it like a spear, she launched it across the room and staked him. His body trembled before it burst into a pile of smoldering, bloody goop all over her.

“I fucking hated him.” Pam laughed wickedly while picking bloody pieces of flesh from her ample bosom.

Roslyn vamp-sped out of the room and Tara was right on her, she knew the scared vamp-bitch was headed towards the exit and that is where the doe-eyed woman wanted to be.

“Pam, go after Tara,” Eric ordered while keeping his glare fixed on Paul.

Paul stood confidently and grinned, “I had so much fun sticking my fangs into your Aether tonight; she couldn’t get enough of me.”

Eric knew Paul was provoking him; and it was working, Eric was infuriated.

“Paul, it is time to face justice for your crime against the Sheriff and his property.” The King warned Paul.

Before Godric could get a response from Paul; Eric flew across the room, shoving Paul into and through the tempered-glass window. In a matter of seconds, the two vampires were in full combat outside the factory. Eric savagely punched, kicked and bit at Paul. Eric kicked Paul so hard, the vampire crashed through the brick and stone wall, the pieces crumbled to the ground. Eric noticed his blows did not seem to hurt Paul as they should have. But when Paul shoved Eric; the pain was all-encompassing, Paul was much stronger than Eric could have ever estimated.


Tara waved her middle finger at Paul, causing him to become distracted; Eric seized the opportunity and grabbed a long metal beam and hit him across the midsection with it. The force sent Paul crashing into the building. Eric’s eyes widened in confusion as quickly Paul stood from the rubble and laughed.

Roslyn could smell Tara’s sweet blood, and she hungered for it, she longed to possess the powers she could have with just a taste. Instead of leaving as ordered, the vampire lunged for the sable-haired woman. With one forceful swish of Tara’s arms, the ravenous vampire was promptly set on fire. Tara watched with glee at her handy work. Suddenly Tara was struck from behind with a hard blow and knocked hard onto the ground. She landed onto shards of broken glass on the graveled pavement, cutting her hands. Tara grimaced in agony while she scrambled to her feet. Despite the glass cutting her bare feet, she laughed at what she saw.

“Martin is that you’re looking extra crispy tonight,” She said, shaking off her pain.

“You’re going to pay for using your voodoo on me bitch!” The badly seared Martin growled at her, “I’ll enjoy watching all your friends die, and then you will be my slave.”

As he reached for Tara, precipitously, blood and flesh splashed and sprayed all over Tara. The blood spewed with such force it landed in her eyes, nose, and mouth. Pam had rushed a bulky, elongated slice of wood into his back and shoved it through to his chest, effortlessly and without a second thought, the vixen killed the two-hundred-year-old, vampire monarch.

“Damn, Vampire Barbie!” Tara exclaimed while ripping off a piece of her jumpsuit and wrapped it around her badly cut hand. When Tara looked up, Pam was gone; but there was plenty of other vampires and werewolves to deal with.

Simultaneously, Paul screamed in horror, his scream was louder than a lions roar and could be heard for miles. “MARTIN!” He felt the death of his child and it incensed the immortal creature. That hard truth sent the abhorrent vampire into a rage. He seized Eric by the neck, pulling him high above the tree lines. Eric struggled but was unable to break free. With the force of a train, Paul struck Eric, causing him to tumble from the sky and crash hard into the woods.

Godric raced in, soaring into the sky aggressively thrashing Paul in a militant battle. Paul was unstoppable; he beat Godric until he too fell, landing hard into the wooded area.

Paul let out another voracious wail. “YOU ALL WILL SUFFER AND DIE!” He stood over the spot of Martin’s remains and mourned. All the while, Paul’s six remaining wolves had caught up to him and awaited his command.

The sight and sound of his brutality freighted Tara, and she teleported into an empty car and took cover. She anticipated Paul’s attack, but after a moment nothing happened. She listened intently and in the near distance, she could hear the sounds of motorcycles. She peeked out the window and when she saw Franklin and Eggs hop off the bikes, she leaped out of the car. The two leather-clad vampires joined Pam in the warfare. Indiscriminately, the trio sent Paul’s pack of wolves to their violent death.

When Tara did not see the two witches, she assumed their beaus hid them from harm’s way. The young beauty had no choice but to toss her fears aside. Bravely she ventured off into the dark woods after Eric and Godric.

Finally, deep into the woods, she started to see flashes of green. The young woman predicted that meant ‘go’, or perhaps ‘good’ and she kept teleporting as the flashes became brighter and more frequent. Suddenly she heard approaching footsteps and by previous experience knew that was the gait of a wolf. She turned quickly to face the big white wolf as it confidently, strolled towards her.

“You better leave me be or I’ll roast your ass!” She warned the lone beast.

But the flashes of green continued to blink and now she saw waves of white and blue. Something is different about this werewolf. She could feel his composed emotion; hear the creatures’ broken thoughts, they echoed inside her head.

“I’m... Alcide... ... Eric...”

The ebony-skinned beauty stirringly shouted, “GO ALCIDE GO!”

As the white wolf ran, the goddess teleported close behind. After a moment, the sound of a heartbreaking groan of agony halted her movements. At the clearing near the creek, Tara peered with regret at Eric as he lay on his back next to a small stream of water.

“Godric...over-here...” Alcide said and continued running.

“Thank you Alcide,” Tara said with her mind, knowing Alcide could hear her.

“Eric...” Her voice trembled; she knelt, leaning over him, draping her chest over his.

The clearing of the trees allowed the moonlight to shine down on his pale skin and his long wheat-colored hair. Large pieces of silver were deeply lodged all over his body. She was unable to hold back the tears that began to swell in her eyes. Her protector was so badly incapacitated, and even though his face was stained with bruises and blood, Tara still found him unbelievably handsome. She tried to pull one of the silver daggers from his side but ceased when he began writing in anguish.

“I should have just stood in the damn circle.” She said, unable to control the steady stream of tears.

Eric regarded the beauty in awe as she wept for him. “You should have...” he softly agreed as a weary smile crossed his lips. The woman, Eric was valiantly protecting was no longer a fragile human; she was Aether, a supernatural, capable of defending herself. Unknowing if he would survive the night, he wanted her to have his cherished item. Eric grimaced as he reached into his pocket, took her hand and gifted his ancient talisman.

She pushed her dirty, tangled hair to the side and quickly tied the talisman around her neck. The thought of him dying for her was unbearable. She closed the space between them, tenderly caressing the long, flaxen lock on his brow that had become congealed with blood. She softly peppered sweet kisses on his lips and with all the strength he had left, he kissed her lovely full lips back.

“Thank you, Eric, thank you for helping me.”

She amorously watched Eric’s gorgeous lips as he mouthed... “I will know how truly grateful you are once you show me your power. Tara Thornton, I want to behold you.”

The flashes of red emanated quickly and before she could stand up Godric’s limp body was flying towards them, breaking, and crashing through tree limbs, bushes, and branches along the way. He landed hard on the forest ground a few feet away.

Alcide sprinted over to the place Godric was savagely tossed too, cautiously avoiding Paul. The wolf knew he was no match for that vampire. After drinking Tara’s blood, Paul is now immune to silver and stronger than Eric and Godric combined.

Tara slowly stood to her feet; she knew what she had to do. If she was afraid her powers were useless, her anger stifled her too. She needed control, which was something she’d never acquired in her life. Now she had to become the warrior Godric believed she was. Now her new vampire friend’s life depended on it.

“Well-well-well- what do we have here?” Paul said as he sped over to Eric, stepping on Eric’s chest, digging the heel of his designer shoes into his badly bruised ribs. Paul swung his leg back and kicked Eric with so much force, his body was propelled several feet into the air, his back cracked against a tree trunk.

“Stop it you sonofabitch!” Tara roared at him.

He clucked his tongue in response. “But your sweet magical blood made me so strong my little magical-whore...” He winked a flirtatious eye and gyrated vulgarly at her.

“Burn- you piece of shit!” She replied, bade a fireball, and launched it at him.

But he easily dodged it. She did not want him hurting Eric or Godric anymore than he already had, so she teleported out of the wooded area and back into the parking lot, hoping he would follow her. Tara was confused, she had focused on the parking lot, but that was not where she ended up. The young woman peered around at her surroundings. She was on the complete opposite side of the vast warehouse; out of the corner of her eye, she saw two figures in hooded monk style cloaks. It was Nora and Naomi, standing in the shadows, close to the building. They had drawn the Vesica Pisces circle on the ground.

‘Face north and meet the elements Aether.’

The witches had summoned her; they were chanting, evoking Aether’s dormant-spirit, bringing it forth and conjuring her elemental powers, as they tried to do back at Godric’s house. She could hear them clearly and feel what was happening... This time she welcomed it.

Tara looked into the night sky, faced north and took in a deep breath. She was knocked off her feet her eyes fixated on the moon. At the start of the night, the moon was alabaster; now, it was blood-red, her manifestation was the cause. Her pure elemental energy influenced nature and in response, the clouds began to billow and crackle with an electrical charge. Slowly she rose to her feet, anticipating Paul’s daunting arrival.

In the distance, high above the tree line, Paul searched for his prize and when he spotted her, he soared furiously at her.

“I’m going to make you suffer the most for killing my child!”

“That sonofabitch had it coming and so do you!”

Raising her arms high in the air, her powers created gusting air streams; they stirred, causing the clouds to bubble up like a cauldron in the night sky. A strong gust of wind blew Paul back and he landed with a hard thud onto the ground. His body created a large chasm in the concrete. He struggled for a few moments and stood up slowly, slightly dazed, but even more odious than before.

Tara grinned wickedly. She knew her enemy was a rattled now. And that thrilled her. Like a bullet, Paul burst forward in a fit of rage. She reacted quickly; her powers hauled forth a vigorous stream of water from the reservoir, which ran along with the factory. The torrent blasted him with the strength of a tsunami, knocking him out of his shoes. He fell back onto the huge crater he had just pulled himself out of. He lay on the ground, stunned, in excruciating pain for several moments. The ominous vampire was browbeaten, but relentless none the less and he wobbled back to his feet.

“I’m going to drain every drop of you.” He snarled. But the once intimidating vampire no longer looked daunting to Tara. His designer suit was filthy and reduced to rags. His nose was bleeding, his fangs chipped, and even his ear was missing.

“BRING IT, BITCH!” She hissed; no longer afraid.

At that moment she felt the urge to look into the sky when she did she felt a heave of dynamism and absorbed all four elements - earth, air, water, and fire, unbridled her agony- her fear- her thirst- her rage and her love. A mystic cry rumbled out and it took her a moment to realize she had made the sound. The sound created a sonic boom, the ground beneath them quaked and at that moment, a rush of energy from the earth penetrate her, it was much more powerful than adrenaline.

The ancient powerful vampire took in the bizarre deity with bewilderment; he could not believe what he was seeing. Tara’s eyes glowed pure white as the winds wildly entangled her coal colored hair.

Paul fired towards her. If he could not own her, he would destroy her. Lighting rained down from the sky into Tara. She harnessed the electricity; photo-kinesis swam in her body. A hot white bolt of lightning-sparked from her hands, she held them out- palms forward; light beamed forward and struck Paul. Heat hotter than the sun’s core surged into his body. He shuddered uncontrollably and the intense heat cooked his flesh from the inside out. The two-thousand-year-old vampire was reduced to lumpy chunks of ashy flesh in minutes.

Just as soon as it came, the storm dissipated. Unexpectedly, Tara felt light-headed, weaken, nauseated, just as she did earlier on in the night. This time, the sickening feeling had returned ten-fold. The energy she had was completely depleted. Her vision blurred and her breath hitched.

Tara passed out in mid-air, uncontrollably; rapidly descending from the blood-moon sky.

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