Phone Star


"I fell in love with your voice and then I couldn't stop thinking about you." - Jung Hoseok “I’m not a light switch baby, onceim on there ain’t no turning off.”

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"You’re a nurse and I’m your patient-”

You yawn as you lay on your back, phone glued to your ear idly as your eyes start to close. It’s late, but the phone line has been ringing nonstop since you’ve signed in. You had early classes but this was your only source of income so you had to get as many hours as you could.

It’s been almost thirty minutes and you try your hardest to keep the client on the other line talking. Just thirty more minutes and you can have him exploding with a fountain of ecstasy. It would be even better if you could go longer but this particular client wasn’t one to last long. He loves his nurse fantasies, love the thought of you giving him his special shot while out wore a tight fitted uniform.

If only he knew what you looked like in reality. But that’s the whole point, this job allowed you to be anyone you wanted. Mainly anyone your clients wanted but you get the point. One day you’re a sexy professor, thin waist and toned flat stomach with an ass so tight and perky. The next day you could be a skinny school girl with handful sized breasts and long blonde hair, with a skirt so short that you have to hold it down.

It was fun being whoever you wanted, but when that phone call ends...reality hits you hard. You’re just an overweight college student who has lower self esteem than almost anybody. During the day, you walk to halls and become an invisible nobody. At night you’re a range from sexy school girl to slutty wife. The duality of your worlds was quite the catch but as long as your bills were paid, it was worth every second of it.

“Would you like me to give you your daily shot?” You attempt to hide the drowsiness in your voice. The man grows excited, breathing heavy in your ear as he pumps himself shamelessly.

“Oh yes baby,” he breathes out. ”Give me my shot, spank me!”

“You’re such a naughty boy,” You idly retaliate as your eyes start to close. “Such a...naughty...b-boy.”

Sleep is testing you and you’re failing hard as the phone starts to fall from your hand. Your eyes cross before the phone drops and your body rolls over off the couch. You hit the ground hard and instantly jolt up.

“Hello? Hello? Anna? Are you there?” The voice on the phone panics and you quickly scramble for the phone and clear your throat.

“I’m here,” you breathe out. “So where were we?”

"You were going to spank me baby. Are you okay? Should I call another time?”

“No!” You almost shout. “I mean...we haven’t even finished yet and I have to check your blood pressure. Don’t you want that? Want me to wrap my long slender fingers around you, squeeze you so tight you can’t even think?”

Your voice is in full affect and his breathing picks up. You let out a small sigh as he starts to moan again and you climb back on your couch. Thankfully he’s not a new client so you know his kinks and fantasy role plays. He was addicted, calling almost every night while his wife is asleep. Most of them are married, a lot are divorced.

You had four types of customers who would request your service. You had the commoner; these are the college students, high school students, graduates. Mainly the men with low paying jobs and only request a maximum of fifteen minutes per call. These types of clients aren’t as kinky nor experienced. They request simple stuff such as, girlfriend fantasies or vanilla. They kept it simple and you enjoyed it sometimes.

Next, the middle class fathers. These are the guys that like the whole cheating fantasy. They call for about an hour or two, wait until their family’s asleep. Sometimes they call just to talk about their issues, these were the type of men you would just simply give any mediocre advice any counselor would give. It was easy money.

Then we have the high class ballers. These were lawyers, doctors, men who had large bank accounts and were looking for a stress reliever. These were special starts amongst the sea of callers and you made sure to mark down the big bucks of the crowd. So far, you had two lawyers and one doctor, each having a gold star next to their name so you always make sure to answer their calls. They liked anything from rough sex to kinky fantasies. You always made sure to please them...they paid most of your tuition.

Lastly, the lesbian lovers. These women call looking for a lesbian companion...some even looking just to explore. You’ve never been with a woman but you adapted to their fantasies rather quickly. Porn helped a lot in this category.

It’s astounding how you could talk so nasty, explain in such details about sex but never once touched yourself. Never once had anyone else touch you. Just a lonely virgin who’s shy and introverted. You’re invisible in your daily life, but responsible for so many boners at night. During the day you’re just regular Y/n, overweight with glasses and an infinity amount of sweat pants and loose t-shirts.

At night you’re Anna, medium height with a slim figure and wide hips. You have full lips, long blonde wavy hair and a bust much more attractive than your own. Anna was confident, Anna was chic and sexy. Anna could make a man cum in less than fifteen minutes. Y/n couldn’t even make eye contact with a man for thirty seconds.

Sometimes you wished Anna wasn’t just a voice.


“I’m sorry, Hoseok. I just can’t date you.”

Hoseok blinks slowly, not wanting to believe the words that were coming out of his crush’s mouth. He worked up his confidence for months just to confess and now here he was once again...getting rejected.

“What’s wrong with me?” He raises a brow. “You said you liked me? You told Jimin that!”

“I do like you,” she mumbles. “But you’re just...intimidating. I can’t imagine being around you 24/7. It’s not you’s me.”

Ah, there it is. The it’s not you, it’s me excuse. You don’t know how many times Hoseok has heard the same excuse over and over. He’s too intimidating, he’s too joyful, too happy. He’s loud, rambunctious, jolly. One of the most popular boys in school and one would date him. They’ll sleep with him but they wouldn’t wake up to him.

Hoseok didn’t want one night stands, he wanted love, devotion, commitment. Unlike his other friends he cherished his bonds, wanted to have a deep connection with someone. Was that so wrong? Was it so wrong to be happy, to be loud, to be overly expressive? Half the time he’s not even this way...people assume too much.

“I get it,” He says defeated. “Sorry for bothering you.” His eyes cast away before he’s grabbing his bag and turning away. The girl watches as the man leaves, his back turned and heart heavy. She knew he had a huge crush on her, he knew it would be a matter of time before he asked her out...she knew and yet—she still wasn’t prepared.

Hoseok feels heavy as he makes his way to his first class, eyes casted down as he walks. He’s pulled from his thoughts when he bumps into someone, causing him to stumble back and the other person to fall. His eyes widen as he sees the girl on the ground and he quickly tries to help her up.

“I got it!” She suddenly shouts, slowly standing and trying to catch her breath.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking,” he mumbles apologetically and she nods, refusing to look at him. She quickly fixes her glasses and grabs her books before scurrying off. Hoseok frowns, seems like nobody wants to be bothered with him.

He sighs as he walks into the large classroom, taking a seat in the far back away from the rest. He doesn’t see the person next to him, struggling to fit into the desk. He glances over and she blushes immensely as she tries to hide the fact her stomach wouldn’t allow her room. He glances down at his own desk, noticing its much bigger and he leans over to whisper in her ear.

“Do you wanna trade seats?” He offers and she stiffens before slight tears build in her eyes.

“I-I...” Hoseok notices the embarrassment written on her face and he subtly stands without causing a ruckus.

“Here,” He whispered. She nods before quickly moving from her seat and taking his. She easily slides in, scooting up and covering her face in her hands. He smiles softly before sitting down next to her.

“T-Thank you,” She stuttered out lowly.

“No problem,” he smiles. “These desks are way too small anyway. I sometimes struggle too.”

He can catch a slight hint of a smile on her lips and he chuckles before sighing. He can make a girl laugh but can never get her to fall in love.

“My name is Jung Hoseok by the way,” he leans over a bit and she nods.

“I know,” she says. “You’re pretty famous around campus.”

Hoseok chuckles idly, not impressed that she already knows him. She must hear about the rumors, the famous man with the bright smile can’t even get a date. The loud one, the overly cheerful guy. Sometimes he wished he could be invisible, wished he could start all over and give himself a new image.

“You know me but I don’t know you,” He whispered. “What’s your name?”

He glances over at the girl but she remains silent. Her eyes look everywhere but at him and he leans forward, attempting to get her attention.


“We’ll be starting class now!” The professor announces and Hoseok slowly sinks back into his seat. He didn’t even get to know her name. He shrugged before leaning back in his chair, hands fiddling with the mechanical pencil he managed to steal from Yoongi earlier.

Being the friendly person he is, he can’t help but glance at the shy girl. Her face is flushed with a tint of pink but her eyes are serious as she takes notes. Maybe she just doesn’t like friendly people, he thought. She wouldn’t be the first to avoid an extrovert like himself, the social butterfly of the college.

Whatever. Not everyone can handle his outgoing personality. Especially someone as shy as her.


“Yo, Jimin?” Hoseok chimes as he kicks open the door of his dorm. His roommate, Jimin, usually is around at this time but ever since he’s been smooching it up with his gay lovers, he stays away most of the time.

This time, small feet paddle their way to the entrance and a small man with a fluffy pink sweater and thick rimmed glasses greet Hoseok. Jimin’s blonde hair is tousled, a coffee mug in his hand as he groggily greets his roommate.

“Hoseok,” He hoarsely speaks. “Do you have to be so loud? It’s still morning.”

Hoseok shrugs before tossing his bag down and jumping on his bed. Jimin groans, rubbing the temples of his head before taking a sip of his coffee. Hoseok plops his elbow up and rests his head in his palms as he looks over at the younger man.

“You look like shit,” Hoseok snorts out.

“I feel like shit,” Jimin says. “Bastards kept me up all night knowing I have an essay due today.”

Hoseok chuckles before two taller males step out from Jimin’s side of the room. They’re shirtless, hair a mess and they both walk over to the smaller man and cling to him. Jimin sighs, pushing away the two clingy males and stepping around them.

“You two need to leave,” he says. “I have class in a few hours and I need to rest.”

“It’s my turn to stay though,” the brunette boy pouts.

“You hogged him all night, let me have a chance!” The red head hisses. Hoseok smiles, amused by the two men who are deeply infatuated with the fluffy male. Jimin groans before stomping back to his room, the two males quickly scurrying behind him with puppy eyes.

Hoseok doesn’t know how Jimin managed to get two, let alone one man to become obsessed with him, maybe it’s the fluffiness or the cute way Jimin looks in bright pastel colors. Or maybe it’s just the Jimin affect, either way, Hoseok wished he could have that affect on others as well.

Exhausted and done with the thinking bullshit, he throws his body down on the bed and closes his eyes. Jimin’s room door opens once more, revealing the cute boy in causal clothing and his hair brushed back. Jimin quickly adjusts his jeans and hair before grabbing his bag.

“I’m going to the library,” he announces and Hoseok idly waves.

“See ya!” Another figure exits the room and waves.

“Bye, Hyung,”

“Bye, Jungkook.” Hoseok waves before the last male exits the room, closing the door softly.

“Bye, hobi-Hyung.”

“Bye, Tae.” The two men beeline out the door, following their precious boyfriend down the hall. Hoseok chuckles as hears Jimin scolding the men and he sighs heavily.

His hands find the laptop hidden under his pillow and he slowly opens his eyes. What else could an unemployed college student do with his free time?

Hoseok jumps up, opening the laptop and typing in the url to the website. His eyes light up as the naked women infiltrate his screen and he reaches over for the lotion beside his bed.

“What am I in the mood for today?” He mumbles to himself as he scrolls through hundreds of videos. “Milf? Nah.”

He scrolls and scrolls, not hearing the door to his dorm being opened. He jumps when Jimin walks in, quickly clicking the mouse and closing the screen. Jimin sighs, walking straight to the desk and grabbing his phone.

“I forgot my phone,” he says before walking back towards the door. “Please clean up after yourself.”

“Don’t I always?” Hoseok shouts as Jimin closes the door.

“Nope!” The door closes shut and Hoseok sighs before opening the screen once more.

Another website is present, not the original one he intended to use. He huffs, scanning the website before realizing he must have accidentally clicked an add instead of closing out.

Phone star. The website said and Hoseok raises a brow as he scrolls through it.

“What the...” He squints his eyes as he reads through the site. “For as little as fifteen dollars an hour, you can fulfill you’re most exotic desires. Talk to real women and men and explore your fantasies...?”

Phone sex? Hoseok thinks to himself before clicking on random things. A list of what seems to be phone operators come up and he scrolls through the women side.

“Lisa, Jamie, Anna...” he lists off the names and looks at their bio’s.

He grins as he clicks on the profile and he’s brought to a large page with a small circle as the profile photo. It’s a photo of a half naked woman from the neck down, obviously click bait. But the click bait works on the hiring college student and he digs deeper.

Status: Available

So that means he can call? Hoseok reaches for his phone in his back pocket and dials the number provided for the service. He’s brought to a voicemail that asks for his payment method and other stuff. Then they ask for the phone operator he would like to reach.

“Uh...” He looks back at the page and quickly makes a decision. “May I speak with...Anna?”

“Anna is available. Are you sure this is the operator you would like to speak to?”

“Yes.” Hoseok gulps.

“Okay,” the recording voice says. ”Calling...Anna.”

The phone starts to ring and Hoseok grows nervous. He lightly taps his fingers against his phone as he waits and the ringing suddenly stops. He tenses before a soft feminine voice flows melodically through his ear.


“H-Hi!” He nervously chimes back. “This is Anna, right?”

“Yes,” she says smoothly. “You must be new.”

“Actually, I am,” He chuckles. “I’ve never done something like this before so I’m a bit nervous.”

Hoseok hears a soft giggle on the other line and his heart stops. She sounds adorable.

“It’s okay to be nervous, love,” love? Hoseok’s heart flutters at the name before...

“Just lay back and relax, let me take control baby.”

Holy shit.

It’s happening.


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