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Before We Were Yours


"He’s the king mommy, I can feel it in my poop!" Where a king meets his queen through a smart little princess.

Romance / Other
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Teeth grit, nails clinging to the strong muscle coiling. Large hands strongly wrap around your throat and you struggle to breathe. Clawing at the tanned skin, you choke out a small ‘stop’ before the room starts spinning and you can feel your heart giving out.

It’s not supposed to be this way. How did you end up like this? Two years of marriage and here you are being choked by the one person who promised to protect you. He promised to love you, to cherish you, till death do us part.

But right now there’s a monster out to destroy you. To break you. All because of another man glancing your way. Insecurities had taken over the once loving man and now you had to face the demon who consumed him. His hand tightens around your throat and your body falls limp in midair. Your eyes bulge before the veins scream under your skin for oxygen.

He doesn’t stop, doesn’t let you go. Dark eyes and a menacing grin is all you can see before you manage to reach a hand out and reach for his face. He shouts as your nails dig into his eyes and his hand releases you.

Scrambling to your feet, you make a run for it. Your gown and heels get caught and you trip and fumble over your own legs. Body hitting the wall, tears blurring your vision. You cough as your lungs start to desperately snatch oxygen.

You’re so close, so close to your freedom before a large hand grabs your gown and tears it. You yelp before your husband’s hand slams down hard on your face and you fall to the ground. Head throbbing, you look up at the monster. He stands over you, heaving as he covers one of his eyes with his hand.

He’s bleeding.

You managed to scratch him deep and he’s even more enraged. You kick away, flailing your feet until your back hits the wall. That’s when large hands swoop down and grab your hair, pulling roughly.

“You bitch!” The words are spit out angrily and you plead for your life.

But he doesn’t let go.

Flailing in his grasp, you manage to stand to your feet while he attempts to drag you. You scream, shout, kick, fight. No one is there to save you, not this time...not ever.

But you can’t just give up, can’t just allow this monster to control you for the rest of your life. You’ve had enough, and now it was time to take control over yourself once more. Determined to get away, you slam the end of your heel down on his foot and he cries out in pain.

Finally being freed, you kick off the heels and make your way to the door this time he’s not quick enough and you’re outside swallowed by nightfall. You stumble your way to the car, successfully climbing in and hurriedly starting the engine. Your hands shake while you back out of the driveway and your husband attempts to chase you down.

You could’ve ended him right there and then. He runs after the car, you had a chance to hit him. To end him.

But you don’t.

He deserved it but you don’t do it and instead take off down the road. Speeding your way down the road, your heart beats uncontrollably and you drive to the one place where you can feel safe.

Your parents.

The ride is silent, beside the sounds of horns honking as you zip past stop signs and red lights. You’re afraid that if you stop, the monster will have a chance to get you. That thought alone pushed you to drive faster until the familiar yellow house comes into sight. Your heart stutters as you quickly park and you stumble your way out of the car and sprint to the front door.

“Mom!” You hammer on the door. “Please open up, it’s me!”

You glance around paranoid and the door finally opens. It’s not your mother nor your father. Instead, it’s your little sister and she eyes you in shock.

“S-Sis?” She stammers. “What are you doing here? What’s wrong?”

“W-Where’s mom?” You choke out. “I-I didn’t have anywhere else to go!”

“Your eye,” She narrows her eyes before walking up to you. “Did he do this to you?”

Fat sobs roll up your throat and out your mouth and your little sister instantly pulls you into her arms. She guides you inside, closing and locking the door before taking you into the living room. You shiver, your gown torn and ruined as you walk barefoot on the cold floor.

“He hit you?” She asked angrily. “Did that man touch you?”

You simply wrap your arms around yourself and nod. Her eyes fuel with anger and she jolts up off the couch.

“You let that asshole hit you?” She shouts. “Why didn’t you call the cops?”

“I-I...” you pause before lowering your head. “I don’t know.”

She scoffs loudly and shakes her head. “Has he hit you before?”

No answer.

“Answer me!” She yells and you break into tears.

“Yes!” You admit. “But he said it was just an accident so I didn’t do anything!”

“An accident?” She paces back and forth. “You don’t hit a woman on accident. You should know better than this, sis!”

“I know!” You snapped. “I know but I didn’t and I know that now, can’t you see?”

“Sis...” her shoulder relax as you break down more.

“I have nothing,” You sob. “I have no money, no house, he has everything. He controls everything!”

“That does not mean you let him hit you! You’re stronger than this and that bastard should be punished for what he’s doing!” She crouches down and gently takes your hand.

“Sis, we can help. Dad, mom, and I can help you. You should’ve came to us sooner.”

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I’m sorry I didn’t sooner.”

Shaking your head, you wipe away your tears and face your younger sibling. Her eyes fill with pity and heart break. So many emotions fill her eyes as she sees your bruised neck and busted lip. Your eyes is swollen, red before the despicable color of black and blue hue take over its turn.

She places a soft hand on yours, squeezing gently before pursing her lips together. “Does he know you’re here?”

You shake your head. “No. But he’ll find out soon. He knows I come here often.”

“That bastard won’t touch you ever again,” She grits out. “I’ll make sure of it.”

“What should I do?” You plead helplessly and she cups your face in her cold hands. You shiver and she looks deep into your eyes, desperate and loving as she analyzes your bruises.

“Are you ready to leave?” She asked. “Are you ready to walk away from this?”

Your eyes widen, tears swirling around your brown irises. She looks at you, refusing to look away as she waits for your answer. Enough is enough and it was time for you to walk away from the beast that held you hostage for so many years. It was time for you to break free from your cage, the cage he held you in for so long.

Fear starts to sink in but you don’t allow it to bind you from taking this opportunity. If there was a way out, now was the time to move forth in full throttle. So you nod, not only because you’re afraid but because you’re ready to start over. You’re ready to move past this and find your way on your own.

No more relying on the monster.

No more allowing his commands and selfish ego to control you.

You’re done being the obedient slave.

“I’m ready.” You say with a confident nod and she smiles softly before pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. You close your eyes, hands shaking as your tears cascade down your cheeks.

“Good, I’ll tell mom and dad.” She grabs her phone, walking away to contact your parents and you’re left alone in the dark room. You let out a shaky breath, relishing in the silence.

It’s time to let go.

When morning comes, your parents are already dressed and packing your belongings into the truck. It’s barely dawn but you needed to move quick before your husband learns of your plans.

“Sweetheart,” your mother smiles as she walks over to you. You suck in a sharp breath as she hands you the passport and ID. “This is your new identity.”

You look down at the small card and passport. Lee Y/n. The name sounds so unfamiliar but you nod nonetheless. Your father managed to pull some strings and get your identity changed without the paperwork. Money was power in this day and age and you couldn’t be more grateful for having such parents.

“Korea is big, it’ll be impossible for him to find you.” She says.

“I’ll kill the bastard if he even comes close to figuring it out.” Your father grumbles as he slams the trunk shut. “He thinks because he has money he can get away with whatever the hell he wants.”

You gulp as your father huffs angrily before turning to you with sad eyes. You sniffle softy before you’re falling into his arms and he softly kisses your hair.

“We’re going to miss you so much, my little girl.” He rubs your back soothingly and you allow a few years to shed at that. Changing your identity meant you had to keep minimal contact with your family just in case your husband hires private investigators.

“Contact us from a secure line, use disposable cells and never mention your whereabouts.” Your mother warns and you nod. She smiles before pulling you in for a tight hug and you close your eyes as you sinks into her chubby frame.

“We love you, stay safe.”

“I will.” You nod.

“Don’t forget about me, big sis.” Your sister skips over to you and you chuckle before pulling her into your chest.

“Thank you,” You breathe out and she grins.

“I want you to be happy. And don’t worry about that asshole, we’ll deal with him.” She reassures and you nod as you let out a light sigh.

“I love you,” You say to them both before your father jumps into the truck and starts the engine.

You wave to the two before climbing into the truck. Tears trickle down your face as you watch their figures grow smaller as your father drives down the road. You hated how it had to come down to this but your husband was much too powerful, much too controlling. Divorcing him would be complicated with his influences.

He would make it his interest to ruin you. That’s why he made sure you couldn’t live without him, stripping you of your independence and forcing you to rely on him. But now it was all changing, you were now making this bold step all on your own.

Your father glances over at you, frowning before gently taking your hand and squeezing it. You allow your tears to fall, not wanting to part from your family but it was for the best. You would be safer this way. They would be safer this way.

“Everything is going to be okay,” he says softly. “I promise you.”

You nod, wiping away your tears as the airport comes into view. Surely he would have you take the private jet to avoid being tracked down. It’s almost like a movie, the vehicle comes to a stop and you slowly climb out of the truck.

Your father opens the trunk, taking out the few bags and large suitcase you were able to spare. You wrap your arms around your body as you walk up to the large jet, the pilot already waiting for you to board. Your father hands the bag to the man at the entrance and he curtly now to your father before loading up your belongings.

“Alright,” He sighs out as he slams down the trunk. “You’re all set to go.”

You fall into a daze before turning to your father with worried eyes. He smiles softly before wrapping his arms and holding you tightly.

“It’s not forever,” he whispered. “Once things settle down you can always come back if you choose to.”

You nod, clinging to the man like a little girl. He gently kisses the crown of your head before gently pulling away. He suddenly hands you a small card, a bunch of numbers scribbled on it and you slowly blink as you look at it.

“What’s this?” You glance up at your father.

“Your bank account information,” he smiles. “I wired 100,000 into your account, that should last pretty long depending on how you use it.”

Your throat tightens in a knot and your hands shake. “I can’t take this.”

“You can. And you will.” He smiles before placing a hand on your shoulder. “You’re still my little girl no matter what. Always.”

“D-Dad,” You sob before running into his arms. He chuckles softly as he holds you one last time.

“It’s time.” He says. His voice cracks slightly and you can tell he’s holding back his emotions. You softly sniffle before gripping your passport and the card he gave you.

“I love you,” You whispered before gently kissing his cheek. “Thank you so much.”

“I love you more,” He says before you slowly pull away and turn towards the jet. He watches, eyes saddening as you take small steps towards the large jet.

You let out a shaky breath before slowly climbing up the steps and entering the jet. You turn around one last time, waving to your father before the door closes and you take your seat. You watch from the window, pressing a hand to the glass before the jet roars to life.

And that was the last time you saw your family.


“What happened next, mommy?”

You sigh in content as you lay in the small Ariel themed bed. Your daughter clings to you, looking up at you with sparkling eyes. You look down at her, gently brushing back her soft brown hair before smiling.

“Well, the princess went to the far away land and started off on her journey.” You smile. “She was so afraid, she didn’t have any friends, no one to help her find her way around the new kingdom.”

“But that didn’t stop her, right?” She smiles happily and you nod.

“Nope, the princess struggled but she never stopped and she soon found her way.” You gaze down at your daughter, staring into the dark eyes before a sudden rush of emotions hit your chest. “That’s when the princess found out that she wasn’t alone at all.”

Your daughter’s eyes sparkle with curiosity and you chuckle as you brush back her bangs. Despite telling your daughter this story plenty of times, she doesn’t fail to be mesmerized by the turn of events.

“The princess was gifted and soon found her own little princess to raise.” You smile as you gently pinch her cheek and she giggles.

“And that’s when she became the queen!” She chimes.

“That’s right.” You smile softly. Your daughter rests her head on your stomach, gently tracing a finger over your arm.

“But she never finds her king...” she pouts. “And the monster might come back to get her.”

“That won’t happen.” You gently lift her and sit her in your lap. “Because the queen will do anything to protect her princess, even if her king never comes to save her.”

Your daughter smile bright before nodding her head. “Because the princess and the queen love each other, right!”

You chuckle. “Right.”

She yawns softly and you smile before standing and laying her down on the bed. She rubs her eyes and you cover her small body with the mermaid blanket.

“Goodnight.” You place a soft kiss on her forehead and she smiles sheepishly.

“Don’t worry mommy,” she speaks as her eyes close. “The king will come someday.”

You smile softly before nodding your head. “Yeah, he will.”

She smiles before drifting off to sleep and you slowly stand to your feet. You tiptoe out the room, glancing behind you one last time before slowly closing the door and returning to your own room.

If only you could believe those words.

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