The Legend of Korra: A New kind of Fairytale

Chapter 18

Raiko was running around the place like a chicken loosing its head. He had to be at his office to discuss the whole Equalists insanity going on. He had already held several meetings, did many radio interviews regarding the matter, but even with his efforts Amon's crazy club was still rising. He had yet another meeting coming up and he was running late. His wife Buttercup was happily humming while washing the dishes. She was always the most mellow in their marriage.

"Honey, do you know where my keys are? I can't find them anywhere."

"Did you check you're pockets, honey?"

Raiko thought it was silly but he complied. He blushed in embarrassment when he pulled them out. "Oh, here they are."

"Good for you, honey."

"Don't wait up for me, this meeting will probably go late into the night." he was surprised to hear a knock on the door.

"Could you get that, honey?" his wife asked cheerfully.

Raiko opened the door and was quite surprised to be two exterminator at his front door. With a truck and everything, even help up a spray hose and poison cans.

We're here to fix the spider-rat problem." said one of the men with a mustache, and a suspiciously sleazy smile.

"I didn't call an exterminator."

Before he could react, the President was electrocuted with the spray hose and collapsed to the ground.


"And so, I said to him, 'Well, I'm royalty so, of course I make it my business!"

The always eccentric Prince Wu was entertaining a group of young ladies, who were eating their lunch at the luxurious Four Elements Hotel, where Wu mostly resided in. But, like always they were not interested. They only narrowed there eyes and crossed their arms. This guy could not take a hint. Finally, to their great relief, he stood up from his chair at their table.

"Well, if you ladies will excuse me, I need to use the restroom. Don't go anywhere."

Once he was out of sight, the three girls made a mad dash for it when the waiter appeared. "You didn't say for your meal." he said.

"Put in on his tab." said one of the girls and they ran out the door as fast as they could.

In the restroom, one of the attendants bowed before him, "Good day, sir. Perhaps a sprits of cologne to freshen up?"

"Make it a double, buddy."

The attendant shielded his mouth with the towel in his arm and sprayed the prince with a mysterious green smoke, making Wu cough.

"Eh, what is that?!" he suddenly began to feel woozy and lost consciousness. "Wu…down…"

Tenzin landed onto the roof of City Hall on his sky bison Oogi. He was suppose to meet the President for the meeting but he did not show up. Which was very strange. He jumped off the bison and walked around the dome on top of City Hall, where several workers were cleaning the glass. They nodded at each other as Tenzin passed by. He walked a few steps further, but paused as he heard a fizz of electricity. He ducked in surprise as an electrified disk spiraled over his head and spun around in mid air as another barely missed him. He landed on his feet as the workers dropped to the ground and seized his wrists with bolas. The workers were really Equalists!

Tenzin dodged their attacks and airbended himself high into the air with an air spout. The Equalists who were still standing on the ground flung backwards against the concrete wall by a gust of wind. He slumped down against it. Tenzin now rose his air spout and the two Equalists held onto their bolas for dear life as they were spun around by Tenzin's powerful wind. Unable to hold on any longer, they released their grip and were flung onto an nearby rooftop. Tenzin landed back safely on the ground as the door opened and one of the President's male sceretaries came running towards him. He screamed while covering his face as the wind died down and lowered his arms.

"Ah, I'm so relieved to see you!"

"Where's President Raiko?" Tenzin asked.

"I just received a call from Officer Saikhan. He's been captured! I even heard Prince Wu was kidnapped early today as well."

Tenzin's eyes widened with fear, "This can't be happening."

"The leadership of Republic City is in your hands now." the skinny little man held his hands out towards Tenzin as he stepped a few feet back. Tenzin and the page heard a sound nearby explosions and ran to the edge of the roof to see bombs falling onto the city from the airships.

The secretary grabbed his head and wailed, "It is a tragic day indeed!"

Lin was standing in the courtyard with Tenzin's children, Bumi, Kya and Katara as they saw the Equalists airships fly overhead. Kya turned to her nieces and nephew, "Kids, go inside. Quickly!" the children obeyed her and rushed inside the house, just as Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami came rushing out to see what was happening.

“We heard explosions, what's going on?” asked the Avatar as she ran to Lin and the children.

“Republic City is under attack” Lin told them and they all stared at her in shock.

“Wait, Tenzin's still out there!” said Bumi.

“We have to go find him!" Korra said determinedly.

Lin was the first to take charge, "Bumi and Kya, you both come with me to get Tenzin!"

"No!" Korra protested, "I'll go."

"Korra, it's too dangerous! You need to remain on the island."

"If I'm not safe here I'm not safe anywhere! He's my father and I'm going to find him!"

"But what if you get hurt, we can't afford to--"

"Stop trying to protect me! I'm the Avatar, this is what I'm suppose to do and it's high time you let me!"

Lin opened her mouth to protest until she felt Katara's hand on her shoulder. "Lin, she's right. Republic City needs its Avatar once again."

Looking around her, she witnessed everybody around her agreed. It seems everyone was so preoccupied of protecting Korra, they failed to realize she needed to go and face danger to save the people they cared about.

"Be careful." she said…right before Korra hugged her.

"Thanks, Aunt Lin."

"So, how are we going to get there?" Bolin asked.

Asami smiled. "I think I have the answer."

In a few short moments, Asami drove by with a sleek Satomobile. The heiress smiled at the crew, "Think this'll do?"

"It's perfect!" said Korra, "But, you mind if I take the wheel this time?"

Asami's eyes widened in horror. She had been in the passenger seat before…and it wasn't a very pleasant ride….

"Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!"

"I'm not even driving yet, weirdo." Korra said with a blank expression. She was already on the driver's seat with Asami in the front beside her and the boys in the back.

"I know, I was just practicing."

Mako arched an eyebrow, "Are you serious? I've seen you drive before Asami, why does Korra suddenly got you spo--AH!" the car had already accelerated and speeded ahead. Korra was a definitely a more deadly driver than Asami. It was a miracle the woman never had one accident.

Probably because they hardly gave her the wheel.

The streets were pretty much empty so Korra could drive at the speed of light if she wanted too, which at the velocity she went it seemed very likely.

The four teenagers could literally feel the wind blast at their faces as Korra nimbly passed the turns and dodged any parked vehicles in her wake. She had such fast reflexes, her eyes laser focused on the task at hand.

"Saikan! Air unit seven was just taken out by an Equalist airship. They've crashed into the harbor." said one the male telegraph operators. Saikhan, one off Lin's top officers, was in the control room inside of Police Headquarters receiving news on the Equalists attack on the city.

"Send a river rescue unit." he commanded.

"Sir, all the river rescue ships have been sabotaged!" said a female operator.


The door opened an Tenzin entered the room, "Officer Saikhan."

"Tenzin, am I glad to see you. I was afraid you'd been captured too."

"What's the status?"

"Amon has launched simultaneous attacks across the boroughs. The police are trying to regain control but we're spread too thin."

Tenzin stroked his beard pensively, "I need to send a wire." he said to the clarks.

"To whom, Sir?"

"The general of the United Forces."

In the halls of Police Headquarters, people ran in both directions. Smoke poured out of the air vents and people began to cough and fall over. "Master Tenzin, your wire has been sent." said the male operator.

"Saikan, the phone lines just went dead!" said the female operator. Both Saikhan and Tenzin glanced at each other as an alarm went off. The power went out, silencing the alarm. Saikhan turned on a flashlight and tossed another one to Tenzin. They both searched the room with their flashlights, then Tenzin noticed smoke coming out of a vent.

"Saikhan, the vents." The chief metalbended the vent shut as the people in the room started coughing. "We need to evacuate immediately." Tenzin said, "Everyone stay close to me." The hallways was filled with smoke, but Tenzin protected them all by creating an air done around him, Saikhan and his workers. They finally reached the outside of Headquarters and Tenzin stopped his airbending. Everyone gasped at what they saw in front of them!

The meca tanks!

The machine held up magnetic arms and attracted the metalbender's police uniforms. Two metalbender officers were captured with these magnets and Tenzin tried to save Saikhan by pulling on him with an air current. However, the magnet was too strong and Saikhan was captured as well.

The three meca tanks deposited their metalbender officers into a truck and another meca tanks fired a pincer cable at Tenzin, but he airbended the cables down and captured the attacking monstrous machine. Two more mecas fired at Tenzin, who once again deflected them with airbending. A meca charged towards him and fired a pincer cable, knocking him against the wall of police headquarters. Tenzin used an air wheel to soften his fall. he looked around and saw the truck drive away with the metalbenders and Saikhan. Tenzin felt awful for having let them down. He looked up as he saw a burning police airship falling out of sight from behind a building. He also saw the telegraph operators being captured by Equalists on the City Hall steps. His vision became blurry before completely going black as a meca tank closed in on him.

Korra continued to drive as rapidly as she could until they reached City Hall…. being attacked by Mecha Tanks. Korra hit the gas pedal and Bolin created a ramp with his earthbending, making the car rise into the air. The teens all jumped out of the car while the vehicle flew ahead and hit a mecah tank, knocking it down as it bursts into flames.

The mecah tanks began to attacking them, one unleashed extension cables at Mako which electrocuted him. The firebender screamed in agony as blue electricity coursed through his body. But he managed to used his own lightning against it and redirected it back to the machine, electrocuting it and causing it to crash down.

With Bolin's ramp, Korra ran up to one of the machines, flipped over it and bended water into its exhaust outlet, the machine couldn't attack and so Bolin used the chance to earthbend from underneath it, knocking it down. Meanwhile, Asami electrocuted the equalists who were taking Tenzin and the rest of the police with her electric glove. She continued to do so with the rest. Tenzin began to wake up, thanking the heiress for her help.

Tenzin joined Mako and Bolin in fighting the last meca tank and airbended from beneath the machine, sending it sky high and landing on the building.

From above their airship, Hiroshi watched the scene from a telescope. To himself, he smiled proudly at his daughter's skills, but Hiroshi was still keeping his facade for Amon…who was right there with him.

“Tenzin has escaped once again." said the rich man, "I still can't believe my own daughter betrayed me. Choosing those…benders! Over me!"

"We will capture them before long and you will have your daughter back.”

Hiroshi nodded his head. So far, he didn't suspect a thing. He hoped he could keep this up longer. He already had a plan to bring the Equalists down.

The mecha tanks were finally defeated, the machines all laid down broken on the ground. Korra rushed to her father, hugging him. "Are you alright?"

“I'm fine. Thank you kids, another moment latter and I would have been on my way to Amon.”

“Uh, guys…look.” Mako pointed to Air Temple island…where they saw the Equalists air ships heading towards it!

Tenzin's eyes filled with horror, “Oh, no”

The Lieutenant hatched open the door of the airship and he and a group of chi-blockers looked down as a metal hook and cable fired from above their heads and attached to the temple's stone steps. The chi blockers used harnesses to slide down the cable to the island.

Meanwhile, Lin, Kya and Bumi stood their ground, ready to defend the island and its inhabitants. Katara stood by Pema and the children.

"Everyone, hide inside and remain calm.” Lin ordered to Pema and the children. But then, suddenly, Pema released a terrible scream of pain. “Pull it together, Pema! Didn't I just say 'remain calm'?”

The mother-to-be was leaning over with her hand on her stomach. Ikki looked at her mother with worry, “Mommy, what's wrong?”

“The baby's coming!”

Kya, Lin and Bumi's eyes widened in shock. "What?! Can't you hold it in or something?!" Bumi asked, only to receive a slap in the head by his sister.

Katara helped her daughter-in-law to stand up and she led her away, "I'll tend to her, you three remain here and keep them away from the island."

The Equalists were well on their way. The island was a very passive place, so there weren't any guards around the area. There was never any danger for them, so they had no need for it…until now that is.

The three grown-ups spotted the men approaching, and got into their stances. Kya bended water from a pouch around her waist, forming around her body. Once the Equalists attacked, Lin quickly used her cables to take down two chi-blockers before grabbing another with the cable. Kya blasted them away with her water, throwing ice shards at them which they broke with their kai sticks. Bumi, being a master at martial arts, kicked and punched the Equalists that came at him. He was fast and light on his feet, almost like an airbender. Without the bending part.

Meanwhile, Pema laid in bed as Katara placed a cloth on her forehead. “The children, where are they?” she asked with worry.

“Don't worry. They're in the other room, totally safe” said Katara. However, she was unaware of the actual truth.

The Lieutenant charged at Kya, who created her own water tentacles around her arms, using them to wrap around his arms to sustains him. However, he managed to use his kai sticks to electrocute her through the water. The woman screamed in agony before passing out on the ground, her water falling and vaporizing.

Bumi leaped up and landed kicked the Lieutenant in the face before landing behind him. They fought one on one. "Nice try pal, but I learned from Councilmen Sokka himself. You can't get to me."

Sadly, Bumi spoke to soon, when another Equalist appeared from behind him and electrocuted him. Bumi fell to the ground, leaving only Lin to fight them off.

Lin unleashed her cables at him but he intercepted her cables with his batons, sending a current through them to knock her over. She screamed before she laid on the ground, defenseless now. The Lieutenant approached the woman, ready to finish her off with his kale sticks…

“Stay away from my dad's ex-girlfriend!”

Jinora came flying down on her glider. Once she landed she used her staff to blow the Lieutenant away over a nearby roof. The young girl smiled in triumph. Lin couldn't believe her eyes. Bumi and Kya finally came to and were also surprised to see their nieces fighting the bad guys.

“Jinora! You shouldn't be out here!” Lin cried in worry. Then, Ikki arrived on an air scooter and knocked down several Equalists over.

“Get off our island!” She successfully knocked down several more Equalists and joined Lin and Jinora.

“Girls, you need to go back inside this instant!” Kya ordered.

“Taste my furry!” Meelo flew down from the roof and landed his behind on an equalist face, breaking wind right on it, knocking the Equalists unconscious.

“Meelo be careful!” Lin shouted.

The little airbender kept on blasting away the equalists away with much strength and furry. He then blasted all of them away simultaneously by creating and air bubble around himself which he then dispersed creating a huge gust of wind. The young boy screamed in furry.

Lin gave up, “Never-mind”

Bumi, on the other hand, cheered happily. "That's my boy!"

Once all was clear, Bumi and Lin approached Kya and the children. "The Equalists are locked in the Temple basement." said Bumi, "They aint getting out of there."

"Good." said Kya and placed her hands on Jinora and Ikki's shoulders, "Nice work, kids."

"Yeah, another second and we would have been goners."

Lin looked at them with worry, "Tenzin's not going to be happy to hear this."

They then saw a bison landing in the quad, Jinora rushed on over.

“Dad!” The children ran to hug their father and sister, who both hugged them tightly.

“Oh, thank goodness you’re all alright.” said the father and Meelo began climbing on his head.

“We caught the bad guys”

“You let them fight?" Tenzin asked Lin and his siblings in shock and anger, "Do you realize what could have happened?”

Bumi rose his hands up in defeat, "Hey, whoa, whoa, if it weren't for them we wouldn't been toast!"

“It's true; they really came through for us." said Kya, "You should be proud."

"You taught them well.” Lin added with a smile.

Korra couldn't be any prouder, "You guys, this is incredible! Man, I wish I could have seen it!" she giggled when Ikki hugged her waist.

"When I grow up, I want to be just like you Korra!"

The older sibling squatted down and ruffled her hair. "When you grow up, you should be just like you."

Tenzin smiled at his children who looked up at him with matching smiles. They really were his father's grandchildren.

"Awww, this is so sweet." Bumi said while guessing over the scene, "And now we get a new member of the family."

Tenzin's eyes widened, “Wait, what?!”

"Oh yeah, Pema went into labor."

Without a second to lose, Tenzin ran into the temple to find his wife. Down the hallway, he heard the sound of a baby crying and ran faster. Tenzin quickly ran into the temple as the others followed. As Tenzin walked into the halls he heard the sound of crying and ran faster. He finally reached the infirmary….to see his mother and wife carrying their newborn son in her arms. She then noticed her husband walk in, a warm smile on his face.


“I'm here Pema” he said as he sat next to her on the bed. They looked down at the baby. Pema couldn't contain her smile.

“Our new son”

Tenzin took the child in his arms and the baby smiled at his father. The kids sneak a peak from the door entrance. “Come, meet your new brother.”

“A brother? Well it's about time.” Meelo said happily as he and his sisters walked up to the bed to greet the newest member of their family.

“Welcome. I'm Ikki and this is Jinora and Meelo. We have a supper great family and we're so happy you're a part of it.”

Korra stood at the frame of the door, gazing at her new baby brother. She had seen all three of her siblings be born, and every single time it was a beautiful sight that never grew old. Her parents gestured her to come in and she couldn't help but feel an undeniable joy and love when she gazed into the baby boy's dazzling green eyes. He smiled when he saw her. Pema gently handed her the child and Korra cradled the little infant in her arms.

"He's so beautiful." she said, nearly breathless.

The waves roll low

And the waves roll high

And so it goes

Under a bright blue endless sky

Waves try to measure

The days that we treasure

Wave hello, and wave goodbye….

"Wow, where did you hear that song?" Jinroa asked.

"I don't know." said Korra, still gazing lovingly at her baby brother. "It just came to me."

"Korra." her mother began, "Why don't you decide on a name for him?"


The baby giggled, wrapping his tiny arms around her index finger. She knew the perfect name for him.

"Rohan. His name is Rohan."

Her parents and grandmother smiled. "It's perfect." said Katara.

Bumi and Kya entered as well, both taking their turn to witness the new miracle. Mako, Bolin, Asami and Lin watched from the entrance, smiling at the the beautiful scene. Bolin began to cry.

"Sweetie, you okay?" Asami asked.

"I just love moments like this. Love. Not like. Love!" he hugged his girlfriend and she allowed him to cry on her shoulder. However, as much as he hatted to do this, Mako needed to address the current issue.

“I'm so sorry to interrupt but…more airships are coming.”

The family looked at each other distressed. Just when a new member arrived, they had to run away.

Outside, everyone looked onto the distance, horrified to see a whole bunch of airships coming towards the island. “What do you wanna do, dad?” Korra asked him hopefully.

“I need to protect my family and get them away from this conflict as possible. If Amon got his hands on my children…I'd hate to even think of it.”

“If you're leaving, I'm coming with you.” Lin tells him.


“No arguments! You and your family are the last airbenders. There is no way in the world I'm letting Amon take you're bending away.”

“Thank you, Lin.” Tenzin turned to his daughter, “Korra, I want you to leave this island and hide for the time being.”

"No, I won't leave you! I'm not giving up!"

“I'm not asking you to." Tenzin said, "I said word to the United Forces, they will be here soon and once our family is safe I will return. With the reinforcements we can turn the tide in this war.”

Korra lowered her shoulders in disappointment, “What you're saying is…we need to be patient.”

Tenzin placed is hand on her shoulder, smiling proudly, “You're learning well.”

Korra smiled in return. She was so happy her father was finally having more faith in her.

Korra felt awful in leaving her family behind, but it was the only way to keep them safe. She hugged her younger siblings as well as her mother and kissed Rohan on his forehead. He reached out his little hands, as if asking her to stay. Korra allowed him to grip her fingers. She hugged her parents at the same time. This was just too painful.

"Mom, dad…I'll miss you."

"We love you so much." said Pema, releasing a single tear.

Kya and Bumi hugged her last. "Knock em dead, kiddo." said Kya with great pride.

Bumi did everything he could to hold in his tears as he handed Korra the birthday present he gave her. Sokka's old sword. "Keep it. For protection, just in case. Or if you just want something to remember us by."

Korra graciously accepted the sword. "Uncle Bumi, I--"

"No, no, let's not get too emotional right now. We have to be strong." he just couldn't help but tear up. He turned away, wiping the tears. "I got something in my eye!" he headed to the bison. Korra giggled, classic Bumi.

Tenzin airbended himself on top of the bison once everybody was on the saddle. "Oogi, yip yip!” the creature took flight as Korra watched with a heavy heart. There was still one bison left for them to leave on. The seven dragon birds flew up towards Korra, chirping frantically.

"What is it?" Mako asked.

"Not good."

The four teenagers gasped when metal cables from the airships lowered down and made contact with the ground bellow. More equalists descended down from the cables. Korra mounted onto the sky bison. “Everyone, climb on!” Korra cried gesturing them all to get on. Mako, Bolin and Asami climbed on board.

"Yip, yip!"

Korra stirred the reigns as the beast flew up as fast as he could. However, unlike Tenzin's bison, he wasn't going for up. This worried Bolin. "Uh, Korra. We're suppose to be going the other way!"

Korra only ignored him and told the bison to go down…into the ocean!

Bolin screamed in terror, only to have Sunset and Rainbow Dash cover his mouth. The bison splashed into the water, and Korra waterbended an air bubble for them ot breath while the bison swam across the bay, safe from the Equalists.

As Tenzin and his family flew away, but the Equalist airships were gaining on them. Tenzin ordered the beats to fly faster but they launched a giant next at the bison. Lin used her cables to break it in mid air and grab hold of the ropes. She turned to look at the family. Even though Lin wasn't always the sentimental type, she loved them all dearly. She had made up her mind.

“Whatever happens to me…don't turn back!”

“Lin what are you doing?!” Tenzin shouted.

Lin ran and jumped off of Oogie, reeling herself up and landing on the airship, where she took her stance and began ripping off a large section of the airship's metal skin. There was an explosion and it began to fall into the harbor below. Lin metalbended a panel to catapult herself to the other airship. She began to rip it apart when the Equalists came up from behind her. They wrapped their bolas around her body and feet, electrocuting her into unconsciousness. The last airship turned back as the family gassed at it in shock.

“That lady is my hero” Meelo said.

Tenzin sadly watched as the airship grew farther away. His friend had done the ultimate sacrifice. “Yes…she is”

The heroes managed to make it safely to shore. They all watched sadly at Air Temple island from the opening of a sewer tunnel. Korra gripped her pendent tightly as she watched the only home she had ever known be invaded. Mako walked up to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. “Korra, we should get moving.” but she did not move. "They're going to be okay." He held her close as they all walked deeper into the tunnels, with Asami, Bolin, Pabu and the dragon birds behind them.

"I can't believe this is happening." said Korra. "I have to stop Amon, I don't care what it takes!"

"Hey, hey, take it easy. Everything's going to alright, you'll see." then, Mako noticed something peculiar happening, "What's up with your hair?"

"What? I just came out of the water, you should see your hair!"

"No, Korra yours is turning white!"

"What? What are you…" Korra pulled on a lock of her hair, which was indeed turning white. The single streak she use to have had now grown in size and was spreading across the rest of her hair.

"Uh, is that an Avatar thing?" Bolin asked, already getting freaked out about what was happening.

Korra had no idea how to react to this. "Does it look that bad?"

The four friends looked at one another, waiting for the other to say something. "…No" they said in union.

"You hesitated!"

"No we didn't!" they also said in unison, "Stop that!" they said to each other, also in union.

Mako shook his head, "Look, let's just find a place to hide out for the time being."

"Where?" Asami asked, "I'm not sleeping near the sewer."

"Don't worry." Korra said as she led the way, "I think I know the perfectly place where we can crash."

"Where is that?"

"Let's just say: I know a guy."

Lin had her hands tied behind her back and was forced to kneel in front of Amon. Rain poured on them as the masked man looked down at the metalbender. "Tell me where the Avatar and her ponies are and I'll let you keep your bending."

"I won't tell you anything, you monster."

"Very well." he walked behind Lin. Dignified, she closed her eyes and Amon placed his thumb on her forehead. She opened her eyes in horror and gasped as she felt her bending being taken away. Once he removed his thumb, Lin fell to the ground, unconscious. As the Equalists dragged her limp body away, Amon grabbed the Lieutenant by his shirt, "Find the Avatar. Discover where she's hiding!" he ordered in such a frightening way, which was unlike his usual cool self.

"We will do our best sir, but we have very limited knowledge as to where she coul---"

"Find her! I don't care how long it takes, find her and bring her to me!!" He released the Lieutenant and shoved him a few feet away. He saluted to his leader.

"Yes Amon. We will do what we can."

"You better." As the rain fell down on his head he looked over at the city before him. "I will find you Avatar. If it's the last thing I do. And you will be mine. Forever."

The following morning, a United Forces ship was approaching Republic City. A man walked up to the general, a strapping young fire nation man with a very serious but dignified demeanor. "General, I just received a wire from the Avatar. She says Amon and his forces have gained control of the city. How do you want to respond?"

"Tell her we will be arriving in three day's time. And that I look forward to winning back Republic City, together."

"As you wish, General Iroh." the man saluted him before walking away.

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