By beanerweasley


Chapter 5

The next evening, I decide to tell Lily about detention with Malfoy. I am hoping for some insight into the situation, but I should have guessed that Lily wouldn’t be much help.

“So then he said that he just saved me because he didn’t want my death pinned on him. But I could tell that he was lying. He didn’t even look at me when he said it, Lils.”

Lily sighs dreamily and I glance up from my hands. “What?” I say.

“Isn’t it obvious?! One week into school and the boy is already in love with you! Oh this is so romantic! I knew you two would fall in love! It always happens to the Heads! He is so gorgeous, it is really only a matter of time until you realize you feel the same-”

“Ugh! Lily, stop it! I was hoping for a helpful opinion, not your romantic fantasies! Scorpius Malfoy and I are enemies. We have been taught to hate each other since birth.” I am fuming by now. I can’t believe that she would even suggest this! “Your little romance is not going to happen!” I continue. “Just face it, me and Malfoy will never ever ever in a million years feel even the tiniest shred of compassion for each other.”

Lily sighs again, but this time it is in exasperation. “Whatever. So you guys hate each other. Big deal. Feelings change! I see you reading Pride and Prejudice at least twice a year, so obviously you know that there is a fine line between hate and love. So therefore, I am sticking with my theory that you guys will get together.”

“Lily, I hate him! More than any other person I have ever met or will ever meet! He takes every chance he gets to make my life hell!”

“Oh alright, alright. You won’t fall in love. Happy?”

“Not really.”

“Well, if you won’t take my theory into consideration, then I really have no idea why he saved you. Maybe he isn’t as bad a person as we think that he is. I mean, we are biased because of our parents.”

I roll my eyes. “You really need evidence to see that Malfoy is a complete prick?”

“I guess not,” she says dejectedly. We sit in silence for a few minutes. I decide to break this.

“Sorry for yelling at you, Lils. He just drives me insane.”

She smiles. “Don’t worry about it, Rosey! I know as well as anyone that boys are complete idiots. It’s better to yell and get it out of your system before you lose your mind.”

I laugh. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Well, I should probably go do some work before turning in for the night. Thanks for trying to help, Lils. Sorry for the dramatics!”

“Please, Rosey, you know I thrive on drama!” We both laugh at this.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Lilykins!”

“Bright and early!” She hesitates. “Can I ask you one thing? Can you please just admit that, despite that fact that he is a complete and utter prick, Malfoy is really astoundingly good-looking?”

I am about to deny this, but an image of Malfoy pops into my head. I picture his tousled blond hair and his silver eyes. My stomach gives an odd flutter. Okay, yeah, he is somewhat good-looking. I blink, but the image doesn’t go away. Okay, he’s really good-looking.

But, I mean, he’s not my type. Definitely not. No way. Me thinking he is good-looking doesn’t change anything. He’s a prick. And it’s not like he’s gorgeous or anything.

Well maybe a little. But definitely not my type. At all.

“Earth to Rosey…” Lily calls.

“Sorry, what?” I say, slowly coming out of my reflections.

“Oh never mind,” she trills. “I believe that answer was enough.” She smiles widely and I feel my cheeks heat up a bit. I glare at her.

“Think what you like,” I say loftily. “G’night, Lily!”

“Night, Rose!” I can still hear that accusing tone in her voice and I shake my head as I walk toward my common room.

Malfoy isn’t anywhere to be seen when I walk in. He must have gone to bed. I walk toward my room ready to do the same. As I put on my pajamas, my mind wanders to Lily’s theory. Ha! What a joke. A Malfoy and a Weasley falling in love? Yeah, that’s one that you’re not likely to see any time in the near future.

I curl up in bed ready to drift off to sleep.

At breakfast, I sit next to Randy. We make pleasant conversation for the better part of breakfast. I don’t care what anyone says, there is no way this boy thinks of me as anything more than a friend. Although, despite what Malfoy says, he would be quite a catch. I mean, sure, he is quiet, but he’s also quite intelligent and talented, and let’s be honest, he’s no slouch in the looks department. Sure, he was a bit nerdy back when we started out school, but he really has grown up. He has deep brown eyes and tousled brown hair that complement his fair skin. And I’ve seen a fair amount of girls staring at him during classes, not that he takes any notice. And, although she’s never admitted it, I know that Lily secretly thinks that he is really quite good looking.

As we delve into a conversation about quidditch tryouts, the mail arrives. I’m not expecting anything, so I am surprised to see a large school owl carrying a package towards me. As it lands in front of me, my family and friends look on curiously. I tear open the package.

Inside is a beautiful orchid. My favorite flower. Who could this be from?

I spot a card attached and the minute I touch it, I regret it. A loud screeching singing voice comes from the flower, singing a sickening love song by Celestina Warbeck . By this time, the majority of people in the great hall are staring. The song ends as I open the card, and the flower speaks the card aloud, saying:


My dearest Rosalie,

I sent you this orchid, as I know it is your favorite flower, to confess my love to you. I wish that you will reciprocate my deepest feelings, for I do not know how to survive without you any longer. I cannot remain just friends with you, my darling, and I hope with my whole heart that you will love me as I love you.

Yours truly, forever and always,


The room goes silent and I look up to see Randy looking incredulously at me. I am about to speak when he says, “That’s not from me, Rose. Honestly. Trust me, I am perfectly happy being just friends with you.”

At this, the hall slowly fills with noise again, everyone moving on from their intrigue. If it wasn’t actually Randy, then who really cares?

“I wonder who did send it then?” says Al, inspecting the card. “Hey look! It says here that the flower will remain silent once the card is read and will last for as long as you wish to keep it. Bloody hell, this thing must have been expensive.”

I consider this. Who would spend that much money on a fake confession of love? I am dragged out of my contemplations by Randy’s voice.

“Hey Rosey, can I tell you something? I mean, I feel like this whole thing was a nice segue into this.”

“Yep, sure. What’s up?”

“Well,” he is talking quietly so that only I can hear him, “now I guess you know that I don’t like you, so I might as well tell you. I think…well…I was kind of wondering if…I want to know if…do you think Lily would ever like me?”

I smile. Randy likes Lily! And she is clueless. This is perfect!

“So you like good ol’ Lils, huh?” He nods his head. “Well Randy, I’ll talk to her and try to see what she thinks of you. Covertly of course! But I think you are in luck!” I give him a huge smile before Hugo interrupts with a story about McGonagall yelling at him.

So at least the mystery of who Randy likes is solved, I think as I tune out Hugo and Al. Now there’s just one more mystery to solve. Well two. Why did Malfoy save me and who in the heck sent that orchid?

Later that day, on my way to the library, I stop in the girls’ bathroom. I hear two people enter and recognize one of the voices as Eleanor Zabini’s.

“-so you know who sent it then?” says the unfamiliar voice.

“Of course I know who sent it! I know everything about everyone in this school, dear, remember?” Ugh. I can’t stand Zabini and her sugary pet names that she thinks make her seem oh-so-appealing and nice.


“You really want to know? I mean who really cares. We found out that Randy doesn’t like her, so why does it matter who sent that orchid?” I freeze. Zabini knows who sent it? Please tell, please tell, please tell, I chant in my head.

“Yes, Ellie! I want to know!” Wow this girl is whiny. But hey, if it gets answers, I’m fine with it.

“Fine, fine,” Zabini says loftily. “If you must know, it was Scorpius.”

What?!, I think to myself.

“What?!” the other girl shrieks.

“Yeah, he’s a genius, I know! We were all dying to know if Randy liked her, after all.”

“So this doesn’t…umm…concern you in any way?”

“Why would it?” asks a dumbfounded Zabini.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just, that was an expensive flower for a prank. And it was allegedly her favorite kind, nonetheless…”

“Oh, shut up. Honey, I know this is difficult for you, because you haven’t found your soul mate, but Scorpius and I are in love.”

“Oh of course, my mistake, I didn’t…” Their voices trail off as they exit the bathroom.

So it was Malfoy? Why would he send that? I mean, clearly he didn’t care to find out if Randy liked me or not. Honestly, I bet the only person that cared about that was Zabini, that cow.

So maybe he wanted to find out if I liked Randy.

No. What am I thinking? That’s preposterous. As if Malfoy cares who I like.

So that leaves us with option number three: He wanted to make my life miserable. Yep. Sounds about right.

I decide not to go to the library, and instead head toward the Gryffindor common room, hoping to find Lily and tell her what I just discovered. On the way I get progressively more irritated by Malfoy. What a prick, sending that! I literally cannot stand him.

I fortunately find Lily in front of the fire in the common room and I tell her everything I just overheard, as well as my conclusions.

“Rosey, do you realize you are missing a major, and I repeat, major point to this whole story?!”

“I really don’t know what you are talking about, Lils,” I say with confusion.

“HE KNOWS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER!!!” she practically screams. “Scorpius Malfoy knows your favorite flower, and he got you possibly the most expensive variety. One that won’t die until you want it to! He sent you it because he is clearly completely in love with you, Rosalie!”

“Please, Lily. I…that can’t be true…” I say with some hesitation.

“Yes it is! It all makes sense! He -”

“Stop it, Lily! He isn’t in love with me. That’s completely ridiculous. You need to stop your crazy fantasies!” I say, this time with conviction.

“Uggggh. You know what? Fine. I will let you figure it out yourself. As far as your theories go, go right ahead and think that Malfoy is just trying to make you miserable. You’ll see that I’m completely right. Me and Hugo already took bets on when you two will get together, you know.”

“You what?! There is no way in freaking hell that Malfoy and I will ever ever EVER get together!”

“Whatever, Rosey. We’ll agree to disagree! I’ll play along with you for now!” she says cheerfully.

I accept this and we spend the rest of the hour bashing Malfoy and his tendency to try to ruin my life.

I head back to the common room and see the orchid sitting on the mantle by the fire where I left it and decide to leave it. It is extremely pretty, I must say. I guess that Malfoy has good taste in some things.

I sit in the common room and study for a while, but I keep getting distracted. He knows your favorite flower. Yeah. That keeps popping into my head. But so what? It was probably just a lucky guess.

A while later, Malfoy walks in. Before he notices me sitting there, he looks at the orchid on the mantle, and I see that flash of emotion grace his face again. This time however, it doesn’t immediately go away. He feels my eyes on him and turns to face me, his expression blank once more.

“So,” he drawls, “I see that you are keeping the orchid. I guess you think it is from someone that likes you, which is obviously a once in a lifetime thing for you. So I understand your need to keep it.”

“Shut up, Malfoy. I’m sick of you butting into my personal business.”

“Awww, this is a touchy subject for little Weasley, I see. You think your true love sent you those flowers, don’t you? How pathetic your life is, Weasley.”

“Malfoy, I am so sick of you! Why must you annoy me constantly?! Why are you not able to mind your own business?! It is obvious that you do not care remotely about my life, so why don’t you stay the hell out of it?!”

“Well, Weasley, I didn’t realize you would get that upset. I’m only trying to help you out. I just want you to realize how pathetic it is that you are keeping a flower from an unknown sender in hopes that they are your one true love,” he says mockingly. He then turns and begins to walk towards his room. Once he is at his door, I say,

“Shows how much you know, Malfoy.” He pauses, turns around, and his silver eyes meet my blue ones.

“What do you mean, Weasley?” he asks, clearly not understanding what I’m implying.

“I’m not keeping a flower from an unknown sender,” I say ambiguously.

“Weasley, if you are going to keep talking in riddles, I’m not listening to you. I’ve got better things to do than -”

“I’m saying I know who sent it, Malfoy.”

He gives a dark laugh. “Sure you do, Weasley.” And he opens his door to step into his room.

Before he puts a foot in, though, I say, “I do. It was you.”

He turns to face me and I can see that emotion on his face once more. His eyes lock onto mine for what feels like an eternity. Then he blinks and scowls. “Well, I guess I can’t make fun of your for hoping it’s from your secret admirer. Why the heck are you keeping it, then?”

“I mean it is pretty. You guessed right. Orchids are my favorite.”

“Yeah. Well I guess it didn’t embarrass you as much as I had planned. So much for making your life miserable.”

I stare at him blankly for a few seconds before saying, “Malfoy, you’re a real prick, you know that?”

“That’s what they tell me,” he says smugly. I scowl.

He turns and walks into his room, and I hear him mumble something that sounds suspiciously like, “And it wasn’t a guess.”

And then he closes his door.

I go to my room, but don’t fall asleep for a long time. I keep wondering whether or not I heard him correctly. And it wasn’t a guess. Is that actually what he said? And if it is, does that mean that he did know orchids are my favorite flower? But how in Merlin’s name would he know that?


The week goes by pleasantly. Malfoy and I have minimal contact and only speak to each other when necessary in class. Finally, my life feels back to normal, almost like I’m not forced to share a common room with that prat.

During the week, signs were posted saying that our first Hogsmeade trip would take place this Saturday.

The morning of the Hogsmeade trip, I wake up feeling refreshed and excited. Hogsmeade is one of my favorite places in the world! Today is going to be excellent! I’m going with Lily, Randy, and Mackenzie, since Al and Hugo have quidditch practice. Al’s the captain this year and is determined to beat Slytherin in the first match of the season, so he’s pretty much gone crazy and is squeezing in practices whenever possible. Apparently the team shares his sentiment, because when I told Hugo that it was a shame he couldn’t come to Hogsmeade, he practically cut off my head.

“Rosey, are you serious?! If we don’t beat Slytherin, we start out with a losing record! And they are for sure going to be practicing like crazy! That loss will be detrimental to the entire season! There is no way we can come back from that if Slytherin is as good as we think they are going to be!”

Yeah. My brother is a bit insane when it comes to quidditch. And he really wants captain next year, so he’s becoming even worse.

After breakfast with everyone, Al and Hugo part ways with us and head towards the pitch, while Lily, Randy, Mack, and I head towards Hogsmeade. The sun is out and the sky is almost cloudless. It is a beautiful day for a Hogsmeade visit.

As we walk around and visit all of our favorite shops, I keep an eye on Lily and Randy. I can definitely see some chemistry there, and decide I will bring it up to Lily sometime soon.

After leaving Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, I decide that I want to buy a new set of dress robes, since mine are getting old. We head to the shop and I begin searching the racks for a type that I like when I hear a jarring voice come from my right.

“Please, Weasley. Do you really think any of these robes will help your appearance?” I turn to see Eleanor Zabini laughing with several friends.

“Zabini, I’m surprised they let you in here. I wouldn’t think that the owners would want your diseases spreading on the robes. I guess they must sanitize the ones you try on.”

By this time, Lily, Randy, and Mackenzie have joined me and they start laughing.

“At least I’m desirable, Weasley. I don’t see anyone wanting you. But I guess that because you’ve been ugly your whole life, you’re used to it.” At this point, I see Malfoy come around the corner. Great.

Zabini continues, “No wonder all you do is study. It’s not like you’ll ever get a boy to spend time with you. If I were a boy, I would rather kiss the giant squid than your ugly -”

“Shove it, Zabini.” There is no way Malfoy just told Zabini to shut up. I must be dreaming.

But then he continues. “No one wants to listen to your idiotic comments.”

“But, Scorpy -”

“Oh, don’t be so delusional, Zabini. Stop pretending that I like you, because I don’t. To be quite honest, I really can’t stand you. So go find some other guy to hang yourself all over.”

Zabini looks as if she is about to burst into tears. Her friends are standing in awe, as are mine.

“B…b…but, Scorpy, are you really s…s…standing up for that over m…m…me?” She looks at him, eyes wide, and sniffles.

My eyes lock onto Malfoy’s for a brief second before he turns to Zabini and says, “Well she’s a right sight better than you.”

With this, he turns and walks out of the store. Zabini stands still in shock for a split second before running out after him, bawling. Her friends glance at us and then follow.

None of us mention the incident for the rest of the trip, but it’s in the back of my mind the entire time we are sitting in The Three Broomsticks, and the whole way back to the school.

Randy and Mack head back towards the Gryffindor common room, but Lily decides to walk with me to mine. We walk in silence for a while before she says, “Well, I hate to say I told you so, but…”

“Can it, Lily. We’re not in love! Get the idea out of your head!” My obvious irritation doesn’t stop her though.

“Oh, come on, Rosey! He just took your side over Zabini’s! You, his enemy, verses Zabini, that cow that is kind of sort of his girlfriend! He said, if I remember correctly that you are a ‘right sight better’ than she is!” Lily is practically screaming by the end of this, and I look around to make sure we are alone.

“Lily, he clearly can’t stand Zabini. So what if he stuck up for me? I am a right sight better than that girl. And what better way to convince her that he can’t stand her than by sticking up for me, right?” Right. My theory makes perfect sense! He was using me to get rid of her.

Lily gives a defeated sigh. “Fine, Rosey. I guess your theory makes sense, too. Not that I don’t think mine is better, mind you. But I guess yours is valid.”

By this time, we arrive at my common room.

“Alright,” I say, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Lils! Thanks for letting me rant a bit.”

“No problem, Rosalie! If anything else happens in this great saga tonight, you better tell me at breakfast!”

I laugh along with her. “Of course I will! ‘Night, Lils!”

“Goodnight, Rose!”

And with this, I step into the common room. Malfoy is nowhere to be seen, so I head straight to bed.

When I wake up the next morning, I don’t remember that all of my dreams involved a certain blond-headed, silver-eyed boy.

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