Turning Tables


The Teen Titans face a new apprentice from Slade, what are they to do especially when this one can turn Invisible and hide from their sights. With some help can they solve this mystery? Cover not mine

Action / Mystery
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First Meeting

Chapter One

First Meeting

The room was dark and no sounds were obvious except for harsh breaths. A figure was kneeled towards a large screen, one hand on his bent knee and the other fisted against the ground as he breathed in as deeply as possible, ignoring the sweat dripping down their face.

“Good job apprentice, you have done well since you have come to me.” A voice said as the screen turned on, showing a shadowed face. The figure on the ground just stayed still, knowing that unless he was asked a direct question, he wasn’t to answer. “You have come far from when I first obtained you and your potential has flown beyond my expectations.”

He stayed quiet as his master talked, not bothering to answer to his supposed master, only staying quiet and gathering himself as he tried to keep his eyes open. He needed to stay awake so he could find out if he would be going out on a mission soon. He loved getting out of the lair, missing the cool night air as he flew through the sky.

His breathing was finally calming, his heartbeat was also calming as well, his body was cooling and he was finally getting the last of the adrenaline out of his body when his Master began to speak again.

“You will start missions again, but I don’t want to see any more of those heroics. You will leave those people behind this time, whether the building is collapsing or not. You will retrieve the device and return. That is all.” Master said as he looked down at the boy, who was now completely silent, not even his breathing could be heard. “Am I understood?”

The apprentice was silent for several moments before nodding his head. “Yes Master.” A short and simple answer that he knew his Master would like. He was right when he got the normal reply.

“Good Apprentice, now, your target is this.” The Apprentice looked up towards the screen and saw a small mechanical looking gun that seemed it could be attached to a bigger machine. “It is at the lab in Jump City, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the lab as well.” Here a picture of the lab popped up and the Apprentice growled as he looked at the lab. “You know the defense systems that it’ll have and I also received information that he’ll be there too.”

The Apprentice was now on his feet and moving towards the door. The Master watched with an empathetic face, only calling towards the boy before he left the room. “They will show if you set the alarms off. Be prepared to deal with them when that happens.”

The Apprentice had his hand on the knob as he turned his body to look at the screen. “I will not let the Teen Titans stop me from retrieving what you wish Master.” He said as he opened the door and turned towards it. “Even if it means destroying them once and for all.” With that he disappeared through the door and into the darkness that lay beyond.


The sounds of laughter could be heard in the air as he moved through the hallways, a smile on his face as he moved towards the main room of the tower. He entered the room and watched in amusement as a white car on screen rammed a purple and green car and knock it over onto its side, destroying it and crossing the finish line.

“DUDE! You so cheated! I call a rematch!” He saw the form of his teammate Beast Boy jump up from his place on the couch, his green skin and hair was obviously unnatural but totally natural next to the metal teen next to him.

“I did not, it’s call strategy BB. I know just how to take you out so I can win.” The boy said as he waved his remote in front of the other boy. “I just know how to play better than you.” He said with a smirk. The boy turned towards the one standing at the entrance and smiled at him. “Hey Robin! You coming to play me at this, Beast Boy is way too easy to beat.”

Robin shook his head as he examined his friend, the cyborg of the team, which also happened to be the name of the said cyborg. Cyborg had been in an accident when he was a teen a couple years ago and to save him, his father had turned him into a cyborg. He was fully mechanical with blue spots showing circuitry and the metal white plate covering more vital places. Cyborg was the technician on their team.

Robin turned towards the kitchen where he could find the alien of their team, or at least the all alien of their team. Starfire wore a purple mini skirt and a purple top to go with it, not to mention purple Go-go Boots as well with metal heels. Her red hair fell around her shoulders and her green eyes glowed with happiness. “Friend Robin, would you wish to partake in the fudge ice cream?”

Robin shook his head at her and walked towards the tables towards the side out of the way. “No thanks Starfire, but thanks.” He said as he sat down next to his last teammate, another female from a planet of magic. “Hey Raven, anything interesting happen while I was away?” He asked as he leaned into the couch and let his arms lay on the back of the couch.

Raven sat cross legged, book in her hands and her robe wrapped around her but the hood was down, showing her dull purple hair, the red diamond on her forehead, and onyx eyes. She was unusually pale and wore a spandex suit that came to stop at the top of her thighs and a belt with black and red gems. Her long sleeves had a ring of cloth that wrapped around her middle fingers and finally her permanent frown on her face was seen by everyone.

Raven glanced at Robin and then at her book before she even bothered to answer her teammate. “Nothing really, just Mad Mod and Mumbo decided to try and take us out again, but we took care of them.” Raven said as she turned the page in her book, continuing reading, not bothering to look at Robin anymore.

Robin nodded his head as he watched the rest of his friends mess around, Beast Boy was effectively getting his butt handed to him by Cyborg, who was an expert at the car game since he drove a mechanically enhanced car on a daily basis, especially during chases where the bad guys run.

“It’s been a while since I had actually seen him ya know?” Robin said out of nowhere, his eyes on the ceiling now as his eyebrows creased. Raven raised an eyebrow and put her book down, feeling that her friend needed to talk about something, though she had to wait until he actually started talking again. “He was my father figure for years and I just kinda left, especially after that fight we had.” Robin said, eyes staying where they were.

Raven knew what he was talking about, especially since she had been in the room when the boy wonder got the call that morning. Batman had been in town and had wanted to see Robin and talk. She had no idea how that had gone, but from the look on Robin’s face, she guessed that it had gone well. “Did you tell him about Slade?” She asked with curiosity hidden deep in her onyx eyes.

Robin nodded his head absentmindedly. “I can’t say he was really happy with the way I handled it but he was proud about how we took care of him later. He said that it wasn’t my fault that Slade had fallen in that lava pit, only something that would’ve happened eventually.” Robin paused for a moment before grinning. “Not in that exact way but I got what he was saying.”

Raven smiled gently as she nodded her head and turned back to her book. “Did it help you, visiting with him after all this time?” She asked as she flipped her book open and began to read again, though her ears were still listening to Robin and he knew that.

Robin was again silent for several moments before letting his head roll towards Raven, a smile on his face. “It did actually, especially after all that’s happened. You’d think after being the guy’s apprentice for years I would learn that the guy does have a heart.” He shook his head as he sat forward and ran a hand through his hair. “But I forgot after that fight, but I remembered that today.”

Raven smiled to herself as Robin suddenly got up and headed to the kitchen. “I’m going to have some ice cream with Starfire, you want some?” He asked as he looked over his shoulder in time to see Raven shake her head.

“No thanks, I don’t even want to think about what she put in it. She probably put mustard in it.” Raven cringed at that but Robin just ended up laughing as he entered the kitchen area to help Starfire with the Ice cream, but stopped as the alarm went off, the room colored in red.

“Looks like trouble. Titans GO!” Robin yelled as soon as Cyborg had gotten the coordinates of the place in trouble. They all headed out, Starfire had taken to the skies as she flew towards the area, Robin on his motorcycle and Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy all piled into the T-Car, all speeding towards their destination.

“Cyborg, can you give us any details on the place being robbed? Any specs or blue prints, maybe some surveillance video?” Robin asked as he turned down the road, speeding pass other cars.

Cyborg hummed as he typed several buttons on the computer he had installed in his car, watching the road at the same time as he looked for information. Raven and Beast Boy only watched as Cy did his thing. “The place we’re heading to specialize in several areas, one of the more prominent is defense equipment and military weapons. They have been working on several new projects for the military in Jump City. They’re actually new to town though, just moved in this week. I don’t know what they have though since they did just move only common knowledge at this point.”

The growl he got from Robin told him he wasn’t happy with this information but continued typing. “I’m hacking into the security system now; we’ll see whose there and why.” Cyborg said as he finally hacked into the system, the footage coming up to a certain screen that showed several security weapons firing, but nothing was there.

The three in the car blinked at the footage before Cyborg returned his eyes to the road. “There isn’t anyone there. The weapons are firing but we don’t see anyone there Robin.” Cyborg said as he blew down the road, only about five blocks away from the lab.

Robin frowned as he turned the corner, coming towards the building, noticing right off the bat that there was a big hole in the wall. “Well, someone has got to be there, there’s a hole in the wall.” Robin responded as he got off of his bike, standing there as he waited for his team. He wasn’t about to enter a building that had an unknown enemy inside alone and most possibly out numbered.

“Alright Robin, I see you.” Cyborg said and only seconds later the T-Car stopped next to him and the three inside got out.

“I could not see anything wrong except for the hole in the wall.” Starfire said as she came and landed next to everyone else. “It seems quiet though.” She responded, worry in her eyes.

Robin nodded as he too realized that the sounds of blasts had stopped seconds after Star had landed next to him. “It seems that whoever is there has either gotten blasted to pieces or has disabled the security.” Robin said. “I’ll head in first with Raven, then Cyborg and Beast Boy, and then finally Star you’ll take up the back.” Robin said as he and Raven entered the building through the hole in the wall.

The others nodded and did as told; all ready for whatever laid within the building, though not truly sure if they would see anyone. ‘Why couldn’t the cameras see anything?’ Robin asked himself as he stealthily moved down the hall, checking around the corners before moving on.

When Raven suddenly stopped though and grabbed his arm, Robin wasn’t sure what he was expecting from her. “This thing isn’t alive Robin.”


He had shown up at the lab only minutes after his Master had dismissed him, not bothering in waiting for anymore commands, he threw several small black marbles at the wall in front of him, and as soon as they made contact, they exploded and left a huge hole in the wall.

He didn’t care about the whole being sneaking and stealthy part at the moment; he just wanted to get in and get the weapon for his Master and he would do anything to do that. He walked into the building, ignoring the guns now pointing straight at him and soon he had no choice but to make himself disappear so he wouldn’t get hit. He growled as he dodged several of the blasts coming at him, but he didn’t stop and kept moving.

He had to jump over rays, duck, roll, hop, fly, crouch, push up against a wall, and finally a really embarrassing roll that had almost broke his neck. He growled though as a laser almost hit him directly in the chest if he hadn’t jumped out of the way. “Master, where is the control panel at?” He asked quickly as he dodged another shot at his head.

It was several moments before he got a response from his Master, the ear piece crackling in his ear as it suddenly came to life gave him some comfort at least. “You’re heading straight for it. It’ll be to your left hidden underneath a picture of the owner of the lab.” Master said as the Apprentice dodged yet another blast.

“Got it.” He said quickly as he moved down the hall and came to said picture, glowering at the picture before blasting it off the wall, destroying the man in the picture utterly. He smirked at that and then turned to the control panels for the security system and quickly followed his Master’s instructions and shut the entire lab down. “Systems have been shut down; all power has been redirected to the weapons fault where everything is held.” He reported.

“Good, everything is going to plan. Head towards the weapons vault, I’m sure the system there won’t be a problem for you.” The Apprentice nodded his head as he headed towards the vault, not stopping for anything, not even at the security office where he was sure he would be seen by a guard, who was actually knocked out at the time.

He went down several halls before he finally came to the vault. The door was solid steel, glowing white with all the extra energy running through it at the moment, but he knew that wouldn’t stop him. So he casually walked right through the door and into the vault, where he began to look around for his objective.

He walked around and looked at several of the weapons hanging on the inside walls, each with a label underneath and whether it was workable or not. It was several minutes that were wasted until he came to the item that he wanted. He smirked as he grabbed the small gun and put it into the pouch he had been given to put it in. He then walked right back out of the room and into the hallway. He froze though as he saw five figures appear at the end of the hallway, all pointing some kind of weapon at him. He was set on edge as he realized who they were and instantly went on guard.


Robin stared at Raven before nodding his head and then turning around the corner, just in time to see a boy with raven hair and sapphire eyes stop in front of the vault door that he was sure held some kind of weapons. The boy looked as if he was only sixteen years of age, approximately the same as him and his team, he was lean and you could see the muscles underneath his clothes.

Robin blinked at the style of clothes, not believing what he was seeing. It was the same outfit that he had worn when he was under Slade. Except the orange part of the outfit was white, but everything else was the same, down to the steel toed boots. Even the ragged S on the left side was the same. The boy looked up as all five of the Titans rounded the corner and pointed their weapons at him.

Robin blinked as the boy scowled suddenly and got into a fighting stance, one he knew belonged to his arch enemy and one he would use in his own style every now and then. Robin glared at this boy as he pulled out a birdarang and prepared himself to throw it. Cyborg had his arm cannon pointed, Raven had her black energy surrounding her hands, Starfire’s own were glowing green, and Beast Boy was in the form of a wolf.

“Freeze and drop whatever you took.” Robin commanded in his leader voice, getting ready to throw his Birdarang if the stranger made any movement. Though Robin blinked in surprise as the boy smirked and relaxed his body and stood up, his weight put mostly on his right foot and then his right hand landed on his hip, he was tossing the weapon in the air and catching with an air of carefree.

“You think you can stop me now Robin, my dear boy?” Robin blinked as the boy began to speak, the voice young and yet very smooth and velvety. “Do you really think you can defeat my apprentice, who has been with me for two years now?” The entire Teen Titans blinked as they realized what was going on. Slade was talking through the boy.

Robin snarled as he answered Slade, ignoring the fact that the boy was being used as a carrier pigeon. “We can take any of your goons on Slade! We proved that long ago!” The thought of Terra having joined Slade a couple years ago still hurt him, but he wasn’t about to let it affect him now, he knew he had to take care of the here and now.

The boy laughed as he put his free hand to his left ear, most likely hitting the device in his ear. “I do hope you five know what you’re really dealing with here, my Apprentice is much more ruthless and vicious than Terra, he will not pull his punches and he will eliminate you in search of completing his mission. He would even destroy me if I tried to stop him from completing anything that I assign.” The boy laughed again as he looked at the Titans, his sapphire eyes glowed, but also seemed dead at the same time, as if he suffered from a great loss but was being pushed forward for something else entirely now.

Robin growled as the boy touched his ear piece again and then narrowed his sapphire eyes and smirked at them. “Slade might be my Master, but he is right. I will destroy anyone who gets in my way of improving my skills and abilities. I only wish to be useful to my Master.” He said as he reached into one of the several pouches on his belt and pulled out several disks. “So if I have to destroy a bunch of upstart wannabe heroes, so be it.” With that the boy threw the disks at them, but they went flying by the Titans.

Robin blinked in surprise, but then understood as a huge explosion rocked behind them, tossing them forward, where the boy shot up to them and literally knocked them backwards. Robin got a roundhouse kick to the face, sending him flying to the nearby walls. Beast Boy was unable to dodge the drop kick that sent him crashing into the ceiling and then back down. Raven never saw the explosion that blew up in her face. Starfire was unable to dodge the uppercut to her chin that sent her flying several feet away and Cyborg never expected his systems to be hacked again, just like Gizmo had done so long ago.

Robin crawled out of his place in the wall and looked around, blinking as he saw Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven all standing back up, all scoffed and bruised slightly but okay. His eyes widened though as he saw Cyborg standing stiffly with the boy behind him, toying around with the half robot’s systems. “Maybe I should make you blow up….Nah, be too messy, how about I shut you down for the rest of the day. That’ll keep you out of my hair.” The boy said as he suddenly twisted several wires inside of Cyborg and the robot’s eyes suddenly dimmed and the once bright blue spots turned to gray as he was forcibly shut down.

Robin couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his team being taken down so quick and efficiently without the boy even getting a scratch. It was as if he already knew what they were going to do and took the necessary steps to knock them out. Robin gulped as he stood back up, now only realizing what a threat this boy really was. He’d have to take him on head to head to see how he really held up against someone really trained in the truest form of martial arts.

With that thought, Robin approached the boy, who was now tossing the machine again and was watching him approached with cautious sapphire eyes. Robin couldn’t believe the eyes on the boy though, even if they were about the same age, he had never seen eyes like his. They were dead and yet burned with an inner fire that just asked to be freed. ‘How is he Slade’s apprentice if he has so much strength?’ Robin thought as he got down in a crouching position, ready to attack.

The boy narrowed his eyes and put the machine back into a pouch at his hip, zipping it up so it didn’t fall out, and fell into a position of his own. “You want a one on one battle, right?” The boy asked as they began to circle each other, stepping over Cyborg carefully when needed to.

Robin nodded his head as he too carefully moved his feet, making sure that he wasn’t about to fall on his face or trip, leaving an opening for the boy. “I would actually like to know your name though, before I beat you down.” Robin said as he watched with narrowed eyes as the boy pressed his ear again, the small cylindrical earpiece unseen to him but he knew it was there. The boy nodded his head as Slade said something and then looked at Robin with those dead and yet alive eyes of his.

“Master says it’s alright for you to know my name, especially since he seems to think you can’t do anything with it.” The boy said as he stopped and stared at Robin, eyes narrowing and his muscles tensing, Robin knew he was about to attack. “You can call me Phantom.” He said as he suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Robin gasped in surprise and then fear as the boy reappeared in from of him and punched him in the face. Robin hit the ground as he was unprepared and looked up at Phantom, who was now sneering down at him. “I see why you call yourself that.” Robin said as he stood back up and closed his eyes, waiting for another attack.

Phantom’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Robin, knowing what the other teen was attempting to do. He didn’t go invisible this time, just attacked head on and watched as Robin dodged his slowed down attacks, though the boy wonder had no idea what Slade was saying to Phantom at the time and if he did, he’d wished he’d kept his eyes open.

“I’ve hacked into the main power system Phantom. I’m going to shut everything down and once everything goes dark, blast him and get out of there. You have completed your mission and there is no reason to decimate the Titans just yet. I still have plans for them.” Phantom nodded his head, knowing Slade would see the confirmation from a nearby camera somewhere.

It was just a few more moments before the lights turned off. Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire all gasped at this; Robin was left unaware though as he kept his eyes shut, listening to Phantom’s foot falls. The boy wonder gasped as a burning pain ripped through his chest and he was sent flying backwards. His chest was on fire with pain and he was unsure of what just hit him.

Robin opened his eyes as Starfire leaned over him with worried eyes, one of her hands were lit up with green energy as she looked at him, eyes wide with terror and fear. “Robin, please tell me that you are the ok.” She said as Robin sat up, holding his chest in pain.

Robin looked at his chest in painful horror, seeing that part of his costume was burnt away and a big red burn was covering half of his chest. He knew though that if he didn’t answer Starfire soon she would start to panic and he didn’t need that. “I’m alright Star, just a small burn.” He said as he stood up on wobbly legs and looked around, arm wrapped around his waist.

Starfire stood up next to him, watching with worry but soon began to look around as well. Raven and Beast Boy were kneeled down next to Cyborg, trying to wake him up but to no avail. Robin could tell that Cyborg was going to be out for a long while, but he was unsure of how long that was going to be for sure. Robin continued to look around, looking for Phantom, but was unable to find him. “He got away.” Robin growled as he walked over to the three on the ground.

Raven nodded her head as BB turned into his wild beast form and lifted Cyborg easily over his shoulder and nodded with Robin in agreement. Starfire just stood next to Robin, looking at him carefully as she did to make sure he wasn’t about to fall. Raven simply shook her head as she turned and walked away from the Teen Titans’ leader.

Beast Boy and Starfire looked from her and then back to Robin until Raven had totally disappeared. “Friend Robin, what has just happened?” Starfire asked as she looked at him tentatively.

Robin was looking at the ground as he played the fight over again, but he was unsure of Raven’s actions had truly meant. “I’m not sure Starfire.” Robin said as he looked back up at her. “But I have a feeling that we’re going to find out, whether we want to or not.” He said as he followed Raven out. Beast Boy and Starfire glanced at each other before nodding and following after their leader.

None of them paid mind to the camera that was following their every move as they left the building.


Phantom entered the training room where Slade stood standing, looking at the boy calmly and waiting for him to stand right in front of him. “Good job Phantom, you have done well today, not to mention that you have shown the Titans just how powerful you are.” Slade said as he held his hand out. Phantom reached into his pouch and pulled out the little gun that he had stolen earlier.

Slade smirked underneath his mask and pulled several different pieces of machinery out of his own pouch and put the gun together with the other pieces. “Though Robin seemed intrigued by you and might just try and pursued you to his side. You know what’ll happen if you even consider it. Hold out your right arm.” Slade commanded as he looked at the gun carefully before nodding to himself.

Phantom nodded and held out the requested hand, Slade strapping on the gun quickly and efficiently, nodded towards the young Phantom who had his hand held in front of him, looking at the gun strapped to his wrist. “This is your reward for a job well done. I had Robin do the same, but your weapon is much stronger and deadlier, not to mention it was modified to affect more than just humans. Do not let Raven destroy it like she did with Robin’s.” Slade said as he turned and began to walk away. “Come, we have much training to do if you wish to truly gain control of what little powers you have.”

Phantom nodded his head and disappeared into the dark with his Master.


He couldn’t believe it! The brat just couldn’t be back after a two year disappearance. Especially a good few hundred miles away from his original home. Not now of all times too! He just couldn’t believe the film that he was being shown, especially when the Titans had shown up at the lab as well.

The lab was fine for the most part, but he wondered why such a simple weapon had been taken. Why the boy had gone after something so trivial when all the weapons on the inside were more dangerous than all the weapons on a military base. They could eradicate the entire planet if used right.

So why had the boy taken the most trivial and non-harmful weapon there? Could it be that his hero side was still there and the boy didn’t really want to destroy the planet, or was it for a greater reason? He sighed as he rubbed his head, wondering just why this was happening all of a sudden.

“I can’t believe he’s turned back up, after the last two years. Where could he have gone, how has he hid, how has he survived?” He asked himself as he ran a hand through his gray hair, breathing out as he watched the part where the boy hacked into Cyborg and shut him down all together. “When did he get so smart?”

The boy had been a C average student two years ago, but now he was beating veteran heroes and hacking into a complicated system such as his company and Cyborg himself. The boy had grown in the two years since his disappearance and now he wondered if he would be a danger to himself.

His eyes glowed red suddenly as he remembered the state of the wall that had been destroyed. “Reappearance or not, I will not stand for him breaking and entering, not to mention destroying my property and business!” He exclaimed as he slammed his hand on the table and growled. “I will find him and knock some sense into him once and for all.” He claimed, but he knew he would have to find the boy first, and to do that, he would have to find the one controlling him. But to find the one controlling the boy, he’d have to use others.

“Watch out Slade, I’m coming after you.” He growled as his eyes glowed red in the darkness. “Jump City will see just what I’m made of.”


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